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    If you've always wanted to know what happens when a now reformed, ex serial JDM tinkerer is locked in the same room as an E46 M3, then you've come to the right place! This thread will outline pretty much any remotely interesting things that surface throughout the ownership of this German brute. SO. Without further adieu: The first 2.5 weeks of ownership! Day 2: Back in auckland after a near 8hr drive. Stole keys to a private carpark with camera in hand: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/60252-first-time-euro-owner-text-heavy/ Day 14: Bullied the SO into taking his MV Agusta out for a little "photoshoot" to hone my skills: Please forgive quality, I compressed them into JPG so its MUCH grainier than the raw files Day 16: A passer-by heard what could only be described as "gale force winds" in the garage. On closer inspection its source was the mighty Germans air conditioning system. Replacement Final Stage Unit possible? YouTube and forum posts have confirmed this will indeed be a VERY ENJOYABLE TASK. Photos will follow... once I've located a replacement unit. VID_42110526_211411_140.mp4
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    Old favourite from the 38 brigade
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    Put car on tardme. Price it above everything similar, as its better. One text message 2 days after listing, comes around an hour later, looks it over, pays you asking price in cash with no haggling or screwing around and takes car. Why cant all tardmes be like this!
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    Alright, calm down everyone. I have literally one photo of the car, here it is... I never really take photos of my cars, just not my thing. Its not a major heap but as with most red cars of this age it needs a respray, and is covered in a quite few dents and scrapes. I should really refit the chrome trim, its in the boot...
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    IT's ALIVE !!!!! never straight forward, engine out again to sort a couple of things, still wouldn't start, had spark and fuel but wouldn't fire, had the computer double checked for the EWS delete and all was good there. Had my electrical guy back and he looked into the injector firing and we had no power there when cranking, so bridged a wire at replay and vroom So now we can put the interior back in, seats, dash and console back together and go for a whip around the block, clutch doesn't feel perfect as it's very close to the floor so may need to lengthen the rod more to get the engagement up. All going to plan this weekend we will finish off these items and I can get a wheel alignment booked this week ready for cert... Will update after weekend of how the test drive goes.
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    So wheres these pictures?
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    Cleaned all the cars, after telling the boss where he can insert his job, its quiet good for mental health
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    Steering wheel has been made to my spec, check it out. Looks good! Will take some more pics when it’s here and I have put it on.
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    SOLVED!! *dancing* Installed ISTA+ and got a K+DCAN cable. A few hours of naffing around to get it installed and talking and BOOM! Reset the engine DME learning and adaptations and its solved. Also using less gas and pulling harder, it doesnt feel way slower than the 130 anymore... It was like flicking a switch between runs like a dog and runs like new... Yay for piracy
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    I see what you did there................
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    Had a very narrow escape from this guy on Saturday. Just managed to avoid being hit head on about 3 seconds before he went through a raised roundabout and performed some kind of spinning somersault. Trying to do a runner from the po-po, I estimated his speed at above 130.
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    Not a wild claim. Tom`s M3 (207.8kw) vs CSL (203.1kw) DynoTorque PowerChart_GFK676 #4.pdf DynoTorque PowerChart_GMY136 #2.pdf
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    You need a few right angle tools do clean out the crap and you also need a clean surface for the "O" rings to seal properly with a little locktite master gasket. It is a very easy job when you have done a few and have the right gear. There is nothing wrong with the part you have purchased. I have used hundreds of those.
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    so after 3 weekend of sanding, priming ,sanding basecoat, sanding I'm ready to......" lay down a real colour". to be honest the fiber glass moulds were real rough with deep scratches in them and spider cracks that only showed up once I put the etch primer on the parts. I'm not a 100% happy but are starting to run out of time.
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    From my experience, considerably less than an e36. Cooling system seems to work too.
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    Hang in there - Tom Cruise is about to heat the market for you: https://jalopnik.com/mission-impossible-fallout-is-going-to-ruin-the-old-bm-1827841847
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    Update #21 Been meaning to post an update for a while, but have kept putting it off.. In August last year my son was born, at two and a half weeks old he was rushed to Starship and after a week of tests was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. As a result of the condition he has liver disease and we've spent the last year in and out of Starship (more in than out for most of the year). Its been pretty hard on my wife and I, several times in the last year things have looked pretty grim, the last couple of months have been a bit quieter and we're hoping that that continues for a while. Progress on the car has obviously been non-existent as a result. I haven't had much opportunity to drive it (apart from some trips to and from hospital), it's ticked over about 2000km since I did the rod bearings. I dropped by Auckland City BMW a couple of weekends ago and picked up oil and filter ready for a change. I'll post here when I do. Excitingly though we're in the process of buying a house (cause we haven't had enough excitement for the year), which means that the car will hopefully be garaged in the near future (hooray!). Which means that I can start getting onto the cosmetic side of things, which I've been intentionally ignoring while the car was somewhat exposed to the elements. I haven't planned in detail, but a rough list of things to do are (no particular order other than mechanical being higher priority than cosmetic): Structural Foam in front RACP mounts. Mechanical fan replacement. Water pump replacement. Attempt to get to and clean the ICV without breaking the little clip on the SMG reservoir. Remove the additional trailer connector wiring in the boot. Replace the plastic bits on the bonnet and the plastic weatherstrip at the bottom of the windscreen. Replace the side indicator enclosures with new ones that aren't UV damaged. Replace the weather trim on the B Pillar exteriors. Re-align driver's side door. Re-align and plastic weld front bumper. Re-align and plastic weld rear bumper where it's been attacked to make e-bay diffuser fit. Replace said e-bay diffuser with OE. Remove window tinting now that the car will be garaged (looking forward to being able to see when reversing at night). Inspect the underbody restoration work done a year ago and make sure all is well. Hopefully its not so long to the next update!
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    okay, fixed the misfire in the M5, still not sure how, swapped the ionic detection modules and the misfire didn't move so swapped the coils on cyl 6 & 7, misfire is gone! I will enjoy it while it lasts.
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    Yeah buy it Dave and we can use it to make some squizzy carbon copies
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    W00t! $4 richer thanks to a secret stash down the side of my new cars seat 🤑 @Allanw
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    Hey mate, i wish i could help just like a few of the members have also said. Not speaking from a parents perspective man, but i really can relate to what you mean about the realisation when materialistic possessions and money etc mean nothing anymore, it's the ones you love dearest that really hit home hard. I pray for nothing but the best for you and your son + family through whatever you guys are going through, stay strong, God Bless.
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    Its supposed to be a cheap car but we both know its too easy to spend spend spend on these cars especially when parts are plentiful. Ugh. What have i done... again..