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  1. I'd love a LHD as a track car. The next time an uncompliable LHD E34 M5 comes up for ~$15k papas going to build a stock car.
  2. Someone smart is flipping it before it's got a 6 figure speedo. I don't think a lot of cars will sell for a few weeks, what with people not supposed to leave there house. I mean, some will run it in the garage with the door closed.
  3. Who remembers the advert pissing contest between bmw/audi etc
  4. New with a 24mth Warranty, can sort shipping wherever. Other battery types available, automotive, deep cycle, solar etc. DIN44 $150.00 DIN53 $165.00 DIN55 $165.00 DIN66 $205.00 DIN66R $205.00 DIN77 $250.00 DIN88 $265.00 DIN100 $310.00 DIN120 $310.00 DIN135 $363.00 DIN165 $439.00 PM or drop me a line on 0273005838
  5. For n00bs (Like me), engine deet's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_B58
  6. $15110... Wow Just wow. Buyer is a euro car parts vendor... Wonder if we'll see him try move it over 20k in the next 6 months.
  7. Hells teeth, that makes bangle look like Picasso.
  8. I volunteer myself If anyone out of town wants it test driven.
  9. LemonHunter


    Automatic if anyone is wondering. https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/kn44689
  10. LemonHunter


    I'd be extremely concerned about the condition of the aluminium. The block being cast and tempered, has been exposed to fire, if the temperature gets up around 400, there is a good chance the aluminium has been annealed. Anything steel is probably fine. Side note, isn't the going rate for an S54 long block that hasn't been through a fire around 3k? NB: trying to create a discussion more than be an ass hole. Possibly educate as well. Tl;dr Cast Aluminium + Fire = bad.
  11. LemonHunter

    E30 M3

    This one looks a bit cheaper ~$140k In white with only 67,000km https://www.japanesecartrade.com/3328239-japan-used-bmw-m3-coupe-1988.html $Ask In black with only 120,500km https://www.japanesecartrade.com/3303701-japan-used-bmw-m3-coupe-1988.html $ask Another in black with only 65,000km https://www.japanesecartrade.com/3299423-japan-used-bmw-m3-sedan-car-1987.html
  12. LemonHunter

    E30 M3

    Just noticed this is LHD, which I think was the norm anyway, all RHD are conversions?
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