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  1. M3AN

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    2003 I think: +LED tail lights +Different trunk lid handle And not much (anything?) else.
  2. M3AN

    M3 Evo 3.2 1997 (HACKAR) Part 2

    Dude, that rotor! I bet it gave you a hell of a fright! Did you have any duct tape with you or did you have to flatbed it home?
  3. M3AN

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Where's this project page? I looked at the end of the thread, not the beginning.
  4. M3AN

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    As I said above "E46 M3". I'm not entirely sure why anyone would disagree.
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1725782897.htm Dealer is deleting questions, hope they're not deleting threads also!
  6. M3AN

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    I don't believe so. I think these days you need to be precise if you want to compete. Ignoring perhaps the most obvious search term is not smart by any measure. I'm glad to say I've never had an account.
  7. M3AN

    Swann Insurance: yay or nay?

    ^ also interested.
  8. M3AN

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    My point is that any seller should be optimising their chance of a sale. It's got nothing to do with whether I (or somebody else) can find it, it's how easy they can find it. Look up the research on how many people ever see more than the first page of results for any given Google search. I'm not sure I get the connection. The seller would (I say "should") a) know what they're selling and the target market, and b) put "E46" in the title themselves. e.g. "2003 BMW E46 M3 (Manual) (Topaz)" would get a hit for any relevant search. The problem there is that none of them come up with "E46 M3" so further filters don't help. I do realise you can find them, I did indeed find them, it's just that they not optimised for being found. My original point being that they should be at the top of the list for a search for "E46 M3", that they don't even show up on the list at all is a seller oversight.
  9. M3AN

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    No, I disagree. If you're looking for an e46 M3 you know that's precisely what you're looking for and will search for that first. Of course it's relevant for the reasons you point out - "M3" by itself is useless, I needed to search for "BMW M3" and sort by price to find these ones. That's poor SEO defined.
  10. M3AN

    Heaps of E46 M3's on TM

    The blue one has fabric (half leather) seats, never seen that before. And they all need SEO training - not a single one of them comes up using the search term 'e46 M3',
  11. M3AN

    Can't turn off traction control

    Traction control in a 1992 E36? I don't think so... introduced circa 1996. What does the warning light depict?
  12. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    Not sure what you're comparing it to but it's 400% more expensive than the green stuff from various brands. Yep, four times the price.
  13. M3AN

    E92 M3 buyers guide?

