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    https://www.trademe.co.nz/1568612761 i really really want this..
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    Booked a tow truck for it tomorrow morning. Pic for @Young Thrash Driver
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    Up for sale is my 1988 325i CABRIOLET (Donna) I have owned this car for the last 3 years and over this time the car has been well looked after, everything is stock standard except for the radio, radiator, and rear speakers. The car was imported from the UK in 1994, I have the service history of the car from new. Over the years I have done the following: - Head rebuilt in 04/2016 (New Gasket and Seals from the block up) - New Waterpump, Thermostat, and Cambelt @ 122,353 Miles - New E30 Redline Performance Alloy Radiator - Both front wheel bearings and hubs replaced 09/2016 - New Rotors and Pads all round 09/2016 - New Battery 09/2016 - New brake master cylinder 02/2018 - The car is regularly serviced The car will also come with a manual conversion kit If you do not want the kit a deal can be made. Will also come with a box full of parts I have accumulated over the years, spare interior part, tail lights etc. She is a pleasure to drive and a real head turner. She does have her faults, being a 29-year-old car the paint is not the best but if well maintained it looks great, it has however started to peel on the hood and fenders (can be seen in the pictures). Leaks a bit of oil and the temp gauge has gone out of commission recently and has the usual cracks on the dash. Drivers side front bumper trim has also been sourced. $9000.00 ono (For Kit and Car) Will be up on Trade Me in a few days thought I would put it up here first. Any question or enquires, please contact me on 021 177 2720. ** PLEASE NOTE SPEEDOMETER IS IN MILES ** Cheers, Vinu
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    Great old Mexican tuning house, personally I like the works of Jalalpeñia in making the ultimate tacobahn stormers
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    Hello fellow bimmersport members Selling an E36 on behalf of a family member. 1995 328i Coupe in Silver. Msport. Automatic transmission, staggered fitment DTM Blitz. Aftermarket exhaust. Has a nice sound. Has been a solid reliable runner. Currently sitting at 201,892 km's. Has had a lot of work done to it over the years, Waterpump and whole cooling system replaced with new parts during ownership. Suspension is tired and can do with replacing at some stage. Does have a few dings as expected. Review images. Would make a good project for someone and a good base for a cheapish track car? will upload interior pics this coming week, it's the typical E36 Coupe Msport interior. WOF expired on 18/02/2018, current Rego 01/07/2018. $2,750 ONO.
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    The boss has decided she wants a bigger car and the 130 will be sold. LCI version with CIC HDD I drive. Rear to have with sunroof it seems. Polished, sealer on paint is good for a year, cabin & air filters all changed, serviced at 118ks 120 Ks, $11k for bimmersport interest. Will hit trademe at the weekend. Based in Bombay now, new plate is LFQ954. Cons. 2 minor spots of clear coat pealing around roof rack areas in gutter.
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    You don't see many in that colour! I wonder if in 20 years time I will be a weird old dude like my father in law, who gets all excited whenever he sees a Mk1 Capri driving about, and I'll be getting all misty eyed about E39s... "Oh yes they had cassette players in all models without the TV screen right up to the end of production, even tho everyone ditched their mixtrack tapes 10 years before then" Kids "WTF Dad you are such a nerd, who even cares about these old cars"
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    Sharp looking car! No ISOFIX tho. #dadlife
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    As much as I dont want to sell, an interesting opportunity has come up and might consider moving this to a new owner for the right price only. 2006 Registered 05/2005 build BMW E46 325Ci Clubsport Coupe Auto NZ New (1 lady owner before me) Carbon Black (E46 M3 Colour - blue/black not the dark black) 142,000 Kms Valid WOF and Rego Fully optioned with leather interior sports seats, anthracite headlining, glass moonroof/sunroof, black carbon cube trim, multifuction steering wheel, tyre pressure sensor, automatic on/off Xenon headlights, DSC (traction control), PDC (parking sensor), automatic rain sensors and much more. AUX line installed to factory stereo for stealth look but has the stock NZ New CD player and all radio stations working. It has been tinted all round 35% sides and rear and 20% on the glass moonroof and top of the front windscreen for added glare protection. Currently fitted with genuine BBS RX502 18x8.5 ET22 square fitment wheels fully refurbished with near new Falken ZE912 235 40 18 tyres all round no rubbing. Recent wheel alignment has been done also. (Wheels and tyres alone are worth over $2500) It has had a fresh oil and filter service (Castrol Edge 5w-30 and genuine filter), thermostat, waterpump, cabin filter replaced. The car is in excellent condition inside and out mechanically and cosmetically. One of the bonus is that it has the standard Motorosport slim bootlid