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  1. louistan3

    1988 MTECH1 E30 325i manual cabriolet

    After the work is done, I assume it will be running well? What's it lowered on? Does it have AC? How's the interior condition?
  2. louistan3


    It's on trademe as well https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1119942198
  3. louistan3


    Hi guys, Looking to clear this from my parents garage as its been sitting as I have nowhere else to put this. I've got a supposed M20B23 with no sump. Comes with Manifolds and ECU,etc. Came from a running car as I picked it up from a guy who took it out earlier that day. Was looking to rebuild it and put into my E30 but never had the chance and I have since sold the E30. I can let it go with the stand for $200 ONO if anyone is interested as really want to clear the space. Feel free to ask questions.
  4. louistan3

    Vehicle transporters

    I used Toll from Dunedin to Auckland. Takes about 6 days I believe? Depot to Depot. A lot more expensive that Kopua's $300-odd though from memory.
  5. louistan3

    1986 e30 320I NZ New

    I'd rather sell with the car first haha. PM me an offer and I might consider splitting them though
  6. louistan3

    1986 e30 320I NZ New

    I was hoping to do more but this is some of the work (which wasn't updated often unfortunately)... http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/46811-pfl-e30-320i-work-log/
  7. louistan3

    1986 e30 320I NZ New

    I'm selling my e30 as I have bought an e34 540i which will be replacing this as my project car. I've done as much as I can to keep her nice and tidy. 1986 320I with 170ish kms. Factory manual NZ New, and I'm the 2nd owner. Originally from Dunedin. I trucked it up to Auckland about 3 years ago. Cambelt, waterpump and oil seals were done soon after I got it. Serviced regularly at least twice a year with new oil, filter. On top of the regular service I've done the diff oil, air filter, fuel filter, brake fluid. Also replaced the exhaust as the old one had a hole, put in a 325I exhaust on. Has Z3 short shifter installed and the trans oil changed same time about 2 years ago. Currently sitting on 16 inch genuine alpinas with Bridgestone RE003's that are about 1 year old. Has been lowered on H&R Sports brand new from the states, with brand new KYB Shocks about 1.5 years ago. Installed Rockford Fosgate speakers in replacement of the old torn stock ones. 3 are installed (2 rears and 1 front) and the last one is still in box as haven't had time. Will come with the car. Interior is in good condition with an almost crack-free dash. Only a small rip on the drivers seat pictured. Some paint fade on the bonnet but otherwise paint is pretty good for age. The bad: There is some oil leaking at the front which I haven't had time to look at yet. And the engine is running a little rich. Extras: I have an M20B23 engine on my stand that I bought to put into the car but never got around to it. It can come with the car if you want it as I obviously won't have a car to install it in anyway. It will probably need to be rebuilt a little but was supposed to be running as it came out of a running car. I'm hopefully looking for $5000 or near offer or can do $4000 without the alpinas as I have a set of 14 inch basketweaves that can come with em. Let me know if I'm asking for too much though....
  8. louistan3

    M20B25 VS M20B23

    From what i read they seem pretty close in hp and torque which is why it seems like a good idea. Would the ecu work or will need a b23 ecu? Sent from my SM-N9100 using Tapatalk
  9. louistan3

    M20B25 VS M20B23

    Sorry to resurrect a thread but was interested with the B23 as well. I was able to grab a semi decent one for cheap and was wondering if anyone knew if the B23 is a drop-in replacement for an L-JET B20? I've got a PFL B20 and so far it seems that I can drop in the B23 without any changes to wiring, etc. Would the ECU for the B20 work as well? or would I need an L-Jet B23 ECU? I'd prefer not to redo the electronics and such, which is why I wasn't really considering an upgrade to Motronic or anything else.
  10. louistan3

    e30 MTech I Rear Apron/Bumper

    Got any photos of it on a car? I mostly see tech 2's so hard to imagine. These are for PFL's right?
  11. louistan3

    Eibach Proline E46 Spring set

    Are these for 6cyl? Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  12. louistan3

    Quick Questions

    Whereabouts? I can't seem to locate any unconnected hoses on the intake boot. That's where I was looking as I found a forum post that mentioned it but still couldn't find it... Is it supposed to have oil? Whats the purpose of it? Thanks for answering.
  13. louistan3

    Quick Questions

    Anybody have an idea for the above question? Sorry for the bump :S
  14. louistan3

    Quick Questions

    Can anyone tell me where the number 3 hose goes? Or where number 4 is? It's for an M50b25 e36. What does it do? It seems like the previous owner has left this hose hanging on the side and is spitting oil every now and then. Thanks
  15. louistan3

    Stock E30 Springs (6 cylinder)

    Hey Guys, I've got a set of stock 6 cylinder springs from my e30 320i. Not sure how much theyre worth but lets say $80. I'm in Auckland. PM me if you're interested.