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    Finished playing. Haven't driven it much in last 5 years, about 50km between WOF's. I'm not going to add much on here as it's all been documented on threads here since 2006 when I did the conversion. The trouble with the thread photos are an issue with the cheap server we have or the site not being configured properly. Any serious buyer can ring or come and see it for more info.. The car doesn't have an LSD anymore. It still has a medium case diff and the larger E30 MS axles. So much has been done on this vehicle over the years. It's not concourse there are a few scratches and a bit of wear here & there, but by christ it's a lot of fun. It owes me a sh*t load, but that's how it is. Have all the original manuals keys X3 alarm remotes X2 Plates and the original ASC wheels will come only with a price I am happy with by negotiation Mileage: 168859km WOF Feb 2019 REG Jan 2019 I'm asking $8,500.oo......... you couldn't build it for that to the standard I have built it Any questions, call me 021921377
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    Cut, soldered, heat shrinked, and taped my afternoon away, sacrificed an old E39 wing mirror loom, finally the tailgate glass opens again!!
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    I have owned two 320’s previously, and bought my 2009 530i early this year. Just love it, fabulous touring car, nicest car I have owned! Recently sold my 1966 Mark 2 Daimler, and needed a car to use in Vintage Car Club rally’s, and saw a really tidy 1987 325 Saloon, and have bought that. Needs a little love and care, but is a nice car. If anyone knows of a good condition set of rear taillights for a pre facelift, I would appreciate their advise. Attached is a photo of both cars on our return trip from Auckland.
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    Evening Bimmersport, My 1M is up for sale. Would be great if it remained in the community. Details: - Travelled 48,XXX Kms - Full BMW Service history - 2 x sets of keys - Alpine White - Black Nappa leather interior - Satellite Navigation - Harmon Kardon Stereo - Bluetooth audio - BMW Assist Contact: 021 070 9077 https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1780184179&ed=true
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    Even in yellow I wouldn't mind it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-5-Series-BMW-Alpina-V8S-Touring-Limited-Edition-One-off/392121477412?hash=item5b4c42e924:g:T7EAAOSw5PJbF~qk&vxp=mtr
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    Easy isn't necessarily "right" though. It would have been easier, and "right" had the dealer responded according to the law and fixed the issue to BMW's standard immediately. He didn't and he went further by actively avoiding his legal accountability. Protecting rights is important yet most people can't be bothered. In this case Steve has been bothered and he should be applauded for that because he didn't take the easy route. If his actions protect even one other potential buyer then he's done well. Used car dealers can make a lot of profit from even a single car, how can they make that profit without accepting a commensurate risk? They shouldn't, they are absolutely accountable for not selling faulty goods and it's their responsibility to ensure that before accepting any offer. Interested to hear how it's going. Edit: lesson to be learnt here, get the codes read and printed out (by somebody not connected to the seller), including the last cleared date before buying a modern car. Any PPI that doesn't include that is a waste of money.
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    I think the next thing you need to buy is a phone/camera with auto stabilizer
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    It’s been very quiet. I did 60,000 kms in it over four years, so it hasn’t done much since 2003 ish. Did the Targa Tour in it around 2000 from memory, that was 5000 kms in a week. 240 kmh along the Tauranga waterfront motorway was a real blast.
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    Owned that car from new. Loved it to bits and probably should have kept it. Good to see prices on the up. Worth every penny and if I had $30K lying around I would probably reach out and do it again. Haven’t really owned anything since with the same Wow factor.
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    ah go on you need this . let me know
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    I heard back from the dealer today. The director said that he had talked to multiple people and they all said that he only needed to replace 2 injectors. I rang BMW Dealerships and asked for any advice. I talked to Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, and Hastings. Everyone but Hastings/Manawatu declined. Shoutout to Stephen from BMW Manawatu, who actually looked up my car and sent me this service bulletin. I am getting the most up to date diagnosis from motorworks sent to me to confirm that the faults are in two different banks. Please find the bulletin attached to this post 😁 hastingscopier@hawkesbaybmw.co.nz_20180925_152424.pdf
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    So just another small update, doesn't look much but spent a few hours on my back putting it in. Now i can officially say it has three pedals Best part was i didn't have to take the steering colum off which i read online that i was going to have to do. master cylinder and clutch lines all put in and ready to go.
