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    After a couple of years, I've decided i should try my hand at writing up a build thread. This will be part member intro, part way to capture images but also to try and give back to the forum after since it has helped me with my project a lot! Some history about how I came to fall in love with BMWs. I had recently sold a MK4 Golf and didn't have a huge budget which made trying to find a respectable car pretty tough. I had only really dealt with Japanese cars before the Golf (Toyota Surf>Mitsi Mirage>Nissan Skyline GT300>EG civic>Mk4 Golf) and was always told to stay away from euros for their price of parts and unreliability. My girlfriend however had an E46 and I couldn't believe how much car she got for so little money. I thought I'd risk it and venture out into the realm of old BMWs and see what $4k was able to get me on TradeMe. The 3 series was were I started too look as the 5s, 7s etc were out of my budget or if cheap enough would require a lot of work that my limited knowledge wouldn't cater for. I wasn't keen on E36s as i thought they were too "bogan" or "hori" due to the examples I had seen (completely different story now). E46s were ok, coupes were expensive, sedans were a bit boring but super comfy. I then decided to go older and came across the E30. Holy carp. Those quad headlights. That boxy '80s shape. I researched and researched. Compiled a list of common faults and went out and viewed a couple. My checklist (so I thought) was fairly basic. Coupe, no sunroof due to the potential rust, manual, 4 cyl due to them being cheaper, white, <200kms, but most importantly a straight rust free body. I searched for a couple of months and was starting to get desperate. I had only come across rusty bodies, fiddled wiring, or cars that were just generally pretty badly beaten up. I then saw a post on facebook and headed out that night to view at a mall carpark. The misses and i saw it roll into the carpark and we couldn't help but to grin at the wee car. A quick look over showed that it was in good knick apart from the noisy lifters, ripped seats and gross wheels. I took it for a drive and then decided I wanted this car (June 2016). Some history of the car. Built in June '90 and then sold in NZ my Team McMillan BMW in '91 as a NZ new 316i. Its a Bronzit Beige coupe that was about as poverty spec as it got. Manual, wind up windows, M40B16 engine, no sunroof, unpainted bumpers/mirrors etc, no spoiler, tan cloth interior. "Mr Black" took good care of it by the looks with regular servicing carried out at he dealership. It was then sold through the family to his daughter where it most likely served as the boring daily driver. Somewhere along the line it had been purchased by the guy i was buying it off. The car became my daily and I was absolutely in love. It was completely stock but people still stared at it. Then this weird thing happened... strangers were waving to me who happened to be sporting the same old german car. I started looking up club pages and found all the perfect examples for sale I had been looking for! Oh well, I was stuck with my beige four banger and couldn't have been happier. The noisy lifters started to be a bit of pain in the neck and was starting to get so noisy that people were no longer turning to look at the car, but were turning to look for the ticking time bomb. I researched into replacing the lifters but that soon became too expensive for what it was. I saw a build with a M52 but that was going to be WAY to hard and out of my league. Meanwhile the old M40 is starting to get REALLY loud. No amount of oil changes/additives were fixing it. I then looked into doing a M20 swap which seemed like a good idea, so i started down that track. Finding a good example however became quite hard and parts availability was also a concern with the ageing motor. Back to the M52 swap it was and many a night was spent seeing how hard it actually was. Thanks to the help of the forums and facebook I slowly started to accumulate the parts needed for the 24 valve swap. Now I can start talking about the interesting stuff. Stage one was the donor car. I wanted a donor car as that would be the safest way to see the motor running plus i knew I'd be able to cannibalise parts off of it. I came across a cheap E36 328i that had went into limp mode. After some poking around I found that the cause for the limp mode was low transmission fluid due to a trans cooler leak that hadn't been looked at "after it stopped leaking" aka no more ATF. This would be the perfect car to pull apart and I didn't feel bad at all due to the poor interior/exterior condition (November 2016).
