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  1. Hi All, Should be a simple one, the internal dizzy cap cover broke (probably why misfired) Ideas on how to get the rotor holder out, Eg off end of cam so I can put replacement cover on. Centre bolt removed and wd40 + Some penetration oil seems to have pushed alot of crap out but still won't budge and can't afford to break it. Have considered standard size gear puller but means I need to take radiator out for enough room safely. Thoughts??? Will post picture when I get to a pc later. Thanks
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    E38 Dizzy Cap

    Hi Guys, Hopefully in right sort of place, After ideas on replacing my E38 Dizzy caps as they are completed stuffed and i thought i had an ignition sync problem....I do its missing firing 3/4 cyclinders. Now i understand you can use the ones of E28's and a few other models. Does anyone have a good used pair or know where i can get for cheap. Its a only a burnout machine for now until as its de-reged...so any help is appreciated
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    V12 - Restore or Repurpose

    Hi All, So the weekend was depressing as the timing case broke on my UTE just before the rebuild (more wasted money and hard to find part)...So in my searches on the interweb i came across a local who had a gem sitting in his driveway ready to be refresh or re-purposed. Its an 95 750il w 162k on the clock, its missing a few items but nothing that i am sure i would be able to find here or from our sponsors. Its currently de-registered, so that's where i am un-decided, so thoughts would be awesome as when my engineer finds out about me spending more money on other things i may need somewhere to hide Plan:???
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    BMW M30 Exhuast Flanges

    Hi All, Have some spare M30 exhuast flanges sitting around from my build. The ports are slightly off by about 1-2mm on on side due to design change (company side) and wasn't worked out till 2nd set was made. Totally fine for stock or light turbo as runners could be put on outside. They cost me around $100 each at time but ill sell them for $50 each, Ask questions as have a lot of respect for the users on this forum and don't want to screw anyone over or around. x1 = 14mm mild steel x1 = 10mm stainless
  5. User Name

    M30 Turbo Manifold

    I have no idea where my spec sheet went with the details and exact part number 63mm/67mm .85 A/R (Sounds about right) Think HX40 with a bit of magic added from Steve Merc. I believe the ATJ Drijt (D1 NZ) boys are running them in there cars and at the moment using hx35 for mock up
  6. Hi Team, I know this has been discussed in another thread by me but as time has progressed and turbo setup has changed i had to make some extra space and wanted to see if people think this will pass or if i am better just making a new one Orginal: e28 Mount attached to block via 6mm plate (wasn't space friendly) Current: M5 Mount + 10MM Steel Plate attached to e32 block ( i have put threads in the plate so it threads all way through) Or Do i use the spare 10mm steel i have and just create one (welded or just heat up plate and bend then tread) basically be reserve of M5 mount
  7. Hi Everyone, Figured i would put a quick post up to let people know that i will be getting some parts from Vac motorsport in the states for my e28 turbo build. (IF the world doesn't fall apart cause of donald trump) I should be about a month away from doing the purchase, so touch base with me if you want to add anything. - Only extra cost will be shipping from Manawatu area to you and depending on part (maybe some customs cost)
  8. User Name

