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    Took delivery today Absolutely luv it
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    yep, good ole slush box, better for smooth takeoffs and apparently that's what M5 owners are all about these days! Lets face it though, that auto will be orders of magnitude better than the old 4 speed in your dads Cortina.
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    ok - full disclosure,,,,,,the 1 bidder for the M3 Touring was me. And a deal has been reached with Nathan (previous owner from Hamilton) and the M3 Touring will be making its way down the island to PalmNth in the next few weeks to take pride of place in the garage next to its little French brother. Can't wait.....
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    Looking at the review it really does have some impressive features. Very BMW-like too the auto climate aircon controls, the different drive settings, and it looks like the infotainment system looks top notch! I wonder what these things would be worth in a couple years time secondhand.. might be a fantastic little car for trolley duties!
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    A couple of quick photos, the car in it's current state of dismantlement, amazing how quick it is to pull an E30 to bits, especially one that has most of the interior missing already! And the first parts have started to arrive. M3 Bumper and front guard mounts, and the guides that slide into them. Running with a fibreglass M3 front and guards last season it became obvious to me that there needed to be a bit of support in this area, as it is very flexbile without it! Rather than try and design and build my own solution, I went down the OE route and will work out how to mount the guide on the new glass bumper - should be much easier. Apart from that, so far it has been starting to get the car ready for paint, tidying bits up and scraping the underseal sh*t off the front to try and get a bit more weight out the front and the balance back towards the rear. won't make a huge difference, but every little helps!
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    Ordered the new trolley on Friday. Kona Elite 1.6T DCT7 in Pulse Red with Towbar & the full Dura-Seal protection system for paint & leather. Should get it Friday or early the following week. The pulse red is close to BMW's Imola Red. http://www.autocar.co.nz/car-reviews-app/2018-hyundai-kona-elite-review
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    And black! I pray this stays in enzed https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1658200093.htm?rsqid=b2e23f6e9a5e4ca2a70c7fa51c9f2e3e
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    Hey guys, thought I would introduce myself being new to the page. (Thanks for taking me in) Recently got myself my very first non-jap car which is a 2009 BMW 335i E90! As far as I can see, it is bone stock but I am not 100% in the know of these cars. (Reason why I am trying to join as many groups as I can) First 'mod' is changing the paddle shift to have downshift 'pull' on the left hand side. Much better! 10 minute job. To do list (near future): Change out Rim/tyres. XHP gearbox flash Change angel eyes to white from yellow MHD Icarly for coding To do list (Future) Downpipes Chargepipe Exhaust Twin filters more to add Here are some photos to end off this long post! Looking forward to meeting people in Auckland!
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    I’m really enjoying it. Especially being able to set up the HUD and all the safety parameters. The Elite is the top of the range in NZ with every extra fitted including the Autolink app. Break in period is 2,000km. So no towing or pissing others off with the performance. I had a bit of fun in the demo one I had for a week though. Never thought I’d like heated seats, but the leather can be cold first thing (3 heat settings) All the auto settings are great too along with keyless entry. For a small AWD vehicle there’s not much it doesn’t have for its size and cost.
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    Cool car! I love it. Here is a nice review from a couple of guys who are quite good at what they do. unlike some new motorsport car channels. the banter between them works quite well.
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    Go drive one Tom. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the performance of the 1.6T DCT7 AWD version and the handling
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    Exactly QUBE, so both paddles still fully usable! Just left flipped hehe
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    nor me, I've just cancelled Sky. 'cutting the cable'.
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    I think he was getting at you said it didn't matter what engine, so in theory would you be interested if this was a 1.6L 4A-FE transplant? :p
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    Yea brru. Thats why the choice was a 98. I plan to run her stock for about a year. After getting the diff ratio sorted amd maybe hopefully brakes upgraded....then a cam, lifters,rods(pre historic...I know) ls3 throttle bod, induction, headers and exhaust and these things run hard +-500hp. Maybe port and polish heads ....yea definitely.
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    I pay for Motortrend on demand. Mainly because it's the best way to get the V8 Supercars in the US. But there is a ton of shows on there. Most pretty grass roots and still good. And it's only $5 us a month.
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    I seem to be getting into the Car S.O.S type shows, more entertaining to see cars being rescued and rebuilt.
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    To be honest there's so much online car content these days you can pick and choose something that is more to the point and interests you directly. A lot of the top gear / gran tour stuff is extremely tedious and scripted, with stunts and tricks 5 to 95 year olds will like. It's certainly not a formula that appeals to me these days. While it was much the same (but better) in the early 2000s, it was at a time when the internet wasn't as big, allowing it to be one of the few car entertainment shows that offered what it did, I remember loving it then!
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    Well that would be interesting too... for wildly different reasons. But if one reads the thread they'll find that in context my comment made perfect sense... 'any [LS] engine' if people need it spelled out... I didn't think that would be necessary on a car enthusiasts' forum... 😕
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