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    https://www.trademe.co.nz/1568612761 i really really want this..
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    I'm only the third owner of this beauty. And I'm trying to convince the 'wife' we should upgrade to an M3. So I'm kicking the process off by selling my well loved 1990 e34 BMW 535i M Sport. 154,XXX miles (Approx. 247,XXX kms) 3.5L | Auto Rego - 30/06/2018 WoF - 04/2018 I would really love to see the car go to another BMW fan, so I thought I'd see if there is any interest here. The previous owner, who owned this car for almost 20 years had the following work completed: Engine M30 blueprinted to original spec at 145,000 miles Engine reconditioned, All components from http://www.mahle.com/ Honed all cylinder All new Gaskets and seals Acid treatment and New heat treatment NEW chain & pulley replaced HPC coating (Engine cover, manifold, Oil filter housing, water-pump housing http://www.hpcoatings.co.nz/Advanced...8/Default.aspx Complete New hoses (cooling, power steering) Complete New Bushes, rubbers NEW Water Pump, New plugs All consumables maintenance items Transmission Serviced Other features include Style 37 18" wheels with brand new tyres fitted in 2017 Yellow french headlights Brand new bluetooth / CD head unit Factory BMW immobilizer and alarm Hard wired for Valentine V1 Radar or other RJ45 powered Radars Fully working Original OBC 2 WAY Electric Sunroof Original E34 535iS M Steering. Original E34 535iS M Leather seats 2 sets of Keys and alarm All service history, receipts and document of import available Bimmer.Work Vehicle Identification Number - WBAHD22070BF53264 Type - HD22 Model - 535i - EUR Development Code - E34 Chassis - LIM Steering - RL Doors - 4 Engine - M30 Displacement - 3.50 Power - 155 Drivetrain - HECK Transmission - AUT Color - Brillantrot - 308 Upholstery - Schwarz Leder - 0203 Production Plant - DINGOLFING Production Date - 1990-03-29 Options 200 Katalysator - Entfall 209 Limited Slip Differential (25%) 226 Sports Suspension Settings 291 Bmw Lm Schmiederad/kreuzspeich 335 M Technic Sportpaket 354 Green Stripe Windscreen 401 Sliding/vent Roof, Electric 428 Warning Triangle 481 Sport Seats F Driver/front Passenger 498 Headrests In Rear, Mechanic. Adjustable 500 Headlight Washer Sys/intensive Cleaning 571 Boosted Power Supply 708 M-sport Leather Steering Wheel II 812 England Version 850 Add Fuel Tank Filling For Export 869 Radiovorbereitung Zg/zz 925 Shipping Protection Package Known issues Being a red car, the paint is a little faded in parts, though it is 30 years old When you start the car it says "Low Washer Fluid", even though it's not low, at the last service I had them check it out, though couldn't solve the issue. Car is available for viewing in Petone, Wellington. Will get some more pictures up asap. $8,500 ono
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    I have to say that Dave has requested first option of buy back if the time comes for it to part company with me. Pleasure to take over the ownership of this fine beastmate, thanks. I’m sure the driveway will feel pretty different for a while. loving the first few hundred kms on the way back to Auckland, second half of the trip today. car will get some bodywork finishing to take the work Dave started onwards. will be a stock look and feel all the way Today has been a good day (for me)
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    Interesting view. What if the police pursuit resulted in the deaths of your wife & son as innocent bystanders; the unintended consequence of a police pursuit? And further, what if that pursuit was on the basis of an alleged offender having exceeded the speed limit by 30kph, or an arrest warrant for not turning up to court? Would you still say "that's unfortunate"? I think the pursuit thing needs a re-think. Yes, I want offenders stopped; but at what cost? When is the risk to life acceptable? I think the risk management needs improvement. I'm not suggesting this is easy in an operational environment; the statistics speak for themselves. In a country where our new - stringent - Health & Safety laws are focussing on everyone doing their job should make it home to their family after work, we have The Pursuit. This - in many cases - puts staff (Police officers) or public at risk. In the face of this, is the pursuit an acceptable action? The triggers or measures (threshold) currently in place may no longer be valid. As for your suggestion that our Police force are a bunch of cissies; try telling them that yourself, see who comes off second best! We ask a particularly difficult job of our Police force, and for the most part, they're armed only with an alloy baton and a stab vest. They're trained to use their intellect, and de-escalate violence. I'd much rather an NZ Police Officer attend a domestic in my neighbourhood than your average American Police officer! Our Police officers are well-trained behind the wheel compared with (say) UK police forces, who for the most part get just a couple of days driving training, and back to their 1300cc 'Panda' cars. The NZ Police certainly have my support for increased numbers, training, and tools, wherever it's needed; I very much appreciate what they do. What I'm saying, is that one of their processes and procedures requires evaluation, to see if there are more appropriate measures. It's not Grand Theft Auto on the PS4. I can restart a computer game; I can't re-start where my family or friends could be unnecessarily injured or killed for no good reason.
