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    I doubt anyone knows me, but I can bet many of you know this vehicle. This is the M70 swapped E34 Touring owned by Andy (_ethrty-Andy_) and built by Lance (mellowpuf). I came into the car through Euroless, who seems to have saved the car from a terrible fate. I then I got it shipped down from Auckland. It actually beat it's ETA because the transport driver was curious to see who owned it! The car itself is in a pretty poor state at the moment. It's clearly been through some unsavoury hands who had it 'for skidz'. I'm currently in the process of deep cleaning the whole car to find out just how far gone the it really is. Exterior has some serious wear and tear. Front quarter panels are both damaged. Paint is beyond saving in some areas. The front AC Schnitzer bumper clearly has a close relationship with the road, while the rear one has been poorly modified to make the exhaust and towbar fit. Left front rim is badly curbed.. Hood doesn't shut properly and is misaligned, even after some fettling with the adjustments. Rear window panel has been replaced at some point, so it doesn't open indepently like it should. One of the headlight lens are missing. The rear spoiler annoys me: as the car is a UK import it doesn't have a high stop light in it. A shoddy aftermarket one has been installed on the inside of the window instead, probably for compliance when the car entered NZ in 1996. The electrical system is going to take up a lot of my time by the looks of things. I immediately put a new DIN88 battery in it to eliminate any voltage issues. I've already cleared out some of the more interesting wiring. The subwoofer wiring was average at best, and it's gone now. Half the speakers don't seem to work and have been obnoxiously placed over factory trims. Pretty sure the double chassis looms under the rear seat is unnecessary, so that'll have to be rebuilt. It's probably also a fire hazard given that it's right next to the battery. The aftermarket fuse box under the steering column is pretty gross, can't wait to get rid of that. Coolant temp isn't wired up correctly, but surely that can't be hard to do right especially given there's a correctly working aftermarket coolant temp gauge right next to it. I swapped in the spare E32 M70 instrument cluster to see it resolved anything, but alas. The electric radiator fan and the associated wiring just seems silly. Extra wiring installed and spliced onto factory plugs for fog lights that don't even exist. Random sets of factory wiring coiled in the engine bay, not sure what for yet. Mechanically the engine is pretty close to operational. It's an early M70B50, recognisable by the oil filler cap location and the Motronic 1.2 DMEs. The mounting of the engine is actually top notch and the fitment of the ancillaries also shows great workmanship. The exhaust doesn't seem to sit on it's hanger properly though. I have no idea why someone painted the intake manifolds bright red, it looks absurd. The engine should be capable of 220kW and 450Nm, assuming it's factory. However it should not have been driven in it's current state, but clearly has been. I must admit even I'm guilty of this as I had to limp it home from work. It has a moving misfire and a knock. The right bank (1-6 cyl) distributor is arcing internally at random intervals. It requires new distributors and rotors, which are en route already. Gearbox works okay. Diff clearly works, pretty sure it's an LSD but I'm yet to confirm that. It'll get all fluids replaced and I'll carry out the Inspection I and Inspection II service items as well as check the operation and condition of every component I can get to. I won't be happy driving this car until I know it works perfectly from a mechanical standpoint. Just gotta say how disappointed I am by this: the air-con has been removed. What is the point of a big grand touring wagon if you can't be comfortable? The condenser has clearly been removed to make way for the electric fan, and the hoses to make space for some of the ancillaries. The AC compressor hasn't been sealed so it has seized and appears to also have a seized pulley despite still having a belt spinning around it. Suspension is a mess. It has full XYZ coilovers but nothing is setup correctly. None of the shocks are set to the same rebound. Preload on the front springs set randomly apparently; the right has some jounce while the left has none at all (as in it's stupidly stiff). Still need to check the rears. Will have to get it up in the air and remedy this nonsense. Right front wheel bearing is shot, despite the hub being replace a mere 2 years ago with a Repco unit. Quality parts en route to solve that. Tires are in