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    I'd do more than 455km in one day with a car like that if I felt like wasting that type of money for a bit of fun
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    I've seen better on my Turbo Ford Sierra. The turbo was so hot I could see the turbine wheel spinning inside the housing. I wish I had a good camera back then (1986) I did the conversion myself on a brand new Sierra Ghia Wagon
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    Sold! But staying in the bimmersport family. 😊
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    Wow that is an ugly car for 14k
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    In reply to the original question of E61 or E91? ... The bottom line: Neither model are that different in either size or performance (that is with any engine over 3L) except in one area - The far superior ride quality of the 5 series Touring on Sport suspension. To elaborate: I own both the E61 and E91, both 3L diesel and ask myself this question a lot (!) Which should I sell? Btw, I also own an E46 Touring (NZ new 328i SE with MSport trim and seats and the perfect standard suspension) and have had it for 12 years and neither car is a great improvement over it. Size: I've been over each of them with tape measures and there are very surprising results. Despite what several people have said above about the 5er being huge cars, weirdly they are in fact almost identical in every external dimension except length. Yes, it's true. Even the interior space. Exterior: E61 is only 17mm wider and 317mm longer. Yep only 17mm mirror to mirror. The length appears as 100mm extra wheelbase and 100mm front and rear overhang. Interior: The front elbow room (door armrest to door armrest) is 5mm more in the E61, B pillar to B pillar is 20mm more. Back seat width is only 30mm more in the 5 series but the backseat to front-seat distance is exactly the same with my driving position in each. Yes exactly same. THE big difference is in the boot space. The E61 has 200mm more length and because of the rear air-springs sitting under-floor rather than creating wide strut towers, the width is 100mm greater at max and min widths but also the widest part is squarer. Engines and gearboxes: I have essentially same engine in each (160KW vs 170KW, both with 500Nm) and same gearboxes. The E61 was UK market so came with dpf in exhaust. This was deleted, so while the 3 series was marginally better performance when new (lighter), now the 2 are pretty much identical in performance. My E91 is NZ New and like all the NZ new diesels it was built to Euro3 spec so has no dpf (bonus!). The 5 series really was built as a higher grade car. Trim, solidity, interior details, door heft etc. but the main area that all this shows itself is the suspension and chassis. In my experience, which is mirrored in other reports, the 3 series is far better on standard suspension (both the E46 and E9x). On Sport suspension the ride becomes way too harsh and fidgety on NZ roads. Motorways are fab, but anything else? No way. However the 5 series Touring is the opposite. The standard suspension is great but the Sport suspension has all the tightness, response and control while at the same time being the best overall ride of any car I've owned (there's been a few!). I have 19" wheels with 255/275 tyres and even catseyes on the m'way hardly cause a murmur. I can't personally speak for the E60 sedan because it has a standard rear spring, but I do know the E61's Sport-spec air-springs are superb. The E61 can lack feel through the wheel but the steering is well weighted and precise. As a commuter, the E61 wins all the way. It's just far more relaxing when you want it to be. Stuck or cruising in traffic it just feels nicer. As a nip and duck city car though the E91 is super nice. It feels way more 'darty' and zippy. Of the engine options I'd def recommend searching out a diesel - the most reliable of the engines. The grunt and ease is astonishing in itself but the fuel economy is crazy. I get 6L/100k easily on the open road, and overall combined with urban and city hills etc it averages 7-8L/100. Crazy for a car whose midrange punch-in-the-back feels like a sports bike when overtaking. I also ride a TL1000R bike and while it def can't really be compared in outright power terms both the 530D & 330D are the closest I've felt on the open road to the LOW REV ease of overtaking that big bikes have.
