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  1. Have you tried LJ Smits in Botany Chris ?
  2. What air club are you flying out of Paul ?
  3. Yes I’ve used this a lot on vehicles, outboards, boats, motorbikes, my Motor home and some customers English imported vehicles. It’s a semi clear coating with a slight yellow colour a bit like the coating on early E30,s and E36’s alloy engine parts. It’s brilliant. About $35 a can. The surfaces need to relatively clean. If you want to have a look or try PM me
  4. Mercury Outboard Quicksilver Corrosion Guard.... best on the market in spray cans
  5. What a great idea..such constructive criticism by you Andrew
  6. You need to get it scanned by someone with a brain that has BMW experience
  7. Wurth Copper Slip is the best product to use in these applications
  8. BM Workshop GreyLynn 3761250 All good quality ATE products
  9. *Glenn*

    E30 M42 Oil

    Most known brands will be fine. We used ELF products
  10. Get the rocker cover off and have look... not a cheap fix unfortunately
  11. Broken rocker arm or ignition cross fire to earth in distributor cap. Have you also checked compression on that cylinder ? These are just suggestions
  12. A fluid and filter change will not change anything with those faults. A second hand trans or rebuild will be your only options
  13. True story: I have been driving for 53 years and I have never had a flat tyre while driving any vehicle
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