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  1. Just being a dick, and not adding anything useful?
  2. Notwithstanding the advice above the safest place other than NZ to get one is Japan. UK cars are all rusty unless they're in the top 5% and Singaporean cars will all develop electrical problems (and 99% will be SMG). A properly vetted Japanese car can be as good as a NZ new one but finding an unmodified one in Japan might be difficult.
  3. M3AN

    E30 compliance *Help*

    Have you been denied a WoF? If not I'd try and get one, my tow hooks (F/R) have never been inspected during a warrant. I'm pretty sure they'd never even know where to look. And heck, given every towie will throw chains around your control arms anyway, who needs a tow hook!?!?
  4. M3AN

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Too low for snow!
  5. M3AN

    Import tax

    And if they do police it what are the sanctions? I can't find any, all they can do is hold the goods at customs and ask the receiver for GST. That will cost consumers less than the current regime (assuming we have a similar chance of any given package being intercepted).
  6. M3AN

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    I'd buy that ^ for a dollar. Probably the only thing BMW has made in the last 12 years I'd trade my old lump up to. Still 25k more than the 1 which is a lot of coin.
  7. M3AN

    Import tax

    Way, way more than $60k per annum based on the boxes I see at every independent and parts supplier I visit. There's $10k in FCP boxes sitting on the floor of the BMW parts guy just up the road from me. I don't know of any independents in Auckland that get their parts from BMW NZ (well they'd go out of business). BMW NZ are really missing out on a trick with spare parts. If I can get a genuine part from Denmark or the US in less than half the time and for less than half the cost (even if you add GST) let all the old stock in NZ rot in their warehouse I say. $1000 for a radiator lolololololololololol... +GST (facepalm).
  8. M3AN

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Those old coupes with the M stripes are just so cool.
  9. M3AN

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    Ugh. I live far too close to Remuera.
  10. M3AN

    Nice looking 150i

    lol - yeah the dash and ECU are worth 4k by themselves! Wicked build though, complete with jacked interior and ICE which you don't get with many project builds like this.
  11. M3AN

    Couple of Rides spotted recently :-)

    That Estoril one was at our little coffee meet a few months back, truly lovely, owner is nice too. The gunmetal one is owned by the guy that popped up on here looking to buy a CSL a few months back. Google his name... ๐Ÿคจ
  12. M3AN

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    What's up with the watermark on the pci Kelvin? Looks like you paid the service station for a staged pic. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  13. M3AN

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    And the Z8 wasn't an ///M car and it used the S62. My point being that an S designated motor has not been a satisfactory identifier of ///M cars since 1996. And I'd take a 1M over any shitty S52 any day, I wouldn't care what the engine designation was.
  14. M3AN

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    Unfortunately the S designation for engines isn't a reliable marker. Don't forget the S52, that's when BMW M first faltered. The 1M is a "proper" M by any reasonable standard and I'm not sure they're dropping in price, most of the public trades in 2018 have been well over NZ$80k.
  15. M3AN

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    I was talking about "fun" and not "value" in my post and I'm confident a 1M would be way more "fun" than a modern M3 (M4), it's much, much lighter and has a far more practical power to weight ratio. It's a little tall (high) but nothing to be too concerned about, if you could drop it an inch or more it would have a lower CoG than an Fxx M4. As for value, mark my words, M3's and M4's from the E9x era on will dump value the same as AMG's do, they have nothing that sets them sufficiently apart from any other marque to hold value and they're common as grass. I suspect this 1M is worth what's being asked ($40k less than a CSL) and they probably won't bottom out in value (see recent post about Exx M3 for <$25k). I see it as being the natural successor to E30 Sport Evo -> E36 M3 GT2 -> E46 M3 CSL -> E87 1M -> ??? One sold a few weeks ago for US$72,500 (https://www.bmwblog.com/2018/08/07/this-low-miles-bmw-1m-sold-for-72500/) Future ///M money exists in the M2 only I'm afraid, certainly not the M3 or M4, they'll be worth rocks in a few years, mark my words.
  16. M3AN

    1M trademe thoughts ?

    I think it's lovely, was fawning over it the other day. I suspect it'll be a bucket-load more fun than any M3 you could get for the same money.
  17. M3AN

    Written off F90 M5

    Now what fun would it be speculating a benign outcome!
  18. M3AN

    Written off F90 M5

    These things are apparently impossible to crash unless you're stupid. People should have to pass an advanced driving test to purchase any car with more than 200bhp.
  19. Can you get it to make the noise over judder bars?
  20. M3AN

    F8X M Performance Parts - Big list!

    That's some sexy shiz!
  21. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    Norway doesn't have the same social or cultural structure as New Zealand and as a result doesn't have to solve the same types of problems. It's a seemingly comfortable but ultimately unreliable comparison. If you've spent any time there that's plain to see. For example their poor and/or uneducated people don't beat up their own families like ours do.
  22. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    Okay, accepted. You are not allowed to swap out iconic BMW wheels for anything vanilla!
  23. M3AN

    Quick rant thread.

    Depends on the wheels though right? I'm pretty confident you can add value with the correct aftermarket wheels. In fact, because some BMW wheels look terrible it's actually occasionally mandatory to swap them out. But yes, putting on cheap, soft reps is a no-no unless the originals are also included.
  24. If your lawyer recommends entertaining this offer just make sure that your warranty recourse is 6 new BMW branded injectors installed at the dealer of your choice at no cost to you (or your warranty company), invoiced straight to the dealer that sold you the car. Make the trigger for that warranty claim a single stored code from any single injector in the first 12 months. If the Au injectors are the new type and BMW branded they may be just fine for many years to come. But the hassle! What does 6 new injectors cost???
  25. M3AN

    1999 BMW Z M Coupe

    Sweet car and probably one of the few ACS body kits that I think looks good. The rust on the wiper arm isn't a good indicator of what the vehicle might look like underneath. I'd replace that whole arm if I were selling the car for this amount. If I were a buyer and saw that I'd expect the car up on a hoist and the wheel well liners removed for a proper look. I wonder if BMW did that when they gave it a clean bill?