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  1. zl2cq

    Potential employment issue, help please

    Unless you have a copy of an agreement thats states the employee is responsible for specific things ie loss of income etc., then they are flying a kite. However - there may be something along the lines of "property damage" "loss of income" "theft as a servant" "random drug testing" and "wilful misconduct", all of which are normal issues toward dismal. Paying for a company loss as a servant is a bit of a joke - I am trying to image damage by an operator to a 1.75 million dollar crane, the resulting loss in income whilst parts are delivered air freight from Germay ............ really its a DoL advise issue, or does it come under Health & Safety maybe, your health and well being has been affected by their sugestive actions. Good luck, Paul
  2. zl2cq

    E21 323i @ Hellbm

    Hey Grant, you can imagime Ray carrying out the groceries for little old ladies for 8 years, then 8 years later she gives him call to look after her car. Magical !
  3. zl2cq

    e30 cooling system issues after new HG

    Can the HG go on a wrong way or be the wrong one - partially covering a water way ..... Front raised, motor running, cap off, heater on, keep topping resivour, check bleeder, run till hot. Leave cap off. Turn off - check & top up resivour when cold, run motor as normal but recheck resivour only when cold.
  4. zl2cq

    mint cond 89 325 e30 low ks

    A very good reason why I would not put any of mine up on this site, an understanding of that what something is is purely reflected on what an individual is prepared to pay. An individuals opinion is just that, and usually relevant to how they value the marque or their ability to work on their own car bringing it up to the level that this one is. If its straight it will sell - it just takes a bit longer on a depressed market. Good luck !
  5. zl2cq

    Engine Power Loss

    Fuel Filter ? ? ?
  6. zl2cq

    New E36 Owner

    Welcome, hope you enjoy the 328 as much as I have with mine. Do a search on your model re "mods" - there is a lot of real practical info there which will save heaps on any knee jerk expenditure, pick off where you need the changes, I did 4 track days, changed something in between each, including suspansion bushes F & R. If you want a quick 328 (depending on model) seriously knocking on the tailgate of M3 time figures look at rear axle ratios, after you tie the front down. Regards Paul E36
  7. zl2cq

    Removing Hard Water Stains on window glass

    There is guy in the Fire Service in Te Awamutu who has the right gear, he did 3 vehicles for me, I no longer have his number but ask HOTWIRE (Grant) he will know who I mean Paul - E36
  8. zl2cq

    Take the car badge quiz

    A pathetic 22 / 26 ..... but I did know that Chrysler owned Renault & Peugot .... once !
  9. zl2cq

    E36 Problem

  10. zl2cq

    mileage problem

    Can you be more specific - your mileage already is recoded with the last WOF Check
  11. zl2cq

    Fuel Type? 91 95 98? Fuel Consumption

    http://www.envirotab.com/Home.htm check the site, it does work, its more than just an octane thing - used it in 4x4 diesels and 3 x BMW's and certainly got better economy over not using it. 97 octane plus a pill IS noticeable !
  12. zl2cq

    Fuel Type? 91 95 98? Fuel Consumption

    I have an NZ new manual E36 328is M-Sport M52 engine, 195k, Mileage - 3174km - 95 octane with 1 x Envirotab Octane pill per fill km - litre l/100k 546 41.26 7.55 568 45.9 8.08 476 39.14 8.22 529 46.6 8.81 600 48.77 8.13 455 39.74 8.73 32 to 38 mpg - includes track time My 318 Compact always averaged 6.7 to 7.3 l/100km - driven hard Pays to keep an eye on the figures, Regards Paul - E36
  13. zl2cq

    First car to be crushed!

    ..... should it be driven on the Range by the registered owner, that would be cool ! The old Army Zone One, Bombing Range National Park SH One, ! I felt the Police Minister looked a "d*ck-ish" posing with the car !