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  1. M3AN

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Do you cross reference anything you hear on Fox with authoritative sources Richard? ๐Ÿค” The modern mortality rate of influenza is about 0.1%, even the smallest estimate for C-19 is an order of magnitude greater than that, they're incomparable. That it's related to SARS is irrelevant, there's still no SARS vaccine and that killed less that 1000 people worldwide. C-19 is a completely different ball game, on a completely different scale. The world didn't shut down for SARS (or MERS for that matter). People who adopt your perspective are a risk to us all because you're not taking it seriously enough. Basic hygiene can't protect the rest of us from people like you.
  2. M3AN

    The COVID-19 Thread

    This. Even people I know are being f/wits about the whole thing. Seriously, what is wrong with some people? I fear the same.
  3. M3AN

    The COVID-19 Thread

    Yeah, Australia is interesting... they're either really lucky or they're not testing enough people. ~3500 cases seems scarcely believable given their pretty useless approach.
  4. M3AN

    The COVID-19 Thread

    This is a global problem, blaming the Chinese won't help. If governments around the world had actually been proactive after seeing what was happening in China then we wouldn't be where we are now. Both the UK and the US are f'ed now because their leaders, with the benefit all of the information from China (and around the world) available to them give their very own people almost no chance. And Trump is still claiming people will be back at church and work by Easter. We can only hope his supporters actually believe him and kill themselves as a result. I'd argue that these leaders are more culpable than anyone in China.
  5. Thank you, that's great. Fabulous car but the article itself could so with some work and way more photos needed. No mention of the carbon fibre wheels and no pictures of cool things they did mention (mirrors, rear vents etc).
  6. M3AN

    E36 WHEELS

    Is that an Estoril Blue 328? If so, that's cool. I have a set of polished style 24's in 7.5x17 that are surplus to requirements, would go great with your car, even more M3.
  7. M3AN


    You can buy demineralised water from the supermarket and they're still open. But I wouldn't make a special trip for it.
  8. M3AN

    The COVID-19 Thread

    I wouldn't say they're all "busy". ๐Ÿคฃ
  9. Are the imperial threads "close enough"? I would have thought it all needed to be metric?
  10. M3AN

    The COVID-19 Thread

    It's been an interesting experience for me. I head up the Technology & Digital department at Auckland Museum and I first raised my eyebrow back in September last year when I was about to start... I was asked by my ICT manager whether I wanted a laptop or a desktop... I was like "wtf, who still buys business desktops in 2019?!?". I've been a highly mobile worker since I joined Vodafone at the beginning of 2003 and really didn't think there was another way. So, after asking for a laptop and fighting to NOT get a desk phone and extension I started (seriously, who really needs more than one phone or number in their life unless they work in a call centre?). As I was shown around the building (f'ing awesome what's behind the walls BTW) I had to ask... "so many desktops and desk phones, what's the laptop penetration?" Answer: less than 15%. Me: ๐Ÿคจ "Why?" Answer: we don't need to be mobile... 3 weeks after I started we needed to move 100 people out of the Museum into a new, open plan office urgently. This was not anything that had been on the radar before but circumstances at the Museum building itself changed dramatically. First site visit to new site (new Mercury building on Broadway) with me and my ICT manager... lift false floor, almost no structured cabling. Modern office designed for WiFi access and mobile phones. $60k of structured cabling, and 2 weeks of delay later, we can move down 80+ desktops and desk phones... (edit: that was for electrical too, we only had a few cable loops and no outlets). And I thought that was a bitch. Then we had a pandemic. At 11am last Sunday we had no mass remote access solution for staff. By CoB today we've enabled 100 prioritised remote workers in 2 waves and are commencing a 3rd wave next week. 10 days ago we had remote access capacity for only ~20 concurrent users. We have 300 people working in some capacity offsite now. Whew. My history is in telecommunications and broadcasting, my boss said to me before I joined the Museum "I'm concerned about keeping you busy and engaged"... no concerns so far!
  11. M3AN

    The COVID-19 Thread

    The only thing I 'panic purchased' was beer and wine! ๐Ÿคฃ
  12. Yep... but not any more, their game economy changes have made it impossible... and I'm a top 100 player worldwide (Android), people who have less resources than me have almost no chance without paying many, many real $. Asphalt 9 is no better, perhaps even worse.
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