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  1. Just cover the intake ports with duct tape/100mph tape. If you want to.get real fanatic about it make up some blanking.plated out of perspex and use intake mounting points to bolt down.
  2. You do know that there is another member on here who's alias is MM. You may want to edit your posts so not to offend. He is a good bloke.
  3. I got it incorrect It was the foo fighters at the O2 arina in london. People needed to produce ID that matched the name on the ticket or no entry!!
  4. At a recent gig Queens of teh stone age disallowed entry to a bunch of ticket holders unless they produced the credit card purchased on. Lots of people who had purchased tickets with friends and family, but could not arrive at the same time could not get in. 100s of unhappy punters. Thats the way its heading. When purchasing Glastonbury tickets you need to provide photo ID also.
  5. Yeah I signed up to look at it. It's under a tree. Could be lots of work
  6. It's not.for sale. I was offering to show you the key areas to look at when buying.
  7. I'm happy to help if you want it. I have one up on stands if you want to come have a look at the common rust areas and what to look for. Just drop me a line
  8. Good luck e21 coupe don't exist. They are 2door sedans. But back to the point. Good luck with your search. If you have an questions, please ask What part of the country are you in. Are you after a driver or a fixer or a project? Was a series 1 for sale in gissy recently It may also be worth asking on the e21 nz Facebook page. There are only a dozen or so members but you may find something. . Good luck.
  9. It is confusing as it also says that all gaskets.we're recently.changed. Hmmmm something fishy there
  10. Where in the add is it stated that it's not run in? I don't think you could not build it for 15 so his price is fair. But it would be nice to at least have carpet.
  11. Suspension was gone yesterday. I have the manual conversion and front discs and pads I'm keeping the box for the e21 but the pedal box with slave and clutch lines drive shaft and maybe the gear leaver/linkage are up for sale. I think the owner did not bed in the pads and discs, went for a spirited drive with new suspension. Tried to stop but couldn't. Was a well.looked after car.
  12. Haha. Yep. I'm glad I could hep you find yourself.
  13. Hi There is a guy around that was a works simca tech in Europe. He is keeping a log of all cars that he knows of in NZ. He's a full on foamer. If it's any me
  14. yes but you are only reading half of the statement, the first half clearly states "Only plates issued by the Transport Agency and its agents are legal"
  15. This is my ally. I can vapour blast nuts and bolts but it’s a bit of a prick and my hands cramp up from holding them under the blast stream. But they do come out very very clean. Soda. It’s a slow processes and is very messy unless you have a cabinet. Cheap place to buy from are pool supply companies. My day job is in a council pool and we use bicarb a lot for cleaning and pool alkalinity. Different suppliers have different sizes. but we buy it by the 500kg pallet so my price is very different. Its feed grade not food grade so that part of the cost is not there. As you are not eating it no point in paying for it. Glass bead I buy it in 25kg bags. Im happy to help out and supply small quantities for a good price if you want a kg or two. PM me. Tumbler Im currently looking in to a tumbler. Enabling me to clean up bolts and small parts to go to platers after. All steel parts get washed in a rust blocker that is coating safe so gives a bit of time before rust starts again. Looking at videos on you tube you would have to leave the bolts in the tumbler for many many hours, days even, in order for any damage to occur on the threads. It’s a slow process. Plating in Auckland I have heard and seen good results from Terei brothers. They still take small job lots from car guys, many others do not.