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    The stupidest part of all of this, is the NZ vendors pushing for removing the $400 import limit so GST is charged on everything, as if 15% additional cost will make any difference, if the price difference is 15% -20% most people will buy locally for immediacy already.
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    Once I get myself proper sorted... there might be a factory manual E39 525i for sale We have a pair of VW Tourans, the "other" one for the Mrs.... ...and this one for me! about 2 years in the making: It's a 7 seat VW Touran, with a Golf R32 3.2 VR6 6 speed manual 4Motion 4WD drive train I have to make a special "THANK YOU" to Andrew, aja540i - without him, I'd never have finished this, or at least spent sh*t loads more money! He did some serious engineering work, carried parts up and down the country, got special jobs done I couldn't sort out my slef and really made the whole thing possible! Thanks Andrew
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    Hi all, Owning an E30 has been in the back of my mind since seeing my uncle sliding slideways on dirt roads, so I finally got myself a coupe to call my own. She's a 1990 320i auto in grey. Looking to change the situation about the auto pretty quick! Also in need of some love in the suspension/bushes department, to refresh the undercarriage for a bit better body control.
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    The background is very dark now and the topic header is black also. This combination is a pain to clearly see, is there a user side way to change this? thank mr admin
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    Had Winger replace the airbag. Started replacing the accessory belts, water pump and thermostat. Realised I didn't have the right tools, so settled for a new thermostat gasket to check if that solved my leak (will replace it when I do the water pump). Finished installing the shadow line trim I had, washed it and managed to turn a semi-decent camera into a potato (should've checked the settings before shooting).
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    As much as I dont want to sell, an interesting opportunity has come up and might consider moving this to a new owner for the right price only. 2006 Registered 05/2005 build BMW E46 325Ci Clubsport Coupe Auto NZ New (1 lady owner before me) Carbon Black (E46 M3 Colour - blue/black not the dark black) 142,000 Kms Valid WOF and Rego Fully optioned with leather interior sports seats, anthracite headlining, glass moonroof/sunroof, black carbon cube trim, multifuction steering wheel, tyre pressure sensor, automatic on/off Xenon headlights, DSC (traction control), PDC (parking sensor), automatic rain sensors and much more. AUX line installed to factory stereo for stealth look but has the stock NZ New CD player and all radio stations working. It has been tinted all round 35% sides and rear and 20% on the glass moonroof and top of the front windscreen for added glare protection. Currently fitted with genuine BBS RX502 18x8.5 ET22 square fitment wheels fully refurbished with near new Falken ZE912 235 40 18 tyres all round no rubbing. Recent wheel alignment has been done also. (Wheels and tyres alone are worth over $2500) It has had a fresh oil and filter service (Castrol Edge 5w-30 and genuine filter), thermostat, waterpump, cabin filter replaced. The car is in excellent condition inside and out mechanically and cosmetically. One of the bonus is that it has the standard Motorosport slim bootlid spoiler rather than the raised wing style Clubsport version. Also being a facelift model it has the LED taillights which look heaps nicer and the slightly longer boot trim above the rear number plate (subtle improvement) No doubt it is one of the best examples of E46 available for sale. (tints were done after these photos were taken and some BMW black/carbon wheel centre caps have been fitted - didnt have any black/white ones so just used ones I had as spare.. dont hate) I will try to upload some new/updated photos soon. For those who are wondering how this compares to the more common 330ci msport/clubsport, I can honestly say, there is very very little noticeable difference. I have owned a few 328ci, 330ci, 330i, 325i BMW's before and this is not lacking at all compared to the 3L engine. In fact, the M54b25 engine that this car has is just absolutely wonderful in terms of power delivery and also economy. It is slightly less thirsty than the 3L version. It goes just as quick and rides/handles just as well. Given the condition and rarity of NZ New Clubsport E46 coupes in this condition I am looking at $10,000 asking price including the wheels. Will consider offers to sell without wheels if you can bring your own or I can try to find suitable replacements. Happy to answer any questions you may have about the car. If it sells then I can reveal what will be replacing it
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    Bought myself another E30 M3!! Unofrutnately it's only a 1:24 scale plastic model kit, but at least it is an M3. I can add it to the long list of cars I have in bits at the moment as well! A project for the cold, dark winter nights.
