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  1. Huttey

    1999 E39 540i

    Ray I'm after a Power Steering Reservoir Cap for a 1999 E39 540i, can you help. Kind regards Pete
  2. Huttey


    I am after a towbar for a 1999 E39 540i. Please let me know if anyone has one or can recommend a good place to get one preferably in Wellington or Kapiti coast. Regards Huttey
  3. Why do people share their problems but never share their solutions, got me puzzled as isn't this what a forum is all about so can learn from other member's experiences.
  4. I feel sorry for you as well, did they make much of a mess of your place. Anyone else have some nice 17" alloys and tyres
  5. Hi, It is hard to tell from the picture but you have the central bit around gear selector, ash tray etc?
  6. Probably easier just to send them from home, I have sent you a PM
  7. Is anyone travelling from Auckland to Wellington (or close) that has room for 4 x 17" Wheels with tyres on them.
  8. Huttey


    Jono went to PM you but your mailbox is full, Thanks Jono, just got a quote from garage $3,500 for the E39 to get a warrent, and they got a $1,000 of me last month, so might need to put the exterior on hold for a little while, Pete
  9. Hi, quite keen, are all tyres able to pass a WOF. Any idea of cost to get them to Wellington
  10. Huttey


    I'm after a front bumper for a 1989 E34 535 (blue) and also a front bumper for a 1999 E39 540 (silver)
  11. Huttey

    Want to buy

    I'm afer a good condition reasonably priced E46 328 or 330. Let know if you something sitting in the back of garage. Based in Wellington but can travel if worth while.
  12. Huttey

    1999 E39 540

    Well ex wife just returned my car (1999 E39 540). Drivers door inside door opener broken, right hand fog light disappeared as has most of the bumper (someone must have backed into me - yeah right). So question is does anyone have these items for sale?
  13. Subscribed I am interested in how you find these units (the steering wheel controls, text display capability, navigating your way around). Do they provide cables to go from the boot to front of the car so you hook up an iPhone in the cabin?
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