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    Hi fellow Beemer addicts. The dream is finally coming true and I'd like to share this beautifulπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ journey with SOME of you. .... Should be delivered here at the workshop by Thursday from Aus.
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    I've never posted much about my builds as they never seemed interesting enough (still isn't). To help me track the progress of my build and experience behind the seat, now wouldn't be a bad time to start. The build came about when the R/R quarter of my E36 met the wall at Meremere at a drift day. Got too excited chasing some higher HP Nissan's and decided to re-initiate my drift on the straight in a cloud of smoke. This is what she looked like after the impact. After the accident, I did a few more events, one being a gymkhana style event held at Hooton Reserve hosted by Sports Car Club NZ. Below is link to one of the videos my mate took. This E36 had daily driving duties and handled abuse at the track but was no longer presentable on the exterior for the street (no that it was fancy to start with), so I decided to pull the car apart even though it drove perfecty straight and would serve its purpose on the track. I purchased a donor car which was a non-Airbag and non-ABS model; ideal donor for the next track/street hack and happened to be the same colour for dirty cheap. It wasn't long after that I came across an E30 PFL coupe rolling shell. {{And it was at this moment, I f**ked up}} Viewed the rust bucket and thought it wouldn't be too bad of a fix. Being my 5th E30 I've owned and in the worst state (to this day, @Jibs05 still gives me crap about and will forever) I wanted to build this to tick all the boxes I wanted in an E30. It took a bit to get the ball rolling for this one but within a couple of months, I sent it off to Quest Fabrication for a bad ass cage. Super stoked with the final result, bar Motorsport NZ taking so long to communicate a we issue with stitch welding that the cage is now got some surface rust...not going to be a fun time prepping for paint. Over the past couple of months, I've been cracking away at it slowly putting it back together for a drift day at Evergreen Drift Park in a couple of weeks which I've been itching to drive after seeing everyone enjoy themselves. Cheers for reading guys. Will post updates slowly as I make more progress
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    Drivers Review - 140i War Hammer Last week I pick up the phone at work to Ray on the other end for our once a month catch-up. He enthusiastically said 'waddya doing this weekend'. My reply, not tons planned but bout time for a visit. He said, good cause I have something for you to try out. The 140i is on the road. Not batting and eye lid I said good ill be there with bells on. Roll on Saturday and a 45min commute from green lane up to silver dale. We arrive and sitting in the driveway was a stout little 1 series. Only hint of what is going on is the quad exhaust sneaking through the rear valance. After some chit chat .. He handed me the keys, the missus and I jumped into the car and prepared the usual check mirrors / belts / anything loose that would end up on the floor etc. Fired the little thing into life, which soon made me realise with the s65 shoe horned under the hood and modified pipes that this aint no 1 series any more. I locked the DCT transmission into reverse and eased the car back onto the road. Checking all the normal stuff I popped it into first and moved away ... with a quick pop of the paddles I was in second and gave it a medium sqeeze on the throttle, immediately we were both pushed back into our seats and I realized we were over the speed limit with the car showing small hint it was tapping at the tranction control. Giving the car a bit of a warm up I took it easy up to the open road and drove it down to my favourite testing ground run .. the sprint to stillwater. I pulled over to let the car finish its warm up of the oil and water to operational temp. Looking down I pushed the 'Power' button and changed the DTC settings to '6'. Now lets stop here for a second to look at its spec. Here we have a 120i Motorsport shell with e92 m3 sub frame components, DTC 7 speed gear box, e92 M3 diff and suspension, Mperformance brakes, newly refreshed s65, free flow stainless exhaust, Tuned MSS60 ECU and m3 GTS software loaded onto the gearbox computer and Mdynamics DSC traction and stability control. Back to the drive, I stomped on the loud pedal and plucked 2nd, 3rd , 4th, 5th redlining all the way. The sound was ammmmmmazing. But what trumped that was the amount of time it took me to break the legal and beyond. I see our first corner coming up at a great rate of knots. Look down and see a 2 with a couple of zeros .. hit the picks and dive into the first corner. It just soaked up the corner and the bumps. Accelerating out of the corner I pop the paddles and within a blink of an eye im through some more gears. The GTS gearbox software has come a long was since the SMGII days. Dual clutch transmission are the playstation generation. You cant get it wrong and it just builds confidence as the car isn't un-settled between gear changes. Up comes the next corner which is the start of a set of s bends. Complete with Rodney Council's finest b road bumps can throw at me. The car didn't flinch. I hit the down change and in comes the rev matching and throttle blips. holy crap I say that sounds awesome. At this stage Im giggling like a little girl while punching it out of the corners ... traction control is letting me know that its keeping the rear end in check. We get down to Still Water and take pause to figure out what the combination is and how something so potent can be so solid on the road with this power to weight combination. I jump out and the missus jumps in. She gives it the potatoes on the way back and reminds me I dont make a good passenger. We get to the open highway, and I jump back in the seat. And do the airfield run. I get a real chance to open it up. Pulling a big over taking manoeuvre past a local tourist. Up pops the stop sign to local highway .. The speedo is well past what would be considered sane. In come some braking performance .. bang bang bang down through the gears .. it pulls up with a face ripping gforce to the local highway. I get a honk honk and thumbs up from the tourist haha .. We complete our cool down run and return to HellBM. I get out of the car and walk up to ray, Ray: 'Whaddya think" Josh "Well that wasn't sh*t" Its given me the big hurry up on my plans for my next car. I own a e30 s50b32. I take on a car that was to put great power into something that I though needed it, at the time it was ground breaking.' This 1 series hatch with the s65b40 and DTC just brings into perspective what the new level is in badassness. This hatch is king. I have driven a lot of builds, with power and handling. Including some amazing factory cars. This takes the cake on all of it. Its really that good. Well done HellBM, this is the future of modding and its bright.
