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    The time has come to down-size the number of road/race cars being 'kept' by us. #1: This example started it's road/race conversion around 2013, we believe We became the 'keepers' in 2015. We like the notion of: arrive-drive-and-drive-it-home motorsport vehicles. Its earlier years saw it transformation towards a show-car-motorsport-vehicle and latterly as more a race-car. Its current use has the patina of a race-car and a new 'keeper' may decide whether to revert it to a 'show-car'. It has a log book with two motorsport entries, the last one in 2017 one race win thus far. The pics show 'the thousand words' of the specs. Any questions after that we hopefully can answer. As most people know, a sale needs a willing seller and a willing buyer to agree what something is worth. So we are the willing sellers at $12,500 for this to start the ball rolling for this one. Txting replies are most welcome too: 02040823654
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    Search for the following 2 utility software depending on cable firmware you will need one or the other
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    New contract doneski... slightly annoyingly it's the same stuff I've been doing for the last too many years but it's something; and it gives me the chance to do some training/certs over the next wee while, once I can decide exactly what I want to do.
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    You might like to provide photos of the area needing repair. These cars are plentiful enough that if we are not able to easily see the repair is minor, the vast majority will just move on to a non-rusty car without a second thought.
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    This stunning example of a rare, unusual and appreciating BMW classic was imported from Japan 3 months ago. Due to unforeseen circumstances (a crash of a race car), a bucket list 'forever' car will now be sold. Will keep the description very clean and straight forward, any serious inquiries can get in contact with me via cell phone to discuss. This vehicle is simply immaculate and as good as they get, price is ONO. I’m not really interested in trades, but maybe, depending on what it is and the value. Hawkes Bay BMW gave this a clean bill of health upon its arrival as well as a full service. 1999 BMW M Coupe, AC Schnitzer, Estoril Blue - 86,000kms - Left hand drive - 5 speed manual - 3.2 M3 engine S50B32 - AC wing mirrors - AC front bumper - AC rear spoiler - AC rear diffuser - AC exhaust - AC suspension - AC carbon interior trim - AC pedals - AC steering wheel (not in car), factory air bag wheel reinstalled - AC rear harness/strut bar - ARC front strut brace - K&N Filter - Nappa blue/black leather interior, heated electric seats - Sunroof - 3 keys - Not registered, compiled or warranted - Can be registered now with Special Interest Vehicle permit and a Left Hand Drive permit - Can be registered in April 2019 with just LHD permit - Currently located in Hawkes Bay, can deliver (via trailer) by negotiation - Includes "ZMMM" personalised plate Wouldnt let me upload photos so trademe link is attached.. $44,000 https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1790368017
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    This is because 1) their government taxes the bejeezus out of them and 2) they didn't just say no more drilling for oil, oil royalties have made them an insane amount of cash
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    Its already over $3 for 91 in some places; https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/107701845/some-kiwi-motorists-shelling-out-more-than-3-a-litre-for-fuel
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    Hah, only four! I'd get a hiding if I took this home too
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    Same here. I've been looking at what help might be available, including this: Grants and help for your new business.
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    I wasn't aware they campaigned against it, but I do agree that National hadn't - at that time - actively suggested a regional fuel tax. In fact, Steven Joyce did everything he could to prevent councils independently raising revenue for road and transport projects, while (at the same time) blaming local councils for their failure to deliver transport projects. Of course, the proposed regional fuel taxes (blocked by Joyce) were replaced (by Joyce) with numerous smaller nationwide fuel tax increases contributing to central government coffers. National imposed a nationwide 15c per litre tax increase to raise $10.5bn to fund their 'Roads Of National Significance' program, and were proposing a further 5-10c per litre nationwide increase for further RONS programs. Apparently they "ran out of time to present that to the country" before the last election. Unfortunately we're in that cycle where one majority party proposes something, which is then discounted by the other party when they get in and they then propose something else, which is subsequently discounted by the first party... And so on. And then I was forced to overhear Judith Collins whinging, whining, moaning and bleating about how everything Labour does is "so unfair on people who have to travel to work." As if she cares! Just wait 'til we have a National government again. I'll be ranting about how ineffective Labour are in opposition!
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    It is a bargain... but I have 4 cars, and a 5th would entail divorce! Not quite sure why this hasn't sold yet, but good luck.
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    I'm almost prepared to hold my breath waiting for the National accolytes to all be up in arms over it. While the National Party sit back and giggle, and throw a couple more useless comments into the mix. It's not like National weren't going to do the exact same thing. Oh, wait... They were! Still, this way, the Labour haters get to have a good moan. (As, I'm sure the National haters would have done.)
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    Still No contact from the dealer after the first week of the MVDT's grace period. It won't look too good for them if they don't get hold of me about my car by the coming Friday.
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    I've only seen 2 manual F80's ever. And that's in the US where the F80 is quite common. Hmm and now that I think about it i'm not sure if I am remembering manual M2's and not M3's.
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