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  1. ^ yes, worth mentioning. That looks great! On a day other than today I discovered and fixed a coolant leak on the 328 and replaced the belts and pulleys, tensioners were fine. Belts were on their last legs so timing was good. Removed the ECU from the M3 and found what I suspect is a problem with the circuit board.
  2. Reminds me of summer. Nice. Bring it on.
  3. Doesn't look ideal... Any recommendations on how to test these things or who could take a look?
  4. No, it was built in April 1996, a MY97 would be no earlier than September 1996, more likely November. It was first registered in November 1997 so sat around for quite some time unregistered. It's only through a disingenuous interpretation of registration law in NZ that it could be registered as a 1997 (covered in other topics here and elsewhere). It's a 1996 car. Pre-facelift too which is the instant giveaway.
  5. VIN: WBACF22060EV25424 Prod. Date: 1996-04-01 That's about as far away from 1997 as you can get. Nice car though.
  6. Simple Green next time.
  7. Hmm, I don't want to piss on your picnic but whilst everybody else is walking around with a BMW boner I'll tell you one thing: - There's not a single BMW ever produced for the road that will give you the thrill of a worked STI. None, not even the 1M or the CSL. Sure, many BMW's can still give you a thrill but up to 180 km/h they'll all feel much slower than your STI. It's a different story above 200km/h but that's rare territory. I went from a trick TME Evo to an E36 M3 (way back when that was about as much BMW as you could get) and, even with acclaimed prowess of the M3 chassis, the Evo would run circles around it all day, every day. The difference, for two cars produced 24 months apart, especially considering one was half the price, is embarrassing. Until you hit 200km/h then the table is turned. Completely. You're not going to get the same experience as your STI in any BMW, especially a modern one. They're simply too big and heavy. You will however get a completely different type of experience and once you're used to it you'll probably find it just as enticing. I still own the M3 for this reason. But I'd love another Evo to sit alongside it.
  8. I have a couple of old steering wheels and airbags, what does your look like? Note sure mine are 1990 old but there might be something in there for you.
  9. ^ wild assumption dude!
  10. Congrats Garett, hope mum and son are both doing well.
  11. ^ dude, let me tell you about racism at the gas station! I'm a white guy in a BMW and I pulled up to the bowser the other day and the coloured dude at the pump next to me filling up his POS didn't even offer to wash my f'ing window. Does he not know who I am? Geez.
  12. E36 3.2 M3. Codes come back after being cleared when engine is restarted and idling. Potentially related symptoms (only potential symptoms actually): * Engine cuts momentarily (will shut down if this occurs at idle) - used to be only occasionally (infrequently) and at low revs, now more frequently and across rev range. Oil level light comes on when this happens but no other warning/telltale lights. Oil level indicator extinguishes after a few seconds. Actual oil level is fine. * Smell of unburnt fuel from engine bay area, no obvious leaks. Any ideas?
  13. Fair enough. If they didn't keep the codes and the problem persists the codes will get stored again (if they existed in the first place) and the shop should scan it again for free to give you the codes.
  14. I think people are jumping to conclusions about getting it (re)scanned. We have no information to suggest it wasn't done by a competent mechanic the first time around. That picture you posted @Bendy says "faults listed" and then "recorded" - did they give you a copy of that record? i.e. did you get the fault list? Post that here.