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    https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1726027163.htm?rsqid=c576329268014415b9dea826519ae30b Very interesting listing...
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    Midgets. Dead Midget Hookers.
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    Her early 20's have been tough, and I don't have the skills / tools or anyone with a hoist. Story is that the starter motor was on the blink in early 2018 (sounded like it wasn't engaging sometimes), I went on holiday in May, recharged the battery in June and there is now nothing from the starter. I believe the airbag light is on due to faulty sensor in the seat. Cosmetically; the roof lining is out of the car as it was sagging, the door cards are not in great shape and the steering wheel leather is coming off. There is also clear coat peeling on the bonnet and the boot needs a good polish. Rest of the paintwork is decent condition for age. Details: 1996 318iS 5 speed NZ new 246xxx kms Owners handbook and service booklet (Team McMillan BMW service from new to 180,000 km) Boston green metallic M-sport body kit 17" Style 44 wheels (~4mm tread left) No WOF, registration expires 24 August. Will put on hold before that date. As is, where is. Not really sure how much it is worth as it is but looking at around $1,400. Happy to discuss or if that’s unrealistic let me know. Somebody buy it and start a project thread please.
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    Hey folks, Hugo here from Auckland. Got back into a Beemer on Friday. Beautiful Sapphire Black Metallic F12 650i. Past BMWs include an E65 LCI 740i, E64 645ci, E39 540i. Was an active member of a BMW forum before moving to NZ, and looking to get back into it :-) Some mods I've got planned: * Wireless charging sleeve in armrest storage (designing it myself) * Coding folding mirrors, remote roof operation, alarm lock beep (cable is in the mail) * iDrive NBT-Evo retrofit (working out the cost) She is a beauty. Some key options: S223A Electronic Damper Control (EDC)S229A Dynamic DriveS2H9A BMW LA wheel, V Spoke 356S2VAA Chassis & suspens. setup"Adaptive Drive"S323A Soft-Close-Automatic doorsS4KSA Contrast stitchingS4NDA Instrument panel, leather-coveredS4URA Ambient interior lightingS5DLA Surround ViewS610A Head-up display
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    Trademe changed the way Q&A section works a we while ago.. now all questions can be seen whether answered or not. not sure i agree with it as you get the tire kickers asking rubbish questions or making false comments about a car thus ruining the paying members advert and chances of a sale. i have an email from Trademe stating there new rules around Q&A. Any one genuinly interested in the car will phone the guy..or arrange to inspect the car or have it inspected.. i
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    Tempting dude But I already have a V10! 😐 The big 8 sure is a classy vehicle, and not as thirsty as the M5. Having seen a F01 750i in the flesh the other day - beautiful vehicle.
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    We punters only get to see answered questions. The benefit of the doubt would be that the seller didn't know how to use the Q&A section, they have zero history so perhaps. If you don't have enough experience though I don't think you should start with a $50k auction. It's still rude, at the very least you'd say "I don't know but will get back to you.". What pisses me off is that people don't realise the Internet is real life too. What if somebody inspecting the car personally asked the same questions and the seller just blanked them and walked away? No sale. It's like a listing that says "If you don't know why it costs this much it's not for you". F' off dickhead. /rant
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    Looks fab, John. have heard the Turbos (and GT3?) are the safest bet for crank and seals, use same block, separate from the rest and built to different spec. There’s your business case justification for boost 🙂 PS: within 3 weeks my e60 will be in a suitable state for you to drive. Brakes with 2 weeks, I reckon. I’ve a boot full of new rotors 😉
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    We need a dislike button on these forums, clearly! Who doesn't consider ISOFIX critical when buying a two-door Porsche?! This car is gorgeous dude, maybe one day, when ISOFIX isn't a requirement for me, I can do something like get a nice coupe. Z4/M Roadster/Porsche/Miata?
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    I don't have a list of what I have in stock send me you wish list and ill see what I have , or better still come have a look
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    Thanks everyone for your replies and offering me your cars, but I just scored a bargain. An E46 330i Motorsport with 145k, immaculate for $3k. Pics to follow soon-ish.
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    Got the okay from Motorsport NZ that I can go ahead with roll cage paint! It'll take a couple of weeks to get the paperwork back, but sounds like we're ok for homologation and logbook..! In the meantime I bought an extinguisher bracket from KAP Industries in Australia. It arrived today so I fitted it up with my single-strap extinguisher (I'll need a new one with 2 straps for motorsport). Fits nice and snug, and being black it's kinda subtle which I like. Untitled by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Wheel is still on it's way from the Ukraine, and I'm expecting the Storm gearknob to be here shortly too. I also bought some more safety stuff today, some proper clamps to go around the harness bar and stop the harnesses moving, and some nomex gear.
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    Day 2 part 2 Sump off. Quiet odd, bolt torques were allover the place, some were hand tight others very tight. May have been oil interfering with the factory thread locker? The drain back tube from the CCV system would be a total mare to remove without the quick disconnect tool (1/2"). Its very tight and in a very tight spot. Id place money on the fact they all seem to leak at the same spot, lowest aft corner, is that that is also the location where the gasket steel frame is also joined.. German engineering! Will put it back together with a thin smear of sealant. I was hoping to pull the windage tray off too have more of a looksee at the innards but it requires disturbing the oil pick up into the pump, and id rather not bust an o ring and cause it to starve. Bloody hard to get a decent picture of block innards...
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    Steering wheel has been made to my spec, check it out. Looks good! Will take some more pics when it’s here and I have put it on.
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    lol just a daily and a Mx-5 I should add it is a very modified late model MX-5, so it 'll have to live in the garage....
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