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  1. beemwr

    BMW E30 D2 front coilovers

    Pmd interest
  2. Which freight firms can do this economically? Waiting for my quote from Hookers, they brought one down from Akld -Palm Nth several years ago for $80.
  3. beemwr

    E46 330ti 5 Speed manual M Sport

  4. beemwr

    E21 323i 5spd 2.5L parts car just in @ BM WORLD

    Cheers Brent, sending you a PM about a part for our 2002.
  5. beemwr

    E36 318is Project car?

    PM coming re.viewing arrangement.Cheers
  6. beemwr


    Will send you a PM Andy on a possibility.
  7. beemwr

    WTB: E30 medium case diff

    Hi Jason What model of e30? On a cautionary note an e30 320i may not take the medium casing without a mod. Best of luck in your search.Cheers
  8. beemwr

    E30 M3 Just Popped Up On TradeMe

    This one was probably assembled for the American market, apparently they didn't like the dogleg boxes. Bruce, Rose City, had (has) a M635i manual for some time too.
  9. Thanks Geoff, do you have any LSD for the e30 too? Has a 3.43 LSD but not locking seems it might need something a bit taller though with the amount of torque available. I will contact you on the number provided.
  10. Thanks for your experience and advice Will, (don't have a computer at home takes a few days to check in). We searched a local car-wreckers in the end, no e32 (or other known boosters that have been tried from doing a google search) but ended up with a Saab one; that connected up with the booster reversed into the left hand passenger footwell working good in braking response. Using standard e30 325i rotors and pads which faded quite dramatically). Going to try Resma pads ($60 a set) to counter the brake fade when tested on the track at the weekend past. I use them on our other track car having used the much dearer Feroda race pads which were recommended. Cheers
  11. beemwr

    E32 Brake booster