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    Can't wait to come back to NZ and join this total sh*t show... From old to new I feel that NZ houses are piles of sh*t compared to the US. It was -18 outside the other day. Yet I was warm in every room of the house. And I didn't even have the bloody heater on. And it was built in 1915.
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    Strangely enough, your chosen strategy is to not speak with the people who have the ultimate power to say yea or nay the dealership service advisers), and you’ve found complimentary advice that confirms your own bias. Result!
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    Finally managed to get out and do some skids in the 328Ti in the weekend. Was the last round of the Eastern Southland Car Clubs Autocross championship. Went there just hoping to get the car running and have a laugh, but managed to win my class. Was a heap of fun, had issues with the car swapping ends a couple of times but once I managed a clean run I was able to shave a heap of time off. Grip was pretty much non existent until the track ripped up a bit. I do have a miss above 5,500rpm which could be a vacuum leak maybe. And the 4:44 diff is no good, so will get the 4:27 into it asap. Next stop roll cage.
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    149,400 kms. After hearing the horror story of another member's E39 overheating, I couldn't drive Jane without staring at the coolant temp gauge. After realising that I would get the same utility from staring at my left thumb, I decided it was best to do something about the ridiculously buffered temp gauge that comes in these cars. With the advice of @Allanw, I bought a cheap OBD2 scanning tool, and set about adjusting the temp gauge ranges. This was actually a lot harder than I anticipated. It took me about an hour to get all of the software downloaded onto my laptop (user error), and a lot of the forums that have discussed re-coding these gauges were written from an E46 perspective. In my naivety, I assumed that since my E39 shares the same M54 as the E46, the process would be identical. It turns out that the coding side of things is completely different. This took another long while of internet trawling before I was finally able to get it done. As a result, instead of my temp gauge telling me I'm at 'normal operating temperature' from about 75C to 115C, it is now reduced to roughly 85C to 95C. One of the best mods I've done for my mental stability (and for the engine's sake of course), and highly recommend it for anyone with this era of BMW (E38, E39, E46 etc.). If anyone wants any help with this I am more than happy to help. Increased accuracy of our temp gauges is objectively a good thing; it gives the driver more notice when their car may be overheating or running too cold, AND hopefully prevents people booting their cars before they're actually at 'normal operating temperature'. More accuracy = greater chance of survival of these engines/cars and I am all for that! I also checked for error messages, and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of any current fault codes! She treats me well, this old girl does.
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    Or alternatively, M3AN actually responded to my original questions, albeit with an answer that I was hoping wasn’t the case, but I appreciate the fact he did so instead of making me feel like a dealer-shy weirdo 😊 Take your pick.
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    I wouldn't have thought asking for a quote from a BMW dealer to fit a BMW part to a BMW was a waste of their time. Each to their own I suppose. You guys are all mean. I'm getting used to it but it isn't a good look for new members.
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    Its check and replace if required, engine has to be cool enough so check with them how long they need the car. 90% are ok and the ones I have replaced, stock has been available ex-Auckland but will be different for each model
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    Someone needs to buy this... mine's only a poxy 2.5 and it's a hoot!
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    Recently it seems that it doesn't take much for people to get really upset around here... Answer to your first question (warranty) = don't risk it, do everything by the book and pay the price or be prepared to be disappointed. Second question (supplied parts) = it doesn't hurt to ask, I've been successful with supplying my own parts (by prior arrangement) with Bellars (North Shore), BM Workshop (Grey Lynn), Kayne Barrie (North Auckland) and a couple of other randoms. I've been turned down at every BMW dealer but that doesn't surprise me. As for advice, I tend to value it based on the amount of time the professionals are prepared to give - if I get a short or curt answer I assume it's BS, if somebody really spends the time to help me understand why something costs what it does (and it makes sense) then I value that highly. As a result I've spent thousands at each of those places I mention above and have zero regrets. Edit: it's fun to get a quote for a fitted part from a BMW dealer here in NZ then ask if they'll fit exactly the same part, brand new, if you supply it ex. BMW AG with the BMW label attached (for half the price). Watch them try and wriggle out of that one... they won't fold though, they just won't do it.
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    Almost identical spec to mine - but no sport suspension... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1980765964.htm?rsqid=c48a37003a314f84b4e5c3f291e16d8e or... you could have my one, with 170-odd more km's, and around half the price!
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    After a cheap 328i cluster. Must be in working condition but don't care about cracked plastic, KMs etc as it will only be for testing.
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    Great job! Mate, I wouldn't know where to start! I'd love a hand with doing my e46, thanks; let's get this on the 'round tuit' list. 😊
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    When are you due back, Dan? returning to godzone takes a certain amout of cultural recalibration time, though it has its rewards...
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    Hi guys I’m after a standard exhaust to fit my e46 318i, and after a standard steering wheel. I’m in Auckland area - let me know what you got
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    Oh, don't get me wrong, I would have been happy for them to do it but they refused unless they're supplying the parts. I wasn't talking about a hypothetical blow smoke up their arse situation... that would be a waste of everyone's time, mine included. Sorry if I left that impression, unintentional.
