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  1. Anyone got information on this car outside the auction stats. auction no. 1481034724 and any common problems likely to result at this mileage
  2. Hello does anyone have E30 89 window motors for drivers door and rear passengers door they could sell me?
  3. I had a car get caught up in a flash flood in a street the water just got over the foot well but it was deep in the floor, I worked straight away with towels till the main volume was gone and just the mats were wet then I got the house dehumidifier set it up on the back seat and carefully closed the door till the power lead was not jammed in and left it for 4 days emptying the fluid container as required and it did the job well, I was pleasantly surprised.
  4. Thanks for that. Be good to hear from someone who has fitted one to an E90 or can say for sure I'm ok in doing this
  5. Sorry forgot the obvious its an e90
  6. Im a little worried about the connection of a reversing camera fitting, i have an after market sat nav and wish to fit a reversing camera to it. The video lead is straight forward but the power for the camera and the switching hook up will need to be wired into the reversing light. the camera salesman said he hadn't had problems with the cars setting off fault codes but I wanted to check here first.
  7. has anyone fitted these? and are they worth the $55
  8. I haven't had a flat in some 15 years, I know Im lucky but now have an e90 which had the noisemakers disguised as tyres and have replaced them with real tyres, Toyo brand so not the cheapest but not the dearest and have decided that the round town is not a problem for me ( get the guy who sold me the tyres to come and fix a puncture which he's happy to do) but on the open road running I'm not stretching my luck. My son had a hole about the size of 50 cents punched in one of his tyres on of all the places the desert road at about 10 30 pm not too many people keen to help at that time and the ones that do come leave your wallet some $ 650 less taking after hours and trucking the vehicle back to a garage to get a new tyre put on so Im getting one of the E90 space saver tyres and kit with tools and cover from the dealer for $520 I figure it's a better option to sitting in your car waiting for someone to come and help and the tyre pando won't plug the hole. Dont think I would like to take the run flats too far in that condition either. So for me a better option.
  9. anyone got a mini spacesaver?
  10. Will an E46 spacesaver fit an E90 hub? and has anyone got a reasonably priced one either E90 or E46?
  11. Does anyone have an E30 analog clock that I could have? They may have come in other models ( Im happy to be advised ) But as long as they are the same and in good condition I would be happy with that.
  12. Sub standard parts? And a bad reputation? How do you sell that as being acceptable?
  13. Sort of makes you wonder why a so called prestige motor vehicle built by a manufacturer that is supposed to pride itself in making quality vehicles would continue to make something that leaks on one model and carry it over to the next? If a simple thing like a gasket is failing change your supplier to one that can supply a gasket that won't leak. I have lost a lot of faith in BMW in recent years due to their parts not going the distance and the high cost of the parts they sell you that will do the same thing. no wonder there is a large parts aftermarket.
  14. Yes I couldn't agree more on all points. Something I have noticed with the E90 tyres ( which are still warrantable but nearing their end ) is in the wet at slow speeds their ability to lock up. Probably their harder compound. Thanks for the tyre recommendation will look into them.
  15. Hi there I have a tyre repair kit and a pump in the boot. BMW offer one as part of their accessories list so they are expecting some drivers to go that way. But I have found that on a mini cooper S I have the difference between the run flats and normal tyre is chalk and cheese, plus ( maybe just me ) I have more confidence whilst driving in varied conditions with the standard tyre. Having said all that I did not just put on a cheap tyre, In this case I went for a mid priced Toyo.