    M30 Turbo Manifold

    Quick Update: Manifold has been completely re-designed due to changing turbo setup - Now be running Holset HX40R split pulse T3(when it arrives), Two Manifolds are being built with equal length runners x2 40mm wastegates - Just waiting on parts to arrive before getting it mocked up and Tig welded together by a local guy who has helped out big time and convincing some of the local guys to work on for me that wanted nothing to do with it. - Then will be going for HPC Coating along with some other engine parts - Will post pics hopefully next week as we get it mocked up Fuel system parts arrived - Just need to purchase injectors and some more braided hose.
  9. Hi All, I know this has been discussed before awhile back but i have hit a road block with my turbo manifold and wanted peoples opinion before i go and start spending $$$ So i managed to semi build myself an turbo manifold with individual runners but have run into issues on the collector end as i don't really have space for the wastegate unless i mount it on top of collector (which with my welder blowing a gas bottle, i need a new regulator + gas so that's about 350-400 i can put on that or someone else finishing my exhuast off) So check out pics attached and let me know your thoughts (Note i have a twin scroll turbo) 1. Go back to log style manifold (more space but likely wont support my power numbers i want) 2. Keep as is with bottom mount and have someone finish off the manifold 3. Keep same style but change to top mount (only issue is getting 2.5" outlet into two pipes, which i confirmed will just fit between last runner & firewall and 6/5) 4. Buy this and just get a 50mm flange installed - http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-M30-T4-Turbo-Manifold-E30-E32-E34-E28-E24-E23-E9-/131806544376 5. Or go with this guys idea (pictures at top and bottom of page) and make down pipes fit - http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=285809 I am personally leaning towards options 3/4/5 but i do like option 5 as i could probably do with materials i currently have and just tac together and get someone to finish off but noticed there is no wastegate (so don't know if space is there) So let me know what you think and if need be we will do a poll and go for it + anyone know any good fabricators in manwatu/welly region as i would prefer local rather than sending the car somewhere else in the country. Note: Topcat , BMWorld and other members have been awesome so far with info and i will be representing bimmersport once this is up and running (dreams)
  10. User Name

    e28 ( Chasis modication Question)

    Firstly i would like to say a big thanks to Topcat and also BMworld for posting pics and also forum links (which i had spent time looking for to no avail) I do really appreciate the knowledge given the fact that you have done this all before I will be taking this all into account and will for sure be updating my project page soon with more details and seriously i can't thank you all enough
  11. User Name

    Steel Pipe Bender (manwatu or wellington)

    Thanks for quick response everyone. I was unaware that the pipe benders can crush and crimp without filling with sand but makes sense. I was only more inclined to use a pipe bender so i could make each individual extractor one clean pipe instead of welding a bunch of elbows and straight pipe (also given i have to put a pipe under the engine mount from turbo) figured a pipe bender was cheaper option in long run. As you can see i am limited on space, i am making adjustments to the two rear ones as they can come out further but sure you get idea.(3rd mock up so far - had to change from top to bottom mount turbo) So options are: (as already have 6m 1.5" sch40) 12T Pipe bender for $185 or $110 for 6 x 90* elbows + 6 x 45* elbows + another cutting disk as they don't survive long haha I would love both but don't have that cash at the moment, comments are welcome good or bad
  12. Hi Guys, If anyone has a steel pipe bender (50mm) that i could borrow it would save me from buying one you would be a life saver. I can put down a deposit as i really only need it for about a day to finish my turbo headers. PM or update post
  13. Hey Everyone, As some people know i have started doing an e28 turbo project (running gt42), i have run into some serious problem with space on exhaust manifold side due to size of turbo 1. Engine mount gets in way of manifold i had designed (turbo was going to be side mounted on right hand side in battery box area otherwise hits the hood if top mounted) Anyway this is a question about modifying the chassis to make it all fit easier or i have to do some serious thinking on how to do it. Question: Pic 1 - Would i get away with cutting this out and re-boxing (which would give a lot of extra space and figure if done right would be just as strong) or is this to much in the way of modifications that it would have to be re-certified or done by a professional (which i don't have cash to do) Any ideas are welcome but the e28 chassis has no space compared to other models
  14. User Name

    e28 (The beast) Forced Induction

    Hey Bud, My engine came out of an e32 originally, i had no issues just putting the engine in same place except for the right hand side engine mount which needed to be re-fabbed. The big difference i found between the 2 and can take pictures if i can find the old e28 one if it hasn't been used for scrap it. The front left hand side by where power steering pump is attached has a mounting bracket (that to me looked like engine mount - its not off course ) that sits down the side of the pan which takes up space and doesn't look that nice to be honest. Message me if you want a pic and ill see what i can do.
  15. User Name

    Performance Cooling

    Hi All, Seen i have started my project i have decided that i should increase the size of my radiator. With some cutting / welding of non structual parts i have worked out a size i can fit in. I have space for 650mm wide x 440mm height x 50 deep. I have had a look around a few places and as usual i find i have to spend half my life trying to find spec details for radiators if im going to purchase offself as alot of companies go car model etc... we all know the story. So figured i would post here and see if anyone has any thourghts or have anyone they have used before. Thanks