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    Finally did the my vanos seals on my 265,000km M54. Best $200 ive ever spent on a car i think. Nice torque gain esp below 3k and even smoother throughout the rev range. +1 Recommendation
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    https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1622176174 Perhaps the only Silverstone one in the country? Member here?
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    I think it’s this one https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1615692321.htm
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    I remember this when it was for sale in Grafton Gully......I used to drive past and think one day......
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    get it checked bm workshop or eurosurgeon etc have replacement engines if needed even a 12,000km one
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    I'm pleased with it 😋. The wife less so....
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    It sure is and a very satisfying DIY at that I did plugs, gaskets, etc whilst I was in there...
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    Use your fingers, no other tools required. I'm sure I wrote how on this forum somewhere....
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    Replaced transmission filter, gasket, drain, and fill plugs. Took out some old ATF, added in some new. Need to do a proper flush now the pan itself doesn't leak anymore...
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    Some pics of the headunit and the OBC features. Found very handy and it’s made the car feel very current. My 2006 S8 is feeling very dated now lol
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    2800 pounds plus VAT for the communications pack.... wow
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    Previous owner dropped off a folder with all UK/Ireland history. Original New Vehicle Order:
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    Notched up the quarter in the 530 tonight
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    Due to this car now being somewhat surplus (see thread), I am considering putting it up for sale. Full service less than 500km ago by Burger Motor Works (Feb 18). The service also included a new valve cover gasket/bushes, radiator hose/breather hose, water pump (preventative), idler pulley plus other misc. items - no stone left unturned. If you would like any more information PM me. I'll umm and ahhh to see if I can justify keeping all three E46's before formally listing...would be a shame to see it go as she's a beaut!
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    Hmm. M54B30 engine and associated gearbox and wiring, lift and shift into a touring?