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    https://www.kommentools.com/products/bmw-rear-suspension-subframe-bushing-tool-set-for-e87-and-e90 This tool set used to remove and Install front and rear bushings in the rear subframe. Applicable: BMW E87 and E90/91/92/93 Used once, very high quality (would suit a workshop). Makes doing the subframe bushes very easy. the adjustable section is awesome for doing bushes that nothing else fits as well. Note the pictures not quite right (old?) adjustable section is far more trick (like the e53 one on kommen site) Cost $600+ landed in NZ, $400
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    Greetings Guys for anyone interested in a kiwi view- i reviewed a 2016 M2 recently and cobbled together this video, enjoy!
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    Have you been to this garage...OMG talk about too many cars some thick with years of dust and wedged into a massive warehouse. Wouldn't like to job to move them around.
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    I'm not 100% sure, but I think the one in the photos might have been modified to take the power? 15" wide slicks on the back of the 323i would help keep the arse under control.
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    Not sure if you're seeking CC, if not, stop reading. But I offer it because I like your vibe, your passionate, and you've put a lot of effort into this, it's hard enough making a 2 minute video let alone nearly 10. At the start of the video i couldn't tell if I was more distracted by the top of your head being cut off or having to stare up your nose. The drone use and other cinematography is cool, but in my opinion, cars never look good on grass, the green reflection messes with the cars actual colour, and the texture messes with perception of the curves. and hells teeth, you need to stabilise the camera on you while driving, I get that M and other race derived cars are rough on bumps, but that's hard to watch, a lighter camera will move less than that massive DSLR and 24-70? If you're going to do cool cornering shots in an M car, jesus man, cut the apex right (first cornering shot) or some people will judge (I did). And last but not least, though I appreciate that a 9 minute video takes work, but most people get bored after about 3 minutes if theres no guns, drugs, violence, plane, robots, violence, guns, violence girls, sex, speed or noise. I think perhaps you're adlibbing in the summary in the end? Scrip and cut the pauses at. I think looking at what your talking about is strange, when your not making eye contact with the camera its not as engaging, try keep them under 5 and I think you'll have more people engaged. I get a Jeremy Clarkson Metaphorical type vibe, but he scripts and rehearses and keeps it all short, and is passionate, you seemed a little bored in your summary, and one single camera angle with zero cuts is not engaging, you don't need to go full on bubblepopgumyoutubeceleb cut every 5 words, but, change it up a bit. My $200.02c. Sorry if it makes me seem like a dick, well, I am a dick, but I'm not trying to be here.
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    So is your E46 all done or are you one of those people that reads like 5 books at once? (Stoked for you to find such awesome E34's and do something really awesome to them)
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    Can't for the life of me work out why she'd be holding the gear knob while in the passenger... oh wait... i get it now.
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    Heard much good about injectortech. They will replace all the o-rings and pintle caps and make sure the spray pattern etc is all correct. They are totally a serviceable item, no need to throw the old ones away.
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    Often if they have a sales counter you can turn up in dirty overalls with an exhausted/bored/pissedoff expression and bullshit story and company name to buy at trade. Source: Do it all the time at Partmaster.
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    $26,000 with all spares. 1995 BMW 328I with ZF manual, NZ new and factory manual 8 Point cage, linked to front struts and rear sub frame XYZ coil over suspension Hard race rear camber arms M factory LSD rebuilt by KBM with a 3.64 ratio PMC shifter RHD individual throttle body (ITB) conversion Mishimoto race radiator (life time warranty) and catch can for PCV Converted to Mishisimoto electric fan Race battery and James Marshall Motorsport battery mount Full coolant hose refresh and spares Rocker cover gasket done Coby headers and stainless exhaust from headers back Toyo R888R tyres 2 sets of 17" x 8" AC Schnitzer wheels 15mm rear spacers Converted to wheel studs and nuts 1 x racetech 4009 seat 1x racetech 4009w seat 2 x 5 point race tech harness' LTW rear spoiler Sunroof delete with fiberglass E46 lower arm conversion Sway bars links now connetced to shocks rather than A arms Certed so road regal New rotors and hawk pads 1500km ago Brake piston re fresh 1500km ago, new rotors at the same time Hawk brake pads Goodridge brake lines Sound deading removed Geoff Steel carbon door cards Aftermarket interior header and blower Kill switch Reiger front lip + msport front lip Boot lid gutted to save weight Sump baffle Vanos refreshed, engine and gearbox mounts done Samsung tablet with remote GPS for lap timing Roof, guard, bonnet, boot, cage painted 2015 Comes with all my e36 spares
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    It's literally just the plug that goes into the back of the factory head unit, couldn't be easier. All factory controls (steering wheel etc.) work like normal. However I think there are a couple of other wires that need splicing, can't remember what for. Ihad an absolute blonde moment and spliced into the wrong wire and that completely messed with the body control module. I had the dash not working, hazards coming on, sunroof not working etc. It was hilarious. Not!
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    https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1622176174 Perhaps the only Silverstone one in the country? Member here?
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    2007 E92 335i twin turbo coupe 91ks 300hp 3L Space grey with black leather Sport seats , Idrive , CD player , md player Cd stacker New wof and reg 17" staggered alloys and tyres Awesome drive car 6speed auto 021433600 In papakura now $15000
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    Factory fitted... option S666... Thanks to @DC3 I'm updating a register of all e39 M5's in NZ, a very interesting exercise. There is at least one other Silverstone alive in NZ, one deceased. A ton of number plate changes... very few on original plates.. and heaps of garden variety carbon blacks