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    Pics for posterity....
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    Okay, armed with my new knowledge from above and some extra reading I took my box-o-shocks to George Stock to see what they had to say. Well worth the trip. A friendly gent in a suit pointed me to the workshop and told me to talk to Russell. I wandered through a maze of corridors into a massive warehouse and a pristine (and empty) workshop and found the man called Russell. Big bloke, difficult to miss. Russell came out to look at my box-o-shocks and immediately declared that the front pair I have are fine, I just need to remove the plastic dust covers and clean out all the perished bump-stop that will be in there. They're hydraulic, have no leaks and have clean shafts. Win. All four rears are gas-pressurised hydraulic and, whilst the gas has mostly gone, they're perfectly fine to use because they're not leaking and are supported by springs anyway (aren't all shocks - apparently not!). He said use the bigger bore ones (the M3 variety rather than the "motorsport" ones) and I'll be away laughing. No real benefit in testing them and replacement rear shocks are a dime a dozen these days he says - if they fail, just get new ones. He was concerned that I shouldn't put them onto the M3. I assured him they were going into a lessor car and he was happy. As we parted he complimented the M3, I'm glad I drove that instead of the 328! Now I need to order all the ancillaries to mount them - by the time you consider top mounts, bushings (for sway bars), bump stops, reinforcements and ancillary hardware it's still not an inexpensive exercise! Thanks for all the advice!
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    Update on the radiator... I took the alu one out of the 328 and replaced that with the OEM one, all good. Cleaned and flushed the alu one and even spent 30 mins straightening out all the bent fins; put it in the garage. Got the old rad out of the M3 a few days later which was easy as I have no fan or cowls, three hoses, two clips and uncoupling the oil cooler. Lost only a few mils when draining so I could reuse the (expensive) BMW coolant (it's only a year old). Dropped in the alu rad and got it settled into place no problem. Got underneath to hook up the oil cooler and... no go. The brackets are there on the radiator but the actual radiator design makes it impossible to fit the cooler, there's simply not enough room - it's a lazy design oversight. No amount of fettling, hammering or even pounding was going to create room for it to fit. Do NOT buy a Redline Performance alu radiator for an e36 M3!! Fit's fine in the 328 (no oil cooler) and should fit in the M3 but it's miles off. Avoid. So I had a beer to consider my options. I'm glad the cricket was on the radio. Didn't take long for me to work out my only practical option. Drained the 328 and hauled the OEM radiator back out, slotted that into the M3 and hooked up the oil cooler no problem (of course). Filled it (NB: make sure drain plug is in rad before filling!) and made sure everything was tight. Self bleeding cooling systems are the biz. Put the alu radiator back into the 328 and faffed around with refilling and bleeding that again... :-/ So, I could have: 1. Taken OEM radiator from box and put it in the M3: 90 mins max. What I did was: 1. Drain and remove perfectly good alu radiator from 328 and replaced it with an OEM one: 3 hours 2. Drain and remove old radiator from M3: 30 mins 3. Fit alu radiator to M3 and wank around trying to get it to fit: 60 mins 4. Have beer and decide what to do: 10 mins 5. Drain and remove OEM radiator from 328: 60 mins 6. Install OEM rad in M3: 30 mins 7. Reinstall alu rad in 328: 60 mins How to turn a 90 mins job into a 6+ hour job. Nice. Anyway... one change I made on the M3 was to install a lower aux fan temp switch (from the E30 I think) into the M3. This one operates at 80/88*C (low/high fan speed) as opposed to the standard 91/99*C. I've kept my 88*C thermostat. The reason I did this was because I'm not using a clutch fan at all and wanted to provide some extra cooling as soon as the thermostat opens. The front (aux) pusher fan is really powerful and should be enough (unless you blow a fuse, ask me how I know). My oil temps (measured using the dash gauge) have dropped 8-10*C (!!!) as a result of this change so I'm quite happy. Aux fan comes on far more frequently of course but that's not an issue at all.
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    As promised... a few pics (apologies to attach, will open a Flickr soon) Spent last couple of days doing the full detail, headlight refurb.. just exterior stuff for now as I have some work to do inside (roof lining) so figured I'd leave that cleaning till last. Until now I've never used a clay bar, and it was totally worth the purchase and patience.
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    The practicality of an E39 touring is amazing. We have owned both the sedan and the wagon and the wagon was in so many ways superior. Its hard to find a nice E39 touring so makes sense to jump on it if you can find one that ticks as many boxes as possible.
