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  1. What about the 'vynl trim' ? I considered using lambs-wool sewn into as inserts to make it a 'kiwi car,' at the time, would've been a big saving. Not sure now though. Persuaded to stick to originality in the end.
  2. Thanks for sharing that. Did you get front and back done?
  3. Hope you have an open check-book. I don't think there is such an engine as a facelift one, any e30 year is just that a 1985 or 1991. I have, albeit, a seized m20b25 and, a rare for NZ, a forged steel 325 diesel crank in a block- will need to build it up but you would have one uniqu ' screamer' of a motor i.e over 8000rpm + if needed (regular m20b25 are made of inferior grey metal and start exploding after being revved over the7??? rpm. l have a 'seized m20b25 engine and a diesel crank m20b325d block' that I have collected too. $800 all up. Could arrange delivery to New Plymouth $60 If this is of interest could send pics. to you. Do your research as to what is possible with such a package. Have the old skool charm and look with a modern competive power performance. Over to you. Cheers
  4. I could possibly get them down to Oamaru end of next week?
  5. These were done for the finishing off phase, of our e30 'show car,' to coincide with the sale process. The car sold within an hour of being offered on the market. Surprisingly, the new owner elected for the race seat option instead. So not needed in the forseeable future by us. Selling off to finish the next project. Upholstery as new, they were in the car for but a day when it was sold, so basically once around the block use only. To clarify the bottom and top squabs come with the head restraints, and the blue Sparcoes were the oned sold with the e30. Yeah, check out what a professional upholsterer would charge, using quality material, for doing a similar job as these! Take $1400.
  6. Just relisted on TM $450 so on here $400.Can deliver next week Marton-to-Oamaru SH1places though
  7. Small market in NZ only way is research sites world-wide and if wanting a 'real time value' an eBay auction will give you best indicator as to what willing buyers will pay I would sugggest.
  8. These came with our e30 M3 4x 16inX 8.5in rims and tyres if wanted Fitted with Dunlop Formula R Front:205x50x16 & Rear:225x50x16 tyres with plenty of rubber. They had one day's use on the Targa and a handful of outings on Manfeild with them. Plenty of rubber on them. Haven't seen any/many about so could be deemed quality rare wheels. Have the patina of time and use but would be a pretty good buy. Now listed on TM First with $1350 will own these. (These could be delivered end of next week, 18-24 Sept: Marton-to-Oamaru on SH1 and any place between.)
  9. Yeah, an asking price is a 'dreamers/wishing' price and a sale price is ' the willing buyer and willing seller mutually agreeing on a price'. How do we get to what a reasonable price might be though? Seems like trying to diagnose a rare medical condition, the diagnosis is likely to between a biopsy and an autopsy I expect. Or more to the point is it, 'if I have 'no money in the bank' versus ' having lots of money in the bank' I can buy the dream/wish car as opposed to not? Sales of several e30 M3's, I have had knowledge relayed to me, would suggest needing $70-90k in your bank to buy one. There have been a couple sold less than that but would have required $20-30k to be spent to bring them to a 'good condition' again I believe.
  10. Yeah Cool V2.2 2001 Some inside the box pics too. Yeah presume upgrade would be from V2.2 to V2.3?
  11. Thanks for that James. Have opened the box up and took some photoes; not sure if they will be 'sharp' to see all that is needed for an ID. Have just been told too aparently if I have a Series 1, a $70 spend will get it to S2?
  12. beemwr

    My 1971 2002 Build

    Maybe a slot for those projects that stand out from the rest and have stood the test of time: 'Where are they now?' is a worthy category to have and where due rcognition can be given is needed, I reckon? One such build came out of Rotorua, and as the recipient of this amazing build, so I would take great pleasure in nominating and saluting, Eddie (nee Rot62) the inspiational builder/fabricator extraordinaire of the 1971 2002 Orange BMW. The car has spent the last nearly 8 years domiciled in the Manawatu and has nearly two log books filled with motorsport events The previous standard M44 engine, with the original Dellorto Carbs, was removed (and transplanted in a e30), as 7 years of extensive driving on the road and intensive track events has taken its toll. It was time for a "re-invigorated" engine ( M42 ) to be fitted along with Individual Throttle Bodies would give a re-newed surge of power when called upon. Fast cars and fast horses have something in common,apart from sharing horse-power... was it the driver or was it the rider that makes a car or horse go fast(er)? So arise Sir Ed, you're the man. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Insert other media Uploaded Images DSC00198.JPG 2.2 mb · Done Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Insert other media Uploaded Images DSC00198.JPG 2.2 mb · Done DSC00197.JPG 2.1 mb · Done
  13. Sold pending transfer of monies to a member here.
  14. Megasquirt Engine Management System V2.2, with wiring for e30/e36 M42/44 engine Taken from an e30 M44 engine road/race car running car which dynoed out at 95kw @ 6800rpm having been installed for three years. (Car is getting itbs with it's own management system as part of the deal) Google Megasquirt to find the many applications etc if you have another model/make you want to fit. Other members on this forum will know more about Megasquirt than I. I have left it to the specilalists to set up for me. Before looking at the ITB's I enquired about any update's and was told an upgrade to series 11 would be worthwhile for what I had. $400 from on here
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