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  2. Does anyone remember this???

    Accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Like all this M3 loss was unfortunate. There's a couple E46 M3s written off, on the usual salvage sites, should you want to buy one to restore and put back on the road.
  3. Road Toll Not working

    Comment was aimed at punishing people over and over again and expecting a different result.. Im not against zero punishment and some people can't be helped, finding a balance isn't easy and really comes down to the particulars of the situation. Law is sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't (2008 financial crisis) Maybe starting a free legal place to drag race for the boy racers instead of the streets. The others are typically are lower class which all you can do really do educate and incentivize and hope they do better or at least their kids improve of their situation
  4. Does anyone remember this???

    https://transact.nzta.govt.nz/transactions/CheckExpiry/entry Very useful
  5. Road Toll Not working

    You're not wrong but I think 1 in 4 is a bit extreme. In terms of having passengers while on your restricted, I think we should adopt some of the conditions which apply to Australian Provisional 'P' licenses, particularly being able to drive with one passenger, regardless of what license the passenger is on. When I did my defensive driving course, I remember the tutor telling us that studies found having a passenger was actually safer than driving solo, if they're aware of whats going on around them. Mobile phones definitely don't help. As for actually passing your restricted test, I think it's a pretty thorough test which is good, however it involves no open road driving. The full license test is a bit of a joke. Took me around 15min, a third of it was spent sitting at traffic lights as I did it just before a long weekend.
  6. Road Toll Not working

    I agree i thought my comment basically implied that twas the case. Agreed about standards, some are areas seemly nonchalant whilst other departments like OSH have overboard ones. Sure we can all agree the death toll is caused by many contributing factors. I can fit 4 different 10 year old Chinese tyres to my 1990 Hiace, install a set of worn shocks (no leaks) with under min thickness rotors and cheapest brake pads around, get a WOF and drive 110kph on the express way and its legal so its ok.
  7. Road Toll Not working

    what would you do then out of curiosity, what policies are going to help say 20 yr old boy racers not offend in the first place,or people who don't bother with licenses or drive deathtraps with their kids unbelted in society has to have laws and laws only work if there are consequences
  8. Does anyone remember this???

    Sleuth level: maximum What a waste of a sweet wagon. iIRC the driver was in her 70’s? out of interest, how can you tell if a cars rego is on hold? Shows on carjam?
  9. Does anyone remember this???

    Think I found the plate, seems Rego is still on hold until next year. Plate BPW174
  10. Road Toll Not working

    Nope its to stop teenagers and inexperienced drivers driving around with their mates because restricted drivers have an horrendous accident - rate like 1in 4 will have a serious crash in the first 12 months. It's a safety driven thing not a punitive measure. And agree - the driving test when I did my licence was easy and it is still easy - I get re-assessed every 5 years unlike 95% of the drivers on the road who never get re-tested , not even after losing your licence for 12 months for dangerous driving or careless driving causing deat - now how ordinary is that? People are causal because not only can they get away with it but we set a very low standard and lower it progressively as drivers become less competent and then there are the seriously dumb changes like increasing the maximum weight on a class 1 licence so tourists who have never driven on an open road nor driven a truck can rent a 6.5 tonne camper van and tour the back roads -
  11. My new car - yet another e36 328i

    besian systems. http://www.beisansystems.com/
  12. Road Toll Not working

    All well having a wish list in all but its a fact is being obsessed with punishment has been done over and over and has failed every time. Of course there's always going to be some people who don't learn but it's still far better have to support programs,policies etc that help people so they are less likely to offend in the first place. Not to mention the cost benefits down the line. Your right NZ'ers are casual as with most things but i don't see that changing in a hurry.
  13. Few years ago now, always wondered if the car was salvaged......
  14. My new car - yet another e36 328i

    Any advice on where i should source the parts for a vanos overhaul?
  15. Road Toll Not working