good knick though, won't have to replace them anytime soon. Falken UHP 255 section tires on the rear and some Chinese Habilead 235s up front. Interior is "the second worst I've ever seen in an E34" says Autobahn. Headlining sagging. Door cards are an absolute mess. Front seats are filthy, "like someone has sh*t themselves and smeared it in," one of my co-workers said. Driver's interior door handle straight up just doesn't work. Glove box doesn't sit even close to straight. Everything behind the dash looks in a right mess. Boot space has look like it's never been cleaned despite heavy use. Original spare wheel and tire in there. The lower trunk lid trim is completely missing, though there is a spare piece in the wrong colour hanging around. Trims over the rear strut towers are misaligned and stop the rear seats securing the way they should. All the interior sill trims are missing. The one positive is that (surprisingly) someone hasn't run off with the Nardi steering wheel. Everything inside the car was also dirty. Very dirty. It's cleaner now though. I've removed all the older stickers, steam cleaned the carpet in the boot, cleaned the glass properly, and wiped down most of the interior surfaces. Came with many spares. Someone has clearly been down the wreckers to grab as much as they can. EMLs and DMEs and DKs and 5 wiper stalks for some reason. Couple spare sets of HT leads, which I will use. Should all prove useful, not least for troubleshooting. However I'll need to set up a donor car to replace the entire interior forward of the C-pillar, wiring, front quarter panels, air-con. It'll need a respray and some general body repairs at some point. I plan on retrofitting the pre-facelift E34 wing mirrors as I rather dislike the later E36 style ones the car has. (Fun fact: as the E34 was only available as a Touring following the facelift in 1992, so no Touring could have the old style wing mirrors or any other pre-facelift trim.) This car has some pretty amazing potential, but it's currently far less than the sum of it's parts. I feel like I've bought a $4k cert plate. Can't wait to have it running properly and get it truly nice and tidy. I'll keep you guys up to date as the situation develops.
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    Hi all, New to the world of BMW's. Have a mate at work who's been hounding me to buy one so finally gave in! Picked her up on the weekend and have absolutely fallen in love! It's an 87 325i in manual. The plan for the time being is to recover from the initial expense then a few of the basics, suspension refresh, exhaust, and eventually a respray.
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    Holiday traffic, where the lesser spotted numpty driver leaves its natural habitat of the city and goes out onto the open road.
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    So I pulled the trigger. Artic white Msport 535i with black leather Adaptive M sport suspension Panoramic sunroof Active steering etc love it 👍
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    Annual Clay bar and wax job done!
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    Dental floss for the win! It took the old badge off, my thumbnail took off the rest of the foam tape, a bit of meths took care of the glue residue, then a clean and a quick polish before putting new badge on...homemade template to line up badge made with cling film, knead it, and a stick! old badge removed... cleaned and polished... new badge in template... and fitted to car. Result.
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    Interestingly, theres been quite a lot of negative facebook commentary about the price the current owner is asking. I think people forget it takes killing / using a damaged M3 to make one of these, So automatically it's at least 25k worth going by regular M3 coupe prices. A decent E46 late model touring is generally close to 10k worth, rougher ones are cheaper of course. Then you have the time to sort the M3 body panels and paint them, that looked to be very well done and would have cost a fair bit of coin if you were to try replicate it. Electrics, coding, and fine tuning of everything transferred over to the touring chassis isn't a 5 minute job, especially to get everything working like it's a factory car. Other stuff like the physical work changing parts, subframe work, exhaust work, all the suspension installed, certification too. You need to have experience with BMWs to do such a build properly, not many people in the country could pull it off. It's up to the owner to find the price they want anyway, given the above I think he'd get close to the asking price with the right buyer that sees it for what it is.
