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    Beautiful M5, looked glorious Newmarket Viaduct at about 7.30pm Anyone here??
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    Waited 4 months for a used rust-free sunroof to turn up from an E31 collector in Canada. Finally got it painted and fitted. Now just waiting on some pesky headlining clips that are (of course) only found on the E31 and E32, so BMW NZ only had 4 in stock out of the 16 I need. Hopefully fresh headlining will be in by Xmas!! Only other outstanding jobs are crank position sensors - which will be a summer job as they're a bit of a mission to change - and servotronic steering retrofit - which I'm in absolutely no hurry to do!! haha
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    My name's Tony. I recently bought a 2010 BMW M3.
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    A bit slow due to lack of funds. I need to buy adjustable camber plates and one more front control arm and the front end can be installed. Rear end is all installed. Engine bay has been modified and painted. While I wait for money to buy parts I gave my wifes car a full respray.
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    Sump on the M62 is pretty nasty, it is a cop out though. I'd just ditch the factory sump and make a simple new type with laser cut pieces. For the engines to fit nicely they need to be quite far reward to clear the subframe and not too thick either as the subframe to block clearance isn't much.
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    Powerhaus in Thorndon.
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    Hardly noticeable but with mine the agency power exhaust drowns it out.
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    technically that is illegal
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    u can just pay $369 for any "euro" plate and go to a sign shop and get a custom sticker printed and apply it on top. Heaps of people have done it and there is nothing wrong with that.
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    Works okay for a free homemade one. Which bushings are you replacing, and are the suspension parts off the car?
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    We have done several of these now. Have 2 ti M Sports available that can be converted. Options include M54B30, 330 suspension & brakes, LSD P.O.A For Sale: Example of a conversion done in house @ Hellbm Motorsport: A 316ti to 325ti conversion:
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