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  1. Well, that's not bad! Rather nice in fact. Damn. Excuse my ignorance but is all the "M Performance" stuff you list additional $ over a stock M2 or standard fitment? I fear the former... it used to be that genuine M cars actually came equipped with, well "M performance".
  2. WTF? F'*$K of then, your opinion is worthless. FFS.
  3. I agree that it looks fantastic in white and that it's an unrealistic price. I can only imagine the ride quality is terrible with those wheels, tyres and that ugly-arse "I wanna be stance" suspension. That's all further $ off the price IMO. Is that the stock standard front and rear bumper? Maybe it's just the colour but it looks a little different to me.
  4. 20! I think the E36 M3 has 10 fresh from of the factory (3 outside, 7 in). Stock coupe at least, 'vert doesn't have seat stripes I don't think. I suppose you could add some wheels, which would be 5 more. "M POWER" but no stripes in the engine bay (stock).
  5. Well, they can't do anything about the GST but BMW's margins are a joke, only for the gullible or naive. The problem is a rising tide lifts all boats. A "specialist" wanted NZ$200 for a used one with over 140k kms on it. How about $50 (or a 100k warranty)?
  6. I called BMW about the radiator - NZ$1000 + GST. Same unit from FCP Euro - NZ$346 landed. smh
  7. Good choice and yes, you can keep the tyres you have on the rear until they need replacing. Always just make sure the tyres on the same axle match up (i.e. front to front and rear to rear).
  8. Essentially a reliable lump, hardly even tickled when married to an auto box. You've done most of the cooling system which is really the only thing that goes "bang" on these with no warning. Might have paid to do the hoses at the same time but just give them a good clean and visual inspection and replace them when you next do the coolant. If you're still using the original plastic thermostat housing you'll want to replace that also - either with another stock one or an aluminium aftermarket version (opinions vary).
  9. Tastefully applied to something deserving I think that tape can look okay... am I the odd one out?
  10. Most people don't have private roads nor can afford the track time to do that responsibly. Is there another way?
  11. Maybe I'm late to the party and perhaps I've posted in the wrong place but... they refuelled whilst drifting... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obkLDeO58Wo http://www.autocar.co.nz/autocar-news-app/bmw-sets-new-record-for-the-longest-drift
  12. Actually @aja540i, how about add a supplementary tank to the load space of your wagon then we could give this a good nudge!
  13. ...and is offset by the fact that it'll rust out because it's from the UK. Sorry to say. The good news is most people (even if they've been told) don't believe that so will purchase anyway.
  14. Yes, but my question was based on the work being far more extensive than necessary for repairing and preventing 'cracks'. Perfection is one thing, overkill is another. I did look back at previous pages but didn't see any mention, might have missed something.
  15. Good stuff. It's a pity that most drivers in NZ would find their skills fail well before their tyres came into the equation. Most people don't even use the steering wheel once they've hit the picks, ABS or not. Argh, panic, crash! CTRL-Z.
  16. Perhaps I missed something, did the read subframe get ripped out? Why the rebuild?
  17. The reality is that in normal driving conditions we don't come within acres of a tyre's ultimate performance. Unless they're squealing in pain as you go around corners, breaking traction in a straight line, locking up under braking or aquaplaning then you're well within their performance envelope. If none of these happens you've probably got more tyre than you need. I got cheap-arse Pirelli "Dragon Sports" on my 328 and even they're 'more tyre' than your average driver needs, wet or dry. They're not particularly quite though so that's a compromise. On the other hand, I can make the F1's on my M3 scream in pain and appreciate the reassurance they provide. Different driving though.
  18. Previous owner of my car, way back in the '90's had this plate, it's (apparently) not been used since they sold traded the car (for a brand new 350Z I believe) in 2002. Purely as a matter of interest, does anybody know where that plate is now?
  19. Actually remember being in a taxi way back when the driver drove like that on the accelerator. I was like WFT dude, that's not how you use that pedal and he mumbled something like 'how else can you use it? with your hand?'. I gave up quickly.
  20. Let me know what you're planning before you pull the trigger. I also need a new one.
  21. I can't help but think your camber and toe are both out by a few degrees. Just a smidgen.
  22. I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy, replacing the fuse box should be easy... and it would be if BMW gave us a couple of inches of working room with the length of wires. As it is brute force is required and it's such a mess! Anyway, ECU repaired and fuse box replaced (box was actually damaged prior to my ownership - looks like the people that installed the alarm just yanked it out and broke it). Also, after more than two years I've finally had my bumper repainted. Not a bad colour match considering they didn't have the rest of the car ... still need some hardware to install all the ancillaries.
  23. I do recall this being on sale from the dealer in NZ in the late 90's as a "Special" or "Limited" edition. The "exclusive" ///M colour and BMW Motorsport options were heavily emphasised. I think it was to close out the E36 era, I'm sure the E46 was in production by then. A few "special edition" 328's might have been a nice option, not sure there were any.