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    Been a productive day. Fitted the Billy’s. Had to loosen off the strut mounts to feed the shock through and to get the right angle for lower bolt (making sure to use the washer provided with the bolt). I’ve read good things about the Koni’s but having Bilstein struts up front and having them on the E30 I enjoy the handling they provide although one part of a bigger equation I know. I’m driving to the Hawke’s Bay tomorrow so will be interesting to feel the difference as I noticed a wallowing in the rear with old original shocks. Given the mileage I have also ordered some springs, pads and sway bar links. Researched H&R vs Eibach vs Kings. I wanted to keep a similar OE ride height and suspension compliance because I love our back roads so went with the H&R OE Sport Springs over the Eibach as I don’t believe there’s a lot in it. Found this link really helpful http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=261562 Also the H&R were substantially cheaper than Eibach plus FCP Euro shipping costs was half the others. Tried 4 different locally suppliers but both H&R nor Eibach are OOS! Finished the day with a wash, clay bar, polish and detailing. i think the polished style 24’s are growing on me 😀👍
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    Got the front bumper sorted with black msport trims to match but i do need to sort a rear one to re-enable rear PDC. Also fitted clear celis tail lights and fender indicators to match the replacement front Hella xenons, i did prefer the orange but it was easier to go with clears. Thought about doing shadowline door trim also but decided i like the chrome which compliments the wheels and grille, and its a bastard now so may as well continue with it. Going into Tuesday to do most of the manual driveline conversion with a hoist (thanks to Kerry at Mosens). After that i'll finally get around to lowering it once i decide on struts and sport seats when i find a good set.
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    with a planned shift to E39 5 series, I'm selling my E46 -E46 320i M Sport 2.2 litre straight 6 --5 speed auto with steptronic and manual tip tonic mode. Trans is all good, very smooth. -I am the only NZ Owner so far -153xxxkms -Warrant runs out June 2019 -Registered until August 2019 -18” VMR CSL style wheels with Nexen N-Fera SU1 tires, R 18x9.5 et45 18x8.5 f et35 ( Wheels will not be sold seperatly) -Koni Yellow, Damper Adjustable Sports shocks -H&R Adjustable sway bars front and rear -Bav-sound Speaker upgrade -BMW sports interior – cloth / alcantara seats -Sunroof -Professionally tinted windows -Paint and interior regularly looked after with top shelf products to keep it looking good -Fully Serviced every 12 months, last service in September 2018 at Automotive Solutions Hamilton -Small scratches and chips on front bumper and bonnet, typical given the age of the car This car has performed extremely well for me over the last 6+ years. Drives great no rubbing from being lowered and has comfortable but sporty feel on the road. Speaker system upgraded, much better than standard . Used mainly on weekends and longer open road trips Plenty of boot space with tie down points for car seats and larger items 6 airbags to keep you and your passengers safe. BMW Optional ski / snowboard bag in centre of split fold down rear seat referbished rear parcel shelf, with new genuine car seat anchors for the kids Test drives to serious buyers, only with proof of funds Fastidiously maintained and cared for, you will not see a cleaner example. call 0212896316 $5100ono
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    @Admin can you move this to the for sale section please?
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    Lubly chubly just in time for Easter
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    I was quoted $600-$900 plus GST for the labour alone by a BMW specialist for my e82 n55. Not sure if the F chassis cars would mean an easier install but certainly not cheap.
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    Down pipes will throw a light with no tune but it won't matter. With any MHD tune regardless of stage, you won't have that issue. Downpipes don't do a huge amount for performance unless you are planning on going to 2 upwards. Make sure to get a quote before install. My shop ended up taking hours longer than they anticipated
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    Olaf The new springs have completely transformed the car, I didnt realise how bad the car had become over time and the Turner motorsport write up is basically bang on and couldnt have put it better myself "H&R OE sport springs provide a minimal lowering and still maintain ride comfort. Only from H&R, OE Sport Springs are for those who desire a slight increase in handling and control. You can expect reduced body roll and superb ride comfort with better driving convenience. OE Sport Springs provide a subtle upgrade"