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  1. beemwr

    E30 M40 Sump

    I have an e30M44 race car ready to go. Probably the price would be under what you are about to spend too on your conversion. It was a between car for me, took a low km'd m44 engine (96k ) that had been transplanted from my '02. Project car has taken longer than expected and tripled the original budget! Txt 0204200254
  2. l think l can live without them, but original RS are a different story for my book anyway.
  3. I sold my last pair with a set of brackets, nordic washers and new HT Bolts. BUT l have my spare set for my race car, which I am in the process of readying for sale, could sell those. So yes the centres were machined for the e30 hub. I bought these rotors, as I heard they were stopping the supply. I think they may be the last ones sold in NZ. I have a spare set of new HT bolts & nordic washers too, which would be an extra $40. Bought from Steelmasters $10 ea, forgotten what washers were! Yeah if you haven't used nordic washers before they are rated excellent and save using loctite, so quick brake pad changes can be made. I live between Marton & Feilding but come into Palm nth often. Txt 0204200254
  4. Sorry, forgot to respond to your question: I had an engineer clean and fit new seals etc seeing I was selling them on. I did mine but I'm not accredited mechanically to do others. Rather be safe than sorry.
  5. Thanks for the like minded accolade to the e30/RX7 combination Jon. Just sold this set, buyer must have read your postive comment. Thank you, I can say it was unsolicited too I have had and put them on x3 e30's now. Can't find the uTube clip showing the braking improvement. There are lots of expensive kit out there that don't perform any better than these I reckon. I know we science to prove the point. On my track e30 gained another 70 metres later braking with help of race pads and new rubber and ><2 sec lap times, no science used, straight to the jugular. Found using nordic washers instead of loctite great for quick pad changing too. Also trying with stainless pins in preference to plain steel, haven't managed yet to find a stockist of smaller size nordic to use nut too yet.Not sure how nyloc lasts on race heat pads. I now only have x1 bracket and rotor pair left. Started with putting the three kits & seven pairs together.
  6. Was keeping this set for an e30 build but need the doors for my race car, so parting roller now. Prospective buyer has reneged too,in paying any money over and now some interest from another selling site has prompted this post: *2x RX7 re-built Calipers *2x New Machined Rotors *2X Adaptor Brackets *2x Brake Hose adaptors (Have new bolts & nordic washers available for extra) $600 from on here Txt: 0204200254
  7. A pair of new e30/RX7 rotors $160 for Bimmesporters Does not come with caliper or roto shown, what you get is just the two boxes with wrapped rotors, after they were machined. Last pair. Also I was told by Repco these were the last ones they had to sell in NZ ,discontinued by their supplier sales person said. Txt 0204200254
  8. Been searching and pondering and tentative conclusion is that the 'code' 20 6s 2 is the best clue to suggest that the engine is from a 1993 e36 M50B20TU Right or wrong?
  9. 1.Have an M50 engine, on the block l can read 31250976 and underneath these nos.20 6S 2. What cc engine wouldthis be? The sump is at the rear of the block suggesting it came out of an e36,I believe. 2. Hoping it is an M50B2.5TU and whether it would match up to a e46 manual gearbox and which wiring loom and ECU would best be used?
  10. Wanting an M5B25TU wiring loom and ECU ? For e46 318Ti manual M50 engine conversion cheers
  11. As new, bought them to fit a Sabelt Race seat but seller reneged at last minute so have sat idle years. Bought an Autsport seat complete with the frame. Length bases 1st hole to last slot 28-30cm From base to top hole slot 14cm $80
  12. A pair of Bilstein Sport front struts came off 1997 e36 316 with 176k use. 6154009H000 & 61740010H000 They have no oil leaks and had a good reboun before being removed. Was on my wife's vehicle, rescued them off the car before it was scrapped after the second engine overheated. Don't know what price these fetch these days but recently bought a new set of H&R for our e30 $1200. $400
  13. Added pics of our e30/m50 which was sold last year. Yeah, heeded a car dealers advice of trimming inside etc. he offered $5k as was. (It was in race trim, as it just had it's first and last race meeting on a winning note.) Thought, mmm nah I can do that, added the trim, as in 7th pic. Took it back to the dealer saying I wanted $10k out of any deal he could broker, he was hesitant, but rang me on my way home to come back pronto, he had a buyer. The prospective owner had seen the car at the track and also saw it drive into the dealers yard and wanted to purchase it. But when he saw it 'trimmed' asked if it could be returned to race trim, which I willingly did...hence my ongoing dilemma and not spending time and money without some certainity of a reward.
  14. Yeah, was it the horse or was it the rider. Looked/contemplated at some of those Series cars and couldn't see the merit in any so bought a caged car albeit unregistered and went from there.
  15. Does an affordable 'motorsport car' have merit in the scheme of things? Especially when it is relatively low cost to run, maintain, can be driven to events, compete and driven home again. It needn't just sit on a trailer when not at the track but could double up as a second car to visit the shops, go to work etc. For my money the the BMW Race Series does come at a greater cost than doing local events where there are under 2 Litre categories for hillclimbs, Bent Sprints, Manfeild R&T, Surgery Intermarque or the class time bands at Manawatu Car Club Summer/Winter Series etc which this car has been doing.= 23 odd events for a year's motorsport spend <$3000 pays for a lot of smiles when on the way home.
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