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    @Mrbrock - sorry, posted the ad on my phone, didn't factor it coming out like that on the website. @Fiat - a valid question, what with the plethora of fanciful sellers seeking ambitious sums for decidedly ordinary metal. And of course, a car is only worth what the next owner is willing to part with. However as M325s go this is easily the lowest-priced I've seen in the last 3 years and, in an age when standard 4 door E30s in good order can fetch $6K, and a low mileage M325 c.$20K, I'm hoping I'm not being too ambitious. :-)
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    Fark that black text is a killer
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    Greetings guys i am a very proud owner of a E46 330I 2002. NZ new with around 100K on the clock and luckily has been really well looked after and serviced. i have made a video (owner review) of the car and have put it on my youtube channel. The video says it all really. I have never owned a car that has combined handling luxury, performance quite like this car does! I am loving it. I have my wife to thank for suggesting we take out a pretty red 320I out for a test drive when i was looking for a new car as i wouldn't have even considered one! Once i drove it i couldn't believe the smoothness and handling of the car. i felt it went ok but was looking for a bit more in the way of performance so i started to look for 325's as a workmate has one and loves it. i looked at the specs and fuel economy of the 325 and 330 and there didn't seem to be a lot in it but the 3 litre seemed to go a lot better (on paper) the rest is history. If you are interested my video is here: no doubt there are some accuracy problems in this but was done to the best of my (biased) ability! Any suggestions on how i can make it better is all good. I am hoping i can get to drive and review my bosses M3 E46 soon. i may never want to go back after that! thanks guys great web site and lots of really helpful information!
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    Hi everyone, I'm so glad I found out about Bimmersport, and Now I'm new here. I love BMW's and I'm very passionate them, especially 5 series (E12 - E39) and E30's. I drive a 1996 525i which has done only 86,000km (I attach a pic). I look forward to having great times on here. Cheers AJ
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    Good luck doing most manual conversions without changing drive shaft or crossmember... This topic is beaten to death. Just do it properly and cert the damn thing.
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    Are these still for sale? would you be happy to ship to chch??? cheers
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    Why not some more zeroes on the price.
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    Manual conversion doesnt need cert. As taken from LVVTA Threashold tables: Certification is not required so long as: The OE gearbox cross-member has not been heated, cut, or welded; and the OE gearbox cross-member mounting to the OE body or chassis members is unchanged; and no replacement gearbox cross-member is used; and the OE drive-shaft(s) is un-modified; and no substantial modifications have occurred http://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/suplementary_information/LVVTA_LVV_Cert_Threshold.pdf The engine could get away with saying that its an m52b25 that has had a stroker kit put in and is still making less than 20% more power and get away with it that way.
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    I would not buy a 4 cylinder petrol powered BMW... ever. The N46 4 cylinder engine is the worst engine BMW has produced following the N42 which was a similar disaster
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    Just joined this forum. Looking forward to forming some mutually beneficial relationships with other BMW enthusiasts. Italian motorcycles where my primary passion, until I recently aqcuired a 2000 E46 323Ci, which is in need of some TLC . Whilst I am a BM newbie, I am keen to learn about sorting out engine issues, such as PCV valve and vacuum line replacement as well as some sensors whilst I have the intake manifold removed. Clean Throttle body, Idele control valve and Mass airflow sensor. Vanos seal replacement next, then a dry ice blast to clean the whole engine bay. So much to do and so little time to do it in....buy I will be having fun. Will also be looking for spares and my new friend Ray from Hell BMW has been most helpful already. Looking forward to the journey.
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    Welcome ! I'm another e46 coupe / etal bike owner.
