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  1. *Glenn*

    E36 Clutch Problem

    From memory it was BNT. I think the longer carrier type was listed under E21 6cyl as apposed to the E30/E36 shorter type
  2. *Glenn*

    Replace mosfets in e91 dmc/ecu

    Who diagnosed the fault ??
  3. *Glenn*

    My New Trolley

    I’m really enjoying it. Especially being able to set up the HUD and all the safety parameters. The Elite is the top of the range in NZ with every extra fitted including the Autolink app. Break in period is 2,000km. So no towing or pissing others off with the performance. I had a bit of fun in the demo one I had for a week though. Never thought I’d like heated seats, but the leather can be cold first thing (3 heat settings) All the auto settings are great too along with keyless entry. For a small AWD vehicle there’s not much it doesn’t have for its size and cost.
  4. *Glenn*

    My New Trolley

    Go drive one Tom. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the performance of the 1.6T DCT7 AWD version and the handling
  5. *Glenn*

    Help needed...

    I know. But it's not going to help you resolve the problem with the info it has given you previously and what you are now getting after doing the initial repair.
  6. *Glenn*

    Help needed...

    That only applies to cheaper versions of "scanners"
  7. *Glenn*

    Diesel programming

    Talk to Joe
  8. *Glenn*

    Diesel programming

    It's Joe at Eurosurgeon in Penrose Auckland https://eurosurgeon.co.nz/
  9. *Glenn*

    My New Trolley

    Seriously.... go drive one then get back to me. I have one here if your interested. Same as..just in black
  10. *Glenn*

    My New Trolley

    Ordered the new trolley on Friday. Kona Elite 1.6T DCT7 in Pulse Red with Towbar & the full Dura-Seal protection system for paint & leather. Should get it Friday or early the following week. The pulse red is close to BMW's Imola Red. http://www.autocar.co.nz/car-reviews-app/2018-hyundai-kona-elite-review
  11. *Glenn*

    Vinyl Wraping

    Thanks Brent 👍
  12. *Glenn*

    Vinyl Wraping

    Can anyone recommend a reputable Company to do a small job for me ? Has to be in Auckland
  13. BTW... Wayne has my old workshop number (09) 2722546
  14. Waynes out in Whitford with loan cars Chris. That may be a bit far for you though. He's going to be doing all my servicing now. I've been a servant to the masses for far to long and don't want to be working at home on cars now that I'm retired. The only others I have faith in recommending would be BM Workshop Botany or Grey Lynn