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    Looking to sell literally the highest spec possible BMW M2 NZ New from Coombes Johnston Nov 2016 reg my17 LCI (balance of factory warranty incl all M Performance mods) 8,500 KM M-DCT Long Beach Blue Metallic Black leather w/ blue stitching M Performance carbon Fibre/ alcantara door drim, dash trim, shifter surround M Performance Shifter M Performance Steering wheel with shift lights and race display in Alcantara and Carbon Fibre M Performance Handbrake cover Lane Assist Collision Detection Sunroof Harmon Kardon Connected Drive BMW Apps BMW Concierge Extended lights package Adaptive Xenon Headlights Cargo package M Performance Exhaust w/ remote controlled silencer M Performance adjustable Coilover Suspension Eventuri Air Intake M4 GTS adjustable Carbon Fibre wing M Performance rear deck lid M Performance side winglets 2 x keys, both in M Performance key covers Protective clear film applied over stone chip prone parts of car, interior and exterior are immaculate, includes Personalised Slimline plate Priced to sell at $94,990 ONO Can be reached on 021 725 487 Sorry about photos, will update once weather clears up and car is groomed
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    Pre xmas track day pics. E46 front arms have gone in and pick up points for front sway bars have been changed since then. Just need to roll guards and do another test day at Taupo to dial it in. Car may be coming up for sale in the near future if anyone is interested.
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    Progression of this has been awesome, pls don't sell!
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    Brand new Karbonius CSL carbon door panel inserts in 1x1 carbon weave. I can honestly say these are as good if not better than the genuine article. Perfect fitment and weave pattern and stronger construction than the real thing. Made of Prepreg carbon vacuum packed and autoclave cured. Very strong. ***BARE CARBON DOOR INSERT PANELS ONLY *** ****NO door handles or door cards included**** NO mounting hardware included*** - ALL YOU GET ARE THE CARBON PANEL INSERTS WITHOUT THE GENUINE CSL DOOR HANDLES SEEN IN THE PHOTOS**** The weave on these are so good that if you placed a genuine CSL door panel next to it you would struggle to tell them apart - see last photo illustrating this. These are not off the shelf items and are made to order only from karbonius. Very rare. Genuine CSL door panels are $8000 EACH!! So it?s $32,000 just for the door panels - And there are none in stock at all. $4000 firm. Compared to the genuine csl panel (front bare panel pictured below is a really old genuine csl carbon door panel - has slight yellowing already) as you can see the Karbonius (the rear panel - top one) is a perfect match
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    Forgot to mention I also changed the trans fluid and filter. "jatco jerk" remained so manual swap is on the cards. I've done an electric fan conversion on my E30 M52 swap, clears up so much room. Not a bad idea on this as well, cheers. Might look into vanos seals mid-term. Doesn't seem to be giving me trouble right now. Any way to see if it's working as it should? Doesn't seem to be any noticeable crossovers etc. Do you have a preferred engine oil? If it doesn't cause too much pain, care to share the consequences of the pulleys giving up?
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    Hi, bit of a long shot, but would you consider an ‘85 318i E30 manual trade + cash?