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    Well as most of you know i moved up to Ontario, Canada in Feburary this year. While I instantly found the public transport system very good (many people here hate it... i guess you always want what you cant have), of course i would never be able to live without a car. Before i got here, i had already decided or so i thought that i would get something american with a V8 in the front, it would be my last oppertunity do so, Canada and the USA being the last oasis for the V8 engine, with fuel still at $1.30 CAD (not much in it compared to NZD). I had organised a Ford F150 in Blue, V8 of course, 2016 ex lease that i was going to pickup when i got here. What i didnt realise is that, without a credit history in Canada, i was unable to be approved for the lease, basically because they had no idea who i was. No credit history also caused a few other complications for me too but wont go into all that. Suffice to say, no F150, and indeed no leasing at all. given that i only plan to be here for about 18 months or so, there is little point buying a car, or so i thought. anyway, once arriving, one of my first objectives was to find some friends! i joined a few E30 and BMW pages up here, and within a day or two was invited around to a guys warehouse full of E30s. I told my lady before i went round there that i already knew how today would end. And there it was, a hard top for my E30 cabby back at home. they are onobtanium in NZ, in more than a decade around the traps, i know of only one. made a deal with the guy and had myself a hard top to ship home. Then i saw another wee beastie collecting dust in a corner. Oh that old thing, its an E30 Touring, very rare over here. Indeed. They were never sold anywhere in North America, and command exceptionally high prices over here. Might have got the story wrong but it goes something like , it was brought sight unseen in Poland in advertised good condition, and since the guy had Polish Ancestry it was brought, flew over picked it up, and road tripped it back to Toronto, Canada (crossing the Atlantic between the UK and Halifax). While yes very reliable (havent been able to fault it yet), its never been someones baby so scruffy here and there and needed some significant mechanical work. and the owner, once completing the trip lost interest. Suffice to say i was interested, put it up on the hoist to see what i was buying and did a deal. sure, a wee bit more than you'd pay in NZ for one in the same nick, but there is probably more in New Zealand than there are in the entire Continent here. And so became the saga of registering it in Ontario. While they are very lax on saftey here, being no annual inspection and no border compliance etc like we have in NZ, it is difficult in otherways. Insurance is compulsory here, and as i am a 'new' driver by there standards, rates are high. you also need to take it for a saftey inspection (the only time it will ever get checked), although because i already knew of what was needed, it just got a dodgy safety, which is very common here. no body bothers to actually get the car inspected, have heard that from heaps of people! eventaully all sorted and start driving it. got its first bath up at the family home a week or so later, so i could see what i had actually brought under the 2 years of dust etc. youll notice in those pics the rust in the tailgate, as is always the case on Tourings. what happens is the seal at the lower edge of the glass shrinks being 30 years old now, and water gets in and trapped. Also the front valance a bit bent up as well. interior pic shows various bits of trim missing, fortunately all of the touring specific stuff is present! and the engine bay. yes its ugly needs a serious clean, but yes that is an E36 M42 swap, which gets the car moving very well. Coilover plug conversion using M52 coils. There is a lot of things in here that is pretty hows your father, it pains me to say though that it is actually reliable as anything, starts first crank every time. I will talk more about the engine in a later post when i get to addressing it And that last picture is my first tools here, brought for me for my birthday! Next up, found a job, and while not in the industry i want to be in, it was a real stroke of luck. It is a body shop, part of a chain of 150 or so stores, the biggest in Canada, and owned by an American company which is the biggest auto body chain in the world. what better place to land a job when you have a 30 year old BMW that needs some love! Another wash. yes i did that a bit. money was very tight before i got a job, as i didnt intend to be buying a car! but good to actually be able to detail it in a proper place with all the resources i needed. Put my ETHRTY plate in the back window which came over from NZ with me in my case. was intended to go up on the wall here, as i said, never expected to actually buy an E30 here! and of course a BMWCCNZ sticker added to the rear window! as it turned out, purely by luck, one of the other body guys is actually a BMW guy two, and owns an E30 himself, and also the E39 540i 6 speed you can see in the background there. very cool to be at a workplace and meet someone like that! He actually liked the black kidneys on my car, which i didnt like. i asked him if his were chrome, he said they were, so at one point, he brought in the silver ones from his car and i swapped them over, so all the photos from here on have silver grills. that was the first mod i did, and more of an anti-mod ha. Went to a classic car show, swap meet and second hand collectables show (all in one) absolutely enormous event (as is anything here). spent the day and still didnt see everything, but i did manage to pick up these to add to my collection at home. All 4 are North American spec so diving boards etc but interesting all the same. The guy also had E28 E32 E34 and E36 ones as well, i tried to bargin for the lot but he was a tight old prick and i think he was one of those 'f off we are full' types and didnt like my accent. oh well, whatever. Mid April by now, Finally managed to find a house. unfortunately doesnt have a garage which is a bit of a pain, but Toronto rent is much like any other major city. if you want space and carparks you are out of the city already, and you want a garage to, thats just not in the budget as it turned out. Time to get cracking on the car ! First order made, door handles for three of the four doors. never understood why they break over seas and yet never seen that at home before. it was explained to me here its so common because of the cold, the locks frequently freeze, and so the 30 year old plastic breaks trying to release the frozen metal. of course, we rarely get sub zero temp at home so thats why! drivers door hinge bushings, to get rid of the aweful squeek and slop in the hinge meaning often had to close the door twice or three times. not a job i had done before, but BMW sell a rebuild kit, very straight forward to complete rear brake pads. the hand brake is also totalled as well but will sort that at a later date. various interior bits and pieces pod filter for the engine so it actually has a filter.... those dodgy Poles. you'll notice the dent in the right rear door as well. after that photo and while the door card was off i sucessfully heated with the missus hair dryer and pushed it out with plam of my hand from the inside, so very happy about that. also the tool collection as you can see has started to grow.... Took the following photo of what i came back to after i shop at Walmart. lucky no contact to my car, but how the hell do you walk away after parking like that and think boy i really nailed that park. Have look at the X3 to the left, the Volvo in the back ground, and whatever the crossover behing the Pontiac is. also the Pickup and the white car right at the very back. not one of them are parked properly. This is every single day in every car park here. and they are always scratching thier heads why thier insurance is so expencive up here. I thought the standard of driving was shocking in NZ, but its excellent compared to up here. ohhh i do enjoy when the courier comes Mostly that is parts for a 2002ti that i have been doing some work on for a guy