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    2012 C63 AMG

    But... is there any reason at all, good or bad, to leave out an LSD? That's madness. Or are they wanting you to rely on the traction control? :sadpandaface: Seems mental to me with anything capable of breaking traction. No driving on the limit.
  2. M3AN

    Dog Parks in Auckland

    I remembered this thread when I rode passed a 'secret' dog park the other day. It's small, but then so is your dog, lots of parking, trees for cover or you can stay in the car if it's raining, doggie-doo bin and I've never seen another dog (or person) there. Best parking is on Derby but Lonsdale will get you there too. Back of the racecourse.
  3. M3AN

    Quick Questions

    1938 323's are very rare, best you look after it well. 😉 Yes, you can clean the existing hoses no problems. Any detergent will be fine, just make sure you flush them clean and let them dry really well. Silicon hoses can be found here: https://roosemotorsport.co.uk/silicone-hose-kits/bmw-silicone-hose-kits/e30-hose-kits.html And also other places, I'm sure Samco will do them but if you can afford them you can't go wrong with the Roose ones, they're exceptional quality. Having said that, as you've noticed the stock rubber ones are pretty durable, given the cost of silicon for really, very little benefit, I'd take a lot of convincing.
  4. M3AN

    2012 C63 AMG

    Wut? 😮 Some came without an LSD? ~450hp RWD.
  5. If I'm honest I don't have a problem with this concept (with some minor tweaks). Fully configurable dashboards are a near-term inevitability. The look above reflects modern HUD design language and has a lot of scope. It's not a replacement for analogue gauges though and each have their place.
  6. M3AN

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Yep, still spinning freely. I'll take the belt off anyway, it's just wasting ponies at this stage.
  7. M3AN

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Traced the drip on my driveway from the 328 to the aircon compressor... ?!? Didn't realise that contained fluid... my aircon doesn't work and I'm never going to bother with it so how much fluid is in the compressor? I've got to decide whether to just let it drip dry (empty) or remove it entirely. The fluid (which is a lubricant of some description) is coming from a join in the compressor casing. I know it must be coming from there because I dumped two cans of degreaser into the area yesterday and got it spotless then washed it all down with a pressure hose. Started the car today up on stands once it was all dry (and I'd wiped all the surfaces) and 10 mins later a drip formed under the compressor (with nothing coming from anywhere near the engine). Was quite surprised.
  8. What's the difference between "Off" at zero RPM and "Ready" at zero RPM? And does it ever sit at "Ready" - assuming not, what's it for? Idiots?
  9. So the main dials form a mirror image? God only knows, all the self respecting engineers have left the BMW building.
  10. M3AN


    Is it a wagon or just the angle of the pic? Looks good to me. And welcome!
  11. M3AN

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Did somebody break an embargo? If you're going to remove/edit posts the least you can do is explain why...
  12. M3AN

    Random (BMW) pic of the day

    🤣 I hope they're not promoting it as a daily...
  13. M3AN

    Wrapped interior wood

    Yep, really.
  14. M3AN

    Wrapped interior wood

    I can't think of a good reason to have wood in a modern car but that certainly looks better than most you see around so props on that.
  15. M3AN

    Another newbie. 96 E36

    Welcome. Did you buy it like that or have you done the mods over the last ~18 months?
  16. M3AN

    Bmw bonnet boot badge emblem

    High res: http://www.davesanthology.com/public/images/automotive/random_pics/82mmRoundel_01.jpg http://www.davesanthology.com/public/images/automotive/random_pics/82mmRoundel_02.jpg (protective film still on) If they're not legit they're the best copies I've seen.
  17. M3AN

    Shipping from NZ to USA

    Not "ultra" rare but f'ing hard to find in good condition these days and damn expensive.
  18. M3AN

    Bmw bonnet boot badge emblem

    82mm? I just got two of these: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1984877838 Great price. Now there's lots of trash ones on Trademe and I was sceptical but they arrived quickly, come with (what appear to be genuine) BMW labels and state they are made in Germany on the label and on the back of the badge which is black (most counterfeit ones have a silver back). Seller also claims they are fade-free. Can I be 100% sure they're genuine? No, but at $15 a pop I was happy to take the risk. They look legit.
  19. M3AN

    Forum clean up?

