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  2. looks nice in black. and looks very good fr those kms, 240,000KM ? now. nice to see them doing these kinda kms and still looking good and going well , only minor things to sort as you mention.Had mine .in the weekend drove from home to brighton beach then out to the mouth then over the mountain to Waihola, loved every second
  3. I dont see the appeal myself tbh It is quite cheap and if I was able to live with the cosmetics of a non msport with tan interior it might be alright but if I wanted it nice with msport kit etc and the maintenance side of things etc, i could spend $6000 on this car and still wont be happy with the outcome.. If it was really a bargain I reckon it would have been sold long ago, the fact that its still available shows its not that desirable imo.
  4. HI all, i am looking for a cargo net, and the red triangle that is goes in the tool compartment in side the boot lid for a 2003 M5 . If you have either of these and care to part with them id appreciate it
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  6. It's on offer now for $2495. I would love to get this, if the wife wouldn't kill me at the other end.
  7. Thanks for your help, I cant seem to get that FCP Euro to work on my mobile tho. Il replace the VANOS hose Aswell just for peace of Mind
  8. Didn't sell.
  9. Im running 16x8 et5 and 16x9.5 et 10 with 20mm spacers (to clear the struts). Front just needed guards rolled. Rear needed guards pumped by 15mm.
  10. Unfortunate eh. Back when I was in love with the car I never wanted to sell it because I knew it would get mistreated. But you get over these things and I wanted the rare Soarer I have now so it kinda worked out. In hindsight I would have preferred using an E46 chassis like you are, much better platform IMO.
  11. HPC do it for about 400 for short headers, 600 for long headers. These came from Australia pre coated, so it was quite a saving. They work perfectly, and mean no rust if done properly, never change colour. Studies show a reduction in temps, but they are marginal, you'd have to do tests with multiple temp sensors to see the differences. Ceramic is always the way to go, rather than that terrible fiber wrap stuff people put on, that just causes moisture to rust them faster. dB reading? its like 80 ish with flaps closed, 85 peak with them open.
  12. I wouldn't mind picking one of these up when they get replaced (or any other BMW ex-cop car for that matter)
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  14. Under $2500. Someone snap this up.
  15. Looks like a stripped out 5 series diesel is on the cards.
  16. Hello lads, I'm looking for a M20B25 to replace the poor old engine in my E30 2KCup car. Complete engine with ECU would be ideal, either auto or manual. Cheers Chucky
  17. Hi there, is the engine and running gear still for sale? Cheers Chucky.
  18. On FCP Euro, you're looking at something like this: Check your VANOS hose, does it leak? $10 on trademe, plus $15 shipping Or $20 on trademe with free shipping I'm a big fan of FCP Euro. I like buying things once, and never having to buy them again...
  20. Oh sorry. Year 2000 320i . Cool cheers for the heads up
  21. These are generally a hole lot of fun how did it go my excuse is wife's birthday so attending does make the stress levels a hole lot lower.
  22. Very hard to gauge a price for a car from your description. Overall condition would be the biggest influence on value, look out for Cabrio specific parts that need attention - hood, cover, rear seats, etc as these are hard to find and replace. A solid, tidy, 325i cab even in auto is worth $7k easy in today's market.
  23. What Db do you have? Nathan V8 research
  24. A thief with a pizza fetch or just hungry from a busy night
  25. Have chat to Andy he owns a e30 cab he goes by Ether -andy made a post in the new members section. Their is an black e36 cab on trade me in Invercargill
  26. Great thanks again EURO V12 I'll let you know how we go after meeting him at 3pm today. All the best. Matt
  27. I've never failed a WoF with a failed odometer, and with my older cars (1940's) that had failed speedos sometimes the inspector will see that repair is impossible, luckily odo in an e30 is a common and easy job, and speedo repair not much harder. if he doesn't seem like he'll offend easily, low ball him to next week, he's trying to get too close to manual money IMO
  28. Hi there EURO V12 Thanks so much for your reply. I think actually you're right. Maybe it was that the odometer failed but the Speedo still works as it should. That's exactly what I thought....and that's half the reason why I made my original post! When i forst saw it i thought 3-5k would be a good buy...getting a bit over the top at 7-8k in my opinion. Bloody cool looking car though. Thanks so much for your advice I really appreciate it.
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