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  1. Morning All, Just passing on a discount from my supplier. Normally I sell these at $518.08 but they are rolling out the door at $420. Will ship them anywhere for $50 to bimmersport members. Call 0273005838 or PM Sales Spiel follows. SSAGM90 Neuton Power 850CCA VRL5 Stop Start AGM Battery Length: 353mm Width: 175mm Height: 190mm Weight: 26.7KG Some other part numbers H3 H8 L5 600402083 G14 595901085 G3 595402080 F6 590122072 DIN88H DIN88 DIN88LMF DIN100 DIN100MF DIN92LMF DIN92 DIN92U L5 3882 3884 3888 MF58827 MF59218 MF59219 MF60038 588027068 592018072 600038085 588027064 592018064 600038072 600103085 592102076 588109072 DIN110 PDIN110 DIN110U DIN88AGM DIN92AGM DIN110AGM 88AGM 92AGM 110AGM DIN90 DIN90AGM 90AGM AGM90
  2. A bump for winter. Bimmersport shipping $50 out of Canterbury, free Chch to Ashburton.
  3. I reckon the first two bidders are shills.
  4. That needs some context. My partner and I both made the same face. Like suckling on a lemon
  5. All cars ex Singapore gave incredibly low milage. Most people don't drive, even if they have cars, public transport is cheap, reliable and fast. I remember it taking me 2 hours to drive across the island, ~40km Like off road vehicles from the North of Japan, might be a 90's Toyota land cruiser with 80,000km on the clock, but it would have been a hard damn 80,000km driving up ski roads.
  6. Because its a Singapore import. Bugger all, if any Open road driving, high humidity
  7. I think we were all waiting for E36 tax
  8. There was probably an extremely happy mechanic who helped him spend 50k on it, or more, most know better than to think they can sell a race car for equal to, or more than has been invested. Excluding those tested And proven perhaps
  9. He seems to have spared the expense of a manual conversion. Or are the modern autos awesome? Alpina doesn't seem to have a problem with them
  10. I'd love a LHD as a track car. The next time an uncompliable LHD E34 M5 comes up for ~$15k papas going to build a stock car.
  11. Someone smart is flipping it before it's got a 6 figure speedo. I don't think a lot of cars will sell for a few weeks, what with people not supposed to leave there house. I mean, some will run it in the garage with the door closed.
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