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  2. I have some E30 side skirts off an SE. They are not mint with some of the clips broken in behind and a bit broken at one end of one. I've kept all the broken bits I could find. $40
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  4. After a manual transmission and flywheel. Dont need any other conversion parts. To suit m5x application. So g260 would have to be m20 pattern. The closer to Hamilton the better.
  5. HI all, i am looking to talk to anyone that made inquireres into buying this E39 M5 rego number JSP610 when it was for sale in October/november of 2016. Any one that may have had email interaction with the seller at the time the seller was based in Auckland. you can email me at t
  6. I have never heard them called "traffic circles" before. In my life.
  7. Yes still in one piece. Yeah I could possibly break it down at some point if that makes it easier for collection
  8. Unfortunate to see the state of it but glad that its in good hands now! Excited to see how this progresses though! I too am going through tidying up an e34 wagon I bought a little while ago
  9. Looks like whole rear end is still completely assembled. Is that the reality? If so any chance you could break it down in to left, right, subframe and diff, so then 4 pieces? Cheers
  10. What value would you put on both?
  11. Sounds dodgy, straight cut gears are usually installed on reverse, first and second sometimes third to handle the torque of a high output engine; but they only whine when being driven in that gear they don't whine in neutral or when stationary and are not affected by clutch position. The links do show full straight cut sets- question is what casing do you have? More likely a toasted gearbox courtesy of a grunted up engine and possibly even an undersized gearbox
  12. Traffic Circles in the US. The drivers have NO idea how to tackle these. Whilst very simple to most, yanks fail to give way to the right direction, cut across all lanes without looking let alone indicating to where the hell they are going. They are truly terrifying. I had to jam on the brakes the other night to avoid a f**king uber driver dropping someone off whilst half way through the damn thing. One of my local ones has a through road and traffic lights on it, pedestrian crossings with no lights at every entrance. It is a total cluster f**k. I have seen so many near misses there. I'm going to wear my horn out I think.
  13. Just over 200,000KM now
  14. Just over 200,000KM now
  15. Damn I knew it was pretty rough but not like this. Sadly as you know it's not to you own the car you find all the problems. Upside is you can look forward to having something quite unique and far better looking than most modern BMW's GL
  16. Same place on a Touring (although I've not had cause to change it).
  17. How many Kms has she done now?
  18. I have a 1996 328i Sedan for sale $2250 ono . E46 16" wheels with good Tyres , E46 Motorsport seats , New Engine Mounts , rebuilt driveshaft New rear shocks , Three spoke wheel , good headlining and suede door trims . Has a slight vibration at 40km , good at other speeds . Ideal manual conversion project . 158000kms . Few marks on the bumpers and some clear coat coming off .
  19. Five wiper stalks... I always wonder how some things like glove boxes and the edges of gauges etc get damaged in cars. Some people just don’t seem to care about their things and take care. Good luck, sad to see a special car end up like this.
  20. Wow, I expected it to be a bit more technical inside, but its just so basic.
  21. Winterising the E46 today. Ugly ass wheels with Pirreli Snow tyres I picked up for $200. Nearly new. I won't use them in DC. But need them for Quebec.
  22. What did you do with all that dope hidden in the muffler ??
  23. Christchurch and yes
  24. Would be good to see this sorted out properly Suspension and cosmetically, especially.
  25. Looking better after a good clean, Tim! I'm still fully committed you putting a six speed in it though, I'll give you some time to get it sorted first. Donor car is probably a go, I can bring up that Calypso 540i pending some kind of arrangement (basically car minus drivetrain parts preferable to leave it still running and driving). Should have almost everything you need.
