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  2. WTB: E36 M3 Coupe

    I've been searching TradeMe for awhile now. They are either convertible or US spec. Oh and LHD.. lol.
  3. rounded breakline nut, help

    Some of the modern flare tools have quite a lot of curved lead in before the hex of the tool. This means that for some applications where the nut hex is up tight to a fitting, you only get to grip the top 1/2 of the nut with the flare tool. Yep prone to rounding it with a flare tool if you're not careful.
  4. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Nice one, now you will have real trouble deciding what to drive.
  5. 99 E38 750i SOLD

    Nice. If you still had your 6 you'd have a nice cylinder collection going, but 8-12 is still a good effort.
  6. 1999 E38 750i Individual

    Today is a good day. Travelled down to see Dave and take ownership of his very special E38. 1 of only 113 RHD facelifts made, with 24 being individuals. car is really in great shape and Dave has completed lots of work to get it from where it was to a reliable runner. in saying that a few battery issues on start up LOL but that looks more like a faulty new battery. Trip back to Auckland now, having a lot of fun for the first few hundred kms. Promised to Dave to keep it stock and if the time ever comes give him first right of refusal to repurchase. Now to carry on the journey and tidy up the bodywork issues. New front bumper required, doesn’t look worth recovering. basic paint tidy up and re-spray in the same colour. (Looking for good spot in Auckland for this guys) Sympathetic upgrade of the radio and music space. interior colour touch up of the blue to restore new door card for the drivers door, don’t think that’s recoverable either but we’ll see. God I love these cars and this one tops it off. Did I say today was a good day? picture taken half way home at Taumarunui last night (sad looking Audi next to it keeps sneaking in for the pictures... in for nose correction next week by the way, thanks to a rather high bump stop)
  7. 99 E38 750i SOLD

    I have to say that Dave has requested first option of buy back if the time comes for it to part company with me. Pleasure to take over the ownership of this fine beastmate, thanks. I’m sure the driveway will feel pretty different for a while. loving the first few hundred kms on the way back to Auckland, second half of the trip today. car will get some bodywork finishing to take the work Dave started onwards. will be a stock look and feel all the way Today has been a good day (for me)
  8. 99 E38 750i SOLD

    I predict remorse hope new owner posts here.....
  9. 99 E38 750i SOLD

    SOLD to a member here so no doubt you'll still all see it around. A sad day for me. It's the first time in close to 10 years that I dont own a E38. Congrats to the new owner. Hoping you get as much fun and enjoyment out of it as I did.
  10. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Had Winger replace the airbag. Started replacing the accessory belts, water pump and thermostat. Realised I didn't have the right tools, so settled for a new thermostat gasket to check if that solved my leak (will replace it when I do the water pump). Finished installing the shadow line trim I had, washed it and managed to turn a semi-decent camera into a potato (should've checked the settings before shooting).
  11. E39 2000 540i Msport

    Took it up to Auckland for Xmas and then over to Raglan for New Years and then back to Welly. Didn't miss a beat and got to stretch it’s legs. Stopped in and met @Lucan and picked up the roof racks he was selling a while back. Back down to Welly and gave the new snow foam lance a go Thought it was a gimmick but it's really good. At 208,000km I have just replaced: - Timing chain guides - Timing chain - Oil seperator (returned to OEM setup as PO had installed a catch can system) - Vanos Seals - Valley Pan - CCV - Water Pump - Thermostat - Coolant temp sensor - Engine mounts - Upper oil pan gasket - Lower oil pan gasket - Crank seal - Fuel Filter - Oil Filter - BMW coolant Now that this is all done I will hopefully make it to the next Wellington Club meet. This ended up being a lot more time consuming than I thought and ended up having the car off the road for the last 7 weeks using spare hours here and there to get it done, learnt a lot and had to ask lots of questions from more mechanically minded mates but got there in the end. Here’s a few pics from my journey.
  12. M54 valve cover

