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  1. Forgive the crappy phone pic but this thing, parked around the corner from my office, is seriously mint, possibly the nicest I've seen. Great plate too.
  2. Apparently... was news to me too. They dropped it from the LCI 130i Motorsport but kept it (I understand) on the rest.
  3. Welcome, and it will be on the sidewall of the tyre somewhere. But it may not be obvious because the tyre manufacturers seem incapable of defining a standard, you may need to check the web for info on your specific tyre.
  4. Interestingly I've just discovered they've been doing it since at least 2005. The E8x's had radiator flaps for the same purpose. The seem to fail regularly... you might yet experience that. 😯
  5. It seems so, which is news to me. I'm afraid I don't think you're going to get any meaningful drop from rotation given this new information.
  6. Wow 😲 I'm glad I qualified my knowledge as e36 only. That's the first time I've ever seen that info, nice one, cheers.
  7. Working upward, there's a step in the perch, the step in the pad should align to this, then the end of the spring should rest against this step. Since you're reusing your spring pads and they will be deformed it may not be immediately obvious how they should be positioned so pay extra attention. Yeah, if you can get spring compressors in there, no harm done and less faffing around. It's probably not the BMW way but it's been done before without trouble. Remember that the top hat is (usually) keyed to the spring so make sure that rotates also and you triple check that the spring is properly located at the top before you slowly release the compressors. When the car is jacked up and the front shock is at max extension you won't need a lot of compression on the spring to twist it around.
  8. Yeah, have you adjusted them since your first pics? As @3pedals says, they now both look almost right whereas pic #2 in your first post is way off. I don't think the springs are handed and you have the shocks on the correct side because of the swaybar link tabs. See if you can compress and twist those spring around a bit (to the steps by the tabs) to seat perfectly then wait a week and see what happens. The springs themselves may compress a little under sustained load and settle lower than what you have. Based on your most recent pics I wouldn't be taking anything apart.
  9. And now, for the sublime ride, I wiped off the shocks and spied this through the spokes: They appear to be Bilstein JDM shocks (e.g. 1, e.g. 2) and valved specifically for the E81/7 Motosport 130 and I call them winners. It's difficult to know how many km's they've done but a reasonable assumption is they're younger than the life of the car. Bonus.
  10. Some progress pics. Cleaned up the engine bay, forgot to take a before, it was thick with years of dust and grime. Polished up the headlights with some headlight compound and a random orbital polisher, they were terrible, now they're quite alright (although still showing their age). Before: After:
  11. I suspect you're right on the tyres. As for the price, well I'll market it for what I think is an honest price but the price I paid for it will have little bearing on that. I won't be making thousands, that's for sure. I forgot to mention... this one is almost pleasant because it isn't so violent. But the sport mode in this has nothing on mine, it's left in the dust. The black one is clearly a more focused car and I like that but this one is sublime (and probably a much more economical daily 🤣).
  12. This may become a list of things I've done or need to do. So far: Plugged it into ISTA and checked all the modules and faults, a bunch of stored faults from ages ago were cleared and didn't come back. The radiator flap which is of no concern, I might remove it (as they did with the LCI motorsport 130i), was the only persistent fault. The headlights were terribly yellow, I've given them a polish. Fluids (oil, brake, power steering) checked and nothing concerning, I will do an oil change (Penrite full synth). I've coded in and out a few convenience features and annoyances using Carly and crosschecked codes, no problems. I've checked the suspension (only with the wheels on) and noted aftermarket shocks. I replaced the missing ashtray and socket plug from spares. Given the engine bay a once over to remove the worst of the dust and crap. I checked the air and cabin filter and they will be changed. It's on a battery conditioner at the moment just in case it's had recent abuse. That's all I can remember at the moment.
  13. No credit needed (but thanks), I'm a man of my word. I had no intention of pushing the bidding up to be honest, I put in an auto bid close to the current bidding but nowhere near what I thought it would go for and walked away. Came back to a car. I actually think I can make it better (and much lower risk) for a prospective buyer anyway and the two on here that were bidding (I don't recognise either) that have PM'd me already have my assurance they'll be amongst the first considered when I move it on.
  14. I picked it up on Saturday and first impressions were that it was well used on the outside and absolutely filthy (disgusting) on the inside. But it did come with two keys and a luggage compartment cover, miracles! 😎 The seller (wholesale dealer) wasn't dishonest in the ad but also wasn't fully honest. As somebody who trades in cars he should have been more honest and complete in his description but hey, it was my choice to buy it sight unseen. I'm pretty glad in some respects that I got it rather than somebody who would have to pay to bring it up to spec. He also said he has always referred to the "roof/head liner" as the "hood liner" and I call BS on that since he's in the industry. So I jumped in and took it for a drive. Well damn, it's absolute bliss, way better than I expected. It hums along, has loads of poke and and rides amazingly well. I took it for a real hard drive around a lot of tight bends and uneven surfaces (the main areas the poor stock suspension and open diff show their faults) and it was planted. It has new rear tyres (Neuton) and I'm stunned with their grip which I imagine falls off really quickly once wear sets in (if not they're amazing tyres). Still, it's filthy and disgusting. But, mechanically it's an $8k car every day and the cosmetics don't add up to $1,250 off so I still got a good deal. I drove back and paid the man.
  15. What's your view on the springs appearing to be the same Glenn?
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