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  1. Graeme, how did this end up for you? I've meet the guy who started PPL (Murray Thom - who know does the NZ Songbook) and obviously have my own resale plates business (www.greatplates.co.nz). I'd be very interested to see how you got on...
  2. Please see my listings for my $1 reserve clearance on everything with a BMW stamp on it! I'll be uploading more stuff during the week so please keep checking back. Most stuff has free freight too! Alternatively you can collect from Farm Cove, AK. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings....8&mcat=0001-
  3. Just so you guys know, I can make any plate frame you guys like. Euro plate, standard plate size. Obviously can't put Bimmersport on it without approval from Ollie or Andrew. Ollie, I'll PM with a quote to do these for the club.
  4. Closing in a couple of hours.
  5. Auction closes tomorrow. These plates are worth over $800 IF available! I'm only selling as have another better suited plate for my project. Make a name for your BM!
  6. Personalised Plate: [bAD BM] for sale at $1 reserve on Trade Me. Selling as I've got a better plate for my E30 project so this is now surplus. This plate will suit all vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trailers, trucks etc etc). Trade Me Link
  7. I will accept layby to those who want it...
  8. Sell the plate [bAD BM] as have bought another. Plate is currently a motorcycle plate (5 characters) so will need to be remade to go onto your BAD BM (at a cost of $22.50 incl. freight and rego sticker). All offers considered, in no rush to sell. Please PM, e-mail me: jp@jp.net.nz or ph/text: 021-8-JARED Keep in mind IF a plate is available they retail for over $800 from Personalised Plates Ltd. GST receipt can be provided.
  9. jpp

    Facelift E30 Parting

    Send Ryan the bill
  10. News Article: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/3448485/Ar...-be-on-the-road Video: http://www.stuff.co.nz/lightbox/national/3...0&width=640
  11. Saw that too after Kumeu Car Show. My bet is drink driving.
  12. What plate are you after? (PM me if you wish...) What other plates do you own? I saw you buy that plate, and I knew the guy didn't own it technically. The rules on plates have recently changed within the last month regarding plate ownership. If it's been on your car for over a month, you can get LicenSys NZ to issue a form that you need a JP to sign stating you are the owner. Fax that away and the plate will be put in your name if the accept it. What plate's that?
  13. Hi All, I'm sell the plate MSPEC1. The plate is in red, and can go onto any vehicle. Plates are already manufactured, or can be remade for a small fee. After offers, get in touch. Jared Percival (09) 576-2867 or 021-8-JARED
  14. I'm passing through Thursday morning.
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