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  1. Well bugger me if she isn't an Msport. Sharp price OP. I offer my services to inspect and test drive if anyone out of town is interested.
  2. Bump, price dropped to $3500.
  3. I think your price is still optimistic, it has had a lot of the expensive sh*t done to it, which is commendable, but 260,000 on an E36 compact is arguably close to end of life. It probably does look a lot better with the bonnet resprayed. Have you listed it on FB Market place? I hate the blue beast but man the marketplace is humming.
  4. Surplus to requirements. 4 x BBS RX204 17 x 8 ET38 Comes with tyres, though not great condition, one is pretty much trashed. 235/45/17 Painted white "professionally" according to guy I got them off. $600 pickup chch. (or can deliver)
  5. Private sellers only Including non car categories? I think it's no different to how it's always been, it's just more transparent and visible now.
  6. Put my new wheels on. Previous were a little wide and kept hitting guards. Before (forgot) After Also, anyone know a fair market price for the previous BBS? ET38 RX204 17 x 8 Complete with three borderline and one toasted tire
  7. Well I'm speechless, wouldn't you just get a ford/holden? https://www.autoblog.com/2011/03/17/meet-the-other-bmw-with-a-bed-stuart-applebys-m5-ute/
  8. Throwback monday Paging @kulgan https://www.motor1.com/news/391193/1989-bmw-7series-video-handbook/
  9. Do people trust oil changers to flush and fill my E36's Jatco?
  10. Where the heck is my trans fill plug? 1995 E36 328 Motorsport ex Japan VID_20200104_201217.mp4
  11. 12.7V batt, and I'm an idiot. Just realised I hadn't actually turned one of these over without plugs. Just silently shoving air out the plugs.
  12. Well after cleaning out my lifters and getting everything back together, I pulled the plugs and the fuel pump relay. Turned the key and could hear the starter spinning, but the motor wasn't engaged to it. Prior to this it has never had a problem starting during my ownership. The two things I could attribute to are me having rotated the motor via the crank a few times will getting everything off and on,and it spent a week with its front on jack stands. Any thoughts and/or fixes?
  13. New ones is a nice thought but haven't found any in NZ and I'd love this car going next week. I suspect now the problem could have been insufficient oil pressure causing one or both to collapse, hence the noise keeping the same cadence but sometimes being twice as loud. Survey says if you assemble the two parts without the spring the valve should keep air in so it will resist being squeezed
  14. I assumed that once a lifter was bunged it needed replaced? I've pulled them all apart for a deep clean
  15. Looking for some parts and came across this beauty.
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