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    So, apparently got to this just in time, very light scoring on the crank but not enough to worry about, lower oil pump chain guide broken but still in place, bearings well used...
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    I am really excited about the new Hyundai "N" stuff!!
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    Shooting brake version = Squished 1 series hatch.
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    //M and N\\ are just cliche. Im waiting for the Daewoo \O/ range personally.
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    Does seem overpriced. Red valve cover and red brake calipers are a bit of a RED flag for me. Wonder what other stuff is on it that shouldn't be!
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    More like change to keep it maintained..
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    From what I understand the main issue is the size of the bearings, they have a very small surface area when compared to bearings from more run of the mill engines, and given that the red line is 8250 rpm they cop a bit of punishment. I have seen pictures of worse bearings from much lower mileage cars, so mine has probably been treated better than some, one careful lady owner, only driven to church on Sunday etc!
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    Hahaha I knew you'd go back soon enough
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    Locally Euro-Italian has been good to me. Overseas I use FCPEuro and Schmiedmann, both are very reliable although I'm starting to prefer FCP.
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    Go on Pete....then Wgtn will have a matchin pair...
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    Any interested in this gem Belongs to a mate of mine 87 e28 m355i manual lsd mtec kit sport seats obc reg lapsed drives ok 166miles old plate uk1000 16” bbs $5k as is call for me for details etc 021433600 https://carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=uk1000 https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/0645926
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    How many compressors are you using? Should be two. And yeah, you really need them on coils closer to the ends of the springs... can't you throw up a picture of where you're at?
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    There's lots of BMWs around the area - you'll have seen them - but not so many forum members (as far as I know).
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    Hey all new owner in North Waikato looking for events/cruises and like mined people to enjoy my car with - any help appreciated. Thanks in advance...
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    Or just track the E60 M5.
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    No idea how they came to that price evaluation especially given its been modified plus 3.6l
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    Nup. Non-original bits and pieces car. If I wanted an M5 for that money I'd get an E39 for sure, so much better.