  26. I doubt anyone knows me, but I can bet many of you know this vehicle. This is the M70 swapped E34 Touring owned by Andy (_ethrty-Andy_) and built by Lance (mellowpuf). I came into the car through Euroless, who seems to have saved the car from a terrible fate. I then I got it shipped down from Auckland. It actually beat it's ETA because the transport driver was curious to see who owned it! The car itself is in a pretty poor state at the moment. It's clearly been through some unsavoury hands who had it 'for skidz'. I'm currently in the process of deep cleaning the whole car to find out just how far gone the it really is. Exterior has some serious wear and tear. Front quarter panels are both damaged. Paint is beyond saving in some areas. The front AC Schnitzer bumper clearly has a close relationship with the road, while the rear one has been poorly modified to make the exhaust and towbar fit. Left front rim is badly curbed.. Hood doesn't shut properly and is misaligned, even after some fettling with the adjustments. Rear window panel has been replaced at some point, so it doesn't open indepently like it should. One of the headlight lens are missing. The rear spoiler annoys me: as the car is a UK import it doesn't have a high stop light in it. A shoddy aftermarket one has been installed on the inside of the window instead, probably for compliance when the car entered NZ in 1996. The electrical system is going to take up a lot of my time by the looks of things. I immediately put a new DIN88 battery in it to eliminate any voltage issues. I've already cleared out some of the more interesting wiring. The subwoofer wiring was average at best, and it's gone now. Half the speakers don't seem to work and have been obnoxiously placed over factory trims. Pretty sure the double chassis looms under the rear seat is unnecessary, so that'll have to be rebuilt. It's probably also a fire hazard given that it's right next to the battery. The aftermarket fuse box under the steering column is pretty gross, can't wait to get rid of that. Coolant temp isn't wired up correctly, but surely that can't be hard to do right especially given there's a correctly working aftermarket coolant temp gauge right next to it. I swapped in the spare E32 M70 instrument cluster to see it resolved anything, but alas. The electric radiator fan and the associated wiring just seems silly. Extra wiring installed and spliced onto factory plugs for fog lights that don't even exist. Random sets of factory wiring coiled in the engine bay, not sure what for yet. Mechanically the engine is pretty close to operational. It's an early M70B50, recognisable by the oil filler cap location and the Motronic 1.2 DMEs. The mounting of the engine is actually top notch and the fitment of the ancillaries also shows great workmanship. The exhaust doesn't seem to sit on it's hanger properly though. I have no idea why someone painted the intake manifolds bright red, it looks absurd. The engine should be capable of 220kW and 450Nm, assuming it's factory. However it should not have been driven in it's current state, but clearly has been. I must admit even I'm guilty of this as I had to limp it home from work. It has a moving misfire and a knock. The right bank (1-6 cyl) distributor is arcing internally at random intervals. It requires new distributors and rotors, which are en route already. Gearbox works okay. Diff clearly works, pretty sure it's an LSD but I'm yet to confirm that. It'll get all fluids replaced and I'll carry out the Inspection I and Inspection II service items as well as check the operation and condition of every component I can get to. I won't be happy driving this car until I know it works perfectly from a mechanical standpoint. Just gotta say how disappointed I am by this: the air-con has been removed. What is the point of a big grand touring wagon if you can't be comfortable? The condenser has clearly been removed to make way for the electric fan, and the hoses to make space for some of the ancillaries. The AC compressor hasn't been sealed so it has seized and appears to also have a seized pulley despite still having a belt spinning around it. Suspension is a mess. It has full XYZ coilovers but nothing is setup correctly. None of the shocks are set to the same rebound. Preload on the front springs set randomly apparently; the right has some jounce while the left has none at all (as in it's stupidly stiff). Still need to check the rears. Will have to get it up in the air and remedy this nonsense. Right front wheel bearing is shot, despite the hub being replace a mere 2 years ago with a Repco unit. Quality parts en route to solve that. Tires are in good knick though, won't have to replace them anytime soon. Falken UHP 255 section tires on the rear and some Chinese Habilead 235s up front. Interior is "the second worst I've ever seen in an E34" says Autobahn. Headlining sagging. Door cards are an absolute mess. Front seats are filthy, "like someone has sh*t themselves and smeared it in," one of my co-workers said. Driver's interior door handle straight up just doesn't work. Glove box doesn't sit even close to straight. Everything behind the dash looks in a right mess. Boot space has look like it's never been cleaned despite heavy use. Original spare wheel and tire in there. The lower trunk lid trim is completely missing, though there is a spare piece in the wrong colour hanging around. Trims over the rear strut towers are misaligned and stop the rear seats securing the way they should. All the interior sill trims are missing. The one positive is that (surprisingly) someone hasn't run off with the Nardi steering wheel. Everything inside the car was also dirty. Very dirty. It's cleaner now though. I've removed all the older stickers, steam cleaned the carpet in the boot, cleaned the glass properly, and wiped down most of the interior surfaces. Came with many spares. Someone has clearly been down the wreckers to grab as much as they can. EMLs and DMEs and DKs and 5 wiper stalks for some reason. Couple spare sets of HT leads, which I will use. Should all prove useful, not least for troubleshooting. However I'll need to set up a donor car to replace the entire interior forward of the C-pillar, wiring, front quarter panels, air-con. It'll need a respray and some general body repairs at some point. I plan on retrofitting the pre-facelift E34 wing mirrors as I rather dislike the later E36 style ones the car has. (Fun fact: as the E34 was only available as a Touring following the facelift in 1992, so no Touring could have the old style wing mirrors or any other pre-facelift trim.) This car has some pretty amazing potential, but it's currently far less than the sum of it's parts. I feel like I've bought a $4k cert plate. Can't wait to have it running properly and get it truly nice and tidy. I'll keep you guys up to date as the situation develops.
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