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  1. Still on the look-out. Seeking manual window ones in the first instance but would be happy with el. ones.
  2. Had trouble getting the pics on. Roller has rego on hold. Most front bits in the car.
  3. A rare 2002 Compact e46Ti 5spd for $2002 Been well tended by previous 3 pvte owners. Coming up to 228,000kms Has wof and rego to Ap and Aug Great possibilities: as a drift car, family, second car etc Car is as you see in the pics.
  4. Yeah, last year took a hit on left side doors, this year it's the right side. After a pair of doors, right side PFL, green or any colour with-out being rusted out. Or a green colour sedan roller would be interested in too.
  5. Thanks for members who contributed to this request. Now have found one and it fits perfectly from a 1996 e36Ti I believe.
  6. Wanted for BMW M44 engine transplant in e30, an Air-Flow-Meter. Have a cone filter to fit on the end. Txt 0204200254
  7. Yes, Inner bore is 72mm. The lip outer is 77mm. The wheel centre is 55mm. I have had them on our m3 (also had e39 basket weaves on too.) When I was looking on eBay for the RD wheel centre, about 2 years ago now, there were two sets seeking US$2k to buy.
  8. Have had an offer, well short of this asking price though. What are they worth? Market forces at work of a willing seller looking for a willing buyer to 'rehouse these 'iconic' wheels.
  9. 'An 1987 BMW e30 M3 has just been sold on the TM Auction site for $90,100.' A willing seller and a couple of willing bidders contested for the ownership of one very good patina'd e30 M3 indeed.
  10. 'Lot stock and barrel' really have gone, apart from the e46 3.38 ratio diff; if no-one buys it will likely go in/with the e46Ti 2000RS project lot. Anyone looking for a good e46 3.38 locked diff $250 can take it.
  11. Interest in the engine being sold with 6spd g/box. Also added locked diff as part of the package too. Updated listing to reflect the changes. Txt 0204200254
  12. Engine just taken out of donor car today.
  13. Yeah, sold the donor sedan, without engine. So have that and pieces as edited to quit.
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