  13. Any Good Trust Lawyers?

    Excellent thanks Glenn. I will have to get in touch with her.
  14. E39 M5

    Hi guys this was for sale a we while ago, asking price of $30,000 , does anyone know what it sold for ? DaveO 2nd Gear Members 36 165 posts Gender:Male Name: DaveO Location:Auckland Car:2006 BMW M5 E60 Report post Posted February 20, 2014 (edited) Hi guys Up for sale is my fairly recently acquired E39 M5. Some of you might remember me looking for a car like this for months last year and, after searching and searching for the right one, I finally found this one up for sale in October last year. Nothing has changed since I have bought the car, I had the car checked over by a specialist before buying the car and was more than happy with his report of the car (4-5 months ago). I have replaced all four tyres with brand new FALKEN FK452 which still have PLENTY of tread. Some details: Year: 2000 Car: BMW M5 Kilometers: 131,000km Colour: Anthracite Metallic (have been told this is the only E39 M5 in NZ in this colour) Interior: Black leather / Silverstone leather seats. Shadow Titanium finish trim. Black dash (compared with new models having grey). Rego: V8M Options: Glass sunroof, rear electric curtain, heated front seats, 10 x speaker system, probably more which I forget. Other cool things: Because the car was built late in the year 2000, it has some 'facelift' components added from new, such as facelift headlights (xenon) with 'angel-eyes' and facelift tail-lights. Also quite interesting: I took the car to the bimmersport dyno day late last year shortly after buying it. The car performed amazingly well, making a very solid 235kw at the wheels, with an amazingly smooth linear power delivery. This was more kilowatts than the two other M5's which attended the same day. Because of this, and the overall condition, the car won 'Best V8' - something I am fairly proud of :-)! Service/Car history: The person I bought the car off lived in Singapore originally, and that is where he bought the car (back at 50,000km). He drove it over there, then because he loved it so much, imported it back to New Zealand when he moved back here. The car has a full service history over its lifetime, with all NZ servicing having been done by Jerry Clayton BMW. This includes all regular servicing and any required repairs. As well as this a recent Diff and Gearbox oil replacement was done, so the peace of mind is there knowing you can just hop in and drive this thing - with just regular oil services. Why on earth am I selling it you ask? - Well, as much as I really don't want to sell the car, I recently obtained a new client at work, who are based out in Waiuku. This means I am currently doing close to 35,000km of driving a year, which means unfortunately, the M5 has to go. I would hate to continue driving it this much and doing such large mileage on such a rare 'super sedan'. Anything wrong with the car? - The overall condition of the car, especially for a 14 year old vehicle, is in my opinion quite amazing. If i was to be super picky and pedantic (which I am), the only issues with the car are as follows: - It appears someone threw an egg at the back of the car at some stage, as there is a small circle of minorly damaged paint. Bastards. - Drivers seat has a very minor bit of damage along the stitching line, could easily be repaired by new owner, you probably won't even notice it unless I point it out - A few pixels here and there are sometimes missing from the head-unit. Again this is repairable quite easily (around $150) for the new owner if they wish. - A bit of the foam is showing by the back window from where the fabric just needs re-glueing, this is because the car has a rear electric curtain. - One of the floor matts is a bit worn out, car will also come with original floor mats anyway so not a major. - Even though it seems ALL M5's do it, when you first start the car it makes a bit of a noise from the engine (this is normal - but thought I'd list this anyway). - A bit of fading on the gearknob - general wear and tear. Overnight the car has been in my garage, no oil or fluid leaks that I know of, nothing has ever leaked onto the garage floor or such. The M5 notoriously uses oil, although my one seems to use very little, but I have topped it up a couple times over the last 10,000km. Anyway, I could rant on forever, but if you are truly interested it is best you come and arrange viewing the car. I am based out in Takanini, Auckland. Asking price: $30,000
  15. rounded breakline nut, help

    Hi Glenn, I couldn't find one that has 7, and 8mm, but is this the set you mean? http://www.sulco.co.nz/Tools/Flare-Nuts-Crows-Feet-and-Hydraulic/6PC-9-21MM-FLARE-NUT-WRENCH-SET.html
  16. rounded breakline nut, help

    The set I use will not round off a brake nut or nipple. In over 50 years I've not done that
  17. WTB: E36 M3 Coupe

    There has been very little E36 M3's listed recently, must be getting more and more rare now
  18. WTB: E36 M3 Coupe

    Trademe would be your best bet
  19. rounded breakline nut, help

    I've got a very expensive set of brake line spanners I pickup up in Europe. Guess what.... they still round off the nuts
  20. Been looking for the "Mark all content as read" button that lives in the top right of the browse screen. Finally found it though a mouse over, seems its now black writing on a black background so its disappeared but still functional. Does that make sense?
  21. Last week
  22. Accelera 225 40 18

    Set of tyres. Fairly new I think the dealer put them on. OK in the dry but not great in the wet so off they came... $50 each pick up in Torbay.
  23. E46 330i MSport Touring

    The cheapest RHD i can find is well over $240 overseas and that's without shipping so that price ain't too bad for NZ. Either way its one of those BS priced BMW items.
  24. E53 navi help

    Those tv modules allow a backup camera to be connected which is handy. A guy in Aus makes a Freeview tuner replacement kit as well. Have one in my car http://pibus.info/tv/
  25. Caught a AIr NZ flight last week as was flickering through the NZ music section and came across a new to me band. Was L.A.B self titled album. So play the first track thinking Pink Floyd / Dave Gilmore type guitar type intro and then the drums hit .... listened through the Album twice and promptly brought it when back in NZ( hopefully the do another vinyl pressing !)
  26. N52 to e36 ti

    what a cool car, I'd be very happy with that for giggles and track days I'm amazed nobody's put an N52B30 into an e46 yet. or e30.
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