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  1. Yes bought by a friend of mine who drove it from Wellington up to Auckland and called in on the way through. Nice car and I was able to take it for a short drive 🙂
  2. A friend of mine has bought this Imola Red E39 M5 and it will be moving up to Auckland.
  3. Looks like its been in the car about 5 years. Prob time I updated the firmware !! Yes, after installation, Gavin Bellars at Hi Velocity tuned it on his dyno.
  4. I've got a 1991 E30 M3 with the later 2.3 engine, full euro spec and it has the direct carbon intake and running the Alpha N piggyback ECU. My intake is not an original DTM piece, but its a very nice one that I got in from Germany.
  5. A 635 CSI under a blanket at Ngaruwahia Panelbeaters. Looked like a restoration perhaps.
  6. I'm wanting to put the old Blaupunkt cassette deck back into my car, but it has these speaker cable connections that I'm having trouble with. Would anyone know where to find the other ends to go onto the speaker cable that would fit in, or have any spare ?! Thanks
  7. Today, Thursday morning on the cycle path under the Mangere Bridge
  8. has anyone been able to actually contact the seller of this car ?
  9. Three E39 M5's hanging around this yard now. Two in black and a stunner in Le Mans blue with towbar. I don't know if they are all for sale, but makes for good perving. Anyone know the story - is the blue one coming up for sale ?
  10. I noticed it on a yard in Grey Lynn as I rode past - black with tan leather, non facelift headlights.
  11. Convince your Dad to keep it Nik :-)
  12. Another listed. That's two in as many weeks ! Looks like they saw what the other one sold for.
  13. philwalter

    My new car

    Thanks.....I think ;-) M3 has recently got a new windscreen after a chip turned into a crack on the old one. Got a genuine one sent over from BMW in Germany and fitted, amazing what a difference a new windscreen makes over one that is 25 years old. Thank goodness for Classic Car insurance though...I think the bill all up would have been around $2500.
  14. Yup, darker colour. But 25 year old wheels now days would probably be in need of a re-furb anyway. The paint code for the Sport Evo grey is easy to find.
  15. Actually I have 5. Another in the boot :-)
  16. I have four of these off my E30M3 which is not an Sport Evo, but is a late 1990 Euro Spec which came with the 16" upgrade. They look the same as yours and same spec and part # , so maybe your search doesn't need to be limited to Sport Evo wheels.
  17. philwalter

    MissBM V.2

    Lovely. But leave the wheels and boot spolier OEM in my opinion. Looks perfect as it is. Very nice !
  18. Wow, there are some nice bikes/cars in that tender catalogue. I wonder if they are the vehicles seized in the recent Headhunters raid ?
  19. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-929212971.htm Ticks a lot of boxes, just not the most important one....for me - a clutch pedal.
  20. philwalter

    My new car

    This was done before the injectors or exhaust so hopefully still a few more gains to be had down the track shortly. Sport Evo injectors are expensive, but I think there some other Bosch options we can check out that will work the same.
  21. Importing not quite so attractive now with the dollar slipping. I had plans of bringing something back with me this year, but I think cheaper to buy here if you are prepared to be patient. So this would be around a NZD$40k car landed http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/e46-m3-00-06/--silverstone-edition--1-of-only-50-ever-made--bmw-secret-production-run--fsh--hpi-clear--2-owners/4508613
  22. How many kms did you do in it untill you sold it ?
  23. I looked at it a while back. The red is not as red as the pics suggest and i could live with it. The interior was a bit rough for me..that plastic coating on a lot of the surfaces around the inside doors with was pretty ragged from memory.
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