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  1. I bought it the other car as a daily for the asking price, full BMW service history and two new RE002 tyres. The spec's are exactly the same as John's from factory, although the Alu Cube was replaced with wood. So that will be getting retrofitted. Odometer has just clicked 118k.
  2. far4ngn

    Estoril Blue E46 M

    Its twin brother is for sale in Hawkes Bay at the moment on Trademe
  3. Have you been to this garage...OMG talk about too many cars some thick with years of dust and wedged into a massive warehouse. Wouldn't like to job to move them around.
  4. Guys Looking for some recommendations on a good recoder/scanner, which can also reset airbags etc on e36's up over...don't mind spending a little bit more for quality. Thinking of around $300-400. Thanks Paul
  5. far4ngn

    FS: 2006 BMW E46 325Ci Clubsport Coupe NZ NEW

    That is nice, wouldn't mind that myself...
  6. far4ngn

    Topless in Welly

    Thanks for that appreciated... I have a project MX5 NA, so if its a similar driving experience...but with more power I'd be happy lol
  7. far4ngn

    98 E36 318iS

    Sorry cannot get those attachments to open up.
  8. far4ngn

    Topless in Welly

    How do these drive? I've often thought of buying one, but internet articles aren't too kind and most don't think its very sporty... Would love to hear what you think?
  9. far4ngn

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Actually noticed that whilst the airbag light is on and both front passengers in their seats...I also get the seat belt warning on the dash. Think I'll invest in a scanner So Wingers found the fault, my battery was partially under water...looks like I had a leak! Cost to repair battery, cable and boot seal 2.5k!
  10. far4ngn

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I've got a fault pop up saying Passenger Restraint system... then got a low battery power light?? So I'll be losing sleep over that...
  11. far4ngn

    Estoril Blue E46 M

    That is a great colour.
  12. far4ngn

    BMW 540i V8 MSPORT E39 2000

    Looks very similar to my old one, even with the plastic front bumper flares...
  13. Selling some of my old Performance BMW magazines, have listed on TM. Auction 1442562606. Cheers Paul
  14. far4ngn

    1995 e36 328i coupe

    Any interior pics?