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    Finally finished my turbo project, tuned up the weekend just been. All certed and road legal, this things a street beast that scares me to say the least haha. M20B25 stock block rebuilt and balanced Mild Turbo cam regrind HD rockers Garrett GT3582R Tial MVR 44mm and 50mm BOV Megasquirt 2 running wasted spark 282kw/378hp 531nm torque Tuned by Lin @ CDM Tauranga
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    Just picked up a new shopping wagon of sorts after a very long time of deliberation. I am sure it will turn into a project of some sorts. Daylight and photos to come. Needs a major screen upgrade, super dated.
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    Probably a poorly skilled driver, on wet wintery roads, driving beyond the condition on bingobong tyres.
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    Gave the E36 the first clean in ~1year cut/polished bonnet/boot lid oil/filter change
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    I'm in the process of buying a new car... well a second hand, one of my favorite cars. Luckily I have a lot of good contacts and have found one for a bloody good deal. So now it's time to sell my current pride and joy 😢... i don't want to sell it, but owning two cars will be slightly unnecessary. On the plus side the new car will be worth it 😃😍 More details available on my listing. Feel free to ask away and make me an offer if anyone is interested! Ideally I would like $16,000 for it but any offer around that area would be considered. If the price is right I might accept it... so go ahead! 😊 http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1400269772&ed=true 20170804_183337.mp4
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    you will be incinerated with a laser beam form elon musks space craft. Then send a bill from Phil Goff for the retarseal of the bus route.
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    All good. Your car is one of a few very good ones... there are some out there
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    @EURO V12 I'm in the North West. I pretty much live over the road from the National Cathedral which you can see no matter where you are in DC. The only area you don't visit as a white man now is the South East. Anacostia and surroundings. The navy Yard area was once bad but is now full of brand new apartments and of course the Nationals Stadium. Most areas are transforming and the bad areas are being pushed out. There are four separate police forces between work and home. Which is 7 mins away. If the Mrs wasn't so home sick for her family I would be happy to stay here. But I also have a 5 year limit on my visa (new rules to stop a number of countries abusing the system (Most African and Arabic countries)). E.g. The Embassy Gardner for a small African nation was recently caught driving for Uber and had been for years. Turns out he is the brother of the ambassador and the embassy doesn't have a garden... It is rife with these abuses here. If anyone is ever in DC drop me a message. Will get you out to a Saturday morning cars and covfefe that will blow your mind. BTW DC is worth visiting as much as NYC is when coming to the East Coast. The Smithsonian's alone are worth it. Who doesn't like Space Shuttles and Blackbirds..
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    'Hallelujah!' As in "Hallelujah! It runs!"
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    I've heard Winston Peters is waiting at the end to high five you.
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    In a brighter note the local dealer has ordered an airbag for the second recall on air bags for my imported e46 m3. Gets installed next month. Came across this the other day. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/05/18/528966358/4-car-companies-settle-takata-airbag-lawsuit-for-553-million
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    Bring your welder and hemet over when you pick up your next lot of powdercoating if you want, I can give you some pointers. Dont do the engine mounts yourself, I think you will find the cert stipulates who can weld those.
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    Next step, BURNOUT TIME! make sure to upload a video! hehehe
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    WOW how professional! I expected better from you! How did you ever interpret what I wrote as being bitter??!! It was written over 1.5 years ago!!! WTF? Simply uncalled for! I simply relayed what I was told "at the time" when I asked about the driver airbag by the service advisor! 1.5 years ago!!! Heck the guy probably doesn't even work for you guys now! I stated clearly I am not sure if "this will change" in reference to non NZ new cars. As it transpires according to you I was given the wrong information back then! And if you really think BMWNZ is doing a good job with these airbag recalls, check my two E46 cars that had both airbags replaced two months BEFORE I actually got the recall letter to come in and do the recall?! Why are you sending me letters when it was already done?? You honestly think I still hold a grudge over an M day invitation from years back???!!! If I did, I wouldn't have bought a F80 M3 two years ago and I wouldn't have just bought another car TODAY from the same dealership?!! I also wouldn't be constantly buying spare parts for my cars! In fact I am more than certain I alone maybe the highest "individual (non corporate) spender on parts at dealerships. "Not" the way to treat someone that still holds a passion for the brand and still direct business towards the brand - don't believe me, ring the dealerships and find out from the service guys and parts guys that do a fantastic job. Ring Jonny and find out if I didn't just buy a car today! Whether I burnt my bridges with people in BMWNZ or not is irrelevant to an airbag recall, it's not like I've actually received personal invitations to any drive days since then anyways, so most likely already black listed. Do I care? Not a bit really. Do BMWNZ care? I suspect not really either given your reponse to my post 1.5 years ago! Heck crucify me for not updating on the status of airbag recalls! ps. And No need to thank me for spending my time going through all my backup hard drives and old computers ao I can dig out and supply old photos of the original Mini Showroom so that visitingGermans can see the progression to what the brand is today. pss. Tanty over - peace!
