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  2. Hi Guys, This might be a basic one to resolve, I'm a new E70 X5 owner so I wasn't schooled up on resetting all the service modules through the cluster. Anyway, I changed the front brake pads and rotors and about 500kms later the front brake service mileage triggered. I've tried resetting through the cluster but it won't allow me (the reset prompt just disappears and reappears but doesn't reset) I've scrolled through many forums with the results saying you have to do the reset process a few times to work to replace the sensors. I've read that if the system thinks the sensors are worn then you have to replace them, however my question is if I have recently changed the pads then there shouldn't be any opportunity for the sensors to wear any further, therefore they shouldn't need to be changed. To resolve the problem other replacing the sensors do I need a OBD tool to clear the service trigger to reset it? Or can I disconnect and reconnect the same sensors to trick the system to think that I have installed new sensors? Some insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. BeZerKaNZ

    Bimmergeeks Protool

    Hi, I'm tempted in buying but still attempting to get to work. I bought a K+DCAN cable along with a female USB to USB joiner to connect to my S7. I couldn't get it to connect so I can't commit to anything. ( Icarly free version but same result) Either I'm doing something wrong or there something wrong with my cable? If I get going and I purchase I will let you know. '
  4. Herbmiester

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    An F30 335i would be worth a look its nealy as big as a 540. For 50k you could get a low milage car and the torque will surprise you. Plus the n55 is tuneable and the 335i probaly handles better than most on the list, likely cheaper to maintainas well, but not as exciting as some of the other choices.
  5. nzodea

    E36 M3 Race Car

    https://www.facebook.com/Continental-Rennsport-266352480183422/ Listing this for a cow-cocky friend. Give him a call if you are interested. I have raced against this car. It is fast, it is straight and it's reliable. FOR SALE BMW E36 M3 left hand drive S50B32 making 304 hp at the rear wheels tuned by Kirk McLaren AVR Performance Life Racing ECU and custom wiring by Kirk Drenth 6 speed sequential gearbox DG400 with flat shift lever! Dif 3.8 with cooler set up by Kane Barry Motorsport Brakes Front 6 pot XYZ with floating rotors Rear 4 pot AP with original rotors Blistein Clubsport 2 way adjustable front and rear with camber plates front adjustable rear camber Motec CL3 Dash with data recording Fibre glass doors Perspec side and rear windows 3 set wheels 2 x slick 1 x wet Available also is a second engine ,new built S50B32 to same spec as current motor, Rods, pistons ,cams ,valves ,springs and bearings bottom end. Ruapuna laps consistent 1.33-1.34 best lap 1.32.50 Pukekohe Park best lap 1.13.6 Highlands GT Circuit best lap 1.46.70 Many spares National Class Champion 1hr Enduro 2017 , 2nd 2016 , 3rd 2018 SIERDC Class Champion 1hr Enduro 2016 , Andrew Wright 0274525908 After $40,000 new motor by negotiation
  6. Herbmiester

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    Sounds like the reality of turbochraged cars with electronic throttle control, but hopefully some throtlle mapping and and an lsd will help.
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  8. BimmerF30

    How to tell remap

    Hello, i was wondering how to tell if my 2012 F30 has been remapped by previous owner? Im asking as it feels very torque and pulls on every gear without a problem. I have even driven a remapped f10 2012 and it doesnt feel as torquay as my F30.
  9. tonton

    slow cranking

    i've already scanned my car with a scanner, no error codes or anything. probably going to try directly earthing the engine with a jumper and see if it solves the slow crank issue. if not, then it's probably the starter going bad soon
  10. Lucan

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Today I removed the engine and diff from the 328i I picked up a couple weeks ago. Shells of to the scrappers this week Managed to find and pickup up some cams I was after too, now to set some time aside to put together this b30
  11. Lucan

    M TOY M3

    outside the kebab shop and all haha
  12. richard


    I'm afraid the race rules prohibit that. Car didn't come factory with forced induction.
  13. Bennyboy

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    Mine is late 2002, not sure mine has the mode you mention?
  14. Eagle

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    Thats a given but i imagine he would be getting a replacement head, new arms or whatever
  15. Driftit