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    Thought people might get a kick out of this. His presenting style is sometimes a bit of an acquired taste but his videos are usually pretty well researched on the various odd-ball bits of trivia on unusual cars. Enjoy!
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    Where did competence in the english (and other) language (s) go?? The headline and a significant portion of the post is all about the 3 series and could easily be initially interpreted as BMW getting out of production of the 3 series and in particular the sedan, where as the real message is a simple message which is: " Rosslyn plant swapping from 3 series to X3 production". Why can't we have concise informative language and not this verbose marketing department nonsense written by illiterates ( I am assuming it is not your work Jon)
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    As some of you will know my long time project had a bit off an off a year (ish) ago. Immediate action was to buy teh writ off back from insurance.. best $200 ever spent.. After some thought I bought another E34 540 (NZ new '93 M-Sport, but auto) and have been swapping all the bits over, including swapping teh dove grey interior for my black one carpets and dash included. So I now have pretty much what I started with, but with M=Sport body. After lots of sweat, swearing and beers I finally had a start on the weekend.... Exhaust, wheels and WOF and I'm back in it.. Will add some pics once its out of the shed. First_start.mp4
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    Two leafs from the same branch?
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    So I finally finished restoring my E46 330ci to its former glory with a respray to most of the car, body work, cut polish. Ended up getting some rims for it too, really adding to the final touch. These things age really well with time! ----- When i begun - it needed some serious love Finished with the respray - but the old wheels - just didnt give it the BMW look And here it is now
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    Today is a good day. Travelled down to see Dave and take ownership of his very special E38. 1 of only 113 RHD facelifts made, with 24 being individuals. car is really in great shape and Dave has completed lots of work to get it from where it was to a reliable runner. in saying that a few battery issues on start up LOL but that looks more like a faulty new battery. Trip back to Auckland now, having a lot of fun for the first few hundred kms. Promised to Dave to keep it stock and if the time ever comes give him first right of refusal to repurchase. Now to carry on the journey and tidy up the bodywork issues. New front bumper required, doesn’t look worth recovering. basic paint tidy up and re-spray in the same colour. (Looking for good spot in Auckland for this guys) Sympathetic upgrade of the radio and music space. interior colour touch up of the blue to restore new door card for the drivers door, don’t think that’s recoverable either but we’ll see. God I love these cars and this one tops it off. Did I say today was a good day? picture taken half way home at Taumarunui last night (sad looking Audi next to it keeps sneaking in for the pictures... in for nose correction next week by the way, thanks to a rather high bump stop)
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    Okay, armed with my new knowledge from above and some extra reading I took my box-o-shocks to George Stock to see what they had to say. Well worth the trip. A friendly gent in a suit pointed me to the workshop and told me to talk to Russell. I wandered through a maze of corridors into a massive warehouse and a pristine (and empty) workshop and found the man called Russell. Big bloke, difficult to miss. Russell came out to look at my box-o-shocks and immediately declared that the front pair I have are fine, I just need to remove the plastic dust covers and clean out all the perished bump-stop that will be in there. They're hydraulic, have no leaks and have clean shafts. Win. All four rears are gas-pressurised hydraulic and, whilst the gas has mostly gone, they're perfectly fine to use because they're not leaking and are supported by springs anyway (aren't all shocks - apparently not!). He said use the bigger bore ones (the M3 variety rather than the "motorsport" ones) and I'll be away laughing. No real benefit in testing them and replacement rear shocks are a dime a dozen these days he says - if they fail, just get new ones. He was concerned that I shouldn't put them onto the M3. I assured him they were going into a lessor car and he was happy. As we parted he complimented the M3, I'm glad I drove that instead of the 328! Now I need to order all the ancillaries to mount them - by the time you consider top mounts, bushings (for sway bars), bump stops, reinforcements and ancillary hardware it's still not an inexpensive exercise! Thanks for all the advice!
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    Pics for posterity....
