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    So, uh... the car is very nice, but what I really want to know is- does @Gabe79's wife have a special recipe for pumpkin pie, or are they all much the same? I am assuming she has Grandma's olde American recipe.
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    ^ dude, let me tell you about racism at the gas station! I'm a white guy in a BMW and I pulled up to the bowser the other day and the coloured dude at the pump next to me filling up his POS didn't even offer to wash my f'ing window. Does he not know who I am? Geez.
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    Up for sale is my 2002 e46 325i - factory manual Story goes 2/3 owners in the UK. The last of these was a kiwi who liked it so much when he returned to start a family he brought it with him. I bought it from him as he was looking to up-size. Pros: Factory manual Motorsport Almost full history, manuals etc Recent Sport leather seat upgrade Alpine audio upgrade Tinted windows by Carfolie Serviced by Bellers in my care 3 keys - 2 remote keys and a service key (plastic) All Spark plugs and coil packs replaced Oct 2016 Cam cover gasket replaced Dec 2016 Water pump and thermostat housing replaced shortly after purchase (2015) just in case Cons: General body imperfections - unfortunately it lived in London for a few years Some kerbing on the front passenger rim Uses some oil Interior fan pulses sometimes Genuine drivers car. Comfortable and sure footed. $7k to Bimmersport members.
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    Hi folks First time BMW owner here from the Naki with a 2006 LCI E85 Z4 Roadster 3.0si. Loving it so far and looking forward to plenty of summer cruising with the top down. Hopefully will get to catch up with some of you in NP over the coming months. Cheers, Phillip
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    Well 6 months later the dream has finally come a reality. Probably the best Christmas present I could ask for. Its been worth the 2.5years to finally be able to drive a car that I built myself in the garage. All she needs now is a wof and ‘tara’ will be on the street. Modifying a car from the other end of the island has been a challenge to say the least but it’s done now and I can enjoy it for what it is. Bring on summer! I will get some more updated pics when I’m with the car and hope to button up all the little bits left.
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    Rascism at the gas station... Turn up at Caltex Bombay occasionally in the 130, I usually go to BP for 98 but sometimes it dont work out that way!, and I can always fill up at the pump no questions asked. Turn up at the same Caltex in the 96 Toyota, refused filling up. I even went inside and said "Hi, can I fill up?" and got "No, you prepay only" ... Economic profiling is the new rascism... #toyotalivesmatter
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    Hey guys, new Wellington member. Used to have a little 316, car-less for 3 years, decided to take things seriously this time... Got myself a 2008 335i M Sport Coupe. Plan is to walnut blast it, get an aftermarket chargepipe, xHP/JB4 flash, and see where it goes from there. Any recommendations for work to do, and shops to get it done? Cheers
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    ask someone from Pakistan how environmentally friendly lithium mining is, they will show you photos that will appall you.
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    Hi, Gregg welcome to the forums. Manual 335i's are hard to find. If you're patient enough they come up every once in a while. I have always been pro manual but after moving to the auto gearbox with alpina tune I probably wouldn't want to go back to a manual again. Not sure where you could buy parts from around here most of my parts were sourced overseas. 20k seems really reasonable to find a stock wagon. Horsepower is fun but you need to consider traction and stopping. So rotors and brakes perhaps even an LSD. I believe 2007 to April 2008 have bolt on LSD so easy to source one and have it fitted (Sadly mine doesn't have an LSD). Anything after 2008 the ring gear is welded so very labour intensive to have an aftermarket LSD fitted. Wise to do some research on this as it is much more enjoyable to get most of your horsepower gains on the ground. If you'd like to come and check mine out you're more than welcome to. Just flick me a private message.
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    One detail we are missing, I'm assuming it's an automatic Lol we've both made the same mistake - I've assumed it's an auto, and you've assumed manual....... one of us is right hahaha. Agree completely the guibo will not cause the whine. Does the whining noise sound anything like in this guy's video?
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    I'm not an SMG fan but I think it's the right choice for this car. Let's be honest, you're not buying this as a track-rat but rather something that has amazing utility and a scary bite. I think SMG with the right tune will give you the best of all worlds in this, you can load it up, it'll scare most other cars yet anyone can jump in and drive it. That's pretty ace. Pity I'm not wealthy enough.
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    @M3AN haha it looks a lot better in the photo, there' the begginings of rust in 2 wee spots and it's covered in chips (paint, not potato). Priority though is to just enjoy it and tackle that stuff in a year or 2.
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    Hey Dave - have you just picked up 2 more E38s? (735i and 728i) The 750i is a beautiful vehicle that should go to a discerning buyer. I wish I had more garages :|
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    Is the clunk with clutch in and selecting gear or while moving off? Whining noise will not be your guibo
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    Severe clunk in 1st would make me think it's either low on fluid or there's something internally wrong with the trans. If the trans is stuffed, I've got the one I took out of my 328i that I'd sell for $50, freight be the only killer. Trans was good when removed, it was low on fluid but didn't clunk, no noises, no slipping gears. Just something to consider if the rest of it is a good car. Forgot to mention, from memory yes you can see the guibo without dropping exhaust and heat shields etc. It could possibly also be one of the tailshaft uni joints are failing.
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    Polybushes. Why are they in such bright colours? What's wrong with black?
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    Welcome aboard! Look forward to seeing you at a meet sometime
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    Welcome Brian - nice car! Do you have any plans for it at this point. Anything you're wanting to do to it?
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    Hi Brian...welcome, great to have you along.
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    Howdy Brian! Hope to see you along at an event soon