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    Very Minor crack in the usual bottom skin left rear and front right mounting point. Secondary skin opened up to check welding on top which was fine. Reddish Motorsport plate installed plus GTR style triangulation bar for overkill repair and complete bullet proofing for the most powerful S54B32 700hp NA build ( : P ) lol
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    The fun continues , today was mancave day on the 530 for: Upper rear suspension wishbones (right side was going to fail next WOF), new radiator (original one still in car, not happy with fit of new one, Schmiedmann claims its OE quality but the shroud not quite right, it's in though..), and exhaust bracket replaced due to breakage. Lucky I parked the other e39 out front as an emergency trip to SCA was needed for more tools... also had to hunt high and low for a nut to fit exhaust bracket, happy to say there's a little bit of HQ Holden in the Beema...
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    Did something in my new shed for a change.
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    So, uh... the car is very nice, but what I really want to know is- does @Gabe79's wife have a special recipe for pumpkin pie, or are they all much the same? I am assuming she has Grandma's olde American recipe.
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    $3950 Nice tidy 98 323i factory manual Motorsport Plenty of good service history lots of new parts etc Staggered alloys Full leather interior incl sport seats and leather door cards Newish hood lining shocks lower control arms brake hoses tyres Wof Special SA engine spec cast iron block (factory) Rear sun blind Built April 1998 Check all the photos In papakura 021433600
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    Just finished one side of the car, springs are Tein, Koni shocks and M3 arms. Pretty straight forward but torquing the rear arms at the chassi point is a pain in the arse, no room to work. Tein springs have a 595 lb/inch rate which is higher than standard Msport 460 and M3 560. I used a 9mm spacer to raise the ride height a bit as I dont like it too low. I will post up a full review when I get the font done as well.
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    Waited 4 months for a used rust-free sunroof to turn up from an E31 collector in Canada. Finally got it painted and fitted. Now just waiting on some pesky headlining clips that are (of course) only found on the E31 and E32, so BMW NZ only had 4 in stock out of the 16 I need. Hopefully fresh headlining will be in by Xmas!! Only other outstanding jobs are crank position sensors - which will be a summer job as they're a bit of a mission to change - and servotronic steering retrofit - which I'm in absolutely no hurry to do!! haha
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    ^ dude, let me tell you about racism at the gas station! I'm a white guy in a BMW and I pulled up to the bowser the other day and the coloured dude at the pump next to me filling up his POS didn't even offer to wash my f'ing window. Does he not know who I am? Geez.
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    Right, spent half the day on getting the drivetrain and subframe bolted up. Damn hot today, even the tools were cooking in the sun. Stripped out the old loom and used the one provided by the new donor engine. Need to de-loom the JB4 and assorted 2step and stuff and bring this to the fresher loom. Manifold fits well, its tight-ish in many places. Likewise the wastegate seems really tight. Look like I'll remove a few sundry brackets from the area to get more clearance. Further chopped away at the engine cover to fit both around turbine & comp. housing. Installed the BMS water supply in/out in 6AN I think, and oil supply in 4AN and drain fittings ordered in 10AN. Blocked off one water supply & return. Big air filter fits well, about 10mm clearance around it to the underside of the hood. Bought me a BMS shirt shift kit and some other billet linkage kit. Ill detail that next time. I can get the oil & water lines ordered this week, likewise drain line. Re-fit both front struts and torque check every bolt/nut. Working out how the exhaust turbo back down pipe likewise how/where the wastegate dump will work should be a challenge. Bring it on... Just need to relocate the radiator reservoir tank and PS tank and we almost there. Here is the ECU fix I undertook capably as a cripple. Issue was noted when a super sweet 2 step backfire in the waterview tunnel then made the car a little odd, some minor fuel fluctuations. JB4 read that there was no signal from bank 1 O2 sensor. Yet the replaced sensor also didn't work. Guessing not the sensor. Opened up the ECU and changed the MOSFET that read as open circuit, which, 'blow me down with a barge pole' powered bank 1 O2 sensor. Sweet fix man! I ended up changing all the other MOSFETS while I was there. Cost about $4 each. I used automotive grade ones, for high temps etc. Slightly higher in spec than the factory ones which are notorious for being sh*t in the stock DME/ECU. I removed also the clutch delay valve which peeps say is a good investment. Basically its a bored out factory one with a larger internal bore diameter.