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    results of oil analysis back today, lead level is high, copper is quite low, so bearings have started to wear but are not terminal. Sodium level is also elevated which can be caused by coolant contaminating the oil (or about 4 other things) but water was 0%. Recommendation is to drain and replace the oil (due now anyway) and retest ASAP to monitor levels. Bearings will be getting replaced.
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    Hi all, Clearly this post has caused some heat so let me clear the air. This page was first setup in 2014 as an M3/M4 owners club. I recently became involved as an Administrator and changed the description to cater for all ///M owners across New Zealand. The intention is to broaden the audience, not be elitist. I am not discrediting Bimmersport, BMW Car Club NZ or any other BMW group for that matter, however I think it is acceptable to form sub-groups which build on the BMW brand, of which this is an outlet to do so. The ///M CLUB Australia has built a fantastic culture which has a great relationship with other BMW communities, however it's also provided an opportunity for a more focused sub-group of BMW owners to meet. As for eligibility the group is aimed at ///M owners, including those which have a subjective history (i.e. Z8, M535i, M635csi, 850csi) and conversions alike. I personally am a huge fan of HELLBM's M creations and would not want to exclude such cars. I will update the description if this was not clear. On the point "We do not allow committee members of other clubs to be members of ///M CLUB," This is an oversight on my part. I took some of the language used (by permission) from the ///M Club Australia page. I don't see an issue with committee members of other clubs being part of this group so I've since removed. Apologies for this. I'll be discussing the purpose of this club with BMW Car Club NZ this week as they expressed concerns from a copyright perspective. If the wording of the club needs to change I'm happy to do so. I do hope this helps clear the air. My sole intention of this group was to build (on what I thought) was a fantastic concept formed across the ditch, which has had huge success. The original M3/M4 owners of the group thought this was a great idea so I hope of you also see the good intention here. Cheers, Alex
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    Hi all, Finally decided to join here after utilizing this forum many times over the last few years. My previous car was an E46 318i and I've had a fair bit of experience with other BMW's via family and friends which include an E36 320i, E36/7 Z3, and an E66 745Li. My current ride is a semi-recently acquired 2008 335i M-Sport in Sapphire Black. I have a list of things I'm wanting to do to it so no doubt I will be on here a bit haha.
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    My M5 told me that it would like a service over the weekend so I checked the mileage and it has done 20700 since the last one, done by BMW with the proper castrol stuff, I have taken a sample and sent it away for analysis mainly to see how much big end bearing is in it, but I am also keen to see how good/bad the oil is at that age, bearing in mind that it has had 4 litres of new oil added in that time. I will post results when I get them.....
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    Its cheaper than an M5 because its just that ugly.
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    seems odd to take the engine out of what looks like a nice car? Could be it suffers from really nasty cracking/spot weld failure in the rear floor like a lot of these do. Would definitely want to thoroughly check that. E46 M3 with a worked v12 would be tits though!
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    I dont think you would have found a better home
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    Hmmmm I don’t have an engineering degree but I am good enough with physics to know this can’t be true. Nano second wheel change arguments aside, and ignoring wear and tear of stud or bolt, with appropriate material properties and thread pitch you can yield the same clamping force, sheer force and yield strength in both stud and bolt fastening methodology but you have the following mechanical advantages with a stud and lug\nut set up. - consistency of tightening torque as the amount of thread engaged on a stud and lug nut is the same and not dependent on how many threads are picked up in the hub (more torque the more threads/friction or more bolt stretch you introduce - if any) - safer and easier to inspect stud and lug\nut wear over bolt and hub wear. - single vertical force acting on a stud and nut during the tightening phase vs two forces being acted upon on a bolt through stretch and twist in the tightening phase leading to a more accurate and even clamping between the two mating surfaces (think cylinder heads). but apart from that I agree that the M14 to M12 stud kits are a bad idea vs enlarging holes in the wheel. But give me centre lock anytime over everything else because “race car” lol!! : )
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    Took it up to Auckland for Xmas and then over to Raglan for New Years and then back to Welly. Didn't miss a beat and got to stretch it’s legs. Stopped in and met @Lucan and picked up the roof racks he was selling a while back. Back down to Welly and gave the new snow foam lance a go Thought it was a gimmick but it's really good. At 208,000km I have just replaced: - Timing chain guides - Timing chain - Oil seperator (returned to OEM setup as PO had installed a catch can system) - Vanos Seals - Valley Pan - CCV - Water Pump - Thermostat - Coolant temp sensor - Engine mounts - Upper oil pan gasket - Lower oil pan gasket - Crank seal - Fuel Filter - Oil Filter - BMW coolant Now that this is all done I will hopefully make it to the next Wellington Club meet. This ended up being a lot more time consuming than I thought and ended up having the car off the road for the last 7 weeks using spare hours here and there to get it done, learnt a lot and had to ask lots of questions from more mechanically minded mates but got there in the end. Here’s a few pics from my journey.
