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  1. Are you sure they're not a proper brand, like BBS, rather than potentially reps? As Kelvin suggested, what are the markings on the back of the wheel?
  2. M3AN

    New 3 Series Touring!!!

    Front on, the render looks better than the real thing. Doesn't anyone else think it looks a bit beady-eyed in the photos? I'm not convinced this 'big kidney grill' design language they've introduced across the range is such a good aesthetic but I like the rest of this station wagon.
  3. Okay, spill some pics. Bitch.
  4. lol - I have no idea what a 330 should cost but if those two guys ^ say 'hell NO' in the space of 60 minutes then I'd look elsewhere. You have been warned.
  5. Well said. It's like a strip club with a brothel upstairs... only $20 entry fee sir.
  6. That's quite fascinating actually, heaps I didn't know, but... The M54B30 is only 10hp less than the S50B32... really? Well over 100hp/l? On an actual dyno? At what RPM? I'll be devastated if this is true... 4.3s to 100 km/h with a 3.15 diff? I call BS on that, it's a prima facie fantasy. The rest of the internet says 5s, you'd need 100 more hp to shave 0.7s. Downhill maybe. The big problem with the comparison to the E30 M3 is that with the Z there was an alternative, a more attractive version called the M3. I'm pretty sure we'll only see value in these from collectors and if you're lucky enough to be @HELLBM and have a beautiful low mileage example then I say well speculated sir. For the rest, I see them settling to not much more (or less) than good condition M3's of the same era. Let's be honest, one looks good, you need to squint a bit with the other. I think #1 in the article reflects the current market well. I asked it elsewhere, what are they currently changing hands for?
  7. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    Sounds exactly like the old problem with e36's where the loom between body and boot lid would get damaged and short out causing assorted electrical problems. Doesn't really help you but I thought I'd mention it. 😁
  8. I thought that was an air-brake! If something only creates drag and produces no downforce can it be called a spoiler?
  9. Bit of a fail not to widen the bumpers to match the rest of the kit... especially if you've spent 30k on mods.
  10. Hmmm... an M6 with a dubious quality composite full body kit. i wouldn't consider it an attractive car to start with so a candidate for some type of kit... but this one, I'm not so sure. $$$ 😮
  11. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    ^ "some" e36's... rather than 'all'. I point it out and consider this distinction important because it's a clear indicator they're not necessary for any purpose other than to prevent rubbing. I support your decision though because, even in the worst case scenario with rubbing, it's something the driver can easily manage.
  12. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    No, just to shorten the lock... although they happen to lock the tierod as well because of how they install, this is actually a PITA because you have to get them off to replace the inner rod and every time I've removed some I've had to cut them off... less than ideal if the rack is still on the car. I've never heard of a tierod undoing itself... I suppose it's possible if it's not torqued properly but many (most?) cars with the same rack and rod design don't come with the stops so we can assume they're not essential for that purpose.
  13. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    Same stops fit both racks, they're just glorified discs that reduce the left/right swing by a couple of mm's each way. They do nothing other than reduce the lock to prevent the inside front of the front tyres rubbing the liners. It'll be the chassis rather than the rack that will determine if they could/should be used because it's related to the shape of the wheel well. Real OEM says (e36): ONLY APPLIES TO TIRES 225/55 which I assume is a 16" rim, all M3's came with 17's and a locking plate. I had them on the stock rack, I didn't have them with my purple rack and my fronts (225/35/18) rubbed on full lock but no drama, I don't have them on my Z3 rack and tyres don't rub (so it must have a shorter throw).
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