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    Biggest issue is the 335i Active Hybrid does not count as an "electric vehicle" for incentives and bonuses, etc. as it is not a "plug in" type hybrid, it purely generates charge from regenerative braking and using the petrol engine as a generator. Also, pretty poor electric range as only small electric battery pack. Without the benefits of a full electric car, then the price doesn't really stack up, so available pretty cheap in UK and as a result importers are trying to bring them over here to sell and make a profit. When trialling the 535i Active Hybrid, the only thing we were using the electric motor for was the "eBoost" kick of acceleration, LOL.
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    See the post from TLH above yours. I can't keep trying to explain it in different ways.
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    You should do a restoration thread/discussion to cover your adventure ....
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    So managed to spend the day trying to find out if anything was wrong the E34 540i touring. As stated had been sitting around for roughly 3 years. Syphoned the left over 20lts of petrol out. Drained the old oil and replaced with new. Undid and took out the coils and spark plugs found little pools of oil down by plugs so due for a rocker cover gasket change ( at a later date) Put a few drops of oil into the cylinders, hooked up new EXPENSIVE battery. and cranked her over a few times. Put 98 in and started her up with no success. My mate Conrad gave the fuel lines a squeeze and no pressure. Volt tested the plugs to pump to make sure it was getting power. As we knew the pump is a goner, Still wanted to get the car started to see if she ran smoothly so gave a couple of sprays of engine starter into the intake pipe and Bang she goes. Started up like a dream so small things to fix. New pump, Check over oil pump bolts, new oil filter, fix both passenger windows, dry car out, Then we are away laughing.
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    Day number whatever : Waterpump and thermostat done, easy, lots of scare mongering online about these, but its simple. Took roughly 3 hours while learning how to do it, finding the torque for the bolts took awhile though! (10Nm + 90 degrees) Banged the front swaybar in, suspension done! Pulled apart driveshaft, new boots and bearings and shimthingees, easy. Now.. Time to put on the bigboy pants and deal with the clutch and box.
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    confirmed my suspicion that it has enough power to get the groceries home!!
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    You watch. It'll turn up on your doorstep and the tracking doofer will still say "In transit".
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    They were the custom stickers @_ethrty-Andy_ had made for his group buys, werent they? My M3 plates i got from him have them, but the plates i got direct from GP for my Rover dont, its flag and stars.