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    I've been a non smoker now from day one. Never have I touched a cigarette since the day I started this thread. It'll be 8 years this year
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    ok - full disclosure,,,,,,the 1 bidder for the M3 Touring was me. And a deal has been reached with Nathan (previous owner from Hamilton) and the M3 Touring will be making its way down the island to PalmNth in the next few weeks to take pride of place in the garage next to its little French brother. Can't wait.....
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    No more stone chips.... until next road trip. have had a good run out of this car in the nearly 3 years of ownership. Some niggly things but no massive bills. It must be able to read my mind as the diff will be coming out soon.
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    FIXED! So @Gabe79 scanned the ews and the key, and it turns out the key was faulty. Weirdly it had no transponder chip in it so thats a bit of a mystery. So a bit of coding later and the car fires up. Big thanks to Gabe, and everyone else who gave advice. I've learnt my lesson and am getting spare keys cut for all my cars at the locksmith today.
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    Im pretty sure you mean E61 M5!
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    E10 should be ok, but if you want the full performance you need to use the good stuff. I don't want to sound like an a55h0le but if you can't afford to run your M5 on 98, you can't really afford to own an M5.
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    Ordered the new trolley on Friday. Kona Elite 1.6T DCT7 in Pulse Red with Towbar & the full Dura-Seal protection system for paint & leather. Should get it Friday or early the following week. The pulse red is close to BMW's Imola Red. http://www.autocar.co.nz/car-reviews-app/2018-hyundai-kona-elite-review
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    At this current point the plans for this winter are mostly panel and paint, plus a few other odd jobs. List includes.. - replace rear guards with genuine E30 M3 guards (on order) - full M3 fibreglass kit for other panels, including the C Pillar extension over the rear window. -5-stud hub conversion. Got a compact rear, just trying to sort out the fronts. -overall paint an panel work to tidy her up and paint the black base colour ready for the gold "JTS" decals. -any other small jobs that I come across on the way. - carbon air intake for the engine & piggy-back ECU with tune if there is enough money left in the kitty.
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    I try to avoid 'the tardis'.
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    Update time. Flashed a BPM Tune along with the DCT remap from the M3 GTS. 95% complete.
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    Now with CSL wheels, no stripes. Clean and classy. Nostripes4 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Nostripes6 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Nostripes3 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Nostripes2 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Nostripes1 by Christian Taylor, on Flickr Let's see how long this lasts..!
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    What Eagle said. I never sit in the back seat of my car so theres no benefit to me in the extra leg room. Also from a aesthetic perspective I think the short wheel base is much more appealing to the eye.