i met online up here, though there are bits in there for re hosing my fuel tank as it was leaking abover 3/4 full. It would appear i didnt take any after photos, if i remember right my iPhone died because id been listening to spotify all afternoon, so just imagie the above pics again with all new hoses, pump o rings etc, and also sanded what i could see of the tank and rust covertered it in hopes it wouldnt need a new tank itself. Luckily, i have filled it maybe 3 times since this and its been fine! doesnt leak at all! th biggest leak was coming from an undersized o ring around the pump cradle. also fitted a tech1 wheel i managed to pickup. needs a refurb, but at least it doesnt twist around the rim like the orginal one did. skip forward to Mid May, Right thats enough of nuts and bolts. by now i have been working at the body shop for about 6 weeks and so i asked if i could take some time to paint up some bits and pieces for the car on a Saturday or whatever and pay for the materials. dont be silly they said, call it part of your training! not having to pay for materials and whats more doing it on company time was great! they said they would rather i screw up my own stuff than a customers car anyway. Real priveledge actaully because its a side of the auto industry i know nothing about, and it is totally different to all the other branches. anyways, first up was the front valence. sourced a 6 cylinder and/or A/C type one with the dual slats. i prefer the look, makes the car look a little higher specced than it is. Paid a pretty sum for it. non-rusty parts are exceptionally rare find here in Canada. First step, mix up some paint. Found Diamante Schwarz Metallic on the computer and mixed it up from the base colours. interesting to see what it looks like when un mixed! Didnt take a before pick of the Valance, but basically i sanded it back, and applied rocker gaurd which is a Canadian made product a lot of cars here have applied to them below the lower trim line. not uncommon to see the texture, even on newer cars. basically it is a heavy rubberised coating that semi hardens. think of roughly half way between Plastidip and toughdeck spray on liners for utes. While that was drying, i was trained how to take my valance off LOL yeah right as though i dont know but hey! next step is the sealer. unlike all the other steps, it is highly toxic so must be done in full protective gear. this was the only step that was done for me, just for hygene reasons what with only one face mask. next is three layers of colour (just because i made too much paint, usualy 2 would be fine) ... and then a few coats of clear and bake in the oven for about 20 mins or so. ... and then all installed, with all new hard ware, also clips and iS lip i picked up, and also mounted in the brackets and loom etc for fog lights, not that i have found any yet, but its all there ready to go when i do. just a pic of the 2002Ti i have been doing work on as well lately, just finished it up Thursday last week. Caught up with my buddy with the 540i again (he moved on end of April). his mate came along with that yellow Dodge Dakota R/T Super Bee. pretty rare apparently, it is the size of a early 90s 2wd Hilux etc, but with a 5.9L (360) Magnum V8 in it. about 250hp despite such a massive displacement, BMW was getting more than that out of a 4L at the same time ha. still. not my thing but pretty neat little wagon. Popped by another guy i met onlines place for a yarn. has an E30 and Golf Mk1 in the shed, and also the E21 in the back ground. This 740i possibly the new daily??, not sure yet, all the same thought i would post it up. this is typical of a 90s BMW up here (makes my E30 look great). yep rust just something you have to deal with on a car thats spent 20 years in the snow, and then the other 6 months of the year in the beating down sun (much hotter here than NZ in summer). compare to an E38 in NZ which i have never seen a single one with a spec of rust on it. this isnt even particularly high kms, only 160km or so. Canada weather is very hostile to cars! Which brings us up to today! Local ariport saved my carpark for me, when i dropped the missus off this morning. Then what do you do when you get to work at 4.30am , work on your E30 of course! 3.5 hours to sort out my tailgate in the piece and quiet. You know the process now from the above run through, just this time with a few body filler steps to full in the rust holes. yes technically metal should be welded back in, but my reasoning is that this gate is so rusty already its not worth spending time saving, just make the most of what you can and hope it lasts for a while. so i will just let the pictures do the talking. and finally, since as i said above i dropped the missus off at the airport this morning, i have her car till Friday week, yep a very manly machine lol but she likes it and that means i can drive what i like. its actually quite pleasent to drive, just very very under powered, definatley a city car. Anyway, since i have it, it means i will be getting stuck into replacing some stuff under the car in the coming few weeks since it wont be on daily duty. so jacked the car up when i got home, and decided actually, after getting up so early this morning i am too tired to get under it today. So i came inside to spend two hours posting on bimmersport instead lol. Thanks for reading, and sorry i cant be bothered to go back through an reread/spell check. its just gone 11pm on Tuesday night so im tired, just powered through typing that last 20 mins ha. BTW sorry i havent been as active on here recently either, i am always reading!!
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    Finally after all my years of waiting I`ve got myself a post `00 M5.(build date 05/01) Fresh Bilstein with a Tubi exhaust system. A few cosmetic items to sort out then it`s of to OCD for its makeover Le Mans Blau with all the facelift options available. Though there were no major mechanical alterations to the E39 M5 during its entire production run, there were a number of equipment alterations that appeared with the 2001 model-year M5 (from 9/00 production). These include:-Revised headlight design incorporating illuminated "Corona" rings -Revised tallight design-Park Distance Control sensors in the front bumper (previously in rear only)-Thicker three-spoke M steering wheel identical to the one fitted to the E46 M3-Grey instrument faces -Solar sensor for standard automatic climate control-Revised navigation/audio unit with larger (6.5-inch) monitor-Rear head protection airbags added-Second-generation M Mobility tire repair system in place of earlier version-Available M Audio System with special tweeters, Kevlar/carbon coaxial speakers and two subwoofers behind the rear console-Alcantara headliner included with Extended Leather interior (previously only included with Complete Leather)
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    Hi guys, I have been a Bimmersporter for a long time but not a regular contributor. I have a long history of BMW ownership - but despite a stint with a E34 535is and a joint ownership of a X3 with my wife, all of my BMW's have been coupes. 10 years ago two of my close friends concurrently owned E39 M5's in Lemans Blue. Their ownership piqued my interest. Currently living in the USA, I decided I'd finally pull the trigger on a E39 M5 purchase. I have been looking for 6 months - seeking ideally a face-lifted Lemans Blue example. Despite 10,000 E39 M5's being sold here (versus 30-35 in NZ), and a 1,000 sold in that hue, I couldn't find one that fulfilled my criteria. The market has gone a little crazy for these cars, and believe me there are ample, baggy examples with inter-galactic mileage that are struggling to find new homes. Decent ones are getting expensive. I finally did a deal on a very rare car - a July 2002 example in Bluewater Metallic - the 2nd rarest colour for the E39 M5 (83 made for the USA and 160 global) (they sold nearly 7,000 global in carbon black). It was delivered with black Ostrich sports leather (05SW) and Titanium trim. it was sold new with Dinan S1 modifications. It is a very quick car - and has a sensational Dinan exhaust note. Probably one of a handful in this colour with Dinan S1 specifications.
