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    Pretty, pretty, pretty sure I saw one of these drive past me in Parnell.
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    Jules, please take this the right way. Will you stop faffing about with pretty bits and bolt the supercharger on?
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    hard choice to say which car i would rather be in!! At least there is a boat available for you to get on lol
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    Never ending, eh Mike?! I put the valve covers back on. No oil leaks and the car works... Job done. (sorry about the low light phone pic)
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    So two steps forward and one back today. got it back from the painters from getting the dint between boot lid and bumper fixed. got bumper painted too as there was a bit where the paint flaked off and got the rear window spoiler painted and put on. Then tonight put the new strut tops in but when putting the sway bar link back on it snapped the balljoint on it Hope I can find some tomorrow. But I doubt it
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    Yeah... 400 kgs and 2.8M long Welly to Whangas for $150 cash By the time you get it yourself, you often don't save money if it's far away. You forgot to factor in pies.
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    Wong isn't a Japanese name. But thanks for pointing that one out.
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    Fair point, but I'd take a punt on a NZ new manual, just expect to recharge the a/c every 4 years.
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    Well, initial outlay is the largest (hopefully ) financial commitment at once. After purchase, you'd hope that servicing wouldn't be more than $1K at a time. Don't know about you or anyone else but I wouldn't be buying an R32 at 150,000+kms
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    yeah but you can pull a website for almost any fault, on any car if you look hard enough. There are plenty of perfectly working SMG BMWs running around the world, but of course you will never hear them complaining on the internet that its still working OK. If you're buying a E46 with SMG, and you are worried about failure, why not just take out a warranty and just drive the car like its meant to be driven? SMG IMO is NO reason to completely discount a car, unless you specifically want a tractor box to make you feel more manly. The rear subframe issue is a much bigger problem, but even that wouldnt stop me buying an E46 M3, just make sure its thoroughly inspected and reinforced/fixed.
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    Are you talking about affordability in the sense of the initial purchase? If so, sure an Alfa is an affordable car :-P
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    Happy to report the M5 has got it's mojo back after swapping out the CPS's. The DSC light is now lighting up where it didn't before ;-) Feels like it's gained back an extra 30 - 40hp and a whole lot of torque in the mid range. Seemed to have taken a bout 1/3 of a tank of spirited driving over the passed couple of days for it to wake up. Will be popping it on the same dyno where it did 220 rwkw late last year to compare. Interesting to see that although the CPS's seemed fine (no fault codes, vanos tests passing) they seem to degrade over time, probably due to the numerous heat cycles since 1999.
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    Has anyone got a set of mats for a E30/E46 coupe. 2nd hand average condition is ok. In black or blue not fussed. I just cant bring my self to fit those horrible repco spec ones Will pay cash, beer or handjob (im a mechanic and have rough hands so i cant garantuee the quality of the handjob HAHA)....... cheers
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    Bump - now on trademe http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=684257064&ed=true E: this has to be some sort of record..its only been on trademe 30mins and Ive had 2 spam texts about it.