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  1. Long title, M52B28 Cyl1 195 Cyl2 210 Cyl3 190 Cyl 4 180 Cyl 5 200 Cyl 6 160
  2. Auckland is a bit of a pita, but thanks for the offer. I found these with good tyres for $600, good deal? Style 5's?
  3. Currently 17x8 ET38's Online tool says they will be about 6mm closer to guard
  4. I'm not much of a booker, link? Going to go look at these after work, probably reps, but cheap. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2380422371
  5. Looking for something around the 17x8 territory for the E36 to whack touring tyres on and save the semi's for weekends/track days.
  6. Pics and price my dude, as per forum rules.
  7. These look like Style 32 off an E39 M5? E 17 x 8 17x 9 5er E39 Touring, M5 8x17 * front ET 20 5er E39 Touring, M5 9x17 * back ET 26 https://www.trademe.co.nz/2378598418 What are my chances of whacking these on my E36?
  8. Sweet ill check that out. The other quirk that is probably related is the fuel consumption guage is off by about 10L/km, shows 20L/km when cruising, which would be lovely, but yeah...
  9. So, picked up my new E36 on the Weeke d, it's auto, but has the 3.6whatever LSD medium case diff. The tires are one profile higher than spec, 235/45/17 rather than 235/40/17. However what I'm dealing with is 100km Road speed (GPS and SID Confirmed) is around 82kph on the speedo, 50 around 39ish... And while I've got a pretty good butometer, it's a bit of a pain in the ass glancing down at the GPS all the time to confirm speed. Is this somthing I can change in the ecu? Or do I need a pulse modifier on the wire somewhere, or a new sender, or a new cluster?
  10. Thanks again Hyde, great meeting you, flawless drive so far. Looking forwards to whacking the SC and a 6 Speed Manual on this thing.
  11. Decided I should probably try my normal insurance, ANZ (Vero), happy do it in current guise for a really fair price.
  12. One is required, but more are probably appreciated, given the price,by prospective purchasers.
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