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    I doubt anyone knows me, but I can bet many of you know this vehicle. This is the M70 swapped E34 Touring owned by Andy (_ethrty-Andy_) and built by Lance (mellowpuf). I came into the car through Euroless, who seems to have saved the car from a terrible fate. I then I got it shipped down from Auckland. It actually beat it's ETA because the transport driver was curious to see who owned it! The car itself is in a pretty poor state at the moment. It's clearly been through some unsavoury hands who had it 'for skidz'. I'm currently in the process of deep cleaning the whole car to find out just how far gone the it really is. Exterior has some serious wear and tear. Front quarter panels are both damaged. Paint is beyond saving in some areas. The front AC Schnitzer bumper clearly has a close relationship with the road, while the rear one has been poorly modified to make the exhaust and towbar fit. Left front rim is badly curbed.. Hood doesn't shut properly and is misaligned, even after some fettling with the adjustments. Rear window panel has been replaced at some point, so it doesn't open indepently like it should. One of the headlight lens are missing. The rear spoiler annoys me: as the car is a UK import it doesn't have a high stop light in it. A shoddy aftermarket one has been installed on the inside of the window instead, probably for compliance when the car entered NZ in 1996. The electrical system is going to take up a lot of my time by the looks of things. I immediately put a new DIN88 battery in it to eliminate any voltage issues. I've already cleared out some of the more interesting wiring. The subwoofer wiring was average at best, and it's gone now. Half the speakers don't seem to work and have been obnoxiously placed over factory trims. Pretty sure the double chassis looms under the rear seat is unnecessary, so that'll have to be rebuilt. It's probably also a fire hazard given that it's right next to the battery. The aftermarket fuse box under the steering column is pretty gross, can't wait to get rid of that. Coolant temp isn't wired up correctly, but surely that can't be hard to do right especially given there's a correctly working aftermarket coolant temp gauge right next to it. I swapped in the spare E32 M70 instrument cluster to see it resolved anything, but alas. The electric radiator fan and the associated wiring just seems silly. Extra wiring installed and spliced onto factory plugs for fog lights that don't even exist. Random sets of factory wiring coiled in the engine bay, not sure what for yet. Mechanically the engine is pretty close to operational. It's an early M70B50, recognisable by the oil filler cap location and the Motronic 1.2 DMEs. The mounting of the engine is actually top notch and the fitment of the ancillaries also shows great workmanship. The exhaust doesn't seem to sit on it's hanger properly though. I have no idea why someone painted the intake manifolds bright red, it looks absurd. The engine should be capable of 220kW and 450Nm, assuming it's factory. However it should not have been driven in it's current state, but clearly has been. I must admit even I'm guilty of this as I had to limp it home from work. It has a moving misfire and a knock. The right bank (1-6 cyl) distributor is arcing internally at random intervals. It requires new distributors and rotors, which are en route already. Gearbox works okay. Diff clearly works, pretty sure it's an LSD but I'm yet to confirm that. It'll get all fluids replaced and I'll carry out the Inspection I and Inspection II service items as well as check the operation and condition of every component I can get to. I won't be happy driving this car until I know it works perfectly from a mechanical standpoint. Just gotta say how disappointed I am by this: the air-con has been removed. What is the point of a big grand touring wagon if you can't be comfortable? The condenser has clearly been removed to make way for the electric fan, and the hoses to make space for some of the ancillaries. The AC compressor hasn't been sealed so it has seized and appears to also have a seized pulley despite still having a belt spinning around it. Suspension is a mess. It has full XYZ coilovers but nothing is setup correctly. None of the shocks are set to the same rebound. Preload on the front springs set randomly apparently; the right has some jounce while the left has none at all (as in it's stupidly stiff). Still need to check the rears. Will have to get it up in the air and remedy this nonsense. Right front wheel bearing is shot, despite the hub being replace a mere 2 years ago with a Repco unit. Quality parts en route to solve that. Tires are in good knick though, won't have to replace them anytime soon. Falken UHP 255 section tires on the rear and some Chinese Habilead 235s up front. Interior is "the second worst I've ever seen in an E34" says Autobahn. Headlining sagging. Door cards are an absolute mess. Front seats are filthy, "like someone has sh*t themselves and smeared it in," one of my co-workers said. Driver's interior door handle straight up just doesn't work. Glove box doesn't sit even close to straight. Everything behind the dash looks in a right mess. Boot space has look like it's never been cleaned despite heavy use. Original spare wheel and tire in there. The lower trunk lid trim is completely missing, though there is a spare piece in the wrong colour hanging around. Trims over the rear strut towers are misaligned and stop the rear seats securing the way they should. All the interior sill trims are missing. The one positive is that (surprisingly) someone hasn't run off with the Nardi steering wheel. Everything inside the car was also dirty. Very dirty. It's cleaner now though. I've removed all the older stickers, steam cleaned the carpet in the boot, cleaned the glass properly, and wiped down most of the interior surfaces. Came with many spares. Someone has clearly been down the wreckers to grab as much as they can. EMLs and DMEs and DKs and 5 wiper stalks for some reason. Couple spare sets of HT leads, which I will use. Should all prove useful, not least for troubleshooting. However I'll need to set up a donor car to replace the entire interior forward of the C-pillar, wiring, front quarter panels, air-con. It'll need a respray and some general body repairs at some point. I plan on retrofitting the pre-facelift E34 wing mirrors as I rather dislike the later E36 style ones the car has. (Fun fact: as the E34 was only available as a Touring following the facelift in 1992, so no Touring could have the old style wing mirrors or any other pre-facelift trim.) This car has some pretty amazing potential, but it's currently far less than the sum of it's parts. I feel like I've bought a $4k cert plate. Can't wait to have it running properly and get it truly nice and tidy. I'll keep you guys up to date as the situation develops.
