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  1. That is a great colour.
  2. Looks very similar to my old one, even with the plastic front bumper flares...
  3. Selling some of my old Performance BMW magazines, have listed on TM. Auction 1442562606. Cheers Paul
  4. Any interior pics?
  5. Does this have sport seats?
  6. Yes, it was on auto pilot this morning...
  7. Price reduced
  8. Thanks Peter, its a very low key car... surprises a few people
  9. For Sale is my 6 speed manual 2001 NZ New Audi S3, its done 186km and I only use if for the commute from Wellington to Lower Hutt for work. I'm after something with a larger boot for the wife...probably a station wagon or larger saloon. So thought I'd sell my little runabout. It's a great car, leather recaro interior, forge diverter valve, yellowspeed coilovers, milltek exhaust and tuned to around 189kw... so it handles and drives really well. I'm looking for $8k ono http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1012650090
  10. Yup, I love the line 'Whats the lowest you'd take...' when they haven't even seen the car yet.
  11. How many km's?
  12. How much are the manual conversions fitted? Does the car need anything replacing?
  13. The paint looks in really good condition, how many km's?
  14. Brett, have you managed to sell it?
  15. Great looking car Brett.