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  1. That's the selector shaft seal on the L/H side of the gearbox- common leak issue on the older cars
  2. Selling on behalf of my Daughter. A very good second car for the wife and kids or teenagers first car despite the slightly high mileage. Runs well, doesn't leak or use oil & coolant. Have a gander without any bullshit and get back to me if you might be interested https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1460210715
  3. BTW... I'm sorry admin / owners. I can't remove info and advertising on my signature or website information on my account here and on B.M.W Ltd which is one of my concerns that hasn't been dealt with
  4. I'm just letting everyone know, Botany Motor Worx Ltd (B.M.W Ltd) has withdrawn it's sponsorship on the forum. I'll still be here from time to time though as *Glenn* Wish all you guys the best with your enthusiasm and comradery over the years and I'll still enjoy reading all your exploits and help where I can...
  5. The cheapest way to do these is get a new cable made half an inch longer by an instrument company that makes speedo cables.
  6. What did you do to the seat ?
  7. Butyl Cord... comes in a roll. The dealer might sell it by the meter. Check with a panel beater. Older Audi's use it too
  8. These guys http://www.anythingelectronic.co.nz/aenz/index.php
  9. Even the dealers are known to have gotten this wrong leading to having to replace the instrument cluster and the LCM... good luck... fingers crossed
  10. A tamper condition can be instigated if this isn't done properly
  11. All good. Your car is one of a few very good ones... there are some out there
  12. Be careful Gabe...the LCM is not plug & play on a E39
  13. That's why I've being driving an Xtrail for the last 13 years from new ... 180km 1 battery, 3 sets of tyres, 2 front wheel bearings, crank & cam sensors $85 ea, genuine starter $98, new cat $900 (complete exhaust manifold), 2 sets of front brakes and 1 rear with no new rotors, just machining and normal servicing... oops and 2X LLb501 front park light bulbs.. that's all
  14. I would agree.. such a tidy project A credit to you Scott... well done