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    Finally got the car WOF'd and Reg'd....such a great feeling to be able to drive this car. The drive is unreal, the power delivery is smooth and you don't feel the need to drive it hard. Cruising in it with the exhaust note and the strange looks you get from people not expecting the v8 sound from such a small car. Couldn't be happier, spent 3 or 4 hours with a friend getting some good photos and video footage, here is a few from the massive selection that he took. enjoy.
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    Had to buy this because my 4 bmws might break and I need a reliable daily... um
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    So I've recently picked up a E46 330d to drive around the country over the summer. The car has a thorough service history from BMW, so I really wasn't expecting to do much - but the service book doesn't mention whether its had the swirl flaps removed. So I thought I better check by removing the manifold. Couple of hours later - heres what I've found : The swirl flaps are still there - 1 barely!!! The shaft had snapped, but the flap itself is still lodged in there - Very lucky!!! Given its only 1 more week til xmas, I really needed to get this sorted. So I spent the next day making swirl flap blanks. While I was at it, I gave the EGR a clean too! Got it all back together this afternoon and took it for spin. All is good Currently I'm getting around 8.7 L / 100 km, its quite a bit higher than my mates tuned 320d - he gets 900+ km in a tank. Does anyone know whether mines running normal? It sits in traffic most of the time... Andrew
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    Sold it. Been a fun 11 years and 160,000 kms. Hopefully the nephew enjoys his new e36 328i
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    M10B18 and an auto box. Drive it around Auckland... You're stationary most of the time anyway - no one will know! Does look lovely.
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    I originally missed out on buying this Touring when it came up for sale in October (and settled for this instead). It sold within a couple of hours of it being listed on Trademe to a friend of the seller, despite the seller promising me the car was mine after I had negotiated to buy it sight unseen... To my surprise it came back up for sale on Trademe just before Christmas. Once again I pounced, and this time I was successful in acquiring it. So, the car: NZ New E46 330i Motorsport Touring (1 of 4 NZ New examples so I am told). Sapphire Black. 207km. Facelift. Leather electric seats. No mods other than the TSW Valencia wheels (great fitment but not my taste...will be changed in due course). The seller had mentioned that the shocks were due for replacement, and this was confirmed on the first Auckland to Coromandel drive over the new year break. Compared to my lower km E46 325i MSport, the car lacked dampening and felt considerably harsher (partially due to the 18" wheel/tyre combination). A set of adjustable Koni Sport shocks have been ordered to tighten things up and provide rebound adjustability if and when so desired. After that, a set of Style 68's or other OEM BMW wheels will replace the TSW's. Cosmetically the car is in great condition given the mileage. I have started a deep leather clean and condition on the interior (Pears soap method) which is lifting an unbelievable amount of grime from the leather. A time consuming process, but ultimately worth it!