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    Have had some interest in my '332i' project, so will post up the details here on Bimmersport. This car started life as a 2003 330i m-sport sedan in black sapphire metallic and is being built into an 'M3 sedan'. While the car existed as a standard 330i, I replaced the seats and door cards with black leather units, and retrofitted an NBT from an F30: HellBM then removed the M54B30 and replaced it with an S54B32 & 6-speed manual gearbox: The VANOS was then 'bulletproofed' using the full Beisan kit, uprated cam gear bolts & S62 diaphragm springs, and the valves adjusted: I then rebuilt the donor M3 brake calipers; the front caliper pistons weren't in great shape and were replaced: Caliper carriers media blasted & painted: Calipers prepped & painted (Duplicolor gloss black): Next up was preparing the remaining M3 suspension and driveline components. New Bilstein PSS10 coilovers: Donor M3 subframe bushes removed: CMP Auto Engineering solid subframe bushes were chosen for this car, even though it's intended for street use. The reasoning is two-fold; no movement of the subframe against the RACP should help prevent any future cracking, and the bushes are designed to move the subframe closer to the body to account for reinforcement plates & the vehicle being lowered. The M3 LSD was cleaned, drained and the rear cover replaced: And reinstalled back into the subframe: Trailing arms disassembled, wheel bearings, balljoints replaced & Syncro Design Works monoball RTAB installed: Handbrake shoes & new springs installed: For the front, new CSL kingpins and wheel bearings were used: The old rear suspension & fuel tank were removed from the sedan: And the boot floor removed: No turning back now . A brand-new E46 M3 floor pan was purchased and the centre panel extracted: CMP Auto Engineering reinforcement kit installed: The decision was made to go the 'full way': Donor rear arches extracted & prepared: Test-fitting with M3 rear bumper: Tacked on & then welded fully: View from behind: M3 rear muffler brackets installed (pre-arches): The rear suspension & fuel system were then mostly reinstalled: ECS Tuning Monoball RSMs & reinforcement plates installed: And some more parts removed: A genuine M3 bonnet was then fitted. The guards will be created by joining both sedan and M3 guards: And that's it for now - more to come soon
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    Finally finished my turbo project, tuned up the weekend just been. All certed and road legal, this things a street beast that scares me to say the least haha. M20B25 stock block rebuilt and balanced Mild Turbo cam regrind HD rockers Garrett GT3582R Tial MVR 44mm and 50mm BOV Megasquirt 2 running wasted spark 282kw/378hp 531nm torque Tuned by Lin @ CDM Tauranga
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    Happy to report this car is now tucked up in my garage. It's in really great condition and i couldn't be happier.
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    I have finally found the last car that I will have for a while. I have been searching all kinds of models to decide what to go for from E92 335i , E82 135i, E46 M3, E92 M3, M235i and also a renault megane RS265 but I have finally settled on what I think is the best car for me at this point which is the F20 M135i with N55 and 8 Speed ZF auto. Coming from a long list of previous BMW's as most of you know, it had to be a substantially newish car for it to be worth while upgrading. When I saw this come up for sale I jumped on it instantly, test drove and paid and collected within an hour of listing. Anyway, it ticks every single box on my requirements list - newness, powerful, practical, mod-able, and of course still BMW. (I still have my E46 which I absolutely love and would love to keep but I just dont see myself driving it as much now I have this thing which works great as a daily and a weekend car) I was lucky to find one with a sunroof which was my biggest requirement and this also came with a M performance exhaust already fitted which makes a great sound. Anyway, if you come long to the coffee meet no doubt you will see it but here are a couple of quick photos!
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    Hi guys, I brought the Z3M to keep my 1M company having recently sold my Audiโ€™s, RR ur quattro and B5 RS4... I owned an older version of the Z3M in Blue before I brought the quattro. Looking forward to another Z3M ...
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    Thinning out the fleet. 1999 540 Touring with 270000km on the car. Refreshed with 120000km motor and trans recently. All M5 susp.,Dif ,interor,Mirrors, AC backbox with decat. $8500 ono.
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    Hi, new to the group and have just purchased a classic 1967 1802 so hoping for help advice and any other insights to this cool little car. pretty keen to get some Alpina or minilite wheels on her...ideally Alpina I've also got a 1975 R75/6 but thats a whole other thing.... so I guess I love the classics. its currently inNelson but should be up here in Akld next month after having a stint at Cartel Works http://cartel.works/
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    Seeing as this is my 2000th post I thought there was no better way to celebrate than to introduce my latest BMW and project..a 2500 E3 aka project paper weight. So the story goes, my hawkeye brother spotted this and a e12 525 for sale on trademe as a combo deal so ended up nabbing them for a bargain. A few months later he messaged me asking if I knew anyone who might want to buy them as he had too much going woth starting his own business. So sold the e12 and a $1000 later the e3 is mine. Where does project 'paper weight' come from? Well it hasn't been run in 10years, rego is still on hold somehow and is mostly complete. It's likely to not do much for the next 6 months while I finish off a few things on the convertible. First step is to get it running and give it a thorough going over. There is rust but so far have only found it in the body panels and then slowly restore it. I got the car 2 weeks after the birth of my first born so hes a good gauge of how long the restore takes.. hopefully it's done by the time he is old enough to drive ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Hi a number of you may have seen this car for sale a couple of months back. It's been pretty much out of sight for some years but is known to a few people and once again is back on the road with me as its third owner. #328 was NZ new and has just clocked up 116k km. If I have this right in 1991-ish the ACS wheels and body kit were fitted and the engine was given a healthy dose of Dinan "love and attention" upping its performance ... Mileage at that time was approx 80k km. There is no evidence of repair or rust, it's very original and except for the OBC everything works. As I understand it the same guys (guru's) have serviced and looked after it all their lives, which I find particularly cool. That said it's needed a little recommissioning , new tires have transformed it, leather rejuvenation has made it look like new inside along with a few bits and pieces. The biggest ticket item being a NOS AC radiator. Next week it's booked in to spend sometime with a couple of the well known BMW guru's being dyno''d. I'll let you know how it goes. Regards Julian
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    Hi fellow Beemer addicts. The dream is finally coming true and I'd like to share this beautiful๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ journey with SOME of you. .... Should be delivered here at the workshop by Thursday from Aus.
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    Maybe ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Picked it up yesterday. Drives very well. Previous owner attended to mechanical issues and maintenance well. There are lots and lots of receipts in the glove box and in the boot... including a few 5 liter bottles of TWS oil which is handy. Interior is pretty damn immaculate for a car with 200k. I donโ€™t think the rear seats have been used. Exterior needs a few door dents pushed and wheels refurbished. Motor feels strong, gearbox much nicer than my previous M5. I need a bigger garage!
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    I quite like Melania Trump.
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    I'm the lucky owner. Will post up photos of the restoration!
