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  1. beemwr

    BIG 6 m30 engine

    Bought as a spare engine for race car. Race car now sold. Selling price $500 What you see on pallet and ready to go.
  2. beemwr

    Fiji green 318is

    See this was sold on Turners live auction today. Not sure exactly but around $450- 475 mark plus Turners $280 fees I believe. Shame it had been de-reg'd though as it looked easily repairable with some paint being most of the cost I would think. Wondering if anyone on this forum bought it?
  3. We are down-sizing the number of race cars we have accumulated. #2 e30 Body Sell WBAAK90205007 The power train has the M30 3.5L, 218bhp, 260 gearbox, 3.71 med.LSD Pics showsome of the detail Txting to: 02040823654 Price $9500, I can add greater detailwhenI have time.
  4. The time has come to down-size the number of road/race cars being 'kept' by us. #1: This example started it's road/race conversion around 2013, we believe We became the 'keepers' in 2015. We like the notion of: arrive-drive-and-drive-it-home motorsport vehicles. Its earlier years saw it transformation towards a show-car-motorsport-vehicle and latterly as more a race-car. Its current use has the patina of a race-car and a new 'keeper' may decide whether to revert it to a 'show-car'. It has a log book with two motorsport entries, the last one in 2017 one race win thus far. The pics show 'the thousand words' of the specs. Any questions after that we hopefully can answer. As most people know, a sale needs a willing seller and a willing buyer to agree what something is worth. So we are the willing sellers at $12,500 for this to start the ball rolling for this one. Txting replies are most welcome too: 02040823654
  5. Took a 'big hit' at Manfield on our e30's left-side at the weekend Front and rear doors (opal-green metallic coloured) very much needed asa. I do have a good e30 saloon shell with Black doors which could be used, but painting them opal-green is a huge cost that I can't afford at the moment in, the scheme of things; I wouldn't have a water-tight shell (albeit I could put the damaged ones in I suppose.) I would exchange a sound saloon black shell for an opal-green shell OR just the doors exchanged OR a purchase of both opal-green left-side doors OR Lastly just an opal-green left front door. Appreciate any assistance in locating some e30 opal-green saloon doors. Sorry lost my mobile at the moment but landline 063288657 after 7pm best and/or message so I can back to you.
  6. beemwr

    BMW E30 D2 front coilovers

    Pmd interest
  7. Which freight firms can do this economically? Waiting for my quote from Hookers, they brought one down from Akld -Palm Nth several years ago for $80.
  8. beemwr

    E46 330ti 5 Speed manual M Sport

  9. beemwr

    E21 323i 5spd 2.5L parts car just in @ BM WORLD

    Cheers Brent, sending you a PM about a part for our 2002.
  10. beemwr

    E36 318is Project car?

    PM coming re.viewing arrangement.Cheers
  11. beemwr


    Will send you a PM Andy on a possibility.
  12. beemwr

    WTB: E30 medium case diff

    Hi Jason What model of e30? On a cautionary note an e30 320i may not take the medium casing without a mod. Best of luck in your search.Cheers