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    Hi all As you may have guessed - I have just joined the group. I run a 2008 BMW 135i, N54 twin turbo with Stage 1 tune.I also own a Toyota MR2 Turbo for clubsport purposes, and am a member of the Harbour Capital Car Club. I previously owned a stock-standard 2002 BMW 330i for about 7 years. In between the two BMWs I suffered through an Audi S4 - until I came to my senses and saw that the repair bills were not going to stop. Before those three, I owned a WRX STi v3 - a fantastic car that I managed to dry-sump around an autocross track, with horrendous consequences! I have also owned - among others - two Toyota TownAces, a Commodore wagon, an Austin 1800 Land Crab (really), and a Mark 1 Escort - which was great fun. I'm now back again with a small RWD car that has enough grunt to keep me interested. My purpose in joining this group is to find out more about the forum and about my car, and hopefully to join with others on runs and non-competitive events around the Wellington area. I am also a member of some Facebook groups that focus on 135i/335i vehicles and N54 engines. I look forward to learning more about this forum over the coming months and years. Talk again soon. :-)
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    Up for sale is my 2002 e46 325i - factory manual Story goes 2/3 owners in the UK. The last of these was a kiwi who liked it so much when he returned to start a family he brought it with him. I bought it from him as he was looking to up-size. Pros: Factory manual Motorsport Almost full history, manuals etc Recent Sport leather seat upgrade Alpine audio upgrade Tinted windows by Carfolie Serviced by Bellers in my care 3 keys - 2 remote keys and a service key (plastic) All Spark plugs and coil packs replaced Oct 2016 Cam cover gasket replaced Dec 2016 Water pump and thermostat housing replaced shortly after purchase (2015) just in case Cons: General body imperfections - unfortunately it lived in London for a few years Some kerbing on the front passenger rim Uses some oil Interior fan pulses sometimes Genuine drivers car. Comfortable and sure footed. $7k to Bimmersport members.
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    Meh, quick test fit with subframe out. Its a snug fit without being tight anywhere. Probably 15mm the closest to anything, so decent heat dissipation. I'm not expecting much lag. I'm planning to push the refreshed stock block and see where we get to. I'm thinking around abouts like this one, which has the same sized hairdrier; The turbo size aint too far different from my little 2 litre 4 banger in my Mk 1 Celica...
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    I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy, replacing the fuse box should be easy... and it would be if BMW gave us a couple of inches of working room with the length of wires. As it is brute force is required and it's such a mess! Anyway, ECU repaired and fuse box replaced (box was actually damaged prior to my ownership - looks like the people that installed the alarm just yanked it out and broke it). Also, after more than two years I've finally had my bumper repainted. Not a bad colour match considering they didn't have the rest of the car ... still need some hardware to install all the ancillaries.
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    Something we have done with a couple of E30`s and an E34 is the M54B30 Conversion. What we can supply is: M54B30 with ancilliaries ZF Box E36 Arm MS43 DME with ews delete/manual/EU2 tune E30 pedal set with E46 Accelerator Drive by wire pedal. Necessary wiring. Not to dissimilar to an M52B28 conversion.
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    If a $5k repair bill scares you, an e60 M5 Is possibly not for you!
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    May I ask why you’re looking at parting it out? It seems like a pretty good car, so unless I’m missing something I see no reason to part it out,
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    Put the 520i back together- new viscous fan hub, fan, thermostat and housing, waterpump, belts and its pulley and a few other bits. Spent a long time chasing a coolant leak- I had forgotten to put in the o-ring that seals the thermostat Gave the Titansilver 530i touring a check over, heading up to Northland tomorrow so don't want any surprises.
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    Couple of days for decent wheel cleaning, full car decontamination, machine polished and sealer on. Pleased with the results. Colour pops really nicely now Usual new car replacements of fluids and filters, air and cabin complete. Hardwired detector in also. CIC sorted and music loaded to the HDD. Bosses plates on, Ready for service thinking of a rear roof spoiler to close it off ..
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    Hi folks First time BMW owner here from the Naki with a 2006 LCI E85 Z4 Roadster 3.0si. Loving it so far and looking forward to plenty of summer cruising with the top down. Hopefully will get to catch up with some of you in NP over the coming months. Cheers, Phillip
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    After 7 months in isolation, I decided to get the old girl out and stretch her legs. Did a round trip from Auckland to Thames and back, over nighting at Orere Thanks to @M M for helping to get her road worthy again
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    F@#& dude, I really hope 2018 works for you, the end of '17's really let you down!
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    Nanna’d it from Auckland to Gisborne. 3/4 tank of fuel used which worked out to be 10.4l/100km according to the obc.