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    Hey Team Just a small update. Did a little road trip up to Auckland over the weekend and picked up a 2nd hand set of XYZ 6pot 330mm brakes. Thanks to Raymond for giving me a great deal. But the high light of my trip was when i went to buy some fruit for the trip home around Greenlane. Saw this beast that caught my eye. I'd have to say the mintest 750i possibly in NZ. I was lucky enough to catch the owner while putting his grocery's in the boot. Donny is his name, brought this back in 96 brand NEW! at $270,000 haggled down from $300,000 WTF. has all the bells and whistles as he got to pick what add ons he wanted. Having AC Schnitzer body kit and 18inch mags made it look stunning. Custom two tone leather, T.V , Phone Sunroof etc. And heres the kicker for a 21 year old car Donny's only done 90,000kms in it. Had a good old yarn with him and took some pictures. I said this will probably be the only time i would see this. Bloody awesome
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    Some of y'all will know, others will have seen, but our recent trip to the South Island was to collect a car for Mrs M. A mid-1990 ex-South Africa Baur 325i. We'd had it checked over by a friend in Dunedin and while certainly not perfect, it was substantially a good car, so we flew down and were met at a very sunny Dunedin Airport by the seller. My chance to drive and check over, find a few more things that need sorting, pay some money and start our trip towards home. First stop - Oamaru. On the way up I noticed a quite pronounced shake through the steering wheel, and Beaurepairs in Oamaru found one wheel was 50g (!) out of balance. That'll do it. They also noticed that while we had a matching set of tyres in terms of manufacturer and model, the fronts were a different profile to the rears. While in Oamaru I checked the toolkit: There's something you don't see every day. From Oamaru to Lake Brunner via some scenic roads: And an overnight stop at Moana. Awesome place to stop. Not cheap, but great hospitality, location, food, wine... Aldamere Lodge. After that, it all gets to be a bit of a blur. Lake Brunner to east of Picton via Greymouth, stopping in Greymouth to replace the front tyres with some that were the correct size. Made a noticeable difference. North up the coast towards Westport, stopping at Pancake Rocks, then across south of Nelson to Waikawa Bay where we stayed at the Buccaneer Lodge. Cheap, cheerful, and would go back. Nice scenery for dinner, too. The following day we had a quick tour 'round some wineries and got the boat to Wellington where we stayed with friends, before joining Andy and the southern convoy heading for Taupo and the E30 Megameet.
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    I've been a bit quiet on here for a while. Mainly because of life's many interventions, but also because the 8er has had an irritating ignition issue so has been largely undriven while I slowly hunted around for parts and time to sort it. Anyway, got it running smoothly once more this weekend and took some pics - sadly, because I'm probably going to sell her - and was reminded just how beautiful the 8 series is.
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    Pulled the trigger once I got the all clear from she who must be obeyed ๐Ÿ˜‚. Traded my 535i M-Sport Touring for an M5. Beautiful day to put some rubber down too. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    Hi Team So i'm a new member myself and thought i'd kill two birds with one stone and introduce myself. Names Richard and i'm here to share my journey with my dream car build. Yes you read it right i am going to drop a v12 into the best shape ( my opinion ) bmw ever made. So i had purchased the v12 motor and auto box off trade me late 2015. Have also managed to find a rare 6 speed box that come out of the 850csi bmw that i had to get shipped from Britain. Treated myself to a nice New Zealand new 2000 manual 232i for my birthday earlier this year. Very nice looking with the factory 18inch mags and msport half leather seats and factory spoiler kit too. So here the build begins. over the 3day weekend i disassembled the engine to start cleaning parts for the rebuild. Had already took the heads off and sent to an engineering place to price up getting some custom cams and an ITB set up made. I also have a full new gasket set, head bolts and piston rings that will be replacing all the old stuff, a custom dry sump set up from the states as the oil pan had to be modified to fit the factory cross member. Here are a few picture of the motor in bits. feel free to pass on feed back or any advice team happy to share this build with you guys.
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    After that, things went on hold for a few months while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do for wheels. A little while ago, I picked up a 5 lug adapter kit from a r3vlimited user. I was planning to use it on the coupe, but then abandoned that idea when I got a front RX7 brake kit (designed for the factory 4 lug). Well, I was still hoping to use the RX7 brakes on the touring with the TRM C1 wheels. But that would require spacers (nope), or chopping the front struts up and having the coilover sleeve shortened and welded lower down. That seemed like a lot of work. So a few weeks ago, I decided to do a 5 Lug conversion on the touring. The front would be done with the adapter kit, standard E36 front wheel bearing/hub, E36 328i rotors and calipers. The rear would be done with trailing arms from a 318ti, and potentially E34 brakes at some point. Remember those 16" Style 5 wheels I picked a while back? They're going on the touring. Freshly wrapped in some Michelin rubber. That is some good motivation right there. The touring had been sitting under a cover for a few months. Time to get it airborne again. I had already managed to source the parts I needed for the front end, so I jumped on that first. The E30 front brakes and hubs all came off without an issue. I mocked up the hub adapter with the E36 hubs, Things fit nicely. I slapped a used 328i rotor on and got a wheel bolted on to check for fitment. Not too shabby. The main nut of the hub adapter doesn't have a locking tap like the factory setup. Instead, it uses a left hand threaded locking nut. This requires a thread on the inside of the end of the spindle. This is done with a left hand M16x1.5 thread. Quite and annoying size to find. Ready to go with the caliper adapter. New rotors with some EBC greenstuff pads. All bolted up. Here you can see the L/H locking bolt. Not bad. So this is basically where I am at the moment. I'm still waiting on trailing arms to do the rear end 5 lug. I'm going to drop the whole rear subframe, clean it up, and then paint it. Then I'll rebuild it with the 318ti arms, some poly bushings and new stainless brake lines. If anyone around Christchurch has some E36 318ti compact rear suspension available, I'm interested. That's it for the massive post dump. Peace.
