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    After a gap of many yrs since my last BMW, have just purchased a 2002 NZ new 530i Motorsport, 1 owner. Looking foward to attending to some cosmetic matters...anyone near to me is welcome to offer advice! Cheers.
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    Well guys I have passed on my e46 and moved onto a 2011 GTi golf. My e46 gave me 7 good years service but it was time to move on. I did a lot of looking around and test drives before settling on the GTi. Will still be floating around but would love to say thank you to all the fantastic people on here who have helped out over the years with tips and tricks.
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    Hey everyone. Chris here, been a member for quite some time now, however haven't really been active. Have recently purchased a 2005 530i. Interested to find out what can really be done using I drive. And how to get Bluetooth and/or a bigger screen.
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    If we're all quite honest, the seller isn't asking more than it's worth. Her mechanic quoting $2k - fair enough. But the scramble that seems to be occurring with people offering instant $2k, unseen, tells you what a mad place the market for E30s is at present. I do like the comments!
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    She wasn't the flashest car on here but it was mine and I loved her. Only the 523i but the fella who bought it new put M Sport wheels, steering wheel, door entry trim stuff, black leather, may have been lowered etc felt real nice to drive and surprising how well an older 2.5ltr can go. Better than any 1996 sh*t box Commodore or Falcon still knocking about.
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    Remember a mate of mine getting one of these for the day when his near new e36 328i was being serviced. We took the back roads to his place and we where all grinning ear to ear. These hang on well from memory 😀
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    Right it's clean (ish), now how do I get it sounding like a V8, just a nice rumble, nothing over the top. And can anyone blue tooth their phone to these these days and is it worth getting the phone in the car up and running? I doubt it as it looks like the battery is bulging!!
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    Congrats Sam. This shape of the 5-series is one of my favourite shapes. Enjoy the cleaning...:D
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    they're for the BMW bondage kit. It was the 80's after all.
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    Ive used both the Avin Avant 2 and the Eonon in my m3. The Eonon was roughly half the price and was waaaaay better then the Avin. Operating speed, touch sensitivity, user interface were all better. Integration is easy and plug and play, everything works first time. I highly recommend it
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