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  2. Hi guys just a question to see who would be the best a making my engine bulletproof, so I have no issues! thanks in advance
  3. It’s off a car I found. Now in the back of my car. Will most likely go in to the Grey M325i I posted in “What did you do to your bmw today”, or into the ‘vert, once one of them has been rebuilt. This is smooth, quiet and no leaks. Got the tag cleaned today.
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  5. Did u get to test fit?
  6. If your shifter breaks after cut and welding it maybe you should take some classes in welding 😂
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  8. Seen this in the flesh and know of the owner, it is extremely well looked after and presented. There are a couple of bits that I personally wouldn't have gone for, for example the rear wing is a bit too much for me on a road car. All the M Performance parts listed are dealer fitment on top of the standard M2 parts. However, most of them are dress up or aero parts with questionable performance gains, the exhaust / intake and re-tune definately does give more kW and Nm and is the stand-out one on the list for me along with the adjustables. I agree with the comment about whether there should be "M Performance" parts for an M car, but then there are always those that want that bit more which has usually been the reserve of the aftermarket tuners. As for the "ultimate" M2, that is a big call, certainly the best in NZ but there are tuners in the US and Europe that have done some serious tinkering with the M2. A very well priced car, in immaculate condition - would be a good buy for anyone wanting some fun and to stand out from all the other M2s!
  9. Is this for your 'vert Scott or another E30? The VIN checks out to an E30 Coupe. Using the factory ETK system, and for that VIN the final drive is 41:11 which is 3.73:1 when it was built. As Andy says above could well have been changed by now, so physicall check is probably only way to tell. Also, a good skid will tell you if the LSD still works.. one stipe = no, two stripes = yes. And yes, UK version so sold new in UK (or possibly Ireland).
  10. But it's not funny. Guy just sounds like a dick. I'm not at all offended by it.
  11. Yea, agree if you are only doing it for fuel consumption its not worth it. If you are doing it for the other benefits then yes, and fuel consumption is just a bonus. BTW the replacement seals dont fail early like the origional bmw ones do as they use a different material.
  12. The video is remarkable, they developed a dry break refuel system, so a second BMW would drift in tandem to refuel.
  13. If I could afford to give it to you, I'd be happy to.
  14. come on buttercup it was supposed to be offensively funny, its nothing you wouldn't laugh at on family guy or south park. I f you or your friends havn't called someone gay in your own conversations then your obviously gay
  15. On the hunt for a tidy/straight/looked after E91 wagon with an N52, so 323/25/30s Post 07 and low k's ideally Automatic, M trim would be nice but not a requirement, NZ new with a service history would be ideal but again, not a requirement if its a good one. Wife needs a new car to replace her work vehicle which is being returned. Anyone got anything?
  16. +1 on Penrite. Buying the 20L drums of it s a very economical way of buying good oil.
  17. So Richard, spill the beans!! If you need a hand (second pair of eyes) to look over it, let me know Barry
  18. Thanks for the advice, will do. Waiting on a sheet of Embossed aluminium to make a heat shield.
  19. After a clio Renault 2001 brake booster with plastic wings. Cheers
  20. That Is such a great reply! So with the knowledge i have so far I will need, manual 320i front half of driveshaft (can I also make a driveshaft but trimming mine down? Have an engineering mate that can do it and is qualified) shaved m20 flywheel and matching starter, 320i gear linkages, m20 clutch and throwout bearing. If so, then I believe we are on the right track. Need to figure out a brake booster solution though, can't find any clio renault boosters around.
  21. just in response to this, its a continuously variable system, it is not Off or On like some other manufacturers at this age. Correct oil is 10W40, I use Penrite, but really any brand name will do. Some swear by Castrol for no reason other than thats what BMW etched into the filler cap 20 years ago.
  22. fuel economy gain is marginal at best. as I said above, if this is the objective as is the OPs question, you are waiting your time. Parts alone will take you a long time to recover from your fuel saving, and when you do you will be back to having destroyed seals, not to mention if you have to pay someone to install. Also there is zero mechanical damage that can result because of not tending to them, unlike most other areas on the motor that fit the OPs objective better.
  23. Where's the latest news? You need to use bigger washers with the engine mounts, discard the ones that came with the kit and get huge (20mm?) ones. Grab some new ones for me too! Edit: I thought they'd updated the kit.
  24. good idea, worth a shot maybe, though people usually don't update the details of their plate if it is sold/purchased, and they probably aren't supposed to tell you either. Privacy laws, for better or for worse, prevent this sort of thing from occurring.
  25. well it can't be between that, as there is no ratio made between them, has to be one or the other. But now is more than 30 years old plus and I don't know milage, any previous owner could have changed it at some point for whatever reason, even small case diffs bolt in fine etc. best is always to check at this age, VIN decoders are only ever accurate as at the date of production, and that VIN above left the factory with a 3.46:1 LSD
  26. Thought the article was a bit off myself. Brave enough to say that after somebody else.
  27. Call Kayne?
  28. the numbers indicate roughly where they are in the range Getrag produce, They are no more relevant to whats inside the 'box than any modern BMWs badge indicating what engine is inside it.
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