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  1. Apart from the stealers, is there a place we can order replacement ignition barrels? They are quoting me 300 plus gst for my e38.
  2. hey guys, about to buy an 06 e60. navigation is japanese and radio needs to be converted as well. where is a not so expensive place to get this done? im in auckland cheers,
  3. yeh awesome car she be
  4. A magical deal! Lol Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  5. you listing your ideal garage after winning lotto? LOL
  6. Current situation with work dictates that I need to sell my car :'(. link below to Trademe. Can do a deal with bimmersport members. Trademe
  7. think about the sound and smoothness of the BMW straight 6 and as above, I also had the option to go for the diesel variant but went onto the straight 6 not regretting it, sounds great, the thing is a lot of fun and looks great
  8. lol what happened when she bought from Te Awamutu?
  9. I almost died not checking the forums !!
  10. milage data is recorded on the little black box on the back of the cluster. pull it out and put your one in = your milage.
  11. welcome come over to the monthly meet on sunday
  12. Damn. E38 just looks perfect..... Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  13. Spotted this guy out west heheheh Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  14. waitt..... how is that Mspec anyways? only mspec on that car is probably the Mpars and the badge??