    It probably doesn't affect road safety in your case and yes the last test only really picks up a few learned bad habits but the attitude does, Ron is bang on with that.play the game or get off the road, hold insurance or get off the road,Its like holding a loaded gun and you either take it seriously or don't drive.Those people who you rightly say drive around with no license and don't care about it or the penalties would get a much ruder awakening in Aus when they get caught. here you can run up thousands in fines and its just a joke to a 20 yr old. Crusher Collins needs to take charge, get un worthy vehicles off the road, really penalise people and the others out there will gradually take the whole thing more seriously Like in Aus get caught for DIC on a friday and get thrown in the cells till mon where your delivered straight to court, here your taxi'd home to be back out behind the wheel within hours point is people here are casual because they can get away with it,
  16. Road Toll Not working

    Waikato and other areas... right, and most of South Auckland are driving around on learners eh. People who drive around with no learners and no license don't care about it or the penalties (harsh or not), same with having wof\reg etc etc. I think i know what your solution would be. How's me being on a restricted for a little longer affecting road safety as opposed to having a full? Being old you know most of your generations full license consisted of doing jack sh*t compared to what it takes today. The test between restricted has hardly any practical benefit to being a better driver, time in the seat is what's suppose to do that .The main reason i see the restricted license existing is to discourage teenagers driving around with mates at nights etc upon first getting their own car. Restricted be automatically upgraded on a full after a certain period like i think it is in Aus?
  17. Road Toll Not working

    That's another part of the problem. There is no public transport outside Hamilton.
  18. Botany Motor Worx Ltd

    Curious with this as well, who is the recommended go to now? I was very happy with Glenns service, have the 330 booked in for a service with BM workshop, is there anyone else out there that has the bimmersport stamp of approval?
  19. Road Toll Not working

    The restricted licenece is not intended to be a "valid licence" it is only a transitional licence to enable you to develop your skill set and obtain a full licence. Your attitude is part of the problem and one that appears to be commonplace in the Waikato andother areas - thats why they put a time limit on learners and restricted lcenecs but it should be a LOT tougher - if you are not prepared to put in the effort take public transport and get off the roads.
  20. Road Toll Not working

    Having a full license doesn't prove much. I was on my restricted for awhile because i had no use for a full license.
  21. Road Toll Not working

    look how many are driving on a restricted having never bothered to actually pay to do the final or don't even have a license, laws needs some teeth or cops are losing before they start Aus is way tougher
  22. Quick rant thread.

    you give them too much credit.Thinking?
  23. E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    It doesn't affect warmup - just high temps - when the port is blocked, the incoming water is entirely sucked in by the pump from the radiator. If the port is open it cycles around from the head down to the pump, and the thermostat opens a little to let some cooler coolant in that mixes into this flow.
  24. Quick rant thread.

    Popped down to Huntly earlier to do a spot of shopping. On the way back, a Nissan Lafesta which had been stopped on the hard shoulder pulled out and accelerated, indicated right and moved in to the right hand lane. I thought it was going to do a u-turn, but no... It continued in the right hand lane at about 85km/h. That was it. nothing had been in front of this car, there was nothing to overtake. Sadly this exemplifies the state of driving that many of us see so often. To most of us it is incomprehensible - what are these people thinking?
  25. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Replaced a chunk of the rubbish plastic window washer piping in the bonnet. Was leaking all across 5 points, replaced most of it, the rest will still likely need doing to complete, but at least it works now. Replaced the rear 4 speakers, thanks to Brent for BMWorld for some quality parts. Sound greatly improved with speakers that don’t have UV rot in them. Gave it a clean to round off the weekend. Already locked a few thousand kms under it, seems to like the running currently. Touch wood.
  26. My new car - yet another e36 328i

    Yes, M50 manifold loses torque low down and gains a few hp up top. It would be worth doing on a forced induction project though. Doing the vanos seals is worth doing as you lose low end torque as the old seals age.
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