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    Lol, no surprise here. Some f**kwits on bimmersport arguing over tap water.
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    Works well as guard dog though Chris, that bark is bloody scary.
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    Took the 'vert on the BMWCC run down to Port Waikato. Lovely day for it and a great drive to a cool cafe. After an issue with one of the tyres on the Alpina rims presented a problem and required a last minute swap of all 4 wheels and tyres over to my race rims everything ran smoothly. One hundred and fourty mile round trip in good weather and never missed a beat, very relieved and very happy. Did more miles in one day than over the last three or four years. I do really need to use this car more.
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    The ride height screams douche bag to me... best to stay away haha. Surely sorting out those white leather seats in sad condition would be a priority over any other modifications!? I guess not...
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    My E36 318ti (316i) cost me 2k. Its manual, handles great (on low springs) and is comfortable (mtec seats) and is great with the sunroof and good stereo. Handles way better than any of my coupes or sedans in the same variant. 110hp is enough for a first car. Heaps of fun.
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    The correct water is $6 for 10 litres from the supermarket, no real reason not to use it IMO.
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    The doors though, guys. The doors!
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    They were and had a great sounding motor too.
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    Someone has an old Mt Cook Landliner? Impressive.
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    Genuine M3 CSL carbon door panel inserts. Just the carbon panels nothing else. both fronts and one right hand side rear only I collected these a long time ago waiting for a left rear to pop up to make a full set ... but can’t be bothered now as it’s just taking up room. driver side panel condition is poor - one minor crack (not really visible when mounted on door panel card) but has bad discoloration and clear coat peel (a new layer of clear coat would tidy it up real good however) passenger side panel condition is 8/10 has one minor crack near speaker mount portion and someone has fibreglassed that particular spot in the back to strengthen it - not visible when panel mounted to door card. Again new clear coat would tidy this up. rear right panl condition 6/10 minor discolouration again and needs a new coat of clear. all the panels came out of a very unloved damaged CSL and will require new clear coat to be showroom presentable. $3000