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    Saw this at Victoria Uni last week! Unfortunately I didn’t get the number plate, but just managed to sneak in a pic. Pretty sure it only had a single exhaust, so 120i? My mate was slightly puzzled when I audibly gasped and whipped out my phone to take a photo of a 4 pot 1 Series, but after explaining the rarity of these cars he was a bit more understanding...
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    All good - in typical ‘me’ fashion, I’d already spent dozens of hours researching online and just needed a short test drive to confirm what I’d heard before committing 😊 The dealership can thank the southbound Ellerslie on-ramp and some tail wiggle for that! 🤓
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    Wasn't referring to you sorry. Wow that's pretty cool sometimes when you know, you know!
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    For the record, I’ve already asked for a quote to get the parts I was considering fitted. And had the answer been reasonably in line with international (or even Aus) pricing, I’d have locked it in on the spot, and probably prepaid in cash. Hell, even when I bought the car I literally walked in, talked to the first sales person I came across, took the car for a 20 min test drive, said ‘Here’s the spec list I’d like’, paid my deposit, didn’t haggle, signed off and walked out again. I’m literally the polar opposite of a time waster
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    Good stuff Brent! If anyone wants one similar tell 'em to give me a shout - I need something more practical (ie: bigger).
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    well surely the dealer can be another"data point " if nothing else.
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    Whats with the stupid comments saying it should be a 4 door then it would be worth more. Honestly some people need to shut up and know when not to comment. Regardless if you like these or not this is a pretty cool, rare good value purchase
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    wow, she's a beauty. $10k? hell, it does only have 20k kms on the clock! pics for posterity...
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    Been using and enjoying the car a few times recently. Trying hard to crack the 300,000km mark, which is about 300km away now. Its been good but some minor issues are cropping up. Turns out my heater (on the drivers side at least) is stuck on, so the cruise I took the other day, in the hot sun, meant it got pretty toasty inside. Guess like my last M3, the heater valve on this one has probably had it. My standard 3.0 M3 steering rack is rubbish. They're known for being slow and feel dead (and its a 3.0 M3 specific rack, good work BMW), and thats exactly what mine is. Slow, lots of turns lock to lock, and feels almost completely dead on center. Will keep an eye out for a purple tag E46, or Z3 rack, which is almost a direct swap and much better speed and feel. The latest fairly major issue though is that I have once again been hit my the common "BRAKE LIGHT CIRCUIT - SEE OWNERS MANUAL" Check warning, indicating my brake light switch is on the way out, and when tested, I indeed had no brake lights at all. Lovely. Ill grab a new one of those shortly, so I can keep enjoying the car without being rear ended. I really need to clean the car, I havent touched it since it was driven down from Auckland by the previous owner. I feel bad.
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    Each dealer will have their own rules about fitting aftermarket parts, we do but others do not. As to the warranty, yes it can affect it but also depends on the scenario. But if the car fails you'd expect them to bend over backwards for you no? I think you'll find most people who work in the industry do it because they enjoy and have a passion for the brand. Just because we work for the dealer doesn't change why we work there
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    Got the car back from the detailer today and sure looks pretty. Managed to fit me in around some very nice rides including a black on black 2017 M3 😍. Shoutout to Elite Detailing, highly recommended. I've barely had it in my possession since purchase but I have been buying various bits for the car so have one driveshaft coupling already with some new vanos solenoids on the way and a couple of cosmetic pieces. Before I got it detailed I had the steering wheel and drivers seat leather repaired by a fellow bimmersport member who did a wicked job. After the Stage 3 detail car looks a million times better. It's shown up a few minor things like stone chips on the bonnet etc but now the metallic in the paint can actually be seen and it looked great even under the detailer spot lights and critical eye. Said it came up much better than the 120d he had in the shop for a stage 4 correction which was there when I dropped it off. Looks like a different car compared to the nearly matte paint look it was sporting when I bought it. I've been cleaning the interior this evening and over the weekend will finish the passenger side carpet/mats and clean/treat the leather.
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    Councils are all of the problem, and they have got worse since property values have gone up. they just treat home owners like cash cows, endlessly increasing rates, charging someone to put on a deck or build a garage $20k plus in costs before the first sod is turned. Want a new build, cool, $90k in costs. And instead of maintaining the roads berms parks beaches, they go and do stupid vanity projects or solve problems that dont exist. Only reason im not running in this years council elections is because i no longer live in new zealand, sick of this tax anyone that tries to do something with thier life to hand out to either those that cant be bothered, or some slush fund for politicians so the cycle continues.
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    Starting to see a few recalls on diesels for EGR cooler issues. Not sure of relates to the fires they are talking about but if you have an F series diesel then either check with your local dealer or PM me you rego/VIN and I'll check it on Monday when I'm back at work
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    147,800 kms Got the windows tinted earlier this week at Tint Magic Whanganui. $320 and really pleased with the result. Good colour and a quality job done on the E39, which is notoriously hard to do well. Would recommend them for anyone in the area 😁
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    He doesn't know what the chapter to read if he doesn't ask the dealer which book to read from. It goes both ways, they can also tell if you are going to waste their time as you clearly state you do for fun
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