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  1. It's based purely on your number of posts. Somebody with more knowledge than me will be able to tell you the tiers.
  2. Current tyres are fine for an A to B commuter but when they need replacing I'll be more judicious... 🙂
  3. Hi there, I'm now selling my trusty 328 daily. Perfect for a daily or as a track-rat manual conversion. Lot's of work and new parts, all done proper. The Basics 1996 E36 328i automatic coupe Full motorsport trim and options Cosmos Black Sunroof (fully working + no leaks) ~158,000 kms Current warrant and reg Japanese import OBC equipped but disconnected (replaced with analogue clock and storage pocket) Heaps more info and pics: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/56912-another-e36-my-328-beater/ CarJam: https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=DYZ448 VIN Decoder: https://www.vindecoderz.com/EN/check-lookup/WBABG22090ET22388 The Good New (<3000km's) aluminium radiator New water pump New thermostat and housing New coolant hoses (x5, full set) New expansion tank New belts and pulleys (including upgrade from mechanical to hydraulic tensioner) Refurbished steering rack (from my M3) + new reservoir, lines, bolts and washers M3 suspension (shocks, springs, bars, top hats) New FLCA bushings New droplinks and all suspension bushes, bump stops, mounting hardware and OEM M3 F+R shock tower reinforcements New (<500km's) OEM M3 (Sachs) shocks x4 New intake elbow New rear wheel bearings Fully replaced interior (F+R seats and F+R door cards) in M-Rain and leather, amazing 8/10 condition Replacement (OE) airbag steering wheel with no cracks/splits in the leather Super-fast rear lip spoiler (estimated 15rwhp + swooning from women) Recent proper oil flush (8 litres) + refill (Penrite 5w-40 full synth) and filter New air filter New (used) sump and new sump gasket Comes with new valve cover gaskets (x3), new fuel filter, new coolant level sensor (all still in original packaging) The Bad The battery isn't too strong, probably needs replacing in next 12 months The Jatco gearbox is a bit weak but doesn't clunk and if treated with consideration works just fine One key and only works in ignition and LHS door (but comes with two working remotes to lock/unlock) No air-con (compressor and belt removed but included in sale) Probably still a vacuum leak or two, a smoke test would be ideal (but she runs fine) The Ugly Pretty much every panel has some damage, either bodywork or paint, but it looks fine from 10m away 😉 The Price I'm looking for around $3,000 on black 17" BBS wheels with near new Pirelli tyres If you're happy with stock 16" style 30's and rubbish tyres then we can talk at around $2,400
  4. https://www.carjam.co.nz/car/?plate=LRC262
  5. I've been told they're not sh*t but I've never heard of them and they need replacing anyway, I went in with my eyes open on those ones. Rears are near new Momo's Might be swapping across the BBS's and Pirelli's from the 328, we shall see,
  6. So, what is black, costs $8,500, is covered by the CGA and a 12 month Autosure warranty, has a sweet sounding stainless aftermarket exhaust and full coilovers with Eibach springs and a LVV cert for said and doesn't leak like a sieve? It's not perfect but it is perfect for me.
  7. M3AN

    New GST import stuff

    What are you buying @325_driver? If it's typical stuff then I've always found FCP's shipping to be cost effective.
  8. M3AN

    New GST import stuff

    Correct. But expect them to comply at some stage, they're large enough to be singled out. Perhaps. During this transition period I suspect either/or sets of rules are being applied. But given that it's Christmas it's likely to get through.
  9. M3AN

    New GST import stuff

    There's two questions there and the answer is "yes" to both. If you ship to myUS you are shipping to a US address, no GST is payable but you will pay local US sales taxes if they apply. myUS will then ship to a NZ address and are expected to collect GST on the value of the package they received (including shipping) plus the cost of shipping it to NZ. In that case myUS is the 3rd party (as far as NZ IRD is concerned). However, if the seller sends it directly to NZ, and they do over $60k per annum business with people in NZ, the NZ IRD expects them to collect GST on the cost of the goods plus shipping and subsequently pay that to NZ IRD. To do this they have to register for GST in NZ and the question is, how many will volunteer to do that. Loophole: if you get a GST receipt for the goods from the seller you can't get charged for GST again, regardless of whether the seller collects or pays any GST at all. It will however make the seller a bad actor in the eyes of the IRD and they (or rather Customs as their proxy) may attempt to bounce (return to sender) all packages received by them if they can identify them.
  10. In that case, I feel sorry for the gearbox!
  11. I've decided against getting one with interior or exterior abuse... I don't want to look at it, or sit in it, and think 'oh dear'. This is an interesting proposition from a dealer for ~$8k (BLACKED OUT!!!! lol): https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2442564939.htm I wonder if there's anything wrong with it. No sunroof but I can live without. Looks to be an aftermarket exhaust (or tips). They also have a NZ New 135i coupe for reasonable money (~$13k): https://www.pearcebrothers.co.nz/vehicle/2009-BMW-135I/19442 Crap headlights though. Are these DCT or a normal auto?
  12. Do you need to actually collect it? If not: https://www.mrpositive.co.nz/bosch-s5-premium-din66zl-automotive-battery-680cca/ For non stop-start.
  13. M3AN

    New GST import stuff

  14. Gotcha. Can you not drill new holes 20mm up?
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