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    I had some flat bill hat wearing ballbag trying to buy some coilovers off me a while ago who didn't want to spend more than $500 and they had to be "mint" Bloody idiots. I've now discovered since I got the manual E53 I don't want to drive my three 3 series anymore or my e39. They're all too low and my old man back gets grumpy.
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    Happy to see it in such a deserving engine bay Ray!! Glad I can play Santa and give this to you for all the help over the years! Merry Christmas!!
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    HELLM3 with it`s XMAS present. Thanks Tom.
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    All I know is- if you can see the mountain, it's going to rain. And if you can't, it's already raining!
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    Yip at Gavin's. I didn't ask for a print out, but we actually made 375rwhp before dialling it back. I'm told his dyno often reads lower than others, but meh... a dyno is a TUNING TOOL, not a bragging tool... I'll take a video in the weekend of idle.
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    referring to muscle cars before they discovered independent rear suspension.
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    Went to a drag day over the weekend. Finished second in DYO, broke out in the final by 0.6 of a second. Car was running super consistent, I just need to sort an over heating issue when the car is not moving. It starts getting hot when sitting in line and especially during burnout, but once moving it cools back down. Might need a better fan. Set the fastest time so far, 15.75. Not bad I think for a stock M30B35 with 3.07 diff.
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    In the UK petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2040, and in France by 2030. I better hurry up and finish my project car or it will be banned a week after its first drive.
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    Would mainstream media print anything to the contray? Would 'researchers' who are likely in the govt pocket come up with different results that don't tow the official line on climate change? It would be more environmentally friendly to run my current 15 year old car for another 5-7 years which returns 8.5l/100km highway than to increase/encourage consumerism and drop $40-50k on an EV for a five year cycle. Just more wealthy, white western liberals telling us what we need to do as a way of virtue signalling to feed their false moral conscience when it comes to enviro/social issues. They will happily guilt trip the majority of the population on green issues while they have no dramas shitting into clean drinking water, using excessive amounts of water (three showers/day, two laundry cycles/day, watering their garden on their high six figure - seven figure quarter acre section), daily consumption of meat and dairy (demand for intensive farming), two or more late/new vehicles per household, jet setting on holiday every 6 mth - 1 year etc. These clowns are the epitome of hypocrisy and fail to put their money where their mouth is, but expects everyone else to tow their line.
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    Slight overdue update! actually not much changed till recently until the clutch started playing up. Couple of correct re-adaptations and resets and it'd be better for a short while then it'd thump away. I knew something mechanical wasn't right with the clutch mechanism, suspected a broken plastic pivot pin. Low and behold it was and a seized flywheel which I didn't plan for!! Just wanted to show how good SMG is on the clutch. Sorry for the crap photo! But in person next to a new clutch plate it was almost as good as new except for the outer wear from uneven release due to the broken pivot pin. Original clutch 177,000km+ never changed! And people don't like smg : P Stupid plastic pivot pin got to love NZ new rust free cars!!
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    Mammoth task I know but I've always wondered how one of these V10's would go in the E38 chassis.
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    Would be a good project for someone over the summer. Need a little bit of work which is what turned me off. Not mine, located at pick-a-part takanini. Manager there said he'd take $300. 17"x8" et20 square set. Tyres look OK.
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    Hope you all have a great holiday break and enjoy the festive season without too much drama. Botany Motor Worx Ltd will be closed from 12.01pm on Friday the 22nd of December till Monday the 15th of January. And before all the fake news and rumours start, Botany Motor Works Ltd will stop trading as a motor vehicle repair facility as of the 28th of February 2018. Botany Motor Worx Ltd is not in a financial situation and all commitments and financial commitments will be met on or before the 30th February 2018 I've had enough and I'm going fishing, but I do have a phone and am still available for advice and help to the many friends I have made here over the years.