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  1. You're correct because apparently the Waitakeres are for used automotive fluids, not solid parts. Arseholes.
  2. No, I wasn't making a small or insignificant distinction, I was calling you out for making a verifiably incorrect claim. You were wrong, period. No hair to split there.
  3. Not quite, from the source themselves: http://www.pqiamerica.com/apiserviceclass.htm SN is just the "latest" standard, it's not targeted at a specific type of vehicle. You could use it just fine in your non-turbo Ferrari all other things being equal. The other thing that strikes me about this thread is that OEM certification will only be for the current range of vehicles. An "M" approved oil produced today won't necessarily be "M" approved for vehicles a decade or more older... so that certification is practically useless, perhaps even misleading, for older vehicles. If the original recommended oil for a vehicle isn't available I think valid questions of an oil manufacturer are; what's the replacement product? are there any additives or characteristics of the replacement product that will be worse for my engine than the original? The problem is I doubt we'd ever get a straight or reliable answer to those questions - manufacturers deliberately obfuscate oil product details. It's a less painful process if we can assume every product evolution is better than the last iteration but I'm not sure we can.
  4. I take big metal parts to a steel scrapyard and the rest goes to landfill. If I'm feeling particularly environmentally conscious I'll wash them in a bath of degreaser before chucking them in the trash.
  5. One of the components was fried, sent it away to Christchurch to get fix. Aside from the hit on my wallet it was easy!
  6. So, long time no post. This is a bit of a reminder for me to update: ECU repaired Fuse box replaced (PITA) Injectors being serviced Front bumper repainted (new fixtures arrived for fitting) New fuel filter to go in Replace windscreen washer pump and level sensor (new parts arrived) Swap alu radiator from the 328 into M3 (new OEM rad for 328 has arrived) Some work to do...
  7. They're in being serviced, so yep you can get them serviced: http://www.injectortech.co.nz/ One of them has a slightly damaged housing courtesy of my ape hands, I'm considering my options...
  8. I considered the EV6's but more recent reports are that it's best to avoid them - not because they're bad, they're just not as suited to the application. But to be honest, if I needed to replace them all I'd probably take a punt on EV6's because of the cost. Also realised the B30 and B32 injectors are different so thanks for the offer but they're not suitable, I've updated the post topic to reflect this.
  9. How much should a used (single) injector cost me? Assuming it hasn't be refurbed. Does anybody have any (13641405044) available?
  10. No, I just got mints... don't think they're German though, Danish perhaps? But I get what you mean - when i was living in the Netherlands I got heaps of stuff from Germany and they always came with Haribo gummy bears.
  11. Received these both today. Ordered a few mins apart from FCP and Schmiedmann and delivered at exactly the same time, two courier vans in the driveway together! Big one is a radiator which will be going into the 328 and the alu one in the 328 will go into the M3. Smaller package is all the fittings I need to reassemble the bumper onto the M3 (edit: and a fuel filter hence the long box).
  12. That's what my old man kept telling me about girls... I suppose it did happen eventually... I hope Graham doesn't have to wait that long!
  13. No, come on guys, do the mechanical engineering analysis 101, duh! Anybody making even a casual scientific observation (or having a rational state of mind) would realise that in real-world applications it DOESN'T MAKE A F'ING DIFFERENCE. Sigh.
  14. That's a "guibo". It's absolutely not a "universal joint" (aka a "constant velocity (CV) joint"). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_joint
  15. Different things... the "guibo" is #1 in that diagram, the uni is the (unnumbered) coupling in the prop shaft.