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  2. I bet you they won't bother with a V8, and just lump the now run of the mill 4.4 V8 turbo in it, with a few mods. Without a V12 that would deter a lot of nostalgic buyers.
  3. This ones in the For Sale section.
  4. I'd hope it was shiny I'd only washed it less than 12 hours before I took this photo. Admittedly I did wash it mostly in the dark lol
  5. I think it looks like a great (white?) shark on wheels. And I like it. V12? If I ever see one in my rear view mirror, I might just move over for fear of being eaten. Whole.
  6. if you have ANY desire to sell the 535 give me a yell.Apart from an e39 M5 i dont think anything else will do the trick!How many ks has she done.
  7. yeah there's a support thread open at the moment about images uploading. I was successful uploading to flickr and then linking, by using the "insert other media" option. flickr is free, good quality, and unlimited storage. Hope that helps. From the images I've seen, a great assemblage of steel and allow, biology, camaraderie. Well done all. PS - Shiny shiny! (this is one of Eliongater's images from above...
  8. deleted - duplicate post. nothing to see here, move along.
  9. Same, that's what I thought, resized them down, but still no upload
  10. I just tried to upload a panorama pic from this weekend's road trip but no-go. I thought it was because it was too large, but maybe not?
  11. I converted a Touring factory sunroof from manual to electric for a customer many years ago. From memory, just transferred the electric rack from a wreck car to the original lid. Motor mounted to pre existing mounts, wiring run down left A pillar & connected to a factory socket behind the glove box. All plug/play. Fitted the electric version front screen trim panel (housing the check panel) A pretty straight forward job. No pics though sorry
  12. Hi guys Just after some photos of the headlining/check panel of an E30 Touring with an electric sunroof. Looking at converting mine to electric in the near future, but just after photos of the factory setup, as no one seems to take pictures of this, or they did 8 years ago and the links are dead. My options appear to be: -Make some 'adjustments' and use the vinyl from a sedan -Modify the touring's headlining backing to have the cutouts in the factory positions -Manage to ship an electric backing from the UK without damage Thanks in advance
  13. Excuse the quick and dirty potato cam pics. I also couldn't upload so resorted to a hidden imgur album. I didn't take too many as there were other's with actual cameras doing a better job than me lol
  14. This was only my second trip with the Bimmer Crew, and my first time driving the E34 long distance. And it was f*cking awesome on both accounts! It was great to meet more of you and spend some time travelling on those not so common country roads. I think it was a great time of the year for this roadie as there was plenty of lush green countryside and autumn views to check out in between those winding corners I must admit - This trip did nothing to quell my M3 desires! So many great cars in the convoy. Respect to you all. Pics to come - I'm having some issues uploading as well.
  15. Having some trouble finding suitable replacement wheels for my E34. They are going on the car to sell so not too concerned about style, condition etc. Anything ET20, 72.5mm or 74mm bore is fine with legal tyres, except 17x8 or 17x7.5 which i would take as bare alloys. A set 15" stock basket weaves with tyres would be ideal. Don't really want to spend over $300 but may go higher depending on whats offered Can collect from Waikato or Auckland region
  16. It was quite good at said action
  17. anyone have the rear bush tool I can borrow to do the rears in the near future?
  18. Dan's 535 is a real looker. Loved the exhaust note on Toby's E30 too!
  19. I took a couple of panoramas from the suspension bridge, but they won't upload here. What a great trip! Checked out the British Car Museum on Sunday morning which was an interesting trip down memory lane.
  20. Looks like a great time sorry I missed it, good to the 330 in action
  21. where's the fun in that? it's not called the 'micro-adjuster' for nothing, eh?
  22. I don't disagree with the idea, just the poor execution of the build / mod
  23. yeah lots of dodgy stuff goes on it the states , no wof needed on cars etc ,
  24. hell yes! those engine mounts, and what he's done to the chassis rails. doubleplusdodgy.
  25. Looking at that info / video. I would very much doubt that this vehicle would pass a LVC in NZ. Some, maybe, alot of the work is very dodgy & unsafe in my opinion, and opinions are the same as arse holes
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