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    I dont think you would have found a better home
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    I have to say that Dave has requested first option of buy back if the time comes for it to part company with me. Pleasure to take over the ownership of this fine beastmate, thanks. I’m sure the driveway will feel pretty different for a while. loving the first few hundred kms on the way back to Auckland, second half of the trip today. car will get some bodywork finishing to take the work Dave started onwards. will be a stock look and feel all the way Today has been a good day (for me)
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    Cool - good outcome for all. Hope to see it sometime. It is a lot of car for the money!
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    Today is a good day. Travelled down to see Dave and take ownership of his very special E38. 1 of only 113 RHD facelifts made, with 24 being individuals. car is really in great shape and Dave has completed lots of work to get it from where it was to a reliable runner. in saying that a few battery issues on start up LOL but that looks more like a faulty new battery. Trip back to Auckland now, having a lot of fun for the first few hundred kms. Promised to Dave to keep it stock and if the time ever comes give him first right of refusal to repurchase. Now to carry on the journey and tidy up the bodywork issues. New front bumper required, doesn’t look worth recovering. basic paint tidy up and re-spray in the same colour. (Looking for good spot in Auckland for this guys) Sympathetic upgrade of the radio and music space. interior colour touch up of the blue to restore new door card for the drivers door, don’t think that’s recoverable either but we’ll see. God I love these cars and this one tops it off. Did I say today was a good day? picture taken half way home at Taumarunui last night (sad looking Audi next to it keeps sneaking in for the pictures... in for nose correction next week by the way, thanks to a rather high bump stop)
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    Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. New grills will make a huge difference instead of the ones I painted in a rush so I could go to a car show..lol Have fun with it Brent.
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    It was immediate..lol Remorse that is. But for me it was time to move it on and concentrate on other things. I did however wait a long time for the right buyer to come along even turning a couple of people away because I didn't think they'd cherish the car like it deserved.. :-) Despite the driveway not looking the same I'm happy with where it's at now.
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    All e46 coupes come with 40/60 folding seats. cold weather package option also includes ski bag thru the centre armrest thing
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    Nice one, now you will have real trouble deciding what to drive.
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    Had Winger replace the airbag. Started replacing the accessory belts, water pump and thermostat. Realised I didn't have the right tools, so settled for a new thermostat gasket to check if that solved my leak (will replace it when I do the water pump). Finished installing the shadow line trim I had, washed it and managed to turn a semi-decent camera into a potato (should've checked the settings before shooting).
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    11 years later, it finally gets what it should have had out of the box