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    Thats the reality and people talk themselves out of owning great cars Still loving my factory standard m3 with smg 7 years on and 120,000 kms .... and it’s a early 2002 model 😀
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    5 February 2019. 172710kms 1. Replaced front ARB bushes and associated fasteners (Genuine BMW) for the Dynamic Drive. 2. Replaced front endlinks (Meyle HD). Not strictly necessary, as they'd been replaced at 149403km 5 months before I bought it. 3. Cleaned up spilt over-flowed brake fluid, replaced and power flushed dirty brake fluid. One wonders what my previous workshop had been doing. Nuff said. 4. Spanner checked front end. Query steering rack, further inspection to be scheduled. 5. Checked sunroof drains - all clear, removed debris from around the cabin filters. The joys of parking on-street where the council don't trim trees. Next steps: rear ARB bushes & associated fasteners (Genuine BMW), rear endlinks (TRW). Aircon checks, and steering rack. Oh, and fix the stripped captive nut for the engine cover that previous workshop didn't fix. Tyres due this year, 20,000kms, 22.5 months on them so far. More RE003s, PS4's, or the new S007? Nice work Auto38! Does anyone have the service info for drain/fill/bleed of Dynamic Drive, and Active Steering, please?
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    Genuine Momo boss kit for early e28 and e24 (possibly e23) with course spline steering column. Model #2005 $80 Pickup from Bucklands Beach, Auckland or $10 postage non rural. 02102550419
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    Micks Garage 20% off TODAY - Waitangi Day Use code WD20 https://www.micksgarage.com/
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    I mean its kind of cool and rare but 50k? yeah nah.. and it aint an M5 either, just a jazzed up 540i right? very nicely photographed to not show the auto/tiptronic shifter too Offered Here is a very Rare BMW B10 Alpina 4.6 V8 Right hand drive in outstanding original condition , Unmarked Alpina Striping , And the interior is also immaculate . This car needs to be seen . Number 547 of the build , With the prices of collector BMWs going skyward ,This is a Great useable Classic car . This car was sold new in Japan and here in Christchurch now . Classic Car Magnum Prestige 354 St Asaph St Christchurch Central Appointments advised for Viewing as I am not always there . M/B 0274334404
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    Edit: I fully accept your point that not every failure will affect every vehicle and that some vehicles may never experience a failure. The risk of a failure is certainly less than what 'everybody that's ever been on the internet might say' but you all must agree, the risk does exist and it can be expensive. My mates e36 M3 Evo has done 240k kms and is still on the original VANOS... doesn't make VANOS failures a myth. It's not that's it's going to happen guys, it's the risk of it happening... if it's fixed, whether it was going to happen or not is irrelevant, the risk is eliminated. That's what affects the price. Two otherwise identical houses built in the 90's, one with monolithic cladding and the other with weatherboards - we all know which one will cost less, just because of the risk. In fact somebody on here just bought an e46 M3 only to find out a month later the subframe is completely screwed... bet they wish they got it inspected before purchase. Doesn't need to stop you buying but if I saw a torn subframe pre-purchase I'd be expecting a lot off the market price. So, silly not to ask. Caveat emptor.
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    Yeah, you can buy brembo rotors from Mick's though... I bought rotors from Mick's, and everything else from FCP Euro.
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    Electrical problems, in a Singapore import? Pull the other one, guv!
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    Have a poke around on RealOEM etc, I have further homework to do myself but I have found my E39's horn sounds so feeble because there was actually two tones used between the various markets, it needs a set of NZ "tone generators" I think they call them. Even the wife's Mazda sounds more manly...
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    As title twin switch only drivers side as per picture. Thanks
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    Great, I'm glad you had a similar positive experience to me. When I took the 328 (with M3 suspension) in they couldn't get the camber I requested, needed longer bolts and shims. They did the best they could (and actually aligned) and said pop back in when you get new bolts... and left it at that, didn't charge me so I expected a larger bill when I returned. Not so, they only charged me for one alignment (plus the cost of the shims) even though I took up ramp and technician time twice. I asked about it, not wanting to rip them off and they said they prefer to provide results, not just service! They instantly created a repeat customer that's happy to refer others. A few members here go there actually.
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    I'd rather publicly answer questions, saves me repeating myself. I've also asked plenty and brought plenty.
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    Awesome place, Allan the service guy did an excellent job, perfect alignment settings, straight steering wheel and drives superbly. Only took about 45 mins No doubt it helped having new bushes and such on the car but they did the job anyone that cares about their car would appreciate.
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    Frankfurt Airport - nice looking car. I can’t decide if it’s as epic as the original. See, for me it’s how this thing is relative to the 6 Series and I wonder if it’s thst much different...
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    A yellow E36 Z3. So what? So this is a factory-built V12 Z3, an official exercise produced using an 850 engine to show the capacity of the Z3 engine bay.
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    very nice. I think I prefer that to the clown shoe.
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    Suspension back in over the long weekend: Also sorted out the wheels for this project - thank you Tom (M3_Power)! The car seeing daylight for the first time in months: Very happy with how it's turning out; a few more jobs to go and then it'll be on to paint.
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    Maybe call me cynical, or even drunk (drunk is more likely) but I feel too many people buy into the internet hype. Not all M3s have vanos, smg, bearing issues and people get too excited to shoot them down for not having these issues address. There are thousands of these engines about and and I can guarantee Alot of them are ok and had no issues whatsoever, there a plenty on eBay with 160k+ miles still demanding good money
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    i sold my pajero recently on tm the bullshitters were all texters, fair questions were asked on the auction i answered all the best i could ,one of the questioners hit the buy now button.It was a good price at 16.5 k .One guy immediately texted i will give you 12k, i said the dealer 0ffered me 13k as a trade his response was 12k cash....really?.I think "normal" things priced welll will attarct real buyers on TM.
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    I'd ask the question publically before I contacted the seller directly. If they have nothing to hide they won't mind providing all the information they can. How they answer the question, evasive or forthcoming, will influence how I perceive them as a seller. It's also a good practice to have a written record of questions and answers. I think your assumption that because somebody asks a question on an auction they're not a genuine buyer is wide of the mark. Too many sellers (of all sorts of stuff) think they're doing buyers a favour by listing something and that's arse about face, it's the sellers obligation to do the actual selling. Like answering a WTB post with "yes, have some" and not including a price.
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    I think you're being sensibly cautious rather than picky @Karter16, these are all important pre-purchase considerations. I don't see why people are so sensitive to such questions which you're entitled to ask and would be foolish not to. The Q&A section is for precisely this purpose so shouldn't get people's backs up. No need to arrange to see the car or waste the seller's time if it fails your first hurdle. On the other hand if the answer is "yep, all done and I have $7k worth of receipts to prove it" then that helps everybody. Although I do agree that trolling auctions for the sake of being disruptive isn't on.
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    Nope. One of the bushes had gone rather soft (probably an old oil leak?); overall It's tightened up the front end a little, made direction changes a little more direct. It looks like we have rack and steering UV issue. Further investigation shortly.
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    The reason people here are sensitive to asking questions on tardme, is that no one asking them is actually interested in buying the car, they just want to sabotage the sale. Someone genuinely interested will directly contact the seller, as mentioned above.
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