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  2. Gaz

    BMW M3 E9 2.5 CS 1976

    Would love it, but is it really worth $14k with all the work required to bring it up to standard. Plus dont even know the history on the car and if it could be registered here
  3. M3AN

    Undercarriage Protectant

    ^ wow lol.
  4. Cammsport

    Undercarriage Protectant

    Some cleaning update pics while I try track down some products.
  5. hunter

    2000 E39..

    if you're on FB, i spied this listing the other day https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/805772959804127/
  6. lord_jagganath

    BMW M3 E9 2.5 CS 1976

    oh man, the possibilities...
  7. John M3

    2011 LCI E93 M3

  8. John M3

    2012 BMW 1M, NZ New, FSH

  9. John M3

    FS - MSS54HP DME

  10. Couldn't think of a better title myself. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2040041620
  11. M3AN

    x1 e84 Engine Malfunction after work

    I know naught about these engines but I doubt you could stuff up the sensor by getting coolant on it. That you had oil in you coolant is interesting... does the oil cooler have a water jacket? Otherwise I'm not sure how the oil cooler could contaminate the coolant. Anyway, with any boost pressure fault be sure to check the wastegate is closing correctly.
  12. TheCowboy

    E36 compact headlamp upgrade

    Unrelated but trying to send images
  13. M3AN

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Over the last few days... Pulled the aircon compressor out of the 328, it's dripping fluid and aircon has never worked... was already missing one mounting bolt and one of the remaining three sheared off as soon as I twisted it. The bottom two are easily rotted way down there. It's unlikely to ever go back on, might remove the tensioner from that side also as well as the rest of the aircon gubbins. Got the steering wheel straightened on the M3, it was a tiny (but annoying) bit off after the last alignment (for the new steering rack). Called the shop and they were like 'that's no good, bring it straight in' and it took less than 10 mins. Happy. Re-hung the exhaust on the M3, the tips were hanging too low (for a number of years, since I had my diff seals done) and now, after using a different hanger mounting hole, are perfectly aligned. Happy with that. Still chasing some front end imbalance on the 328...
  14. Mikan

    I refurbed my cloth seats (E28 1983)

    This is awesome! Well done.
  15. Yesterday
  16. John M3

    FS - e46 M3 carbon intake - Gruppe M copy

    Bump 👍 2x2 Carbon fiber?
  17. I did check if I could find replacement used ones in better quality and wasnt happy with what sellers were offering, so we decided to make a couple of days out of it and combined skills to refurb what we have. Basically: - No foam/sponge left in originals, no softness in the horsehair molded bases. Cloth itself in pretty good condition. - Forced stripes of cotton wadding inside "piping" on the back piece - Kept the horse hair mold but added middle strips of 35-160U High Density foam and side bolsters of 28-170U Medium density foam - Hand washed rear cloth, did not remove from seat as it was riveted to the frame (and no need). - Machine washed base - Wife sewed in "Interface" material into the base stips to create new "loops" to hold the side-centre-side metal bars in place (original channels disintegrated - Initially used OEM like Bull Ring pliers to reattached metal bars etc but found that large cable ties work a lot better. Used lots of them (13per base, 5 on each side and 3 in the middle). Very happy with result, firm but soft, smells great too thanks to the washing and cloth shampoo!
  18. NakiTouring

    To M3 or not to M3.. that is the question

    The crank bolt came loose, which resulted in valve hitting piston 😞 Pretty rare for that to happen, but not unheard of. The gearbox was slipping on the change from 4th to 5th. Probably could have been repaired, but given the mileage, it made sense to swap while the engine was out. I found a box with about 65k on it for a "reasonable" price. The genuine BMW gearbox oil is bloody expensive, but in my research I didn't find an alternative that I could trust, especially as I wanted to up the boost a little - its not worth the risk for the sake of saving 2 or 3 hundred bucks. Replaced the oil pan / filter and associated bolts as well. Likewise with all the engine seals, gaskets, one tIme use bolts etc - I did it all properly with OEM quality and correct torque specs throughout.
  19. Sorry if I’ve missed this in earlier threads. Why does the car have a new engine and gearbox?
  20. Olaf

    Quick rant thread.

    Yes, would be a shame if the Mercedes X-class fails. James May rather liked his during S3E4 of The Grand Tour ("tested" against VW Amarok and Ford Ranger)...
  21. Gorrington

    2000 E39..

    The master window switch on the driver's side doesn't seem to work, can lower/raise windows on each individual door but nothing seems to be working thru the master controller. Anyone got a good master controller for sale. ? Thanks.
  22. Gorrington

    2000 M5

    Turns out the amp in the boot is in pieces, I guess that's a job for further down the road...
  23. NakiTouring

    To M3 or not to M3.. that is the question

    Anyway, my 335i is now on Trademe, so we'll see what happens. If anyone is interested in trading it towards their unwanted and horribly thirsty E9x M3, sing out! https://www.trademe.co.nz/2039326019
  24. NakiTouring

    To M3 or not to M3.. that is the question

    Well, 15l/km is about on par with what I currently get... But that would be a mix of around town and the odd blast out in the country. As above, I only get circa 10 on a big, more restrained trip. But maybe 15l/km is what you're suggesting the v8 ingests on such a cruise, in which case, ouch!
  25. NakiTouring

    Is the 335i the 2019 performance bargain?

    Shameless plug...couldn't help but make mention of the RB26 and 2JZ in the listing 😉 https://www.trademe.co.nz/2039326019
  26. KwS

    e36 track car build

    That's how the M3 gets away with thinner swaybars than lesser models, just based on the different mounting position.
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