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  1. That's a bit of an eye-opener...
  2. This isn't actively for sale unless the perfect buyer comes along, if I'm breaking any sub-forum rules then perhaps it can be moved to OT? Perfect for a manual conversion for road/targa/track... I'm thinking of replacing my daily, this 328, with a more modern car but I'm only thinking at this stage. If this seems right up your alley then hit me up but I'm not interested in tyre-kickers, it is what it is and it won't be for everybody. I'll sell it today for the right offer - if this is exactly what you're looking for let me know, that will hasten my decision to replace it (or not). What? 1996 E36 328i Coupe (Japanese import) Automatic Cosmos Black ~156,000 kms (+daily driver) The Good? New belts and pulleys with upgraded hydraulic tensioner (155k) New alu radiator, thermostat, housing, water pump, hoses x5 (155k) Refurbished steering rack with new reservoir, filter, hoses and fluid (156k) New sump cover, gasket, filter and 5w-40 full synthetic oil including 8 litre flush (156k) E36 M3 struts, springs, mounts and swaybars with fresh hardware, bushings, stops and covers (156k) Brand new Sachs front and rear M3 shocks (yet to be installed) Brand new rear wheel bearings (yet to be installed) Fully refreshed interior with M-Rain Motorsport half leather seats, 'new' leather door cards - interior is awesome for an e36 Sunroof still works flawlessly and doesn't leak (!!) New intake elbow and no more vacuum leaks The Bad? Almost every panel is damaged either with poor paint or dents - it's not the worst I've seen but far from the best JatCo box. It doesn't jerk but does flare between 2nd and 3rd gears if you give it some boot (fluid has been replaced) Battery probably needs replacing (has a battery quick disconnect which is included) Only one key and it only works in one door but two working remotes so I've not had a problem in 3 years Other? I've remove the Check Control module and replaced it with a factory analogue clock (because of bad pixels). This has disabled Check Control but the car is still wired for it and you can reinstate it with an 8 or 16 button CC unit. The headliner was replaced by the previous owner and is nice but is falling down at the back. Not causing any trouble but you may want to see to it. I failed a WoF because one front fog was cracked and leaking. I've since removed the fog lights and installed black blanking plates, wiring for fogs is still in place. It's running on forged 17" BBS wheels and near new tyres however it's for sale with shitty 16" original rims and crap tyres. And here's the thread of truth and detail: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/56912-another-e36-my-328-beater/ (heaps more pics there). And because of the rules, here's the pricing info with full transparency... I paid just over 2k for it with none of the "the good" above done (nearly $3000 worth!), I've added less than 3,500 kms since buying it. With everything, new in box shocks and all, you can have it for $3500 today (even though it's not for sale and you can't take immediate delivery!). If you think it might interest you and you're willing to negotiate for $2500 and above then we should talk. And that's the end of my not-yet-for-sale-EOI-only thread! 👍
  3. Thanks ^. The LCI lights do look good, have you considered the swap @Jacko?
  4. I've always laughed at headlight washers where it doesn't snow. Aero spoiler? Is that different to the one that's there? And, out of curiosity more than anything else, do they all have cup holders under the armrest (assuming that's what you're referring to) or are there alternative configurations like older models (e3/46 etc). Engine bay made me weep as well but that would come up okay. I'm not actually thinking about getting this one though, just an example. Although I am a little bit temped. If you read the Q&A you'll see the seller isn't a "car person" so to speak. Could be a bargain. Yep, xenon is essential for me these days and have to agree with your order of merits. I'd only really go all black interior or black plastics with an interesting leather (in good condition).
  5. I'm selling these inserts for Recaro SR3 seats which came standard on some E30 M3's as well as a lot of other cars (think high performance JDM cars from the mid 90's). These have been professionally made using refurbished Recaro seat cushions and automotive upholstery grade "M-Rain" fabric that has a foam backing and is UV resistant. They're in new condition having never been used, any marks you can see are simply compression marks from storage. The foam alone is over US$200 per seat. I have a number of meters of original "M-Rain" fabric available to the buyer of these (at a price of course) if you're looking to refresh your interior. If you have a valuable E30 M3 with poor interior this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Inserts (x4): $400 all up. I also have seat frames, E36 base adaptors and sliders if you're interested. All going up on Trademe this week but let me know here if you want more info first. Seat frames not included (but available) so pics of those are for reference only.
  6. Replaced the brake light switch in the M3 today, that's the second (OE) replacement I've had to install in the last 5 years, this one better last. Also received a few boxes... and this is only about half of it, I had to split the shipments to circumnavigate customs. Remember - import tax and duty law changes on 1 October, order your overseas stuff now.
  7. I've looked at a few build sheets now and think the only things missing from this one (as an example) are sunroof and PDC, neither of which I consider essential but would be nice to have (edit: although I've never needed PDC in the past). I've not seen any other "cool" options, most of them are MSport and well spec'ed. Seems price, colour and mileage are going to be the determining factors.
  8. Interesting, what would a used set of 4 x blue motorsport brake calipers set one back, hypothetically of course...
  9. Australia would be a good start, let's follow the lead England set 230 years ago and send all our criminals there. 😉
  10. Tom, it only has racial undertones because you're choosing to see them. Without that interpretation on your part there is no such insinuation. The problem here is context, and you've missed it entirely. We're talking about criminals as a group, not Asians (or Scandinavians). I'm hypothetically advocating for a law that allows us to banish criminals, as far away as possible, regardless of their race. The unfortunate situation with our natural-born citizen criminals is that we can't send them very far, we can't make them stateless. To provide a clear contrast, when Trump says "Go back to where you came from" he's addressing a group of people he's specifically singled out because they're not white. They're otherwise upstanding, law abiding citizens and besides being Democrats Trump has no reasonable grounds to single them out. That's racist, he selecting by race then disparaging. When I say they can "f**k off to where they came from" I'm referring to a group of (serious) criminals and their race, heritage or religion has nothing to do with me singling them out. I'd say the same thing if they were WASP's from England or Catholics from Canada. Regardless of how you've chosen to interpret it I've not singled anybody out based on race. Period. I get your perspective and it's becoming very common (and too easy) to jump on the woke bandwagon and call something out as racially or socially unjust without thinking properly about it and considering it from various perspectives. Whilst we (unfortunately) need ever increasing vigilance on such matters, by incorrectly calling something out as racist, and building a false straw-man around it, you dilute and undermine the very cause you're trying to support. It's the story of the boy that cried wolf. Wait until you see a real wolf then act decisively. I'll be standing right beside you.
  11. Forget the new car warranty, it'll be more hassle than it's worth, get mechanical insurance instead and factor that into the cost. Check for rust behind the wheel well liners, if there's none then the rest is up to you.
  12. Tom, if you're such an expert on the subject I'd expect you to be a little more objective with your views. Regardless of what you want to believe I know my motives and intentions and I'm at peace with them.
  13. Interesting, the e36? I've got some JVC 4" one-ways in the rear of mine (coupe though) and should probably upgrade to 6x9 3-ways...
  14. I'm sure "gas" ones are the biz but for general residential use loud, messy and total overkill it seems. Electric is the way to go for home... some say that about cars too!
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