    TBH I hear nothing but complaints about it state side. And they lost $200 worth of my stuff due to not updating their address. That's enough for me to warn others about the service.
  16. Contrails

    1987 E30 Mtech 1

    Just went and had a look at this car. It's a nice car but does have a few issues. Oil leak from the front side of the engine. The bottom half of the engine was covered in oil and it looked fresh. Not gonna be a cheap fix. The right rear window has a leak in the top seal. Not sure how long has this been tthere. But it is worrying as the rain has left a trail on the inside which will most likely lead to some rust issues. Inside rear trunk where the number plate back kinda protrudes in, has some surface rust. Idle was good. But tappets were loud. Second, on acceleration the engine made this weird sound, not sure if that was the K&N filter. Interior is not original. Original cloth seats are missing. For the asking price, I think the car should have these. To summarize it, 19.5k is asking a lot with the above issues. Will keep searching for another E30 Mtech.
  17. B.M.W Ltd

    slow cranking

    I would suggest getting it checked properly before throwing money at it when you don't actually know whats causing the issue
  18. dirtydoogle

    LS2 6.0ltr into E39

    I'm super enthusiastic about this project
  19. dirtydoogle

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Haven't done anythingof note today. But this week on the race car I have done the RTABs, made a new hard clutch line, almost finished the interior loom, new rocker cover gasket and repaint, will be doing the oil pump nut this week. The mongrel old m50 sounds lovely with its straight pipe Flaxmere spec exhaust X5 got its at least once a week wash. Put new radiator hoses on the morris, will rebuild the generator and replace the spring shackle bushes this week too
  20. tonton

    good affordable workshopsin auckland

    will do. churrs for the replies guys
  21. tonton

    slow cranking

    do you guys do earthing strap replacements?
  22. dirtydoogle

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    The e55 has the whole wagging tail habit that I do love so much. Not hugely crazy about the handling of a large sedan, balance is important (which is lovely with the e39, I miss mine) but I don't care for the crap ride quality most heavy sedans have when they're sporty. I'm just making excuses for a penis extending sledgehammer car honestly. On the other hand my x5 is significantly faster in the wet than my e39 540 was
  23. B.M.W Ltd

    E32 Misfire 735il/cylinder down

    He will need more than a head set and bolt set to repair this properly
  24. Can I please have advice and suggestions on the best way to attack this, head on or off? , just wanting to replace the broke part for now. Advice please
  25. gjm

    E30 Convertible

    Cheap. Probably... Depending on spec and condition, of course.
  26. Milan

    E30 Convertible

    Ive seen an e30 Baur asking 6k i think. PFL
  27. I took my mm back to JayCar and the swapped it no questions asked. We tested the new one and lol it does the same thing (A reading doesn't correlate to mA reading) although I could complete a 10A circuit with the new one. Girl who helped me (who knew what she was doing) was equally as confused as I and both of us will look into it further. All said and done I can get an accurate reading so armed with the above info (thanks all) I got to it. Baseline draw = 152mA Remove fuse #7 = 122mA (30mA draw) Remove fuse #9 = 110mA (12mA draw) Remove fuse #31 = 55mA (55mA draw) Remove fuse #33 = 24mA (31mA draw) And I think 24mA is a reasonable steady state draw. So, to the fuses and of course nothing is simple. #7 = Central locking, Radio remote #9 = Radio #31 = Aircon, clock, gong, immobiliser, cluster, onboard computer, external temp sensor #33 = CD changer (not present), lighter socket (nothing plugged in), door lock heater, interior and luggage compartment lights, left side light (indicator?), reading light, parking light, phone (not present). #31 has the biggest draw but they're all factory components, most of which will have some draw when the car is off - but if I add the 55mA to my optimal baseline of 24mA I still get 79mA and isn't that too high? #33 again, all factory and no lights were on when I tested so how do I narrow down that draw? #9 radio is aftermarket and has a seperate amp (although amp is connected directly to battery), I'll check ground connections etc, anything else I should look at? #7 not even sure what radio remote is, who would I test central locking? I'm open to all thoughts, ideas and suggestions, cheers.
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