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  1. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    @Gaz - I'm sure this won't help you, other than providing sanity comfort, but the one in my old 328 looked exactly as in your picture... when you say "threaded" - which part are you referring to?
  2. Someone will pay more than that IMHO. Chuck them on Trademe with a $1 reserve pick-up only and I'm sure they'll go for more than $50.
  3. Interesting, I just got a 100% refund from PayPal for my Avin Android unit... ...and I wonder if that's related to a factory/office shutdown in China (AVIN "USA" is only a legal front for a Chinese company). If so then I almost feel bad for them. They still have a US$350 "security" lodged against my credit card that they required (against my protestations) for the replacement unit and there's another NZ$100 on top that I had to pay for return shipping (they offered me US$50 to compensate for that). It will be interesting to see if they follow up with that "security" because that's also through PayPal. So, I think worst case scenario for me is US$414 and best case is NZ$100... I'm happy with either.
  4. M3AN

    Holden out

    Tbh I think those articles are rather ambiguous. Don't they still sell Opel and Vauxhall cars in the UK? In native RHD? I can see the Holden brand disappearing but I'm not sure I'm reading between the lines that GM are abandoning RHD markets... Supercars might be a bit fooked though if they can't get in-country factory backing to introduce the Camaro.
  5. M3AN

    Back in Black

    lol - two in three days? 😮😂 But they look nice... 😊
  6. You're more than welcome to drive mine if you're ever in my area, genuine and open-ended offer. 👍 I'm not sure anyone's advocating it as an "everyday engine" or a "performance BMW"... I think we're saying it's a great little car that leverages and demonstrates BMW's credibility in six-pot, rear wheel drive, reasonably small and light cars. They really are a joy to drive with the suspension sorted. Even the shitist ones I drove had great feeling engines.
  7. And it's not about tyres, or oil, or Ron, or me! 😆😂
  8. Same engine as in the 130 (which is getting lots of love and a bit of hate recently), and 330 plus some US models... very good motor for cruising, check for oil leaks before you buy. Certainly a better engine that the 4 pot you linked to earlier. This thing would swallow Papakura to the airport no worries. If it's over your original budget and you're not in a rush then just be patient. 😎 Sorry I can't offer more insight on the model/chassis.
  9. OMG - thread explosion! 💥 Glad I wasn't online. 🤣
  10. I have ~2 dozen RC cars and we haven't been using "whip aerials" since the 90's... 2.4GHz SS all the way baby. Even my transmitters have no (or very small) external antennas. Must say, I'm not a fan of the long aerial on the e8x's but the sport version is a direct swap. Indeed pretty much any eBay diversity antenna will work (FM, GPS and 3/4G - I think AM is still in the frame or on the window).
  11. Prefer the 208's myself if I were going to 18's.
  12. Two types of stock aerials, long "fishing rod" version and stubby "sport" version (see my 130 thread)... no e8x's came with the shark fin style from the factory.
  13. Well, the consensus opinion of owners, observers and journos alike is that they're quite underrated. Doesn't mean everyone has to like them though. 👍
  14. I tend to agree actually. My dilemma (first world problems) is that the tyres have miles left in them so no incentive to change wheels on that front. I'm not sure if I want to go to 18's simply from a cost and comfort perspective and the only other wheels I have are the 17" black BBS ones pictured above (I prefer the stock rims) and a couple of sets of 17" style 24's in various widths (not sure how they'd fit/look). I think 17's look fine on these cars tbh. I actually like the look of the stock 18" style 208's... but then I'm presented with my original dilemma ...
  15. But this thread is about 130's... 😉
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