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    Welded the 4.44 diff: Made a floor plate so my feet don't have to hover: Did a few autocrosses at the end of 2017: Convinced the wife to have a go at the HCMC Christmas autocross too - at first she was worried/scared due to a big, cambered corner in the paddock, but after the first run came back in with a huge grin and then went faster and faster each time:
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    Get a sample of your oil tested. An indication of Bearing condition can be derived from sample. E.G. forum with a bit more info http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=431107
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    166605kms : happy one year of ownership (my first V8). So that year's gone by fast, 14,311kms, a decent chunk of change spent on maintenance, and many smiling miles driven. Every time I drive it, it puts a smile on my dial. Comfortable, quick, remarkably capable for a commode-sized car. Next up: bumper repaint (insurance - left a 'present', though left no note), 2mm stone chip in screen to be repaired (insurance), and source a new rim (slow leak from a crack). I'd planned on giving her a 'birthday' today, another good wash. Too busy with other stuff. So here's a snap marking the occasion:
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    Anyone from here ?? https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/102181890/fleeing-driver-tries-swimming-to-escape-bay-of-plenty-police
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    Dave, No: - the expansion of the shock of its own accord just indicates the presence of gas in the system presurising the oil to stop it foaming. if the shocks are hyrdaulic only then they will not self extend - lots of shocks are just hydraulic e.g your race car, If they are gas filled and don't then it just means the gas has fallen out, if they are gas filled and ther expand rapidly they have bugger all rebound control ( they are poked). A proper compression test is force at a rate and a rebound test is the same in the opposite direction - i.e you have to pull the shock back up. Rebound force the effort to stretch the shock out should be 1.5 to 4 times higher than compression force. You can ether apply a constant force and measure time or pull at a given rate and measure the force - most shocks / shock dyno's use the latter method and will quote a rate. Compression force on my koni shocks is about 450 Newtons and rebound is around 1450 ( at the koni spec'd rate) because I have firm springs which assist compression control and then need higher rebound control to slow the release of the energy stored in the spring.
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    You don't see many in that colour! I wonder if in 20 years time I will be a weird old dude like my father in law, who gets all excited whenever he sees a Mk1 Capri driving about, and I'll be getting all misty eyed about E39s... "Oh yes they had cassette players in all models without the TV screen right up to the end of production, even tho everyone ditched their mixtrack tapes 10 years before then" Kids "WTF Dad you are such a nerd, who even cares about these old cars"
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    Booked a tow truck for it tomorrow morning. Pic for @Young Thrash Driver
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    I have found another set of wheels i will be restoring instead so these are no longer wanted Fronts - 18x8 ET13 Rear - 18x9.5 ET25 Includes 4x genuine BMW center caps and \\M logos's Curbing on the lips has been machined and clear coat removed from inner barrels,face and lips One wheel has some undisclosed damage when i bought it. A weld repair has been done to fix some damage. I have had the wheel checked by Wheel and Frame Cambridge and it runs true Plan was to respray or powder coat the inner barrels and faces and leave a polished lip. The spoke "diamond cut" faces are in tidy condition but sides of spokes need to be repainted or sanded down then polished $900 firm for BS members
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    Wow, has been a really long time since this was updated! have pretty much just driven the thing for the last few years when I can. Have started my own electrical business and now have a one year old boy, so don't have much time for toys at the moment. Bit Have replaced the engine mounts, and a few oil changes and that's about it. have entered in a few autocross/grasskhanas, to the oamaru drags, and a few sealed hill sprints, and the clutch has been getting worse and worse. So finally ordered a new one and replaced that over the last week. This included the new flywheel, pressure and clutch plate, spigot bearing, pivot bush, new gearbox mounts, and new shifter bushes, and did the rear sway bar bushes I've been meaning to do for years. Have done a few auto swaps and a manual conversion before but to get the bell housing bolts out on this was a major pita compared to the others! But finally got it finished up today and man, what a difference. Was always hard to get a smooth shift, but now is sooo much better and tighter on the shifter too with the new bushes. So now I've replaced every bush, mount, or joint apart from the steering shaft coupler and the inner and outer balljoints. Was trying to get it done for today for a hill sprint but didn't quite get there, but is ready to go for the oamaru drags this coming weekend. My best time was a 13.9, on just road tires( non prepped track and no burn outs since it's a airstrip) and with the clutch slipping bad between gears. So hopefully this time with a new one and some semi slicks tp try should get it down a bit further. Oh,and my head liner has started sagging finally.
