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    FCP Euro have recently reintroduced FedEx to Niu Zild, so not only do we get reliable, fast, excellent freight, but it's also significantly cheaper than UPS to boot. Bonus!
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    Ok I couldnt wait for my parts so i went on a road trip to pick them up from the courier depot, I battled into the night doing a solid 8hrs but it was well worth it to hear her fire into life. I did a video of the first start but cant add videos to this forum? So now im just waiting on the new drive pulleys and shes done, it feels like its been way too long, cant wait to get her back out on the open road!
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    randomly stumbled upon this car youtuber with some funny NZ content like the video below:
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    Alpina B6 2.8 courtesy of Ultimate Garage.com
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    It is worth noting, that MBI's are underwritten by Insurance Companies. For example, Autosure MBI used to be underwritten by VERO, though is now underwritten by DPL Insurance. Essentially, it's all one big melting pot of insurance, from Motor Vehicle cover, to MBI, to Home & Contents, to Public Liability etc etc. View them as departments covering different things within a given company, if you like. Insurers all, and before they go on a date with you, they want to know that you've been good to your previous suitor. and the one before. and the one before... 🙂
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    Back on topic... The fun fun fun continues.. Look what Pelican sent me instead of the pump and thermostat. Some poor bugger with a Porsche 997, somewhere in the world, is missing a USD$3.50 petrol flap cable. It probably costs NZD$35 here.
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    So who's taking all the money then? Parts from BMW NZ cost 100% more (or even more) than parts from a Dutch or German official dealer and many American warehouses. Shipping and storage can't account for that and I refuse to accept that BMW AG charge BMW NZ much more than they charge a small Dutch dealer for parts. Somebody in NZ is creaming it off customers so a 10% discount on a 100% markup is no discount at all, it's an insult.
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    If it helps we tow a 10m three axle with two to three side by sides with both an e53 and e70, with a combined milage of around 300,000km and have yet to rip a draw bar out or run out of brakes
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