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  1. yes MS4x flasher was a lot better to use. a lot quicker for flashing, no need for boot made if doing a full write. The only problem i had with it was its battery check before flashing would stop you from writing unless you connected a battery charger to the vehicle, which is always a good idea but not practical if you a trying to reflash a change while you are out on the road.
  2. The peak power went from 140hp @5900 to 158hp @ 6300 I played with the vanos on the inlet cam but only at full throttle, I had to loose 2-3 hp from the top end in order to be able to hold the torque for longer. I also changed the values in "Throttle Angle Reaction on Driver Wish" table below 25% to help make the car feel more lively when driving normally. Just for interest this was all done on the factory exhaust. I have now installed the m52b28 exhaust manifolds and removed the cats at the gearbox plus replaced the rear muffer. The car still feels the same to drive just a little noisier. I haven't been back on the dyno with these changes , but I will as I would like to push the timing some more on 98 fuel. All the logging that i have done to date shows no timing correction has be needed so would like to see how much more timing it can handle.
  3. After alot of trial and error I have finally got it sorted. I managed to get galletto working for the 64k file quite easily. But writing the full 512k caused me abit of problem. Alot of the flashing tools out there are seen by windows 10 as a threat. In the end I downloaded ms4x flasher on my phone , then transferred the file to a laptop and then changed the settings in "Windows Security > Virus & threat protection." To allow the exe file to be opened. If you dont allow the file in "windows threat protection" windows deletes it everytime you open it. Anyway I have now had a good play with both a ms42 and ms43 dme. I got a couple dme's from wreaked cars as I was a bit worried about bricking mine. Used my sons 320i as Guinea pig, got access to a friends dyno over the lockdown and began the learning processes. I was pretty happy with the end result.
  4. What software and cable did you use?
  5. What flash software did you use? and cable? I dont seem to be able to see all the tables, even in the highest user level
  6. Hi Everyone I'm looking into tuning the ms43 in the E46's So far I have looked into Tunerpro and Romraider Has anyone one on here have any views on which they prefer or is there something else I should be looking at? Thanks
  7. Hello , I have swap e36 from 318is in m54b30 , I have some problems but I see post of thermostat I want ask more for that , when you can help tell me I have email and fb 
    and fb Fisnik L Makolli 

  8. Eddie

    e46 v8 wagon

    how is this going?
  9. Yes it's the oil tank for the engine. The tank can hold 8l but only holds around 4-4.5 l while running as the extra oil is circulating around the engine, filter,pump and oil lines. The only pic I took while I was making the tank
  10. I have been tidying up the last of the wiring. Got the reversing lights and camera going again
  11. The car has done just over 1000km now and it's had a small oil leak on the left side since I first got it running, so I thought it's best I fix it
  12. I've just been sorting out the little things like the air filter and washer bottle
  13. I put the e38 fuel pump in the e46 holder
  14. starting sort out the little things. I found a standard shifter surround to replace the tiptronic surround
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