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    cheers guys, found it!!. main power relay in the ECU box. the white one was dead. I managed to find a replacement a voila. it started first thing.
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    I got asked if I wanted to be a stand-in co-driver for the Maramarua Rallysprint. I wasn't sure how I'd feel in the passenger seat, being thrown around blind corners, but I said "Why not?", because motorsport in the passenger seat is still motorsport. Had a few good runs in the mighty 316ti, but it was so wet and slippery, that most of the field ended up leaving before the 3rd run - which is where our day ended. We saw a warning triangle indicating someone got in trouble after the next corner or two, and sure enough came flying around towards a BMW 2002 parked in a tree. Letting off the accelerator resulted in our car understeering into some deep mud, where we got stuck and had to wait until all cars passed so we could get pulled out. We decided to call it a day at this stage. The 2002 only had a minor dent on the front lower valance, so no biggie either. Goals: The plan for the 316ti is to drop in a M42 so it can stay in the under 1800cc class for now.
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    If I buy an ///M badge from TradeMe, can I join too?
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    Great afternoon wandering around the twin rivers car show in Christchurch today. This pastelblau 2002tii was my mvp.
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    Leaning towards selling this as I am losing motivation to do what I had planned. It is unfortunately de-registered as i let the rego lapse. Everything works as it should, I still take it for a quick drive every now and then to keep things moving. Last WOF went well (a few years ago) with only one tire needing replacement. No leaks from anywhere which was reassuring when i moved it out of the garage after sitting for a few months. Interior in average condition and drivers seat is tan cloth where as the rest are grey cloth. Automatic gearbox 177000 miles Comes with: An extra set of wheels (14" Bottle caps) with good tread, A full set of lowering springs and standard springs. As you can see the back of the car has standard springs in and there at present and there are Jamex lows (could be super lows) in the front. IS fibre glass lip horribly installed by myself M-tech 2 rear spoiler and bumper come with car. Bumper is fibre glass. 17" wheels 3 spoke steering wheel - comes with standard 4 spoke as well. Oil changed 6 months ago and have driven less than 50km since. Engine was replaced before my time, have paperwork for a lot of work done to the car but no proof of what the K's are on the current motor. No idea what I could get for this as E30's are all over the show price wise, so if the right offer comes I will part with it but if not, I may keep it tucked away for a while longer...... That being said, I think I need to put a price here as I got told off last time for not doing so, soooo I dunno......3K???????? Get those offers in! Located in Christchurch
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    Hi all, great to part of this. Just purchased a 2006 130i, manual. Really missed driving a manual over the past 2 years. Initially was looking for an M135i but manuals seemed hard to come by here without importing from back in the UK. 135i was super tempting but the missus insisted on 4 doors for sensible purposes... As such, slashed my budget and went for a 130i. What a blast, I had a 2010 330D couple of years ago but this is just a blast to drive and love the screaming straight six. It just seems to want to rev after 3000 rpm. Suspension seems very firm but I can deal with it for now. Initially bought as a fun evening/ weekend blast but now want to drive it everywhere. Goal is to slowly improve it, understand big power gains not possible so focusing on handling and noise the way to go,. Was wondering on best place to potentially source any of the below? Guessing bmw dealer can help but no doubt there is a fountain of knowledge here! bmw performance induction kit looking at some European sites this looked very pricey bmw performance exhaust - can’t seem to find it here anywhere? Anything like this http://www.birdsauto.com/product-information/b1-dynamics-package-upgrade-bmw-e87-130i-and-e82-135i available in NZ? Here she is, first ever pic of her. Cheers all! Thanks for any help in advance. Need to get rid of the swirls soon and have debadged it as well.
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    Hi John, Yes interesting like it has fallen off the radar haven’t herd a peep about it since it sold (confirmed) just hope the new owner is in NZ and gets it out and about.
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    No, I wasn't making a small or insignificant distinction, I was calling you out for making a verifiably incorrect claim. You were wrong, period. No hair to split there.
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    Throwing them at Nissan Leaf drivers is pretty fun!