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    Hey, I'm from the New Zealand of the northern hemisphere - Scotland. Just bought an Japanese-import E39 530i Touring Sport. This seems to be much more common in your neck of the woods guys than over this way, so thought I'd join to get some useful info. I've also got a (broken) 2004 BMW 645ci, a 2006 Honda S2000 and a 2017 Volkswagen Polo GTi in the fleet.
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    I disagree. The fences are painted white which makes them much stronger. Probably enough to stop a pushchair.
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    Cleaned it, still some work to do but coming along, I love the look of the BBSs
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    Hyperdrive.. I havent bought anything from these guys before (pretty much wrote them off as numpties HPing 20" chromies to idiots who cant afford them).. Corolla needs a new stereo, headunit is dead, speakers all shot. Ordered a cheap setup, Sony HU, 6" low spec Alpines and 4" JVCs. Hyper called me and said they had just sold out of the Alpines, but if I was happy they would sub them for something. I really DGAF, and expected some other low end speakers. Opened the box today, high end rockford fosgates! (waaay over double the price of the alpines). Winning!
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    Hi Guys, first post in here. I've been a fan of BMW since 1984 and have owned 6, here's my favourite so far.
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    Haha, not according to the wife, the V12 as that’s the daily Lol. When the paints touched up it’ll be tucked inside. lucky we are building 3 car garage house
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    Thanks for the tip. boy, their site is a nightmare to navigate.
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    And 90 pounds incl vat for glass sunroof? Bargain!!
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    Bring it along to the meet tomorrow - details in the Auckland events thread. Hopefully another e31 there
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    Forgot to order the rear lower control arm spherical bush when I did the rear end, easy job with the right tools - roughly 30m per side. Interestingly these are actually properly stuffed, lots of play, pretty much every other bush I replaced was still serviceable at 236k.
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    They don't mention how much it weighs. That'll be the biggest determiner of how "dynamic" it feels. Bet it's >2000 kgs = yuck.
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    Oh yeah, I shouldn't forget this...