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    Having a blast down south. I did het something that took a wee bit of paint off the lower bumper around the air intake, and picked up a bit of curb rash on the one rim...will just do one big claim and recon when we get back to Auckland. We have both the 6-er and the Tiguan on the road trip, and the 6-er is by far the more comfortable of the two 🙂 Fuel economy aint too bad either at 10l/100km.
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    This is my point, it failed at this particular place for worn shoes, but if i do the conversion and take it for a wof elsewhere they would never know it wasnt discs from factory. When looking up the vin in several different systems it shows the car as having discs. The guy at supercheap auto insisted to my partner that the car had discs and that she didnt actually want the brake shoes she asked for. I understand the braking system is very important to get right, i've taken calipers on and off before and bled brake lines etc, but if i do end up doing the swap i will have my work checked over properly.
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    Really? From the photo you have posted you can see what looks to me like the end of the chassis rail bent through 45 degrees and crushed. That doesn't look too easy to replace correctly. The link to the parts catalogue is helpful, but you really need the full repair manual that shows exactly how things are to be removed and replaced. Was the accident not recorded, I would have thought it would have been with that amount of damage? Isn't it funny how many people manage to hit things smack bang in the middle of the car... but can't seem to steer around it, even with ABS??
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    Lawyer sent his email giving the dealer a deadline of 21 September to give me a full refund or it'll end up in MVDT or "Common law" <-- I'm assuming that's court. The director of the company that spans the two dealerships replied and, with a brief message, basically said get f**ked. He believes that two injectors is a minor issue and that they shouldn't have to fork out for a proper repair of a full set. He said that the idea of selling a car with wiped codes and a pre-existing problem is absurd and therefore the fair trading act doesn't apply to them... He linked the AA report as well. He then spewed all of the usual bull about dealerships standing by customers and they stand behind their vehicle 100%. My lawyer told me I could email them back and make a compromise if I like, but be careful not to screw it up. I did so, and told the director that the fact that two injectors is a minor repair in terms of time spent doesn't mean that it's a minor issue. I told them the AA is a visual mechanical inspection and doesn't look at the computer as far as I'm aware. I've had my car all of one day and even that day wasn't trouble free. The dealership lied to me about what was going on, tried to claim against my warranty and failed, and tried to cover up that they changed the repair. They then tried to cheap out on me as much as they could and pull the car out of my sight to do so. That whole fiasco took more than three weeks. I said that clearly doesn't speak to it being a minor issue and the point of a car is to drive it. The fact that I couldn't drive my car that from day two is the definition of it being not fit for purpose and i'm not interested in keeping it. I proposed a compromise. I proposed that I would accept that fix. I said that the terms of this would be that he guarantees the car against any further issues, injectors or otherwise, that affect its usefulness, for the next 30,000km. If there is an issue, he is to without question give me a full refund of the purchase price and finance exit fees. I told him that as he clearly stands by the conduct of his staff and believes with them that two injectors is an appropriate repair, I'm sure he would jump at the opportunity to prove that they have sold me a quality vehicle. I was careful to specify at the end that It's a good-will agreement and that I in no way waive my rights under any consumer law that applies to the purchase. Now, I don't know what kind of freaking Git would accept someone putting more km's and wear on the car, only to risk having to refund it later. I don't think that they'll even think about accepting that, but It should hopefully put a stop to their pride bulls**t. That's what it's intended for. They either stand by their hard line stance that the car's amazing and two injectors is enough, or they don't. If they do accept it, I'd just about take it as a win as it would be peace of mind either way. Hopefully it's enough for him to just say screw you here's your refund. I'm very ready to take them to the cleaners if they say no. Even if I don't win, it'll be a good shake up for them because it's not good enough. I can't believe that even the director of this company is willing to listen to how his staff have acted, and deny someone a refund for what must be a meager loss in terms of a dealership's daily revenue. He must not care much about his companies name...