    It's a stupid, meaningless, naff name. Sounds like a special edition somebody would put out for a F&F movie. Also the two words, "Black" and "Fire", are utterly meaningless together unless it's referring to a cartoon character (but that's one word). We should have seen this coming when some idiot decided to incorrectly call a 4 door car a coupe. They're clearly being led by a misguided marketing team. BMW was better when they were engineering led.
  14. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    I remain sceptical about the "only use BMW coolant" message. It stands to reason that there are millions of BMWs out there that aren't using BMW coolant and aren't falling apart as a result. But I'm a bit of a fence sitter also, I use BMW coolant in the M3 and regular green coolant in the 328.
  15. Hi there, I'm looking to offload this interior from a motosport 328i. The overall condition is 'very good' however one of the bolsters is worn through. This used to be on the driver's side but I've since swapped the cushions (base and back) with the passenger ones to even out the wear. See the picture for the worst bolster, the others are all fine. I'm happy to include a seperate, spare leather bolster cover if you want to cut that up to patch the hole. The marks you can see on the back seat base are compression marks from storage and will evaporate quickly. Edit: the seats are manual and with thigh support adjust. Collection from Ellerslie, Auckland - I will not entertain shipping these for obvious reasons. Only really willing to sell as a set and I was thinking $250 but will accept offers if you're interested. For the $250 price I'd throw in a set of shabby F+R door cards that are good for parts if you want them.
  16. July 2018 - All pictures should be fixed now If you find something broken please send me a PM. So I thought I'd start a plog to document some of the things I'm doing to my car now that I've decided to return to NZ for the time being. I'll probably end up needing this thread to remember all the things I want to do. I was going to call this a "Tidy Up" thread but euroriffic already took that for his cool thread here which I took much inspiration from. Vehicle is a 9/96 Estoril Blue on Lotus White manual coupe, 3.2. Years ago now it picked up a Remus exhaust, carbon intake and BBS 18" RC's and I'm very happy with the combo. She also has aluminum doors from the Lightweight model as well which is a bonus. It's in "tidy" condition but far from mint and I want to see what I can do to bring her up to spec. In no particular order I want to (or have completed): Get the wheels stripped, smoothed and refinished. (done, finally!) e46 (purple tag) steering rack (done) Paint needs a touch up in some spots and the clear coat is coming off a corner of one door Restore/recover front seats (some fixes applied) New shocks (done: Bilstein B8) Uprated sway bars and springs (done: Eibach Pro Plus) New OE front swaybar end links (done) X-Brace (done) Front strut tower bar (done) Vibra-Technics engine mounts (done) 3 spoke steering wheel (done) ZHP shift knob (done) BMW USB charger for lighter socket (done - waste of time) Braided clutch hose (done) New glove box (done) Drivers door side molding is cracked (done) New headliner (done, including rear shelf and all pillars) Replace slider clips for front windows (preventative) VANOS seals and rattle kit (have required parts and tools) (done) Suspension reinforcement plates (done - Rally Road RTAB and sway bar reinforcements + Z3 rear shock tower reinforcements) Rear side window weather stripping (done) Rear window weather stripping (done) Rewire stereo (done, new head, amp and speakers) Fix aircon control capacitor (done) Fix aircon itself, doesn't blow cold, need to diagnose... Potentially a different ratio diff... 3.61 or something perhaps... $$$ Or just diff seals, plugs and bolts. (done) Poly RTAB's (done - SuperPro) Laser alignment (done) Replace plastic panel under wipers (done) Fix/replace slow retracting seat belt on drivers side (done) New leather shift and hand brake boots with ///M stitching (done) Fix loose front door cards/clips (done) Replace spoiler stop light, original is cracked and leaking (done) Braided brake lines (done) New belts (done) Tensioners and pulleys (done) New water pump, thermostat, lines and gaskets (done) Quick ratio steering rack (done) New steering tie rods (done, including adaptation for E46 rack) I've already fixed some other bits and replaced various tools, screws, caps and covers so the car's pretty complete but there's still lots to do. I've also purchased a code tool and cable so we'll see what that turns up to add to the list. Most of this stuff shouldn't be too expensive and I'll be seeing how much I can do myself over summer because I'm not likely to be working for a little while. Have lots of parts waiting in NZ for me and I am bringing back this collection that I picked up from Germany (should be enough panel clips to last a lifetime).
  17. M3AN

    M3AN E36 M3 PLOG (Project Log)

    That's not Lotus White...
  18. M3AN

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Anyone know if you could actually drive production models of that ^ with the doors down? Side intrusion anybody?
  19. This guy got laughed out of here when he said he was going to do it. Then he did it. And now people don't believe him? Good work Hyde, keep it up I say.
  20. M3AN

    F15s sent after Q400 in Seattle.

    I know, and did you listen to the mad audio? Batshit.
  21. M3AN

    Deja Vu - NZ Health System

    Early on in my career, in the 90's I had some responsibility in the creation of the NHI. That was meant to fix so many of these problems and 20 years on? Not so much. But, individual exceptions aside, we are blessed with our public health system. In comparison to many other developed countries, even OECD countries we do pretty well. Could it be better? Of course.
  22. M3AN

    heaps of fun for 15k!

    "Only known issue is a minor leak from the washer fluid bottle." 不不不不不不不不不
  23. M3AN

    E60 M5 S85 Vanos Pump, lines and bearings

    I like the optimistic title on that video "Misfire Issue". It sounds like it's running on marbles. If yours sounds like that Cody I hope you brought it from a dealer and if so, take it straight back for a CGA refund.
  24. M3AN

    E92 M3 buyers guide?

    What's an "M3 Pure" BTW? We saw an X5 "Black Fire Edition" or something like that the other day. FFS BMW, pull your heads in and get some class.