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  2. wait what do you mean by "plf gor"?
  3. have u seen the red plf gor under $6k ?
  4. Got some parts I need to move on pedal box for e36 manual drive shaft e36 e36 tail lights e36 head lights e36 half leather sport seats front and rear e30 tail lights more stuff and just let me know what you want and ill give you a price
  5. Should be some photos coming in the next few days Base coat had a reaction with something on one of the pillars somewhere, Have no idea what it was! Had sanded everything right back nicely, maybe some etch primer from a previous spray was hovering round. So small bit of re-do to do, Other than that everything looking sweet!
  6. Thanks for that. I think I’ll plug that hole with dab off tomorrow and will tackle this when I get back on the 19th. If I get a chance to remove stuff this week, I might still do, just to plan the repair later. This will also give me a clear idea if I have any other leaks or not with he car parked while away.
  7. And yes there is a gazebo setup inside a workshop. There is a bird nest inside the work shop and I can't risk bird crap on it over night!
  8. You mentioned that you were going to remove the rear bumper to look at some PDC sensors.Since you have found this upps it is easier i think to remove all six nuts in your case five undo the necessary clips etc holding it to the side. Then remove the bumper impact plate and bumper shocks all in one. Just remember to disconnect the PDC loom as well. The missing nut was attached to a stud which passes through a flange on the rear shock absorber so could easly be replaced with a similar size bolt and just welded back on. A pic of mine when i had it off replacing the standard bumper to a M sport one. Might give an idea of what things will look like hope it is of some help.
  9. Agreed, the wheels make it look a bit ghetto
  10. I really wish he went for a classic BMW wheel like the mpar or maybe even the e39 m5 wheels but other than that it's perfect!
  11. I really like this! Been following the build from the beginning - done right. I am an e38 tragic now after 11 years of ownership. His interior looks like a nice place to be....
  12. this week I got my seat occupancy sensor mat replaced, and a new WOF on the e60. happy days. today I washed three cars, did the wheels, and chamoied them; 855-T5, e46, and e60. three hours later... all looking nice.
  13. this week I got my seat occupancy sensor mat replaced, and a new WOF on the e60. happy days. today I washed three cars, did the wheels, and chamoied them; 855-T5, e46, and e60. three hours later... all looking nice.
  14. And yes lol were using a dive bottle for spray painting. Too much moisture in the workshop supply haha
  15. Just putting down a Matt surfacer .... Fark. Should have just done entire car Matt Black !!!
  16. I put myself into my boot today and closed the lid with my wife outside. The risk was worth it (and she didn't even leave me in there too much longer than needed...) I found one leak. We used a water jet from the hose full on, all up and down, no water on that pillar again, but I did find this gem gifted to me by the previous owner: Check out the missing stud on that rear right shock absorber... It is basically a hole through to the outside. Water slides nicely down my tail lights (which don't leak even a little bit... over my bumper and right into that nice hole there. Now, I am sure there is another leak somewhere. It is not possible for water from this hole to end up in that space behind the pillar from earlier... But c'est la vie eh. I'll be taking the bumper cover off this week and will be in the market for a new-to-me absorber sometime this week, or mid-October when I'm back from a trip.
  17. Might have the software for a different car, someone with coding software might be able to flash and reset it? Or swap it with a DCT? lol
  18. News paper is good for something ...
  19. Sorry for bump but anyone had experience with providence ? They are cheaper 200 cheaper than autosure, same excess, max $5000 per claim but no yearly limit
  20. New Zealand has more than one highway? 😀
  21. I should add apart from having a whinge, we are investigating using directional antenna to maybe do something with the cell reception we do have, it is a long shot though
  22. No cell reception except for a select few hilltops in the middle of the farm. We are only 10min off of SH2 as well.
  23. How good is your cell reception there? You might be better off with a mobile data plan.
  24. So, for the comedic Auckland based dickheads on here who were recently making fun of my ability to tell if I had the internet or not... have logged two separate faults with Chorus this week resulting in several visits and various workarounds and fixes, service is now fully restored to a whopping 0.27 mbps download and 0.2mbps upload speed "Rural towns" like Te Puke have been told they are in line for UFB, well that's nice for them, they are a 20min drive away from us properly rural types
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  26. bump will consider any offers thrown my way
  27. free bump. Did the WOF on this yesterday. Beautiful machine! Very tidy for it's mileage!
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