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    Drove my new to me, moderately tickled, 335i back from Hamilton. Stoked to be back in a BMW, such a nice car to drive. Bloody good at passing too 😅
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    Spotted at C&C Smales Farm last month
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    Here you go. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1803721574
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    That car with a S62 would be great. Doing one of these anytime soon Ray?
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    Cheers Cory. I thought that was your 330i but wasn’t sure.
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    I agree. I sold my last one with some reluctance but was keen to move into something a little more modern. I tried an e92 M3, e60 M5, even branched out and looked at a 996 911. Kind of considered a F10 M5 but they’re so much bigger. I kept coming back to the e39. The V8 is just so nice day to day. They just got everything so right (imho) and you’re right, they are stunning to look at.
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    I do get it (regarding having another stint in E39 M5 ownership) - seems like a pretty common phenomenon globally). Probably like a few on our board here, I have had the privilege of driving a few different ///M cars - including some newer machinery that put out some serious power. However, I don’t think I have ever driven / owned a vehicle like the E39 M5 which is an all -round absolute pleasure to drive. Totally intoxicating. I love the look of BMW coupes, but this is a stunning car to look at too. Rock star colour too man! In terms of driving them as a weekend toy, I can relate to that!!
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    Looks far from finished, wiring all over the place, and looks stupid with the mtech2. Lol @ 23k
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    Im pretty sure most of the people here are ragging on the 1M in the hopes that they will devalue some so we can buy one 1M is way cooler than an M3 of the same/similar vintage, was the first time in a decade that BMW M made an actual drivers car and not a luxury yacht. Also, modern "S" engines, while they might sound cool and have so many bro brag points, and have fancy numbers, have a very real reputation of being pretty poorly engineered handgrenades that cost a shed load to fix. Id much rather have a 1M than a M2/3/4. More fun, less nonsense and lard. NZ Market for 1Ms is very different to the rest of the world, for some reason we got a whole lot more per capita than anywhere else. That one in the OP is stunning.
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    Going to agree to disagree here. The US S52 was an emission related designation and the M spec engines did get some M rework if I am not mistaken. This differs significantly to the 1M engine which is a complete production engine. When BMW offer the same engine first in a z4 35iS you know they fluffed it by calling it a M car. Anyways we should all believe BMW that that G20 is going to beat them all ... or have they just Banksy’d themselves and doubled the price of the CSL : P https://jalopnik.com/bmw-is-tired-of-your-sh*t-1829635007
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    Lack of S engine not a true M car Never was never will be one and finally the market have realised this and prices have started to reflect this fact. Marketing gimmic to ever call this a M car. To me this was the defining moment BMW M went downhill and everything just needed a badge to be a M
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    Sold the 530i to a bloke in Christchurch. He is an enthusiast too, so it has gone to a good home.