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    Sometimes, less is more.. https://touch.trademe.co.nz/motors/listing/view/1504706785
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    Decided to go for a white xmas. Spent some time in Quebec City and then headed down to Pittsburgh, New Hampshire (Not the Pittsburgh you may know). The cold weather has been hammering the NE coast of the US and Canada. Makes for interesting times on the roads. The little E46 with snow tyres has done well getting us to wherever we wanted to go. But this morning she wouldn't start. Sitting in the cold for two nights looks like it might have frozen some moisture in the fuel lines. Too cold to work on her, so off to a garage she has gone to defrost overnight.
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    Holiday traffic, where the lesser spotted numpty driver leaves its natural habitat of the city and goes out onto the open road.
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    One of a kind... surprised the theme doesn’t extend to the interior.
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    Francois' e28 lowrider at Kaiaua Fisheries today, looks extremely well put together. Awesome build.
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    Back at it, converted battery to run in the boot using all oem parts, getting close to starting now. Recently moved house so have been really busy setting up the new and bigger shed can’t wait to get going in 2018 again lots of work still to be done
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    Found this on Bimmerforums for re-initialising the 3 different types of remote locking keys. After trying all other procedures on my 2 button IR key unsucessfully, I found that there was one more step needed - very happy now https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1378842-BMW-E39-Key-Initialization-Procedure&p=18384469#post18384469
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    Thanks Brent appreciate you coming in to find one! Plug and play.