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    Right, well a few evenings spent on the car, and then today being Saturday just a wee bit more. Front jacked up in the air, to remove the lower steering linkage. Didnt take any pics of this sorry. Has a lot of play in one of the two universals so it is out so i can rebuild it. got it half out and realised it is a wierd universal i havent seen before, and i havent had expereince rebuilding one before. When you do an M52 swap, or indeed any motorswap, its necessary part of the conversion on a Right hand drive car. typically you would also convert to an E36 or E46 steering rack too. What i usually do is remove and drop it all off an Howatt Engineering in Naenae to do, so i havent had experience doing it. still deciding if i tackle it or find a shop to do it. Remove the right front wheel as it has a puncture in it. Jack up the rear, move the left rear wheel to the right front. Temp bolt on right front to the left rear. Lower Jack. Get front off Jack stands and onto the two good tyres, jack up the back, and remove both rear wheels. the right rear, and the left rear (which was the right front) both have punctures / slow leaks, so those into the 500 to get sorted out. Start on removing the Subframe. Right off the bat, i knew this was going to offer up some surprises. subframe removal on an E30 is usually a piece of piss. 1,5 hour job max. I was advised by a local "buddy" (canadian for m9) to start on the rustiest stuff first so you know how your day is going to go, and also buy a flame torch, it will be your new best friend, so i brought a propane torch, (quite right in hind sight, awesome tool. no pics of it but you will probably see it in the back ground of the below picks) right then, crack off the subframe main bolts then. the 22s came off easy, to get to the 8mm allan bolts for the support i needed to half remove the side skirt. and bam, just like that, 5 minutes in, first problem. on the left hand side, one bolt completely snapped off (prior), on the right hand side, both had gone, so bracket offering no support at all. Okay, no problem, i can order that. removed the brackets so i had them on hand for ordering (there are two types so good to make sure you get the right ones, and then just put a few threads onto the 22 and gently loosened the subframe so i knew it would come away. cool. Move on to the exhaust which comes off easily, then remove heat shielding and then the drive shaft bolts. i wasnt really thinking, this stuff should be easy since the car has had an engine conversion, so not 30 years old, none the less, needed to be done. next step, remove the lower shock bolts. easy enough, but found the right rear shock is totally blown. i have never seen a shock with zero resistance before until now so thats up for replacement. and then disconnect sway bar, and then remove the spring. Here is the the bad news... spring on the left comes out just like normal. one on the right falls out, with the upper locating pin still in the spring. wtf. look a bit more carefully and what do we have here. picks taking after probing about with a screw driver. whats worse is there is f**king gorilla foam in there so someone knew it was there and did a bodgy... not happy, but such is life. fortunately the body seems to be alright, but the lower piece is no longer avalable from BMW. i did actually think about using the head from a jack as a replacement, as it would be a perfect shape..... Move on to loosening the diff mount. at first i was like wtf somone has put an imperial bolt in... never mind, some of the bolt head crumbled away, turns out it was a 19 all along... also loosened the brake lines and ABS sensors (yes it has ABS, the E30 was the second BMW to have ABS after the E28 5 series), and was happy the assembly was ready to come out. In the shower cleaning up i realised i forgot the hand brake cable so will do that when i get back to it. Right off topic for a bit, but what i been up to none the less. (goes back to E30 soon!!) next day, decided i better work on the Cinquecento since i did say i would do it while missus is away. It hasnt locked since she got it , that was a door card off and a tiny black clip that wasnt seated right, and back on and good to go. and onto replacing the rear brake pads. "babe my car is making a bit of a grinding noise in the back recently" take it to work and barely got out of the street before i knew the brake pads had all they had to give taken and then some..... have you ever seen brakes so smol?? realised the 500 was the same bolt pattern and center bore very close as the E30 so why not chuck them on for a nosey...... Local constabulary dropped by for a yarn. they either drive Ford Expeditions (think Escalade or Suburban size), or they ride Harleys. and they are called the OPP here. every time i hear that i cant help but think of the irony since OPP also means Other peoples property in the rap song from like the 90s, which of course gets in my head every time. Strawberry then got a detail down at work. in the back ground is the CN tower, and the yellow building is the pub i sometimes go to after work. and yes going off topic so will come back to what you came here for lol. We are up to today now. Subframe removed. Crusty old bushings. nasty, Now normally you would press these out properly. I do have the proper BMW in my garage, but thats 14,000km away and cost about $450 or so to buy. since i expect this to be the only time i do this job, i decided to do it the Hori way. its pretty well documented that this way works, and i had everything i needed already to try it so thought why not. FIRE I would imagine this would work for many of you guys so i will detail the process. 1/ Turn on Rock Music 2/ Grab a can of low rent beer, or something someone else has left in your fridge. 3/ Soak bushes in WD40. 4/ Make sure your partner is not home, and if pre planned, buy her some new oven trays because you will be using two of hers. 5/ aim gas torch at bushes. how long it takes them to start going depends on your flame. mine took a good 2 or 3 minutes of heat before they would stay alight on thier own. keep the loose stuff clear by flicking it out onto the tray. remember, the objective isnt to burn every last bit of rubber, just to remove the bush. When they start popping and crackling, they are hot enough to keep going on thier own. Once they are lit, have some of the beer. Man has created Fire. after your second one is lit, go back to the first, you will find the center part has melted enough you can clear out and knock out the center with a screw driver or some such. bear in mind that the flame will increase at this point as a lot more rubber is exposed to oxygen. the center piece that falls out onto your tray you can put out using some of your rubbish beer. Eventually the outer race or whatever its called for a bushing cannot withhold gravity and will fall out by itself, giving you a nice empty housing (well after you clean up the last little bits) On to the control arm bushings. basically the same process although they are only an inner and rubber with no outer on an E30. they will start spewing themselves out, three of mine spat the center out by themselves, one needed a bit of persuasion. next step is let them cool. its probably lunch time by now anyway. then press in your new bushings. on an E30, the subframe bushings do not go in all the way to the collar. they are only supposed to go as far as the top of the housing is level with the top of the rubber part of the bush. in hind sight the photo i took isnt the best, but if you look at 4 o clock in the photo you will see its level. 2 oclock is still down as its got an indicator on it. this means there will be a 10 mm or so gap at the bottom. you will find that they wont want to go any further as they flare. Originally, this was designed so it could be leveled in situ, but even BMW removed that from the service advisory, the part was never updated. as a side note, if you were to do poly bushings, they do not have this gap, so you MUST fit E36 compact lower braces (the rusty brackets i mentioned above) which are stepped rather than flat. trailing arms arent complicated at all, if you have a brain. One of the great things about Canada is that the weather and the seasons are very decisive. if it snows, it snows. if its sunny, its 30 degrees (as it was this morning). and if it suddenly gets cold and there is a clap of thunder, you have about 20 minutes to pack your sh*t up and get inside before god turns on the hose. so quickly threw the subframe back together with the new bushes, packed up and got my ass inside. I was intending to take photos of the assembly together, and also one showing the trailing arm bushes . VERY IMPORTANT to just do one or two threads on the trailing arms to the subframe so they are very obviously loose. this is because they must only be tightened when the suspension is loaded. This applys to all BMWs, and most probably all cars in general. this also applys to contral arm bushings in many models. I will try to remember to take pictures tomorrow. and then a pic of me when i saw myself in the mirror. LOL i guess it was all that black smoke!!!! 'til next time
