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  1. beemwr

    Style 5 16"

    Pm'd this day.
  2. beemwr

    M50 2 litre engine

    M50 2L engine $250 Any queries please ask
  3. These are the rare PGP model 4x Racing Dynamics Rims made in Italy 8in x 17in ET 15 TYPE124 10 17 809 Only three caps. Bought one replacement cap off eBay and but it was lost before getting it on the wheel. One has moderate scarring from a kerb, others minor scuffs from use. They fit a lot of BMW models like e34, e30 M3, e28, e24, e32. May fit others too told reported that they should fit e39? Price: $950 Able to deliver SH1 Sanson-Akld Wednesday April 3rd for no charge.
  4. beemwr

    BIG 6 m30 engine

    1. I was expecting to make an adapter for the mount to fit the e28, not a biggie in the scheme of things I thought. 2. engine has been sold so sorting adapter and wiring loom adaptation is not going to happen by me now. 3, Yes, basically another engine less head and ECU. Sorry, it has been snapped up by the M30 engine buyer. 4. I have had the e28e auto over 12 years now, mainly towing, all over NZ. Nearing the 300k mark, no breakdowns, very reliable and a real pleasure to drive.It has great torque as you will know for a 2.7L motor. Before me someone had built a substantial towing frame which extends towards the front of the car well before certs were the norm.WOF inspections haven't raised any comments thus far. Hoping for another 10 years I reckon. Cheers
  5. beemwr

    BIG 6 m30 engine

    Brent or others maybe the best to answer this, but had I been putting the M30B35 into my e28 I would have used/made up an adapter plate for this engine.
  6. beemwr

    BIG 6 m30 engine

    See previous post saying it is an M30B35 gleaned from Brents info and further research.
  7. beemwr

    BIG 6 m30 engine

    Following on from Brent's post : ( block has 34 6K B and eng #40370236 on it) and I read somewhere that a BMW text on the valve cover and 35 on intake manifold confirms to me that this is indeed a M30B35 . (An M30B34 has bmw roundel on valve cover and on intake manifold 32/34= less performance spec all over.)
  8. beemwr

    BIG 6 m30 engine

    Sold the e30 conversion big 6, now can move this one and take better pics. Also hope to add 'long block' and other pieces of M30 in the shed (no head though-gone) foe a comprehensive spares package..
  9. If you are still interested in purchasing the 'auto' M30B35 and pick up with/shipping is delayed please txt 0204200254 toconfirm.
  10. Cool. Appreciate tapping into your fund of knowledge Brent. Pity they don't have BMW questions on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'... I'd be asking you to be on my 'Phone a friend' list if and when I get invited on..
  11. I haven't had time to follow through on codes on these engines (Found numbers, thanks to Brent, of bmw world fame) this engine has eng#:42154566 & eng code: 34 FKB ( auto eng code 34 6KB). All B35 are 3400 odd cc so letters narrow what spec they are I guess. This engine has the Gargastic e30 engine mounts. Have to check the auto.( if any are attached). From late this afternoon I'm away most of the next 2 weeks, from a computer, so won't catch up on things till the 15th march. The auto, from what I have gleaned, should splice into the e28 loom ok, either using e28 one or the auto I believe. Cheers
  12. A request from a South Islander seeking a Big 6. Only interested in selling complete package at this stage. Have another Big six which was a spare to this one on here and TM at the moment too. If these don't sell on this 'selling cycle' I will be picking some parts off this to fit the other to our e28 525e whose engine 350k kms on and is our tow vehicle and couldn't think of a better use. Taken would be ECU the & headers at this stage. See pics: If interested or have queries PM me/ txts sorry have to confirm! N.B.I am taking a ute to Dunedin crossing over Wgtn-Picton Tues 5th March;ChCh Wed 6th; Dunedin Thurs 7th. So from near Marton, on the SH1, to Dunedin I could offer shipping for a Koha (Need to know by Tue 8 a.m. as I will have to drive to town collect a pallet, load onto pallet using some old tie downs, which will need replacing, also need either three sturdy blokes to off-load or have a hoist available at destination. I have a tight schedule to maintain.) This engine package on here for : $1200
  13. beemwr

    E30 M3 Prices of cars that have sold.

    Yeah, haven't managed to get my M3 out of the Akld grid locked traffic, to date, to get it across that tiny bridge to head north and let rip on the diminishing bituman roading.
  14. beemwr

    E30 M3 Prices of cars that have sold.

    Yeah, American Muscle cars now flooding in too, so people have more choices here. 10-20% of top earners have the ability to control the markets and diversify where they spread their spending money. Big shed, under climate control, on a rural land banked block with infinite vehicle numbers stashed brings a better yield than money in the bank in most cases. The CGT (if it gets past the post) and GST (not easily collected) will increase the demand for 'collectable' motor vehicles ( what ever the definition of 'collectable' is these days.) The e30 M3 does have a finite number worldwide and it's origin, history, reputation and desirability of having an ultimate period car is a definite target for the collectors.
  15. beemwr

    E30 M3 Prices of cars that have sold.

    Did he think that was a fair price? I wonder how many e30 M3's there are in NZ. Japanese M3's imports certainly have been pumped into NZ too, a supply for the demand perhaps. For any sale to occur there has to be a willing seller and a willing buyer coming to an agreement. The 3x e30 M3 I notice on TM all are asking $125k with a lot of interest and none of selling very fast.