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    The fun continues , today was mancave day on the 530 for: Upper rear suspension wishbones (right side was going to fail next WOF), new radiator (original one still in car, not happy with fit of new one, Schmiedmann claims its OE quality but the shroud not quite right, it's in though..), and exhaust bracket replaced due to breakage. Lucky I parked the other e39 out front as an emergency trip to SCA was needed for more tools... also had to hunt high and low for a nut to fit exhaust bracket, happy to say there's a little bit of HQ Holden in the Beema...
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    Did something in my new shed for a change.
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    F@#& dude, I really hope 2018 works for you, the end of '17's really let you down!
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    Nanna’d it from Auckland to Gisborne. 3/4 tank of fuel used which worked out to be 10.4l/100km according to the obc.
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    All I know is- if you can see the mountain, it's going to rain. And if you can't, it's already raining!
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    Replaced coolant in e36 328i. Was under car last night with it sitting on two axle getting to back engine engine drain. Hear tell tale low frequency rumble and move quickly. Sure enough small earthquake hits with a joilt(3.8) as iI’m moving out from under it. Car moved a bit on stands but all good. Let coolant to drain and contemplated getting back under the car again for quite a while ! Added a spare wheel and trolley jack into the mix.
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    this guy is quite controversial with his views but I think he's spot on the money this time.
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    Doubt it, he probably has taste
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    yes higher flow injectors , havn't looked up on the spark plug specs , they just came with the kit
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    Actually no because (a) its not an elephant and (b) it's the deliberately misleading John Key defence - its not either / or, its every one playing their part and if you read my comment for the information you will see that it has potentially significant flow on effects like reduction in tanker numbers. And your "even in Aus" comment is fatally flawed because: Aus like the US is very fossil fuels based where as here we are hydro based so the impact here will be more significant as it will be in Europe and Japan. We are already moving to electric heavy machinery like 170 tonne dump trucks because it is blindingly sensible compared to the dinosaur diesel versions high torque on start up and no fuel use on idle.
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    Interesting thread. That Aussie is hilarious. It's worth noting however that his maths is based on electricity being "85% hydrocarbon generated" which is a poor indictment on Australian energy production and skews the numbers wildly. However I think a lot of what he says has merit. I also think it's an oversimplification to make this a mineral verses electric discussion, science has moved on. What we should all be able to agree on is that, as a population, we need to increase our relative use of renewable and sustainable energy source and strive to reduce our dependencies on depletable energy resources. Does anyone (other than Trump) not think that's a good idea? Nuclear fuel cells I say. And bumper stickers that say "No tailgating, I'm carrying a NUKE!".
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    Set the car up for Hampton downs on the 29th
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    Brand new in wrapping Febi Bilstein pair of sub frame bushes for E28, also fit E24 and E23. Was going to use for my reshell but not going ahead. $80. Pickup from Panmure or can post at buyer's expense.
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    Busy 10 minutes. I converted it to RHD..