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    Hey all, Time to sell my 330ci $8250 Hesitant sale Owned for over 2 years, sadly its time for something different and this will need to go. Brand new 12 month WOF, flew through Brand new 12 month rego Just had oil and filter change with Castrol edge 5w 30 and genuine BMW filter Fresh alignment and balance 115,000kms 230hp Vehicle has a Japanese ARQRAY exhaust (catback I believe), not much louder than standard but sounds great, nice and quiet around town. Full M Sport extras - Wheels, seats, suspension, body kit, M trims, etc Professional 35% window tint from FM7 K&N filter in factory box Pioneer headunit with aux/usb, nice speaker set up, assume factory. Car is tidy for its age, few minor car park marks on bumpers when up close and small wear on drivers seat bolster, otherwise great.
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    Hi All I brought a Japanese import Alpina B5 December last year. So much power 368kw and torque 700nm, yet handles well, is flexible around town, understated. Had 130k's on the clock but a full service history (albeit in Japanese). To date and touch wood, no problems other a parking light failure and upgrading halos to LED. Back in the day I owned' and sometimes raced' a 2002Tii. I got a lot of enjoyment out of maintaining and rebuilding the engine some 25 years ago and would like to find me a pre-1990 project car. Looking forward to reading the forums following what's been done, tips and tricks. cheers Vincent
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    Update: Rivnut gun arrived, but rivnuts did not so that's a just for another day After work today we finished off the wiring on the engine, I then proceeded to install the ecu in the holder and refit everything surrounding it, stood back and thought it looks good and glad that part is now done as it was very tricky to install, proceeded to tidy up and there it was... the fricken ECU plug seal... OMG, FML that's a job for another day lol Also cut the rocker cover cover to fit around the down pipe, it was either that or make another pipe and that wasn't going to happen, fits good With the vanos delete and triggers I got made they are an exact replica of the s50b32, they have the TDC trigger on the exhaust side and intake is variable, I had the intake sensor set to the ecu and it would jump up 2000rpm and back down, so ran it off the crank sensor first and the starting every time was terrible with backfires and a few flames out the intake then would run nice, I got hold of Adam at link ECU on their forums to find out if they had a pattern for the engines camshaft triggers and he was very helpful, told me to run the exhaust sensor and select S52 in the ecu and it will run nice, so I did and it's perfect! So now I'm running my old map with new trigger set up, an adjustment of the idle control valve and I'm pretty happy And seems as the exhaust sensor is going to be pretty important I went for a wonder and found some soft heat shielding from a turbo golf and modified it to fit around the side of the engine protecting it from direct heat, it turned out nice.. passed the flame test Then put on one of the slick wheels just for shits and the 265s look wide
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    That's a lot less wires.
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    Yeah dealer in Auckland was selling it black on black if I recall. When i brought mine the Alpina register had one other in NZ now there are 4! At this rate will be setting up an NZ register lol
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    Hi Do you have the clown nose on the bottom of the rear view mirror? If so, you have the IR system that uses the receiver in the mirror. If not, you have the RF system that uses the receiver in the "C" pillar. See below link on converting a IR system to a RF system. Good learning about the system in there. http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1047612 It does not matter which key you start the programming with.
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    The perfect storm happened. Just came back from working 11-13hr days for 3 weeks solid. Didn't realise how tired I was, cold tyres, slippery road, fog, forgot there was a bend, panicked at the last moment and turned the car too hard. Spun down the road in total darkness a couple of times before hitting the bank. Fortunately I was only doing about 70kph. Came out pretty much unscathed. The car is a total loss. Chassis is badly bent forward of the front struts. Fortunately it happened only 1km from home, and was able to drive the car home. I have a heap of spares for the car which I will advertise once the car sells, or if I have to part it out.
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    Added a flexi, centre resonator and new rear exhaust mounts
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    E36 wide body kit arrived today. after 4 months of waiting I saved about 76kgs over standard bare body parts.( No glass , door latches, locks ) . Biggest problem was getting it over the customs line and the TAX that DHL charge.