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    Hi all As you may have guessed - I have just joined the group. I run a 2008 BMW 135i, N54 twin turbo with Stage 1 tune.I also own a Toyota MR2 Turbo for clubsport purposes, and am a member of the Harbour Capital Car Club. I previously owned a stock-standard 2002 BMW 330i for about 7 years. In between the two BMWs I suffered through an Audi S4 - until I came to my senses and saw that the repair bills were not going to stop. Before those three, I owned a WRX STi v3 - a fantastic car that I managed to dry-sump around an autocross track, with horrendous consequences! I have also owned - among others - two Toyota TownAces, a Commodore wagon, an Austin 1800 Land Crab (really), and a Mark 1 Escort - which was great fun. I'm now back again with a small RWD car that has enough grunt to keep me interested. My purpose in joining this group is to find out more about the forum and about my car, and hopefully to join with others on runs and non-competitive events around the Wellington area. I am also a member of some Facebook groups that focus on 135i/335i vehicles and N54 engines. I look forward to learning more about this forum over the coming months and years. Talk again soon. :-)
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    1987 BMW 525ee E28 - 16x8" BMW style 4 wheels - Pioneer Bluetooth head unit - Electric two way sunroof - Near new battery - New WOF and current registration The time has come unfortunately for me to sell my E28. I just don't use it any more and I no longer have a garage to keep it in. It's a good strong car that has plenty of life left, 30 years old now but timeless. I have a set of 4 BMW style 2 wheels that will come with the car as well. Price is $5000.The car is currently in Napier. Contact me on 0212380320. Cheers
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    No idea, never had it in my car. But Ray’s car runs one and it made more power than any other s54 on the dyno day.
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    Replaced cam sensor on the E36, now realize how bad it was running as feels like I’m driving a new car! Swapped in some new plugs for the hell of also.
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    Welcome! Look forward to seeing you at a meet/catch up sometime.
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    Welcome to the forums! Your car looks fantastic. I've heard the 135i's are awesome - and with a tune yours will go like a baby rocket. Looking forward to gazing at it's rear number-plate as you pull away from me at a drive Tim
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    Just finished one side of the car, springs are Tein, Koni shocks and M3 arms. Pretty straight forward but torquing the rear arms at the chassi point is a pain in the arse, no room to work. Tein springs have a 595 lb/inch rate which is higher than standard Msport 460 and M3 560. I used a 9mm spacer to raise the ride height a bit as I dont like it too low. I will post up a full review when I get the font done as well.
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    New rear lower bumper trim to tidy up the appearance followed by a bath.
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    Waited 4 months for a used rust-free sunroof to turn up from an E31 collector in Canada. Finally got it painted and fitted. Now just waiting on some pesky headlining clips that are (of course) only found on the E31 and E32, so BMW NZ only had 4 in stock out of the 16 I need. Hopefully fresh headlining will be in by Xmas!! Only other outstanding jobs are crank position sensors - which will be a summer job as they're a bit of a mission to change - and servotronic steering retrofit - which I'm in absolutely no hurry to do!! haha
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    Saw one of the new Kia Stingers in Lower Hutt last week. Korea can make a nice looking car after all.
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    lol, the addiction is still there. I'm not going to part with the 740i. I've had my mind on a E34 for a while now. Must be a V8 manual though..
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