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  1. p1_m3

    Couple of Rides spotted recently :-)

    Hi Neil - thanks for the PM and update. I have wondered lately whether you still had it lol. Kinda wish I'd kept it, but couldnt at the time etc. I've just got another Z4M Coupe so happy with that. Just watch the lift off oversteer in the V6 - that nearly caught me out a few times ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. p1_m3

    Couple of Rides spotted recently :-)

    Nope not me, ever (or was it this one? )
  3. Spotted at C&C Smales Farm last month
  4. p1_m3

    Independent valuation

    Done thanks. Let me know
  5. Yep I remember checking in 2010 and got both those answers lol. Tad dodgy. Not sure why you'd get a BMW/Euro plate manufactured overseas for a car that it wasnt registered to in NZ duh
  6. Insurance company wonโ€™t insure my Z4MC for the correct money and want an independent valuation. Any tips?
  7. p1_m3

    2006 Z4M Coupe For Sale

    Car now sold :-) and resides in Nelson
  8. p1_m3

    2006 Z4M Coupe For Sale

    Hi Paul - yes I know, the old sales gimmick with the numbers - the wonders of the human brain lol :-) I'm about 5ft11in and the headroom is fine. I have the seat set at its lowest and there is about another six inches of room I reckon. the roofline exterior and interior has a slight bulge in it, as you can see from the new photos ive just uploaded :-)
  9. p1_m3

    2006 Z4M Coupe For Sale

    Thanks :-) now up on TardMe http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=857534996
  10. p1_m3

    2006 Z4M Coupe For Sale

    Just dropping this in here first, in case there is any interest before I go up on trademe etc. Car is coming up for 90,000km. It's a UK import and is currently showing 56,000 miles. Servicing by Bellars Motor Works. Next Inspection due in 9250 miles. WOF due end March but will obviously go out with a new one. Rego till 14th june. It had a couple of O2 sensors replaced early last year. Tires are in good nick, slight bit of kerbing on one alloy. Was the cover car for a BMW UK Magazine. Has been Gard-X treated on the paintwork, so repels a lot of dirt and keeps the paintwork looking great. Will get some decent pics done soon and more details etc etc. Selling as i need a practical car once more. I've had it two years now. Asking $32,990 or near offer. If anyone is seriously interested then text me 021 881640.
  11. p1_m3

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    thanks will do
  12. p1_m3

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Spotted Met Blue M3 plated 'HACKAR' on Hibiscus Coast last Sat - Carjam confirms it as 'BMW M3COUPE 3.2 1997 M3COUPE 3.2'. Grahite wheels, lowered, remus? exhaust?
  13. p1_m3

    TotalBMW Issue 71 - long shot

    Thanks for this :-) my email address is phil1066@gmail.com Phil