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    Listed on Trademe however sharing with the local community. 49,XXX Kms Full BMW Service history 2 x sets of keys Alpine White Black Nappa leather interior Satellite Navigation Harmon Kardon Stereo Bluetooth audio BMW Assist Asking price: $67,500 ONO Contact Alex on 021 070 9077
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    Hey Everyone We have finally got some action going! called up the engineers and as promised he had started some work on the heads. Popped in to have a look and he didn't disappoint, so excited to finally get this build back on track. One of the heads in the CNC machine getting the intake and exhaust ports done, not sure on specs but looks to be 2-3mm of porting done. a view of some of the exhaust ports Yet to be machined. Machined Intake side. A comparison of one done and factory. Billet blocks to be machined into the throttle housing. Throttle plates and the trumpets that will be going on top So thats it for now, Engineer was originally going to weld and make the intake adapter plate by hand but has now decided to machine it out of a solid billet piece. Regrind factory cams and find some stronger valve springs to suit. can't wait to see more of this build taking shape. Thanks Richard
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    New Year. New Update! After getting the car back home it was time to start fresh and sort out what needed to be done. First off i knew that the sump had a pinhole leak in it that needed to be sorted so the front end, suspension, subframe and cooling system was stripped back again to remove that to be re-welded, while i was at it i replaced the waterpump that was also leaking. A new clutch line was also routed up and over the gearbox, to keep it away from the headers, and the accelerator cable shortened and finished up with all the correct clips and grommets. After a couple of months everything was bolted back up and the car was taken to Sam Smith, of Smith Industries, to get a couple things tided up and fabricated, this included a slight change to the rear exhaust tips, a cold air box, a sump bash plate, heat shielding around the headers and a battery hold down in the boot. His work is amazing and id definitely recommend anyone who needs some fabrication done of any kind, for a good deal, to contact him. Once the car was back home it was time to tidy up the wiring side of things, as this had been worked on by a couple of others over the last few years. Local guru Nigel from Ignition Autosport was enlisted to undertake this job. While this was being done, the cooling system and necessary sensors were also completed and fluids checked before it was fired back up and ready for its first drive under its own power! A crack in the power steering reservoir was discovered, so a new one was ordered before this could happen. Coolant return hose and washer fluid hose from the rear bottle are neatly hidden away inside the front guard. A few parts were starting to accumulate over time, like the fresh bumper trims, thanks to fellow touring owner Dylan HJ, some small goodies from overseas and another set of perfect smileys from a local guy who didn't know the value of them, also thanks to Andy, Lucan, Richard (e46v12), Mike from EuroTurbo for the help over the last 9 Months sourcing small things. With things not going smoothly at times, photos like this just remind me how far things have come, and how it will all be worth it! First drive under its own power! IMG_4022.mp4 IMG_4198.mp4 IMG_4201.mp4 With the car running and no issues so far, panel and paint was on the list to get ticked off. So a few long weekends were spent striping it all and documenting, labelling etc so i knew how to put it all back together! DJI_0007.mov Watch this Space....
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    Chaps I bought this car. Itโ€™s the real deal. As some one said a very private owner who has never been on trade me before. quiet unassuming and honest I respect that Rather 80s in appearance I agree. I wish I still was. I think with classics thatโ€™s part of the point Not too many NZ new( about 20), 2 owner, lowish mileage where the same person has essentially serviced it from new to choose from The buffalo leather just needs a little colouring. Itโ€™s otherwise perfect. Everything works as advertised. No dings no rust and only factory/Dinan hot rodding so whatโ€™s not to like? the body stuff and wheels are easily changed. And might be one day. The engine is part of its history. Fitted by one of BMW NZ agents. It also makes it rather faster than stock Im happy :)
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    I'm only the third owner of this beauty. And I'm trying to convince the 'wife' we should upgrade to an M3. So I'm kicking the process off by selling my well loved 1990 e34 BMW 535i M Sport. 154,XXX miles (Approx. 247,XXX kms) 3.5L | Auto Rego - 30/06/2018 WoF - 04/2018 I would really love to see the car go to another BMW fan, so I thought I'd see if there is any interest here. The previous owner, who owned this car for almost 20 years had the following work completed: Engine M30 blueprinted to original spec at 145,000 miles Engine reconditioned, All components from http://www.mahle.com/ Honed all cylinder All new Gaskets and seals Acid treatment and New heat treatment NEW chain & pulley replaced HPC coating (Engine cover, manifold, Oil filter housing, water-pump housing http://www.hpcoatings.co.nz/Advanced...8/Default.aspx Complete New hoses (cooling, power steering) Complete New Bushes, rubbers NEW Water Pump, New plugs All consumables maintenance items Transmission Serviced Other features include Style 37 18" wheels with brand new tyres fitted in 2017 Yellow french headlights Brand new bluetooth / CD head unit Factory BMW immobilizer and alarm Hard wired for Valentine V1 Radar or other RJ45 powered Radars Fully working Original OBC 2 WAY Electric Sunroof Original E34 535iS M Steering. Original E34 535iS M Leather seats 2 sets of Keys and alarm All service history, receipts and document of import available Bimmer.Work Vehicle Identification Number - WBAHD22070BF53264 Type - HD22 Model - 535i - EUR Development Code - E34 Chassis - LIM Steering - RL Doors - 4 Engine - M30 Displacement - 3.50 Power - 155 Drivetrain - HECK Transmission - AUT Color - Brillantrot - 308 Upholstery - Schwarz Leder - 0203 Production Plant - DINGOLFING Production Date - 1990-03-29 Options 200 Katalysator - Entfall 209 Limited Slip Differential (25%) 226 Sports Suspension Settings 291 Bmw Lm Schmiederad/kreuzspeich 335 M Technic Sportpaket 354 Green Stripe Windscreen 401 Sliding/vent Roof, Electric 428 Warning Triangle 481 Sport Seats F Driver/front Passenger 498 Headrests In Rear, Mechanic. Adjustable 500 Headlight Washer Sys/intensive Cleaning 571 Boosted Power Supply 708 M-sport Leather Steering Wheel II 812 England Version 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export 869 Radiovorbereitung Zg/zz 925 Shipping Protection Package Known issues Being a red car, the paint is a little faded in parts, though it is 30 years old When you start the car it says "Low Washer Fluid", even though it's not low, at the last service I had them check it out, though couldn't solve the issue. Car is available for viewing in Petone, Wellington. Will get some more pictures up asap. $8,500 ono
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    Hi all, New to the world of BMW's. Have a mate at work who's been hounding me to buy one so finally gave in! Picked her up on the weekend and have absolutely fallen in love! It's an 87 325i in manual. The plan for the time being is to recover from the initial expense then a few of the basics, suspension refresh, exhaust, and eventually a respray.