spoiler rather than the raised wing style Clubsport version. Also being a facelift model it has the LED taillights which look heaps nicer and the slightly longer boot trim above the rear number plate (subtle improvement) No doubt it is one of the best examples of E46 available for sale. (tints were done after these photos were taken and some BMW black/carbon wheel centre caps have been fitted - didnt have any black/white ones so just used ones I had as spare.. dont hate) I will try to upload some new/updated photos soon. For those who are wondering how this compares to the more common 330ci msport/clubsport, I can honestly say, there is very very little noticeable difference. I have owned a few 328ci, 330ci, 330i, 325i BMW's before and this is not lacking at all compared to the 3L engine. In fact, the M54b25 engine that this car has is just absolutely wonderful in terms of power delivery and also economy. It is slightly less thirsty than the 3L version. It goes just as quick and rides/handles just as well. Given the condition and rarity of NZ New Clubsport E46 coupes in this condition I am looking at $10,000 asking price including the wheels. Will consider offers to sell without wheels if you can bring your own or I can try to find suitable replacements. Happy to answer any questions you may have about the car. If it sells then I can reveal what will be replacing it
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    So a little disappointed after the weekend at the drags. Best I could manage was a 14.007 sec pass. Was a warm sunny day, where as last time was overcast and cold. Will have to try some different start techniques and try again.
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    You should be able to use the hidden OBC functions to get an idea of battery voltage whilst running. Test 9 will give you the info. http://www.bmw-driver.net/forum/showthread.php?t=31204 As well as FSU some of those early climate control panels can develop a drain, later E46 have a smaller updated version. Manually turning it off before turning off the car is the way to test that.
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    As funny as it sounds... Even i'd like to buy it haha dammit!
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    ...if only...(I had the dough)
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    No, being a broke uni student doesn't help You could try unplugging the hedgehog, or pulling the fuse for that system and seeing if the battery still drains, if it doesn't then the hedgehog is the most likely culprit.
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    Yeah, $90 to fit all 4 which isn't bad. Add an alignment and I could walk away for $500...
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    They're 'resting'. I have one job to do - hopefully Monday if weather will allow - but they're obviously available for return as soon as you say. I just checked some shocks and struts - they all 'bounce back'. The shocks I have were tested by Chris and decreed to be 'good'. And the shocks you've found... They are from Chris. Lol. Even cheaper than the E46 offer he ran a while back. He'll probably fit them for you if you buy from him (for a small $ consideration.) He has the kit and space to do it.
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    Changed fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel hose, it lives!
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    Turns out Para Rubber is the answer. SuperC didn''t have the right size. $10.
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    The stupidest part of all of this, is the NZ vendors pushing for removing the $400 import limit so GST is charged on everything, as if 15% additional cost will make any difference, if the price difference is 15% -20% most people will buy locally for immediacy already.
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    Matchy matchy seats. Test fitted tonight, these are going to look great. Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Poor Recaros have been superseded for now. Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr
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    Hi all, Finally decided to join here after utilizing this forum many times over the last few years. My previous car was an E46 318i and I've had a fair bit of experience with other BMW's via family and friends which include an E36 320i, E36/7 Z3, and an E66 745Li. My current ride is a semi-recently acquired 2008 335i M-Sport in Sapphire Black. I have a list of things I'm wanting to do to it so no doubt I will be on here a bit haha.
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    All this gear is about three years old and works fine. $500 for the following. RRP about $2500. 1/2 gun. 3/8 gun drill with 1/2” chuck LED light x2 chargers x2 18v batteries x2 14.4 volt batteries note only one charger and 14.4v battery is in the pic. The 1/2 gun will likely undo anything car related. I could strip 10 stud truck wheels torqued up to 650nm with it. The 3/8 gun is probably the handiest tool I’ve owned. However I’ve gone to Milwaukee gear now. I may may be able to assist with delivery in the north Island sometime before Tuesday next week.
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    Why are you committing such crime against this beautiful machine?!