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    Sold it. Been a fun 11 years and 160,000 kms. Hopefully the nephew enjoys his new e36 328i
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    If a $5k repair bill scares you, an e60 M5 Is possibly not for you!
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    Hey fam. Noob to BMWs. Been driving cars 22 years.... driving this makes me feel like a learner 2008 530D Only plan I have is make it last forever. Keep it going and in top condition. Hopefully there are plenty of tips around to help do so. Read the rules. Pics still from my phone. But yeah. Still a solid shot.
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    Will keep an eye on this, possible donor recipient for my electrically challenged 540i
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    Something we have done with a couple of E30`s and an E34 is the M54B30 Conversion. What we can supply is: M54B30 with ancilliaries ZF Box E36 Arm MS43 DME with ews delete/manual/EU2 tune E30 pedal set with E46 Accelerator Drive by wire pedal. Necessary wiring. Not to dissimilar to an M52B28 conversion.
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    Replaced one outer tie-rod, did an oil change and cleaned out the throttle body, ICV, and MAF. Still up on jacks to do other tie rod tomorrow as I was sent a wrong part. 25 degrees today - Time for a beer!
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    When you think about it, fossil fuels are also like a battery, just one which takes thousands of years to trickle charge, and has incredible power density at the expense of an incredibly high internal resistance. Bingo. Not sure the JFM pixie converters are any cheaper or last any longer than current batteries do anyway.
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    Couple of days for decent wheel cleaning, full car decontamination, machine polished and sealer on. Pleased with the results. Colour pops really nicely now Usual new car replacements of fluids and filters, air and cabin complete. Hardwired detector in also. CIC sorted and music loaded to the HDD. Bosses plates on, Ready for service thinking of a rear roof spoiler to close it off ..
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    I have never heard them called "traffic circles" before. In my life.
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    Went on a behavioural management course the other day. Guy was saying that Gen X was the angry generation, and often has intolerance for younger generation....... What the fcuk does he know ..... some people need to take a concrete pill and hardern up ..... Gen x btw 😀
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    Thanks Kevin. I'm not missing the point. And, he was in fact mentioning TXT - and then followed on to advance his argument to encompass social media including Facebook. He did not specify that dopamine hits were the preserve of a young generation only; he used 'we'. I took this to include 'us'; human beings. I'm having a little trouble with your grammar; in your third para I'm unsure if you're suggesting that what you observe is sad, or that my aparrent inability to observe this social phenomena is sad. You could clarify if you felt like it; though I can't promise you likes or even a text.
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    Would also recommend you just run the Stage1 map with your current mods initially - What trans have you got John in your 335i? Same with N54 , stage2 are recommend with downpipes I wouldn't be keen putting anything less then 98 on a modded n54/n55
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    I have a mfactory in my e36. Supplied by and installed by Kane Barry motorsport. Pretty much needs a full refresh when open so you know it's good for the life of the car.
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    Probably shouldn't put a jap carp in it, fish tank would be pretty heavy would probably negate the gains you were going for.