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    You spelled ditchfinder tyres wrong.
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    Ah nice. I will also add that to my list. Stuka Pilot is another good one. Is all about Hans Ulrich Rudel. Dude was shot down 24 times. Destroyed over 500 tanks. I have also seen a few Blackbirds now. The two best ones are here in DC and the Pima Air Museum in Arizona. Pima one you can touch whilst being yelled at by someone telling you not to touch it. There is the A12 on the flight deck of the Intrepid in NYC too (the weather has murdered this aircraft). The others are all in perfect condition. I have two more Shuttles to strike off my list too. Endeavour and Atlantis. These are a sight to behold. So much bigger than you think. Edit: I should say. Stuka Pilot gets a little Germlish (German + English) in places but reads really well. https://books.google.com/books?id=xZiDCAAAQBAJ&pg=PA83&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=3#v=onepage&q&f=false
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    Semantics, fairly sure the said service advisor on matters such as these say to customers "according to BMWNZ ..." I hardly think they just make stuff up to tell customers. Also if I recall correctly I think with this particular incident i asked about it three or four times initially and the dealership actually went to find out from someone at head office what was happening, hence the "according to BMWNZ ..." Someone in your position can surely supply to the forum the actual numbers of still registered E46s both import and sold new in NZ and how many airbags are in stock or coming into stock for those recalls? I'd like to know if there are as many airbags as there are cars here in the country? Regardless, I do apologise for the confusion if I had caused it - I honestly don't know what is happening with these recalls since I last asked 1.5 years ago - I also have not been as active on forums recently and it never occured to me to update about a post on airbag recalls 1.5years ago, but what I don't understand is how you can imply from what I wrote as indications that I was still bitter over something that was long past - or as you call it my tanty episode?? Fair judgement on a still loyal customer you think??? If anything your attitude towards me three years post said tanty incident seems to indicate that it is you that still hold a grudge against me for some unknown reason? ps - I also most certainly don't appreciate what you have implied about me being bitter? Far from it? I think I deserve an apology, much like the one I gave Mark K three years ago. Pss - I am still grateful for things that head office do for me! So I am honestly perplexed as to where this animosity is coming from? I am still buying parts and cars from the brand almost too regularly and I have been sober and not thrown a tanty over trivial crap for the last three years : P Perhaps time to move on and move forward Jon? Wave next time you spot me on the road, it's not like you live that far away from me anyhow!
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    Purchased a 325 for $200 as a parts donor for the race car. Turns out it has some sweet Chinese adjutables in it and once had the number plate HOTBOY Pretty swinging beast... Has an aquamarine leather interior to replace my 316 aquamarine cloth I now have 5 e36s, someone please help. I attempted to connect to my e39 on INPA with a k+dcan cable but I think I have done the set up wrong.
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    I recently read Sled Driver by Brian Shul, seeing a Blackbird would be very cool
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    Will check when I get home, pretty sure I've got a couple diffs lying around - unsure if small or med though Update: Sorry only got a small cases spare
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    Yeah, I find "weld through" primer a pain when working on my Datsun. It's good for sealing up metal that you're never going to have access to once the patch goes in, but personally I find the surfaces that need to conduct are preferably cleaned back to bare metal. Maybe with thicker steel it would be ok as there would be more current involved. Cool project man...following!
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    Even the dealers are known to have gotten this wrong leading to having to replace the instrument cluster and the LCM... good luck... fingers crossed
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    A tamper condition can be instigated if this isn't done properly
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    I get you (lol) but I was really just confirming that you knew the highest mileage in the two modules will be used, you don't get to choose.
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    Owned for 6 months and with absolute pleasure but have got a new toy already and no garage space. Will post more details on new car next week
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    ok email your details etc brent@bmworld.co.nz
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    Hi Glenn, Thank you for seeing me the other day and looking at the car.. I hope to catch up with you guys at the next meetup!
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    He went for the one that he was able to get the cheapest, and he ignored my advice to get a PPI it seems... well... everyone that buys a BMW inevitably picks up a few lessons after the fact. I've had my wallet hammered for buying the cheapest once, and he well knows that, but C'est la vie, caveat emptor. Three languages in one post, who am I trying to impress?
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    It's all mostly together now, massive thanks to the guys at RML engineering and wakfield alloy for ya off cuts and making me awesome engine parts at short notice 👍
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    Only just seen this so apologies for the late reply. Either you are paraphrasing the response or the person you spoke to doesn't know what they are talking about. ALL vehicles in NZ that can be traced, if affected, will be recalled. The list of affected air-bags and hence cars is changing almost daily as it is on a car by car basis. I thought you had burnt all your bridges with BMWNZ staff after your little tanty over not being invited to M Festival? Clearly you are still bitter.
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    Update on this..e70 71, e83, e87, e9x JAPAN imports are also confirmed affected. Airbags are on order with no ETA. Currently NZ New vehicles are ok. Again if anyone is concerned PM me you VIN and I'll check.