    Nope. I agree with @Blackie - and since he (and others) have volunteered there are no excuses.
  20. M3AN

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Finished installing the Z3 rack in the M3... nice. Alignment pending before I can really test it out. Why has the 'share post' option disappeared? See last post in this thread: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/47049-m3an-e36-m3-plog-project-log/?page=14
  21. M3AN

    M3AN E36 M3 PLOG (Project Log)

    Right, some more love for the M3. This weekend, amongst a million other things to do, I installed the Z3 rack to replace the purple tag that we swapped into Mark's car last weekend. I'm using an eye-alignment machine and it's far from perfect so I have quite a lot of bump steer at the moment but that'll be dialled out when the pro's give me zero toe hopefully sometime this week. Initial impressions are good, it's pretty heavy and tight even compared to the e46 rack it's replaced. If I'd come straight from stock I might have wondered where my power steering went. But I love that real tight and connected feeling. Z3 rack goes straight in with a few notes: There's no provision for the OEM rack limiters on the Z3 rack so if you want limiters you'll need to go aftermarket altough they don't seem necessary. If you're using an e3/46 cooler then you'll need to make a bracket to secure it to the Z3 rack, I used a small (50x12x1.5mm) piece of mild steel with 6mm holes 30mm apart and a suitable nut and bolt with a spring washer. Another update after alignment. Now for that 3.6x diff...
  22. July 2018 - All pictures should be fixed now If you find something broken please send me a PM. So I thought I'd start a plog to document some of the things I'm doing to my car now that I've decided to return to NZ for the time being. I'll probably end up needing this thread to remember all the things I want to do. I was going to call this a "Tidy Up" thread but euroriffic already took that for his cool thread here which I took much inspiration from. Vehicle is a 9/96 Estoril Blue on Lotus White manual coupe, 3.2. Years ago now it picked up a Remus exhaust, carbon intake and BBS 18" RC's and I'm very happy with the combo. She also has aluminum doors from the Lightweight model as well which is a bonus. It's in "tidy" condition but far from mint and I want to see what I can do to bring her up to spec. In no particular order I want to (or have completed): Get the wheels stripped, smoothed and refinished. (done, finally!) e46 (purple tag) steering rack (done) Paint needs a touch up in some spots and the clear coat is coming off a corner of one door Restore/recover front seats (some fixes applied) New shocks (done: Bilstein B8) Uprated sway bars and springs (done: Eibach Pro Plus) New OE front swaybar end links (done) X-Brace (done) Front strut tower bar (done) Vibra-Technics engine mounts (done) 3 spoke steering wheel (done) ZHP shift knob (done) BMW USB charger for lighter socket (done - waste of time) Braided clutch hose (done) New glove box (done) Drivers door side molding is cracked (done) New headliner (done, including rear shelf and all pillars) Replace slider clips for front windows (preventative) VANOS seals and rattle kit (have required parts and tools) (done) Suspension reinforcement plates (done - Rally Road RTAB and sway bar reinforcements + Z3 rear shock tower reinforcements) Rear side window weather stripping (done) Rear window weather stripping (done) Rewire stereo (done, new head, amp and speakers) Fix aircon control capacitor (done) Fix aircon itself, doesn't blow cold, need to diagnose... Potentially a different ratio diff... 3.61 or something perhaps... $$$ Or just diff seals, plugs and bolts. (done) Poly RTAB's (done - SuperPro) Laser alignment (done) Replace plastic panel under wipers (done) Fix/replace slow retracting seat belt on drivers side (done) New leather shift and hand brake boots with ///M stitching (done) Fix loose front door cards/clips (done) Replace spoiler stop light, original is cracked and leaking (done) Braided brake lines (done) New belts (done) Tensioners and pulleys (done) New water pump, thermostat, lines and gaskets (done) Quick ratio steering rack (done) New steering tie rods (done, including adaptation for E46 rack) I've already fixed some other bits and replaced various tools, screws, caps and covers so the car's pretty complete but there's still lots to do. I've also purchased a code tool and cable so we'll see what that turns up to add to the list. Most of this stuff shouldn't be too expensive and I'll be seeing how much I can do myself over summer because I'm not likely to be working for a little while. Have lots of parts waiting in NZ for me and I am bringing back this collection that I picked up from Germany (should be enough panel clips to last a lifetime).
  23. M3AN

    Life is choice bro thread.

    True that, and stroll to St Kilda afterwards for a refreshment.
  24. M3AN

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Rad. Enjoy the weekend Jon... less mud than Silverstone!