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  2. Hi all, I have bought Brad's car, and will be picking it up from Auckland this Friday and driving it back to it's new home in Dunedin. I thought I should join the forum as well as it played a part in my purchasing the car, with helping to research its background. Looking forward to spending many pleasant hours behind the wheel of my first BMW! Thanks again Brad, your assistance and help was really appreciated!
  3. You need a hobby, Olaf, or maybe a set of bottle-caps? 🤭
  4. @zero yeah, he did the entire mix for it, i'll see if i can pin him down and get some detailed specifics about how ethanol blends interact with motors, and performance specifics i used to talk to him heaps about the specifics of gull fuels, but its very detailed and has escaped my memory I was always angry with him for not just doing it in his own time, patenting it, and selling it back to the fuel company lol ... cause DAMN!
  5. zero

    Gull 98

    @325_driver it would be certainly interesting to learn from someone in the know as there are so many myths around. How does it differ from what the other fuel manufacturers offer?
  6. My father was the operations manager for Gull Petroleum, and he was the chemical engineer for all of their fuels, including ethanol blends, force 10 etc - I can ask him for a detailed explanation if you all want lol? What do we want to find out about the fuel? I'll dig into it and report back. From my memory when he was designing it, i heard it was actually supposedly superior for newer cars both in performance and better on the engines, it was only some of the older motors that might have had issues with the dryer combustion from the ethanol content.
  7. Blackie

    Gull 98

    I googled that for you https://www.autoevolution.com/news/bmw-cars-can-cope-with-e10-fuel-32393.html
  8. Interesting, what is the source of that quote?
  9. PS: mine runs an Italian pump, same brand as some sold by Kerrick these days at around a grand.
  10. II used to use my mate’s Stihl, and followed his instructions for use very carefully. He stopped loaning it to others as they’d blow it up. It was an excellent unit. I figured it was time to get my own, couldn’t swing to a Stihl. Bought a Dynamic VIP from the toolshed. It’s compact, weighs tons, very powerful. It’s also spent many visits to sickbay over the years. I use it mostly for cleaning paths with the dirt buster head. I’d like a foam cannon, but the reality of setting up a waterblaster down 40-odd steps to wash my car, Power, hoses etc... be a rare thing. An alternate theory I’ve heard that merits consideration: buy the bunnings special at around $100 or $150. It’ll probably come with a 2 or 3 year guarantee... if it craps out after warranty expires just buy a new one. Much cheaper than workshop fees on a good one! I’ve paid more than double for mine in the 15 years I’ve had it. HTH.
  11. Im on the hunt for the same, lemme know if you find a good source. My E91 is all wired up for it, just no bar.
  12. Good for cleaning suspension and wheels etc (throw water based degreaser in foam cannon, go nuts), and blowing snow foam everywhere, but yeh... it doesnt save time
  13. Yes - that's the idea. To remove as much contamination as possible before you touch it. And then lubricate as much as possible when you wash it. It's definitely more fun - and I can get away with touch-less washing on ceramic coated wheels. Apparently all the brands are based on the same chinese pump. They then just change the nozzles and charge $xxx more for the next model up. Karcher have their own design though.
  14. Hi. I have a set of four Toyo Proxes T1R tyres for sale. 2 new, 2 used but with less than 1,000km on them. Currently listed on TM for $600, but I'm will to do a less TM fee deal for those on here. I also have two used Toyo Proxes 4 tyres for sale. Minor camber wear but will have no problem passing a WOF. Currently on TM for $80 but willing to do a deal for those on here. Perfect for those E30 Weaves. Location Hamilton.
  15. That's a bit of an eye-opener...
  16. Yes, using the waterblaster adds more time to the wash cycle, it doesn't make it quicker. [edit] I have a Nilfisk 120.6 and it's OK, I got a car wash attachement nozzle which seems to be lower pressure but wider and finer fan. I made the mistake of using the higher pressure nozzle on my wheels and promptly took off a bunch of paint >_< so be careful with high pressure attachments. Definitely grab the longer hose for washing the car. I use mine as a pre-wash to get rid of any loose dirt as I figure getting that off means there's less left on the car to scratch things up during the hand wash. Then I use a foam attachment to spray on Fireball Hydrophobic coating. Having 3 dark coloured cars is a PITA. I can't comment on whether Karcher/Stihl/Ryobi/Other brand is better or worse than Nilfisk. [/edit]
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  18. So all good if needing to clean your car after doing some paddock hacking. But bit of an effort to lug out a waterblaster, snow foam it vs just hand washing it with a garden hose if your car only has the usual road grime on it.
  19. Not sure if you sorted this. May be worth asking whether the drawbar is included with this one - has the towbar mount and electrics? (NZ new E91 335i) https://www.sdeuropean.co.nz/dismantling-part/2006-bmw-335i-2
  20. As per title, after some E30 exterior door stop thingies. preferably in black rubber and cheap Hoping to fir these to my E28
  21. What on earth is going on on these forums?

  22. Yep, waterblasting the car only gets rid of the top layer of loose dirt. You have to hand wash afterwards as well.
  23. your 'uncle gay' claim doesn't change the fact that your employees and friends shouldn't need to tolerate your casual gayism.
  24. I haven’t really found washing a car with a waterblaster is as effective as a hand wash. I’ve tried using a foam gun which helps loosen road grit i guess but i still find a lot of it stuck to the car after water blasting. I have a Karcher K5 i think, it was a mid range one.
  25. Kaz, did you manage to resolve this?
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