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    Hey, So its been a pretty painful couple months for me. Working around the E30 rally build, it all started to get a bit tough, suspension, rust, lack of information on rally builds etc the finish line just kept getting pushed out further and further. So after doing a bit of research into what the rally boys in the UK are doing, I've stored the E30 and got my hands on a 318ti to start a new build which will be alot easier. The E30 will be resurrected one day in one form or another. I picked up the compact from Mad-Max on Saturday and started stripping all the interior out. The engine & gearbox had already been removed which made life a bit easier The good news, is all the parts that I've bought apart from the M3 front guard and boot with spoiler can transfer straight across, and fit alot easier. The same engine gearbox, M52b28 with the ZF box out of the donar car will be dropped in. Need to swap my sump back over. If anyone wants a sump to convert their E30 hit me up, I've also got some 24v Revshift engine mounts I don't need anymore. Partslist: Group 4 Escort Bilstein coilovers R33 GTST 4 pot fronts & 2 pot rears, with standard 328i rear caliper for the hydro handrake. Will use 328 discs M52b28 with ZF gearbox Single mass flywheel & clutch (to source) Alloy Radiator & Oil cooler 188mm LSD with 4:27 gearset with double ear cover Homemade-special shortshifter, based on the CAE shifter (need to finish) Hydro Handrake (to source) Msport front & rear bumbers (to source) Multi point roll cage, seats, belts etc etc The plan is to have the car running minus the cage for a autocross in Feb, could be an uphill battle but I'm hoping I can make it. I'll be running a version of the old Benson & Hedges liveries, converted to Fences & Hedges. Cheers,
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    Heres an update on this car at Manukau Zebra; Seeing this in person was hilarious.
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    Sure brru....get some paint...an a few clear cans....and a set of tein adjusties for mee therrrtysix...and deals done homs☺☺☺
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    What’s Wrong with the M10 in the first place? Great engine to work with. 4 pot and with a bit of tuning you’ll get a decent amount of power out of it.
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    Bit more progress today, Paul painted the chassis and started fitting some of the carbon bits as well as the steering column. This photo shows the driving position: Carbon roof is fitting nicely:
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    I heard there is good potential if you run an S65 in one too. Economical on the highway and has good resale value.
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    So like most BMW engines then?! 🤣 Guess we will have to go and look at a couple of 130i’s to see if we like what we see. I’m away on a work trip for the next couple of weeks somehow I can’t see myself getting to this before Christmas...
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    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/472346109839336/ Here you go 130i for 8.5k
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    123D or a 130i, the only reason to get one of the shitty 4 pots petrols is because you do not like your wife (This is how you form your argument for getting a decent one ) My 130i manual averages 8.6l/100km (and I dont go out of my way to drive economically.... You can either have a unreliable 4 pot that works its ass off hauling around a 1.4 ton hatch back, or a reliable smooth 6 that moves it without breaking a sweat.
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    $22 for 3 clear coat cans & about 15 for sanding sheets, masking tape and some filler with +-8 hrs of work ...oh dont forget the help of a heat gun ..😎 ...start each clear coat with a new can for max pressure 😉😉😉
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    Pretty sure she can't say anything if she doesn't know it exists yeah appears to be a pfl front end
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    Have bought a c63 - from user liyi_92 and drove it back from Christchurch to Auckland on the long weekend. As a daily driver the c63 isn't great, the suspension is hard, the clutched auto gearbox is finicky, the bucket seats are hard to get into and the cold start noise is obscene. And yet it is exactly what I wanted. After you clamber into the very supportive bucket seats trying not to wreck the bolsters you immediately get over the increased difficulty as you realise how supportive they are. You turn the key and then engine barks at you, at very short sharp exotic sound before quickly settling down - you almost feel it winking at you, nudging you to stab the noise pedal at some point in your journey. Pulling the T handle handbrake release in the lower dash you cant help feeling that its very in keeping with the theme of this pseudo luxury car, an unholy cross between fiendish race car and mid level sedan of yesteryear. As you bump along at 50kmh on your coilover hard suspension avoiding potholes and speed bumps or anything else that might clean your bumper right off, you start to wonder what you have gotten yourself into. Deciding there is nothing to lose and with the 100kmh target approaching you punch it in auto mode and a wait a fraction of a second while it drops 4 gears before the car shoots out from under you. Thunder roars behind you, four hundred and fifty odd maniacal german horses loose from their stables and you grab the steering wheel for dear life- but you needn't have done so, a perfect smooth straight acceleration occurs, warpspeed but under control, no tire noise, no torque steer no fighting the steering wheel on road imperfections, just glorious throaty vocals and a blurred pointless digital speedo. 4 or so seconds later you're well into lost license territory and back off and slow to the limit, the car rewards you by smoothing out the ride considerably and its low speed faults fall away. No longer an unhappy racecar idling around the pits but balanced mile muncher, perfectly in its element doing the Christchurch to Picton run in the dead of the night. You hit the first 65 corner at 85, not ready yet to push it and the car just eats it for breakfast leaving you wondering if you actually went round a corner or just through it, giving you confidence for the next corner, then the next... Before long you have the paddles going and are smashing the fun pedal upto the corner before jumping hard onto the picks with no sign of fade or complaint from the giant 6 piston stoppers, you wonder how you could ever muck it up enough that you couldn't stop in time or couldn't make the corner. The 70 target appears and you coast through a sleepy village at 70, the car still completely content, almost relieved that it isn't executing a 3 point turn in a Ponsonby car park but merely gathering its breath for the next blast. Now you pass the 50 target which excites you because you know there's triple digits coming up and you aren't going a hair above 50 till its in sight, another few seconds of symphony to soothe any fears you had pottering around town. 100 approaches and you put $1 of 98 into the German jukebox again looking for that brilliant but over all too soon track, bumps are present but don't transmit to the chassis, somehow the stiff suspension transfers it away without upsetting the balance letting you know the harsh ride isn't the result of a cheap coilover setup. Too soon you reach Picton, your stomach growls because you forgot to stop for dinner with your high octane shenanigans, doesn't look like anything is open in Picton either, must remember to eat tomorrow..