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    A bit of a review on this car now that I've been driving it for a month. The good: 1. This is a stupidly fast car. The 8 speed auto is amazingly quick and responsive, the engine is powerful and doesnt even need to be in sport or manual trans mode, just comfort mode is enough to get it going quick, really quick. 2. It is much more comfortable than the previous 1 series E87 130i or E82 135i chassis. I owned a 130i hatch and driven a few 135i and these ride quite harsh and stiff. This new 1 series is much better and comfortable (in comfort mode). In sport mode the chassis feels a bit stiffer and this is also a nice feature. 3. Definitely feels like a new/modern car. The keyless start/stop, door lock/unlock on the handles, the whole dashboard and display, iDrive features etc makes it really feel like a new car. The late E chassis cars feel dated in comparison. Also the sports seats are comfortable and provide heaps of support with adjustable side bolsters and back support. 4. Depending on your circumstances/needs, this could potentially be the perfect all rounder car providing that you are either single/couple, looking for a great car to do daily duties as well as weekend cruises as well as long holiday trips. It is not a huge car but it is definitely not small. Especially for the front two seats, plenty of space and comfortable. Boot space is also excellent and convenient being a hatchback. The bad or at least not so good: 1. Is it too fast?! With the weather being a bit rainy the past few days, I have noticed that giving it just a tiny bit of extra gas is enough to make the rear slide out in corners or wheel spin going 100km/h on the motorway. Not quite fair because I am using 235 tyres on the rear as a temporary measure while I get my wheels sorted (then I should be going for some 255 wide tyres in the rear) but nevertheless, the car is very very quick and could potentially be quite dangerous if you are careless.. could end up carless. (sorry) 2. The handling is not as great as the previous models. I still really enjoy driving my E46 and miss the handling on the E87 130i because it provided really good feedback from the road and inspired a lot of confidence. This one, even if you put it in sports mode which tightens it up A LOT, it still feels very disconnected and video-game like. 3. Rear seats are really not great. If you have a young kid or a baby seat then its fine but for grown kids or adults, you dont want to put them back there for more than an hour at most. 4. Can be quite a thirsty car if you are heavy footed (and its hard not to be!). Fuel consumption for me is currently about 9.5km/L which is actually really good but I have been mostly driving it weekends only and not too much start stop traffic. 5. Really annoying thing about 1 series in general is wheel fitment. These require around 40-50 offset depending on width of wheels. Mine came originally fitted with a mere 7.5" front and 8" rear and I want to go at least 8" front 8.5" rear so I can run 235/255 tyres. Very difficult to find wheels that fit well. Anyway, thats a bit of a short summary of my initial thoughts on the car incase anyone is looking at these as their next car. By the way, I have also driven 116i 118i and 120i of the F20 chassis in stock and sports models and these are suprisingly good cars if you dont need/want something super powerful. They are a lot of car for the money, safe, relatively reliable, looks better than a golf or audi (subjectively) and is still a RWD BMW at the end of the day.
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    Try to find a set of Contour seats Use her pregnancy as an excuse to spend the extra, but hurry up! You don't have much time!
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    It makes me laugh that people invite realistic offers but provide no indication what they view a realistic offer to be. That coupled with the sellers attitude would count me out. Also interesting that they mention the bad pixels being an inexpensive fix yet they've not bothered doing on their "pride and joy". Nice car yeah, but no thanks.
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    E46 Clubsport 2005 (Facelift) Velvet Blue (BMW individual) Steptronic Napa Black leather interior Cubic silver trim 210kms Slightly higher rev limit to other e46's (ZHP) with an extra 5-10hp I've heard due to the exhaust cam having larger lobes, feels peppier than other 330s also. Airbags replaced already as per recall etc. Stickers in boot for those. Have replaced most things in the past two years of owning to bring it back up to a nice standard. Sitting with BC coilovers brand new, months old (with BMW reinforcement plates on all 4 towers) no cert currently. New radiator, thermostats, vac lines, intake boots, steering rack replaced, front disks, rocker gasket, trans gasket/filter and new fluids for everything even washer fluid 😜, diff oil, disa valve, brand new coils, spark plugs (NGK), fuel pump & filter and a bunch more items bushes etc. Rear bumper repainted (recent chip πŸ˜•), front still needs to be done and mirrors clearcoat. Spent 5k on OEM parts so hard to recall without looking at the receipts now, not including BC coils and carbon boot. Happy to sell the car with or without the BCs and carbon boot. Has carbon strut brace also(not pictured). Previous owner tinted windows 35% Did water pump and couple other items I recall. Have all receipts for every item. Has the 6disc changer in boot also have wired in an aux and have a Bluetooth DAC connected to that in the glovebox for wireless audio. Aux/Bluetooth Works while playing blank CDs perfectly. There are chips and a couple small dents as age and KMs. Ask me questions happy to answer. Looking for $11k with the BCs and carbon boot. With just stock items looking for $8,5k hit me up happy to chat. 0224368922 Ashley.slater@live.com Have two sets of rims so can choose OEM or silver unknown brand if like. Or both if price right. In no rush as I have a second car and looking for the most I can reasonably get to fund new dream. photos are with stock suspension except 4,5th
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    yep, good ole slush box, better for smooth takeoffs and apparently that's what M5 owners are all about these days! Lets face it though, that auto will be orders of magnitude better than the old 4 speed in your dads Cortina.
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    Given you have hidden the plate, are you able to supply the last 7 digits of the VIN? Also, pics of the damage to bumper bonnet and wheels would be of interest- the pics you have are very nice, but given this is a BMW forum, we have all seen a billion silver E39s... Cheers, and good luck!
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    I replaced the grilles on my 540i when I had the bonnet resprayed, got them from BMW and im sure they weren't that expensive, I have a vague recollection of maybe $80 each, although that might be just what I told my wife I paid!
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    bit of a thread dig.. its been about 3 weeks now since I stopped again for the millionth time. getting really expensive now and now I have been smoking for over half of my life which is probably a good enough time as any to try to quit again. Bloody hell..
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    Still looking great today, colour match is great. Amazing how new the whole cabin is feeling. Drove up the drive tonight though and a random airbag light has come on scanner out time