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    This project is finally back on track. Found some time over the Xmas break to move things along. Need to introduce the JBE and all E92 M3 wiring to give seamless integration. Using existing plugs and wiring wherever possible this is well under way thanks to the effort/time put in by James. The pics can do the talking.
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    A completed E30 project is pretty rare
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    Finally got around to putting the wheels on the E39
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    I just got home from a road trip to drive the Gentle Annie. Huge thanks to @TermiPeteNZ for organizing this. Met everyone in bulls for a coffee and chat then we headed of to Taihape for breakfast then it was off across the Gentle Annie towards Napier for lunch. Was real nice to meet those of you I hadn't already and nice to see those of you I met previously. Standouts for me were the 2 M5's and the red 535i M Sport. Oh, cant forget Eli in the drivers seat of a very nice 330i. What a fantastic road to drive and I'm thinking more than a few of you had some real fun in your cars. Unfortunately my passenger suffered from a queasy stomach so it was just a nice cruise for me..lol Heres the few pics I took. Feel free to add your own. :-)
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    Got myself a little present. She's kind of little. 2012 m135i, 55000km, full Alcantara interior etc. This thing sure is fun! Very tidy overall. Loving it so far. Will post some better photos later. Got 4yrs mechanical warranty on it
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    And pics of the new seats front and rear... considering these look nearly new and my old ones looked (and felt) terrible this is a HUGE upgrade... really like the Motorsport fabric as well. ๐ŸŽฏ ๐Ÿ‘
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    Everytime one of these comes up for sale the amount of crap comment that gets generated blows my mind. I am going to bury mine with me when I die just so I donโ€™t have to deal with these type of comments ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    I've never posted much about my builds as they never seemed interesting enough (still isn't). To help me track the progress of my build and experience behind the seat, now wouldn't be a bad time to start. The build came about when the R/R quarter of my E36 met the wall at Meremere at a drift day. Got too excited chasing some higher HP Nissan's and decided to re-initiate my drift on the straight in a cloud of smoke. This is what she looked like after the impact. After the accident, I did a few more events, one being a gymkhana style event held at Hooton Reserve hosted by Sports Car Club NZ. Below is link to one of the videos my mate took. This E36 had daily driving duties and handled abuse at the track but was no longer presentable on the exterior for the street (no that it was fancy to start with), so I decided to pull the car apart even though it drove perfecty straight and would serve its purpose on the track. I purchased a donor car which was a non-Airbag and non-ABS model; ideal donor for the next track/street hack and happened to be the same colour for dirty cheap. It wasn't long after that I came across an E30 PFL coupe rolling shell. {{And it was at this moment, I f**ked up}} Viewed the rust bucket and thought it wouldn't be too bad of a fix. Being my 5th E30 I've owned and in the worst state (to this day, @Jibs05 still gives me crap about and will forever) I wanted to build this to tick all the boxes I wanted in an E30. It took a bit to get the ball rolling for this one but within a couple of months, I sent it off to Quest Fabrication for a bad ass cage. Super stoked with the final result, bar Motorsport NZ taking so long to communicate a we issue with stitch welding that the cage is now got some surface rust...not going to be a fun time prepping for paint. Over the past couple of months, I've been cracking away at it slowly putting it back together for a drift day at Evergreen Drift Park in a couple of weeks which I've been itching to drive after seeing everyone enjoy themselves. Cheers for reading guys. Will post updates slowly as I make more progress
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    CBF started its own thread so hereโ€™s a big poat, picked up another members silver 540i MSport with a damaged engine off trademe a couple weeks ago, this weekend I got both cars out to my parents farm and pulled both m62s from the silver 540i (chain slipped) and my old black 540i (electric issues) and swapped the good engine into into the silver body. Cleaned it up and reassembled the interior whenever it rained and after refilling fluids etc I managed to drive it home today! Safe to say my hands are f****d but weโ€™ll worth the effort and experience! New tyres tomorrow and need to figure out how to get the OEM Head unit going again next. Pics:
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    Hi, Well after 10 years of lusting after an e46 M3 I finally have one sitting in the shed :-) its a 2002 with manual box and around 150k on the clock. You may know this car as previous owner was on a couple of forums I believe. It pretty much had all the work done to it that I would have done which has saved me a ton of time and monies, 19" work rims, BC golds, LED lights and a few other bits a pieces. Its Phoenix Yellow, not a colour I ever liked but its growing on me and it nice to have something that stands out. The rear subframe has had the HellBM treatment and I'm hoping its mechanically sounds for a good thrashing ;-) Plans include full service (inspection 2), hopefully a tune from HellBM, some new interior trim to replace worn items, a new steering wheel and racing buckets. and maybe down the road lower diff ratios. This is my third BMW, my plunge into euro cars was an E61 MSport 525 wagon, and that lead to another E61 MSport wagon, this time a 550. Loved both those cars but wanted a weekend warrior that I could swap cogs in. Hoping to hit a track or driver training day.
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    Well 2019 is looking promising so far! Late 2018 I dropped the car off to Steven Sole Customs here in New Plymouth for a full panel and paint. IMG_5774.MOV With the car back home now I'm still slowly piecing it all back together. joined_video_ce80f80f32c2432181c062f99dc66cbf.mp4 Next on the list is the interior, Stay Tuned.
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    Friday it was decided that the time had come for the long awaited heart transplant. So we began stripping the 2.8 out of the ute and marking all the bits and bobs. I then began striping the 4.4 and marking it's bits and bobs for match up to the ute. Was easiest to drop the entire subframe from both cars as to just swap them over ๐Ÿ˜Š the plan for this week is to get the M62 stripped, cleaned and rebuilt, as well as giving the utes engine bay a good clean and tidy up.
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    Hi Guys, first post in here. I've been a fan of BMW since 1984 and have owned 6, here's my favourite so far.
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    I snapped up @Lucan's Xenons on trademe a while back. After abit of wet sanding and buffing they are in pretty good shape. Installed without having to be coded in too which was cool. Looking forward to going for a drive in the dark now. I also finally put the last two heat shields back on and after checking for oil leaks since the major overhaul (bone dry) put the splash guard back on.
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    Holiday traffic, where the lesser spotted numpty driver leaves its natural habitat of the city and goes out onto the open road.
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    Hey Guys, Finally the old girl got out of the shed and had a fresh walk round the driveway and house. Got a few problems with the accelerator cable and in search of a new air filter for the Holley carburetor apart from that she is running well and got the finishing touches before she is off for a WoF and Rego Pretty close to the end of this build and looking forward to driving the BM around once the accelerator cable is fixed. Need some rear lowering springs too. Doesn't look quite right with the massive rake. A few photos below that turned out nicely.
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