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    I'm speaking from experience as I used to work for VINZ between high school and uni. The person responsible for entering the car into the system has to check the VIN/chassis number, colour, body shape, etc before putting it in the system. In case of Japanese cars, the computer then spits out a VIN number and that same person has to make a tag and rivet it to the vehicle. Guesses should not come into it - it's just laziness, I think.
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    Couldn't help myself when this came up. It needs a bit of work. New guibo, headliner and a few other small things like fog lights but it's been well maintained and was only sold because the owner thought the trans was completely stuffed. I kinda feel a bit bad not telling him about the guibo but it was a good bargaining point..lol Anyway. Here it is.
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    Not sure the request will get back to me through the official channels, so here ya go. The following numbers of X5 4.6iS were registered as new vehicles in NZ.. 2002 - 26 2003 - 29 2004 - 1 Grand total of 56 units. Disclaimer - information is only from 2002 onwards, but I believe the 4.6iS was not introduced until that year, so there should be none prior.
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    That's what my old man kept telling me about girls... I suppose it did happen eventually... I hope Graham doesn't have to wait that long!
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    No, come on guys, do the mechanical engineering analysis 101, duh! Anybody making even a casual scientific observation (or having a rational state of mind) would realise that in real-world applications it DOESN'T MAKE A F'ING DIFFERENCE. Sigh.
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    Bearing replacement as preventive maintenance.
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    Figured ZF wasn't necessary, 220 was recommended to me and would be sufficient for street use.
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    Well bit the bullet and have gone the M54B30 route, sourced a motor last week so just need to swap sump and a few other mod's to make that happen. Have a E34 sump ready to swap over, just need to mod the oil pickup and dipstick tube a bit. Removed the Aircon unit as our 83 doesn't have AC Ray from HellBM hooked me up with a Getrag 220 and pedals plus a few other items required. Ray will also remove the EWS in the MS43 ECU for me. Picked up a M20 Flywheel, clutch setup off TM. With Waitangi day tomorrow we will remove the old M20 engine and start prepping the E30, have a Z3 steering rack to swap over, install Clutch pedal, master cyclinder and Electronic Drive by Wire pedal ex E39. From what I've read will need to swap out the Brake Booster for a smaller OD, I read one post somewhere that they used a Porsche 944 item, I have a 911 SC left over from a earlier project so I'm going to look at that swap first, if not suitable will look into some other options. Over the past week we have been working on fitting a Fibreglass Mtech2 kit, what a mission, front is too wide, need to narrow approx 30mm. Rears are too long in length towards the rear wheel arch so have shortened those by about 50mm... Rear is back in one piece, fibreglassing went great, will need some BOG work to make pretty Want to locate a Medium LSD in the 2.93 range if anyone knows of one available? Yet to start on the wiring which is not my favorite so if anyone has any recommendations for someone in CHCH that can do it on the cheap? Will get around to putting some pic's up at some stage..