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    your little Honda so called cheap to run, but 8L/100km is very achievable in a 728i, mine would sit around the 9 mark but I'm not a light foot, and it had heavy 20" wheels to spin. ill keep my 10 speakers, 10 airbags, fully electric leather seats front and rare, ample leg room front and back, and a boot big enough far bigger than your practical hatch back. all that and the 7 is a fraction of the price. why be a peasant? about the only advantage i can think of for the tin can honda is the ease of parking it. to get back on track. as detailed with the stats Kelvin has provided above, 728i are not slugs just because they are the base model. far better power to weight than the base model 3 and 5 of equivalent age and they still sold well. if specced with the EDC suspension I'm sure they dance bloody well for a pushing two tonne car, mine did very well as it was on standard suspension, the crap chinese tyres let it down the most when i first got it, but i put some Potenza RE003s on the front and turn in was very good for a car of the size.
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    What do you reckon a 1m with 150km is worth in 2022?
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    Hi Just bought a 1982 323i. Not my first classic but my first BMW. It is very tidy, and will be a weekend car. Had it checked over and needs just a few maintenance items updated, but seems to drive well. I will probably get the initial stuff done through a shop, then slowly take over the easy stuff myself once I know the car better. It has had the single headlight installed but comes with the original double setup. Photo is from a previous owner, as I don't pick it up until Saturday.
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    Good day one and all. I am new to this forum but have been a keen admirer of BMW's for ever and have been on other forums. Originally from SA and have owned four BM's over there. Here in NZ I am the proud owner of a 135i manual with sunroof which has been customized by myself. Some mods : CDV delete Second cats removed and replaced with straight pipes Air box replaced with twin cone filters Disconnected the valve in the second exhaust tail piece so both pipes are in use from the start Both recirc blow off valves removed and replaced with one HKS BOV Angel eye light upgrade and boosted to 12V Carbon wrapped the kidney surrounds, mirrors, shark fin and boot spoiler as well as custom wrapped the side skirts Tinted to 35% Interior lights changed to bright white LED's Removed the CCC system and replaced with Sony double din touch screen with steering wheel functionality maintained Flip up motorised screen removed and replaced with a factory BMW storage compartment Replaced the battery with a 110amp/hr deep cycle Upgraded the original speakers and fitted tweeters into the door corners and rear deck Two 12" subwoofers powered by a 1200w RMS monoblock All mids and tweeters powered by a 200w RMS amp Smoked out tail lights Have changed many coding settings to my liking e.g the indicators flash 5 times after flicking the stalk BMW light up badges on the boot and bonnet Unfortunately i'm not finished yet. Would still like to get 19" wheels and a front spoiler fitted. Will post pics sometime as i've never taken any of my car. Unfortunately i'm not finished yet. Would still like to get 19" wheels and a front spoiler fitted.
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    it's not these marks you're trying to remove, is it?
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    Its NZ new and no service history but bought from a DIY mechanic that had BMWS all over his front yard. I can only think he married a nun. I shouldnt say this, he might be on here. at the end of the day the car was tidy and it checked out with a pre purchase.. bit risky but the engine has done 40,000KM less than the car so thats around 120,000. This can be apparently confirmed with the vin on engine ? but im not completely sure as i have not yet had time to investigate this ha. the timing chain was a huge put off hearing about all this but at the end of the day its all part of the 'fun' right.. theres no evidence of problems. thanks for the interest Rich
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    Very good Richie. / First thing I'd do is replace those what look to be non genuine wheels with genuine BMW / BSS wheels. They look like reps, but I could be wrong
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    Dear fellow bimmersport members It is with deep sadness that i inform you all of this particular member who has passed away, yesterday in the early hours of the morning ( 20/04/15 ) after a long battle with a terminal illness. Many of use may remember his posts in the project forum for forced induction regarding a red turbo e36. For those that didn't get the oppurtunity to meet him personally, Lets come together as a bmw club and wish my brother an awesome time in heaven on this forum. His details will be in the NZ Herald, i believe, but unsure which issue atm. I will continue to uss the forum for him, many thanks Peter Norris. Live well in Heaven Dear Brother Arthur Norris.
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