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    In all seriousness now though. I think that 530i Touring would be a great alternative, and addition to your Leaf. You're already familiar with the e39 530i. You have the knowledge, experience and ability to work on these. And it is probably super practical for how you intend to use it. A bit like the reasons I got that ugly thing (sorry had to throw that one in lol). Hence one of the reasons I'm keeping my Avalanche wagon - after four years nothing comes close to it for the purpose I need it for. Hope it works out for you!
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    Yeah I originally went for other acts but got into Tash not long ago then realised she was playing. The gigs at Auckland Town hall too which is great for acoustics and crowd size. Saw alt-J there late last year and it was brilliant.
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    OK its on! Did you know the three Holden's I now own are, and will be, appreciating faster (regardless of how ugly they are) than an EV? Did you know that one in particular has 'appreciated' by over 3x its purchase price in the 18 months and is not slowing down? And that's just one of them! Not only that but... How many times have you driven your - sorry your wife driven her - Leaf and other drivers pull along side, wind down their window and yell out things like - "Sweat ride!', 'Niiiiice!', 'sounds mean bro!', 'Is it for sale?!'"? How many times do you - sorry, your wife - get approached by enthusiasts wanting to know more about your - sorry, her - Leaf? I think we mutually agree that I drive an ugly thing. However, I'd never make my wife drive something fugly. Like a Leaf . Some friendly advice - just buy what ever you feel like, e65, e39, Tesla, Prius or whatever (actually it really doesn't matter what you fancy), and your wife will drive it. Eventually. It is probably better than the alternative! Of course this reply is totally in jest and no offence is intended!
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    Trade me sale, was priced to sell. Nice guy keen on his Bimmers. I’m not one to squeeze the last dollar when passing a car on, so it’s nice to quit quickly
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    Sold, paid and collected. Must have been to cheap :>
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    Picked up a set of e39 Style 65's today. The plan is to restore em to an extent and fit some semi's for track/targa work. I have two sets of wheels & tyres already and they're both too good for this. Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr
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    A bit if reading material may give you an in sight of the model. https://www.google.co.nz/search?q=428i+m+sport+gran+coupe&rlz=1C1GGRV_enNZ784NZ784&oq=428i+m+sport+gran+coupe&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.11360j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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    Nice work on the build! Just a friendly note on your soldering. You need to use a proper flux based solder and clean up those pads carefully. Because you don't have the mosfet pads filleted properly they will eventually fail. You need to use a flux pen when adding solder to avoid it globbing on the mosfet foot itself and not the pad. Use a solder sucker and wick to properly clean the pad up before removing to not damage the copper.
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    4cyl turbo , have some parts for them if needed
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    Allan's right @Jacko, for the sake of a few bucks do the seals whilst it's out.
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    Did you know Leafs appreciate in value right now? There is such demand for EVs in NZ, my Leaf today sells for $3k more than I paid for it a year ago... Plus, that is my wife's car. One guess as to which car would have to go... Plus, you drive the ugly thing now, shush about the Leaf!
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    Hmmmm the addiction in me is strong - I think this one would get under your skin. They are such a good daily......wish I had room at the inn! The colour is classy.
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    Ok lets say the box did have an oil leak and it was the in put shaft. what would it cost to 1 take the box out, replace the input shaft and any other seals concerned,guessing its a manual. Where you are more than half way their now with the box out etc. A dare sight easier to replace them now as it is only the cost of the seals and labour if you aren't fitting them yourself. Also bet you will be pissed off if not long after you discover an oil puddle on your garage floor which turns out to be trans fluid.
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    Bex thought about going to ACL, but had no interest in the other acts, so she was all over this when she saw Tash was having a gig of her own.
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    Guys, he's talking about the ZF 6 speed. It's *very* finicky about what oil it uses. The *KEY* spec is Shell M-1375.4 If you take a look at the specs for Penrite ATF-FS specs (which I rate for the 5SP), you'll find i) it doesn't list Shell M-1375.4, and ii) there's a specific note about "not for use in ZF 6 speed...". In summary, finding an oil that meets both Shell M-1375.4 and ZF Lifeguard 6, $20/litre isn't too bad... even if they are Aussie Dollars! cheers
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    Shout out to ECS Tuning. Fedex are still fluffing around around with my smashed clutch & flywheel, and how they will deal with it, and how many pictures of bent steel they need... ECS Tuning stepped up instantly and are reshipping the order and taking the hit on NZ GST/Duty! Buy sh*t from these guys https://www.ecstuning.com/ they are GCs.